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Disclaimer: The source material produced here has not necessarily been discussed explicitly in the game, and some of it is therefore subject to change.


The World of Zomaris is a Pathfinder Campaign Setting created by mainstreet for the Dead Pigeons Society, though he may also use it in other groups.


Zomaris has been used in the following campaigns:

  1. Khanate Rising


Zomaris lies a clean 150 million kilometers away from its Sun, which is 1.25 times the Sun’s radius. It itself is a 6000 K star. There is no noticeable greenhouse effect. Zomaris has an albedo of 33.5%. Being in a fantasy (Pathfinder) setting, the temperature of the sun can be manipulated by the gods to keep pace with changing greenhouse effects and albedo as needed. The orbital period of this world is 360 days exactly, helped by the Sun’s mass of about 1.05 solar masses (reference: Earth's sun). The calendar is divided into 12 months of 30 days. Despite the name “month”, the months have little to do with the lunar cycles: there are two moons, Thoth and Caloth. They exist in a 5:2 resonance. Thoth revolves every 18 days and Caloth every 45 days. They synergize and appear on top of each other on the last day of the 2nd, 5th, 8th, and 11th months of the year. The “new year” occurrs at the planet’s aphelion.


The deities of Zomaris largely coincide with that of the Egyptian Mythos, but for alignment balance and other such purposes, we add two more deities:

  • Caloth (CN): Areas of concern: The moon, rats, thievery. Domains: Animal, Chaos, Darkness, Trickery, Vermin.
  • Baldar (LE): Areas of concern: Predators, domination, control. Domains: Animal, Death, Evil, Law, War.


Humans and Elves are quite popular on Zomaris, each comprising about 20% of the total sentient population. Other races are quite popular in their own ways. Zomaris is notable for its wide array of "Animalia", the various races that appear to be sentient and perhaps larger versions of animals, such as ratfolk, catfolk, and lizardfolk.

However, the most significant feature of Zomaris is the presence of the Zoma race. Zoma are similar to elves, but their skin ranges between shades of green and blue. Zoma are the "light" to the "darkness" of Drow, and are in generally opposed balance. (As such, Elves do not have the typical "good" inclination, as Zoma fill this role -- Elves are equally capable of alignment versatility as humans.) Both Zoma and Drow are approximately 4% of sentients, but only the Zoma walk about in the civilized realms were most Humans and Elves reside. Drow blame the Zoma’s ascendance into prominence for their own necessity to hide in the shadows, and wage an eternal war seeking to gain a place atop the world.

Racial Modifications

Note: This section may be updated as it continues to be developed.


Due to the general need for the Animalia as a whole to band together, Lizardfolk have long lost their natural xenophobic tendencies. As such, they have the Standard linguist trait. They normally speak Lizardfolk and can get bonus languages equal to their starting Intelligence bonus. Language list: Common, Catfolk, Ratfolk, Elven, Draconic, Dwarven, Goblin. They also receive the Skilled racial trait (as though they were human).


The map of Zomaris can be found here.


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