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Khanate Rising is the first campaign set in the World of Zomaris, a Pathfinder campaign setting created by mainstreet. WARNING: This page is under construction, the template shamefully stolen off GA7's page. Some information may be inaccurate until this message is removed.


This campaign began August 3, 2018. It began with 4 Player Characters, played by Capn_Ascii, Iethloc, annafirtree, and MeatDog. However, due to the campaign going well off the planned rails, and mainstreet not having sufficient time to redesign the campaign plot, Iethloc entered a co-DM role with mainstreet, and mainstreet created a player character as well.


Overworld: The World of Zomaris
Kingdom-Level: The Meterrian Empire

Pre-Game Instructions

Level: 5 for Part I, 8 for Part II
Stats: High Fantasy, Awesome Powers v3
Gold: 1/2 standard

Current Experience Status

Current Level: 9
Experience Points are not awarded using the traditional system; the DM(s) declare when the characters level up.


Warning: For unknown reasons, navigation is not working correctly in the story. You are recommended to open chapters in a new tab.

Chapter Title Played
Chapter 01 1 August 3, 2018
Chapter 02 2 August 10, 2018

[+] Level up for Player Characters.


  • Dungeon Master - Played by mainstreet / Interstate-5 for Part I, and assisting as a world-creation consultant for Part II
  • Dungeon Master #2 - Played by Iethloc for Part II

Player Characters

Character Level Class Race Player
Mercy 9 Barbarian Human Capn_Ascii
Fir 9 Druid Vine Leshy annafirtree
Magwitch 9 Shaman Kval MeatDog
Yevyre 6 ??? Human Iethloc
Nergui 8 Bloodrager (Steelblade) Human Iethloc
Narangerel 9 Paladin Half-Orc Iethloc
Emilia 9 Swashbuckler Zoma mainstreet