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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #19: "Get in."

<Capn_Ascii> "As we join our heroes, we find them loading into the van, having long since abandoned the monster truck. What horrible parents."

<Miranor> "To the hardware store!"

  • Cade drives to the hardware store.
  • Nenni looks out the window while kneading the seat covers.

<Capn_Ascii> Nenni: You need seat covers? They're right there.

<Capn_Ascii> Cade: Soon you're pulling up outside the 'What a Tool' hardware store. The street outside is littered with wrecked vehicles, and the windows of both the storefronts next to this one have been smashed in and looted.

  • Miranor looks to see if *this* store is in "loot mode"

<Capn_Ascii> Miranor: Nope, it looks fine. The lights are on, and the windows are undamaged.

<Nenni> "Wow. What's protecting this store from all the decimation in the local vicinity? It must be a real hardy store."

  • Cade finds a place amidst the street carnage to leave the van, turning it around so that it can be ready to peel out quickly.
  • Cade hops out and walks up to the store. He pokes the handle and the front door with the end of his axe to make sure they aren't mimics or trapped.

<Capn_Ascii> Cade: Nothing happens. Geez, what is with you guys? You act like there's going to be an angry mimic lurking behind every corner. I'm starting to think you're all paranoid.

  • Cade puts his axe back away and opens the door, stepping into the shop and looking around.
  • Nenni trots up to Cade and sniffs the door for signature scents.
  • Miranor follows Cade and starts looking for solvents

<Capn_Ascii> Cade: The inside of the store is fairly small - it's one of those local mom n' pop places. The 'pop' in question is sitting behind the counter - a grizzled old man with a white mullet, beard, a scar over one eye and wearing a flannel shirt and overalls. He's currently kicked back with his feet up on the countertop, watching TV on a small set. "Mmph." He grunts a noncomittal greeting at you as you walk in.

  • Cade starts to ask him if he has any ink-dissolving solvent, then wonders if he might be a tool of the archmage, and decides not to ask immediately after all.

<Capn_Ascii> Nenni: The doorway smells of blood.

<Nenni> "This door smells of blood," Nenni begins to Cade, and then notices the fish. He begins licking his lips, watching the white mullet, imagining eating it.

  • Nenni snaps his focus back to the situation at hand and stops drooling.

<Nenni> He looks about for blood on the door handles, bloody footprints leading into or out of the premises. Maybe there's murder on the dancefloor? He'd better not steal the groove.

<Capn_Ascii> Miranor: Ah, here we are. Several bottles of 'Out Damn Spot' brand solvent are lined up here, along with warnings not to get the stuff in your eyes or mouth. Or various other places of importance.

  • Miranor grabs the solvent and looks around for Jug, as he's got the money
  • Cade sees Miranor found what they're looking for and asks the shopkeep, "You take gold?"

<Capn_Ascii> Nenni: There are blood splatters all over the floor just inside the front door. Not a lot of it, but enough to make it clear something got wounded here.

<Capn_Ascii> Cade: "Mmph." He nods gruffly. You're pretty sure anything he does would be done gruffly.

<Cade> "How much for the stuff he's got?" Cade says, jamming a finger in Miranor's direction.

  • Miranor smiles and heads over, holding up the bottle

<Capn_Ascii> "What've ya got?"

  • Miranor starts by holding up a single gold coin

<Capn_Ascii> "That works."

  • Miranor hands over the gold coin and walks out with the solvent
  • Cade also heads back to the van, wondering if the mystery blood will EVER BE SOLVED.

<Capn_Ascii> Cade: It just might be. As Miranor hands the coin to the old man, he looks out towards the front door. "'Scuse me."

<Capn_Ascii> He then reaches under the counter, hauls out a massive fully-automatic shotgun, and proceeds to blow away an imp attempting to sneak through the door while he was preoccupied.

  • Nenni starts licking himself clean. "Not bad! Could do with some Tobasco sauce..."

<Capn_Ascii> The imp's head disintegrates in a spray of gore. The old man puts the gun back under the desk. "Thanks."

<Miranor> "...Nice shot."

  • Cade nods in agreement with Miranor.

<Capn_Ascii> You leave the store with your prize, stepping over the imp's body. At least now you know why this store has been left alone.

