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Character Information

Character of Geometric Archipelago: The Pyramid of Triangle Island played March 16, 2010 to June 25, 2010
Character of Geometric Archipelago: Ignorance on Circle Island played February 18, 2011 to July 15, 2011

Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
Kanzel Seraphim Zaniel Human 5' 5"/110 lbs. Pink/Blue
  • Level 9 Ninja
    (40,100 / 45,000) - 45.6%

Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Medium Female 16 yrs. Pale Chaotic Good None
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 14 +2 INT 16 +3
DEX 18 +4 WIS 16 +3
CON 11 +0 CHA 15 +2
Fort +2
Ref +10
Will +6
Melee +10,+5
10, 10, 10, 5, 5
Missile +11,+6
Grapple +5
Speed 30ft.
Initiative +4
Armor Class 19
Hit Points 63 / 63
  • Celestial
  • Common
  • Draconic
  • Elven
  • Gnome
Feats Class Features Racial Features

  • Medium size
  • Base speed: 30ft.
  • 1 extra feat at first level
  • 4 extra skill points at first level
  • 1 extra skill point per level

  • 6 + 3 + 1 (10) Skill points per level
  • Next Feat: Level 12


Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus Skill Name Bonus
Appraise +3 Hide +15 Open Lock +15
Balance +4 Intimidate +4 Perform +2
Bluff +10 Jump +6 Profession +2
Climb +8 Know (Arcana) +3 Ride +4
Concentration +2 Know (Arch. & Eng.) +3 Search +15
Craft +3 Know (Dungeoneering) +3 Sense Motive +15
Decipher Script +3 Know (Geography) +3 Sleight Of Hand +20
Diplomacy +10 Know (History) +3 Spellcraft +3
Disable Device +15 Know (Local) +3 Spot +15
Disguise +16 Know (Nature) +3 Survival +3
Escape Artist +9 Know (Nob. & Royal.) +3 Swim +2
Forgery +3 Know (The Planes) +3 Tumble +8
Gather Information +10 Know (Religion) +3 Use Magic Device +4
Handle Animal +2 Listen +15 Use Rope +4
Heal +3 Move Silently +15    

[*] Situational Modifiers may apply: Skill Breakdown Chart

Spells Known

Level 0 Level 1 Level 2 Level 3

Item Spells

Wand Spells

Item Spells

Wand Spells

Item Spells

Wand Spells


Active Spells

Spell Name Spell Level Time Left Additional Info
Detect Magic 0 0:00:00 None
Detect Secret Doors 1 0:00:00 None
Disguise Self 1 -:--:-- Hat disguised as headband.
Dirt, Stains, and Scratches Hidden.
Invisibility 2 0:00:00 None
Light 0 0:00:00 None
Mage Hand 0 0:00:00 None
Summon Monster I 1 0:00:00 None

