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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twenty-Three: The Warlord Is Dead...Long Live The Warlord!

<Capn_Ascii> "As we join our heroes, we find them having defeated the big bad evil guy, vanquished his invading army, and otherwise saved the town. So...yeah. I guess now they want an ending of some sort."

<Capn_Ascii> Eralia: The orc snorts, hiccups, and slowly stirs awake. He looks up at you with bleary eyes. "Buh...?"

<Eralia> "Wake up. Your army has left you. There's just the three of us left."

<Capn_Ascii> "Heh?" He blinks, then slowly looks around. "Hey, where'd everybody *hic* go?" He staggers to his feet with great difficulty, obviously drunk.

<Eralia> "They abandoned this city when their warlord died. You can either run lost with them, or you can assist me."

<Capn_Ascii> "Warlord? Eh?" He blinks. "...oh, wait, you killed the *hic* boss?"

<Eralia> "Yes."

<Capn_Ascii> "" He takes a swig from an ale tankard he has in a deathgrip, then belches.

<Eralia> "So, are you interested in working for me instead?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Huh? Work? Uh, sure, I guess. S'long as the gold and booze keeps coming." He takes another swig. "One boss's good as n'uther."

<Eralia> "Well, you'll have to reduce your intake of alcohol. I need people at their best."

<Capn_Ascii> "Oh, sure, sure. No booze on the clock, I know da drill." He swaggers drunkenly. "Lead th'way, *hic* hot stuff! ...uh, I mean, sir. Er, ma'am."

<Eralia> "Alright. Do you know where your old boss's treasury was located?"

<Dkort> "This isn't exactly the army we could have had."

<Rika> "Agreed."

<Eralia> "True, but one is better then zero."

<Capn_Ascii> "Uh, yeah. S'right in there." He waves his tankard at the building.

Eralia raises an eyebrow. "Alright, let's take a look," she comments, looking for an entrance.

<Cap_Ascii> Eralia: The doors from the courtyard to the parliment building are in plain sight. They've had some boards and metal plates nailed onto them as makeshift reinforcement, but they currently hang open, their former guards having fled the coop with the others.

Eralia walks inside, searching for the treasury.

Dkort tags along

<Cap_Ascii> You don't have to search long. A door just inside the hallway leads to the main parlimentary meeting room, a huge, opulent affair. In the middle of the floorspace, where the desks and seats of the various representatives would usually be, sits an absolutely *massive* pile of treasure - easily twenty feet high, it gleams in the dim light. Gold coins and bars; gemstones of every variety; bejeweled swords, scepters, maces, and crowns.

<Cap_Ascii> It's...beautiful. o.o

Eralia grins widely. "This is awesome."

Rika nods in agreement

<Eralia> "Alright, as much as I'd like to take it all for us, we can't carry it all, so instead, we'll just set up camp here. Dkort, Rika, know of any spells to protect this? Or, for that matter, detecting any spells that might already be here?"

<Rika> "Only one."

Rika casts Arcane Sight and looks around.

<Cap_Ascii> Rika: You can't see any magical auras here. Presumably, the warlord simply had his orcs guard the pile 24/7; he certainly had the manpower for it. Er, orcpower.

<Dkort> "I don't have any protective spells prepared that would last long enough."

<Rika> "No active spells or traps, and I have nothing to protect us from anything."

<Eralia> "Hmmm. Alright."

Eralia calls out to the orc. "Hey, uh... what's your name there?"

<Cap_Ascii> The orc stumbles in behind you. "Name? Uh...hang on a sec, I know this one....."

<Cap_Ascii> "...Blortch! Yeah, that sounds right."

<Eralia> "Oh, great. You're so drunk you have to think about that one. Never mind."

<Eralia> "Let's go find the legitimate government and demand our place in it, shall we?" Eralia comments, directing the question at her fellow Party Members.

<Cap_Ascii> "Hey, I'm not as think as you drunk I am. I mean...well, you know. Jes' gimme a bit to sober up."

Rika , in the process of inspecting a rather shiney peice of treasure, looks back at Eralia, "What, huh?"

<Rika> shiny*

<Eralia> "Well, we just saved their city, more or less. Don't you think we deserve to be running it?"

Rika goes back to admiring the.. Whatever it is. "Maybe, but they hired us to protect them, and now you want to take it from them?"