  • Miranor gets back in the van
  • Nenni impressed a shotgun hasn't left any collateral damage at all around its intended targets. But then, it /is/ a small shop, so maybe its choke is set appropriately. He bounds back to the van.
  • Cade gets in the van and heads out towards the Super Tall Tower Apartments once everyone is in.

<Capn_Ascii> Cade: As you approach the apartment complex, you begin to see signs of impending resistance. There's a makeshift barricade built across the road ahead of you, made out of old bits of wood, sheet metal, and upturned cars. You can see multiple goblins and orcs standing atop it and the buildings to either side, watching the road.

<Miranor> "Shoulda brought some grenades..."

  • Cade_ slows down and stops well short of the barricades.

<Miranor> "We probably can't go around this, can we?"

<Miranor> "Anyone got a way to teleport past all this?"

<Cade> "Probably not," Cade agrees. "The archmage'll have defenses all over, most likely."

<Cade> "No Teleport for me."

<Miranor> "How far from here to the tower?"

<Sheona> "I could turn into a bird, fly over it, and see what I can do on the other side..."

<Capn_Ascii> You can see the, towering overhead. It's only a few buildings away. It looks like they've blockaded every road directly adjacent to the block it occupies.

  • Cade starts counting all the potential enemies within sight.

<Miranor> "Looks like we do this the hard way, unless anyone has a way to blow up that barricade, we just gotta climb over it and charge."

<Capn_Ascii> Cade: There's a *lot* of them. You count at least a dozen within sight from here, and there are bound to be plenty more beyond the wall. Trying to fight through them all would likely be suicidal. They've got themselves quite the fortress here.

<Cade> "I do have one potion of invisibility, so I could probably get myself inside, if I have to."

<Nenni> "Well, surely a towerblock will have sewers we can infiltrate. Also, this many humanoids is definitely going to need regular feeding; we could slam a Dominos magnelight ontop of our van and turn up with pizzas, and I bet they'd open the roadblocks for us."

<Miranor> Miranor looks around at all the enemies. "Yeah, you're probably right. This might not be a winnable fight. One or two of us might be able to sneak through, but I'd rather not split the party."

<Miranor> "The pizza plan might work, but we might not get far enough to be useful. Sadly, going into the sewer might be our only option."

<Cade> "Can we afford enough potions of invisibility for everyone? Maybe the BASE guys can provide them."

<Miranor> "I don't think they'll shell out that much cash worth of stuff for free."

<Miranor> "Plus we can probably still be heard and such."

<Cade> "Should we go back to base?"

<Cade> "Or scout more first?"

<Miranor> "No. Let's see if we can't find a break in the lines -- or a manhole."

<BLusk> "What about nabbing a UPS truck?"

<Nenni> "Maybe this particular tower block is just a decoy. Were there any other towers we could check out that might be easier to access?"

<Cade> "This was unequivocally the tallest building in town. Nothing else came close."

<Nenni> "Ah so the Library was the only building to have all grown up big and strong as a result of the placecrash; no other mailboxes turned into skyscrapers or anything. Hmm."

<Cade> "'re inconspicuous. You want to start scouting?"

<Nenni> "Sure. I just hope these monstrous humanoids aren't too hungry yet." Nenni hops up to the window and looks for a good place to pour himself down onto the footpath.

<Nenni> "Here - keep my collar for the moment." Nenni's green marble-like psicrystal unwarps from his neck and walks onto Cade's shoulder.

<Cade> "Ok," Cade says, staring with eyebrows raised at the creepy "collar".

<Nenni> "Well, I don't want it to get damaged. I can't fix it easily."

<Capn_Ascii> Nenni: You should be able to bypass the blockade by climbing the buildings to either side of it. In theory, so could your allies, but they'd certainly be spotted in the process.

  • Nenni hops down onto the ground and streaks off through the shrubs and undergrowth toward the cityblock that has the tower planted on it.

<Capn_Ascii> Nenni: You arrive at the point where one end of the blockade meets the nearby building. There's enough of a gap to slip inside.

  • Nenni slips inside. He picks himself up again and dusts himself off before trotting on further into Enemy Territory, looking for a way that's relatively free of surveillance. A rooftop or balcony or fire stairs or access driveway or something would do nicely.