Character Slots

Head Face Gloves

Hat of disguise


Thieves' Gloves of Tools

Cloak Neck Belt

Cloak of Elvenkind

Hand of the Mage

Utility Belt

Armor Main Hand Boots


Cold Iron Ninja-To (masterwork)+Flame

Boots of Elvenkind

Shirt Off Hand Legs

Traveler's outfit

Cold Iron Ninja-To (masterwork)+Shock


Bracers Storage Rings

Custom Bracers

Heward's handy haversack



  • 7 pp - 22 gp - 14 sp - 19 cp

Item Location Qty Price (GP/each)
Bedroll (Sleeping Bag) Haversack 1 .1
You never know where you're going to sleep, and a bedroll helps you get better sleep in a hayloft or on the cold ground. A bedroll consists of bedding and a blanket thin enough to be rolled up and tied. In an emergency, it can double as a stretcher.
Blanket, Winter Haversack 1 .5
A thick, quilted, wool blanket made to keep you warm in cold winter.
Candle Haversack 1 .01
A candle dimly illuminates a 5-foot radius and burns for 1 hour.
Custom Bracers Wrists 1 20
Leather bracers providing very little defense. Custom made to hold ten senbon on each arm. Made for easy access while making sure no accidentally gets stabbed.
Boots of Elvenkind Feet 1 2500
These soft boots enable the wearer to move quietly in virtually any surroundings, granting a +5 competence bonus on Move Silently checks.
Bucket Haversack 1 .5
Caltrops Haversack, Side 5 1
A caltrop is a four-pronged iron spike crafted so that one prong faces up no matter how the caltrop comes to rest. You scatter caltrops on the ground in the hope that your enemies step on them or are at least forced to slow down to avoid them. One 2-pound bag of caltrops covers an are of 5 feet square.
Climber's Kit Haversack 1 80
This is the perfect tool for climbing and gives you a +2 circumstance bonus on Climb checks.
Cloak of Elvenkind Back 1 2500
This cloak of neutral gray cloth is indistinguishable from an ordinary cloak of the same color. However, when worn with the hood drawn up around the head, it gives the wearer a +5 competence bonus on Hide checks.
Cold Iron Ninja-To (masterwork) Back Scabbard 2 325
Ninja-to are straight edged swords predominantly used by Edo era ninjas. They are almost 3 feet tall from end to end, with a 10 inch grip. They were traditionally used for quick ambushes and one-hit kills, rather than drawn out fights. Regardless, ninja-to are surprisingly lightweight and very versatile cutting weapons. Ninja-to normally deal slashing damage.
Special: In a charge, a ninja-to is supported with both hands and deals double piercing damage with a critical multiplier of ×3. Ninja-to can be used both one- and two-handed without penalty, and are considered light for the purpose of Weapon Finesse.
Exotic One-Handed - Damage: 1d8 - Critical: 19-20/×2
Cold weather outfit Haversack 1 8
A cold weather outfit includes a wool coat, linen shirt, wool cap, heavy cloak, thick pants or skirt, and boots. This outfit grants a +5 circumstance bonus on Fortitude saving throws against exposure to cold weather.
Crowbar Haversack 1 2
this iron bar is made for levering closed items open. A crowbar is the perfect tool for prying open doors or chests, shattering chains, and the like, and it grants +2 circumstance bonus on Strength checks made for such purposes. If used in combat, treat a crowbar as a one-handed improvised weapon that deals bludgeoning damage equal to that of a club of it's size.
Explorer's Outfit Haversack 1 10
This is a full set of clothes for someone who never knows what to expect. It includes sturdy boots, leather breeches or a skirt, a belt, a shirt (perhaps with a vest of jacket), gloves and a cloak. Rather than a a leather skirt, a leather overtunic may be worn over a cloth skirt. The clothes have plenty of pockets (especially the cloak). The outfit also includes and extra items you might need, such as or scarf or wide-brimmed hat.
Feather Token, Swan Boat Haversack 2 450
A token that forms a swanlike boat capable of moving on water at a speed of 60 feet. It can carry eight horses and gear or thirty-two Medium characters or any equivalent combination. The boat lasts for one day.
Fishing Net, 25ft Haversack 1 4
A net is used to entangle enemies. When you throw a net, you make a ranged touch attack against your target. A net’s maximum range is 10 feet. If you hit, the target is entangled. An entangled creature takes a –2 penalty on attack rolls and a –4 penalty on Dexterity, can move at only half speed, and cannot charge or run. If you control the trailing rope by succeeding on an opposed Strength check while holding it, the entangled creature can move only within the limits that the rope allows. If the entangled creature attempts to cast a spell, it must make a DC 15 Concentration check or be unable to cast the spell.
Flint and steel Haversack 1 1
Lighting a torch with flint and steel is a full-round action, and lighting any other fire with them takes at least that long.
Grappling hook Haversack 1 1
Throwing a grappling hook successfully requires a Use Rope check (DC 10, +2 per 10 feet of distance thrown).
Hand of the Mage Neck 1 900
This mummified elf hand hangs by a golden chain around a character’s neck (taking up space as a magic necklace would). It allows the wearer to utilize the spell mage hand at will.
Hat of disguise Head 1 1800
This apparently normal hat allows its wearer to alter her appearance as with a disguise self spell. As part of the disguise, the hat can be changed to appear as a comb, ribbon, headband, cap, coif, hood, helmet, and so on.
Heward's handy haversack Back 1 2000
A backpack of this sort appears to be well made, well used, and quite ordinary. It is constructed of finely tanned leather, and the straps have brass hardware and buckles. It has two side pouches, each of which appears large enough to hold about a quart of material. In fact, each is like a bag of holding and can actually hold material of as much as 2 cubic feet in volume or 20 pounds in weight. The large central portion of the pack can contain up to 8 cubic feet or 80 pounds of material. Even when so filled, the backpack always weighs only 5 pounds.
While such storage is useful enough, the pack has an even greater power in addition. When the wearer reaches into it for a specific item, that item is always on top. Thus, no digging around and fumbling is ever necessary to find what a haversack contains. Retrieving any specific item from a haversack is a move action, but it does not provoke the attacks of opportunity that retrieving a stored item usually does.
Kunai Belt 2 1
Kunai Haversack, Side 18 1
A kunai is a piercing weapon favored mainly by ninja. You get a +2 bonus on Sleight of Hand checks made to conceal a kunai on your body. This is added to the list of weapons the ninja is already proficient with. A kunai is a melee stabbing weapon but may be thrown when used for stabbing use chart above. A kunai may be thrown in to ways. 1: A kunai may be thrown straight by a professional ninja but its' throwing length is reduced in distance to the tune of 20ft. This is lessened by 2 feet for every two points of Strength the user has. 2: A kunai may be thrown with a forward spin. When doing this you must make two attack rolls. One is made to see if it hit the enemy, the other to see if it hit head-on. The distance for this is 40+2*strength |damage 1+1d3 medium piercing damage/ if the second check is 1 bludgeoning for medium| hit chance 70% { increase and decrease for your character as you see fit}
Special: A kunai is typically left in the victim after an attack so it will do continuous damage depending on the circumstances. If the kunai hits for piercing damage and takes 5 HP off you roll 1d6 and 1d4 to decide where it hit (this is still in testing, please edit if a new system is developed) On a roll of 1 on a 1d6 it will be the left arm, 2 the right arm, 3 the left leg, 4 the right leg, 5 the chest, 6 the neck (it will fall out with any hit to the neck unless fatal). If the kunai is left in and has hit the arm or leg the person will take 1d2 of damage every time that limb is used. Any other spot will do no additional damage. If it is taken out, the kunai will do 1 damage every round because of bleeding unless healed or covered.