<Dkort> "We already failed to protect them. It's all free game now."

<Eralia> "Not at all, people."

<Eralia> "We can continue to protect them. They'll be better off with us protecting them, and yes, ruling them, then they would be without. Who's really going to dare take us on, in our state?"

Rika shrugs, taking the gold thing and shoving it in her bag. "I guess I see the logic in that. Sort of. I just don't going from saving people from oppressors to virtually becoming oppressors."

<Eralia> "Why, Rika, you malign me. I'm not going to oppress."

Rika looks at Eralia's form, then her own. "What else would they think, looking like this?"

<Eralia> "That maybe we actually ARE better then them, and know better? That we can defend them better then they can defend themselves?"

Rika chuckles "That just makes us better bodyguards. Not so much leaders."

<Eralia> What, you don't think the mirror enhanced mental faculties as well? I *feel* smarter."

<Dkort> "I feel the same...except for the part where I'm more than twice as tall as before."

<Rika> "Well, I'm of the impression that leaders should do more for the people the rule than swear to protect them. If it's all on the line, would you die for them?"

<Eralia> "No, but clearly the fools currently running it wouldn't either, they hired us, remember?"

<Rika> "Well, at least they tried. they didn't have power, so they found people that do. and judging from the room we're standing in, I assume that some to most may have died."

<Eralia> "Possibly. Look, if you don't want to be a part of this, just say so. You'll get paid, and you can move on. But I'm staying. I don't see a reason for this argument."

<Rika> "It's not so much an argument, I'm just trying to get you to think what you -should- do versus what you -want- to do. I want to stay too, at least for a while, I just wanted to be sure you're not going to try and get everyone that's alive in the city and try to overthrow nearby villages..."

<Eralia> "Being worse then the person we just killed was will only get people hired to kill me, I'm not an idiot. Yes, I want this. As far as 'should', who knows? But opportunities like these don't come up twice. And we haven't asked. For all we know, I'll gladly be accepted. Maybe I'll have to make a few concessions for that acceptance, but I can do it."

Rika nods. "Then I'm okay with it."

<Eralia> "Okay, good. Now, let's go find these people. As much as I'd like to secure the treasure, that doesn't appear to be viable. And, it'd be a nice bargaining chip."

Rika subtly grabs a few more bars and random pieces of gold and shoves them in her bag.

Eralia notices this and rolls her eyes but doesn't protest.

<Dkort> "I'll assume there'll still be good money in protecting or ruling the town or whatever?"

<Eralia> "Indeed there should be."

<Dkort> "Sounds good to me."

<Rika> "...I was just worried the orcs might remember this is here and take it. so I'm hiding some."

<Eralia> "Mhm. Sure. I won't comment on it. You've earned it."

<Eralia> "We've all earned it. I'm proud, and honored, to have worked with the two of you."

Rika nods. "As was I."

Dkort shrugs. "The only complaint I have is the part where we died."


<Cap_Ascii> Eralia, hopped up on mirror power and driven by ego-fueled megalomania, soon tracks down what remains of the Trinsic ruling body. After a few well-articulated arguments and some threats of violence, she manages to convince the barely-holding-together governing body to let her accept 'temporary emergency powers' to get the city back up and running.

<Cap_Ascii> To this day, no one has dared vote to rescind them.

<Cap_Ascii> Dkort is appointed Secretary of Defense by Eralia. He takes to his new job with vigor, commanding the city guard, running Eralia-endorsed protection rackets, and doing some freelance clericking on the side.

<Cap_Ascii> By the time Eralia's new government took back control of the parliment building, nearly half of the pile of treasure stolen from the city had mysteriously disappeared. Rumors abound that a now well-known thief mysteriously became very rich at about the same time...

<Cap_Ascii> Eralia's mirror-shop copy was appointed Secretary of Commerce. Surprisingly, she has quite the knack for economics.

Eralia idly wonders how she managed to get her copy out of the shop.

<Cap_Ascii> Steve the warlord is still dead, working off his debt to society as a bus driver in Hell. He swears to some day return to the land of the living and wreak his terrible vengeance, as soon as he gets some vacation time accrued.

<Cap_Ascii> Mr. Peabody is still dead, too. No word on his vacation time.

<Cap_Ascii> Okay, that's it, I'm done. Campaign over. PEACE OUT, Y'ALL!