<Capn_Ascii> Nenni: You take a trip around the inside of the 'base'. Fortunately, the enemies seem to be completely ignoring you - apparently, their boss neglected to inform them that one of the adventurers they're looking for is a cat. You poke around, but soon realize that almost every inch of the street has eyes on it. You can see guards in windows up in the apartment complex itself, looking out over the rooftops below. <more>

<Capn_Ascii> After a bit, you find yourself in a maze of alleyways between the buildings. Enemy presence here seems much lighter - the few goblins you spot seem to be using them as a place to goof off out of their supervisor's sight more than anything else. There are several doors here that lead into the backs of various buildings that occupy the far side of the block the complex is on.

<Nenni> The psicrystal beside Cade reports to those in the van, "Nenni has found several back doors in a semi-deserted alleyway, beyond the barricade. But nothing directly useful yet." then falls silent again.

<Capn_Ascii> Nenni: You're pretty sure the van is out of reach from here, but you're also pretty sure the street on the far side of the block isn't too far north of here. If they move the van you'd be within reach.

<Nenni> The psicrystal reports again, "If you relocate the Van to the opposite side of the block, Nenni can probably summon you one by one. If nobody has a better plan."

<Miranor> "Works for me. Cade?"

  • Cade thinks. "I'm worried they might pile in behind us if we end up in a fight...but we can't fight them all on our way in, so I guess."
  • Cade drives around to the other side of the block.

<Sheona> "IF we end up in a fight. After seeing what happened to that mimic, I'm kind of hoping to avoid another fight."

  • Nenni sniffs and listens at all the doors nearby in the alleyway. He also takes a moment to size up what kind of hardware the slack guards are packing.

<Capn_Ascii> Nenni: The entire alley stinks of goblin and orc; you can't single out any individual odor trails. You do find what looks like the fire exit from the tower itself, which currently has two goblins outside of it smoking cigarettes - lookjs like they've discovered the concept of 'smoke break' in this world.

<Capn_Ascii> The goblins are carrying typical goblin armament - clubs, sabers, and small shields.

  • Nenni continues to prowl about, ending up at the spot where Cade has recently reparked the Van, and updates them on all he has seen.

<Capn_Ascii> You rejoin the others, and fill them in.

<Nenni> "So, let's go through the outer houses and approach the tower obscured by the cover being inside them provides. Ready to go?"

<Miranor> "I'd feel a lot better going in armed. And I mean, armed... like this is the 21st century."

  • Cade 's eyes light up. "Yeah, let's!" He turns the van around and drives back to base so they can google where a gun store is.

<Nenni> "If rioting is as extensive as it looks, then I'd expect food and weapons to be looters' top priority. Yet it is strange that the orcs and goblins I passed in my prowl carried neither. Well, unless you count a Pointed Stick."

<Nenni> The psicrystal once more wraps its ectoplasmic legs around Nenni's neck, forming a collar with a large green marble suspended from it.

<Capn_Ascii> Cade: You turn up the base and drive back to bass., the other way around, I mean.

<Capn_Ascii> Gizmo meets you as you climb down the ladder. "You weren't gone long. What happened?"

<Nenni> "Sightseeing tour! It was pretty successful."

<Cade> "I don't suppose you know how to make grenades, do you?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Grenades? What, are you fighting an army out there?"

<Cade> "Yes?"

<Miranor> "Yeah, they've got the place barricaded heavily. We could try to sneak through, but the probably of a fight is high. And there's a lot of them. So we were hoping to blow them up. Or shoot them safely. Relatively."

<Nenni> "But non-lethal grenades. Tear gas would be nice. Laughing gas would be funny. For all we know, the orcs and goblins are transformed normal civilians."

<Capn_Ascii> "So what you're saying need military-grade hardware and/or an army of your own."

<Miranor> "Stun grenades would be better. Even if they are transformed, we can't afford to have them recover."

<Miranor> "Yeah something like that."

<Cade> "You have an army hidden back there??"

<Capn_Ascii> Ever so slowly, a wide, evil grin spreads across Gizmo's face.

<Capn_Ascii> ---END SESSION---