Exotic One-Handed - Damage: 1d6 - Critical: 20/×2
Mirror, Small Steel Haversack 1 10
A polished steel mirror is handy when you want to look around corners, signal friends with reflected sunlight, keep an eye on Medusa, make sure you look good enough to present yourself to the queen, or examine wounds that you've received on hard-to-see parts of your body.
Piton Haversack 5 .1
When a wall doesn't offer handholds and footholds, you can make your own. A piton is a steel spike with an eye through which you can loop a rope.
Pouch, Belt (Containing Money) Haversack 1 1
Pouch, Belt Haversack 2 1
This leather pouch straps to your belt. It's good for holding small items.
Rations, trail (per day) Haversack 6 .5
Trail mix with M&Ms and Beef Jerky.
Rope, Silk Haversack 1 10
This rope has 4 hit points and can be burst with a DC 24 check. It is so supple that it provides a +2 circumstance on Use Rope checks.
Sack Haversack 5 .1
This item is made of burlap or a similar material and has a drawstring so it can be closed
Senbon Bracers 20 1
Senbon are impromptu ninja weapons formerly used for acupuncture.
Exotic Light Thrown Melee - Damage: 1d4 - Critical: 20/×3
Signet Ring Finger 2 5
Signet ring for the Assassin Clan her father led. Signet ring for the Theiving Clan her mother led.
Soap Haversack 2 .5
Shovel Haversack 1 2
Sunrod Haversack 2 1
This 1-foot-long, gold-tipped, iron rod glows brightly when struck. It clearly illuminates a 30-foot radius and provides shadowy illumination in a 60-foot radius. It glows for 6 hours, after which the gold tip is burned out and worthless.
Tent Haversack 1 10
This simple tent sleeps two.
Thieves' Gloves of Tools Hands 1 3500
These black gloves have tools embedded on the top of them so that they extend at the flick of the wrist as well as various runes incribed upon the tools.
These gloves have Masterwork Thieves' Tools embedded in them and as a free action you can extend or contract them. In addition to providing the +2 Bonus for masterwork, the gloves provide an additional +2 on Sleight of Hand, Disable Device, Open Lock, and Use Magic Device. To gain the skill bonuses you must have at least 1 rank in the skill to gain the bonus of that skill. In addition 1/Day you may cast Knock.
Traveler's outfit Body 1 1
This set of clothes consists of boots, a wool skirt or breeches, a sturdy belt, a shirt (perhaps with a vest or jacket), and an ample cloak with a hood.
Utility Belt Waist 1 45
The Utility Belt has 6 slots, of which to place items of a certain size, those items now take a move action, instead of a full round action to get ready. Only small items such as daggers, potion vials and flutes may be placed into a Utility belt slot.
Wand of Detect Magic Haversack 1 750
You detect magical auras. The amount of information revealed depends on how long you study a particular area or subject.
Wand of Cure Light Wounds Haversack 1 750
When laying your hand upon a living creature, you channel positive energy that cures 1d8 points of damage +1 point per caster level (maximum +5).
Wand of Detect Secret Doors Haversack 1 750
You can detect secret doors, compartments, caches, and so forth. Only passages, doors, or openings that have been specifically constructed to escape detection are detected by this spell. The amount of information revealed depends on how long you study a particular area or subject.
Wand of Invisibility Haversack 1 4500
The creature or object touched becomes invisible, vanishing from sight, even from darkvision. If the recipient is a creature carrying gear, that vanishes, too. If you cast the spell on someone else, neither you nor your allies can see the subject, unless you can normally see invisible things or you employ magic to do so.
Wand of Light Haversack 1 375
This spell causes an object to glow like a torch, shedding bright light in a 20-foot radius (and dim light for an additional 20 feet) from the point you touch. The effect is immobile, but it can be cast on a movable object. Light taken into an area of magical darkness does not function.
Wand of Summon Monster I Haversack 1 750
This spell summons an extraplanar creature (typically an outsider, elemental, or magical beast native to another plane). It appears where you designate and acts immediately, on your turn. It attacks your opponents to the best of its ability. If you can communicate with the creature, you can direct it not to attack, to attack particular enemies, or to perform other actions.
Waterskin (Full) Haversack 1 4
A waterskin is a leather pouch with a narrow neck that is used for holding water.
Letter from Carmen Pocket 1
"This paper is an authorization for me to investigate what happened. I can't promise it'll be any good, but it's better then nothing."
Eagle City - Visitor's Pass Pocket 1
Remaining Usefulness: 1 Days.
Heavy Masterwork Darkwood Crossbow Haversack 1 430
Crossbow Bolts Haversack 40 2

Character Background


Kanzel has been trying to prove herself.


Her siblings are all better than her.

Personal Notes

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