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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twenty-One: Eww, That's Growth

<Capn_Ascii> "As we join our heroes, we find them hoping ferverently that that scream they just heard was some poor guy in the apartment complex across the way catching his johnson in his zipper..."

<Capn_Ascii> You all (quickly) shuffle into the mirror shop. The place looks pretty much the same as it did when you left. Not Eralia is sitting in the corner, playing solitaire on the floor.

Eralia hurries on towards the mirror.

Rika follows.

Dkort tags along.

<Capn_Ascii> Oh, no! The mirror! It's...gone!

<Capn_Ascii> And by 'gone' I mean 'exactly where you left it'.

<Capn_Ascii> It sits there, staring at you. Or, rather, the trio of adventurer-slash-mercenaries shown in it stare at you.

Dkort stares back at his reflection

Eralia smiles wonderfully. "Can you two go check the area, make sure we're not being watched, please?"

<Rika> "We aren't."

<Eralia> "No?"

<Rika> "One, we practically ran back in here from out there, two, we'd hear them, and three, the projector would activate if new people entered, and we'd notice that."

Eralia frowns. "Fine."

Eralia stares at the mirror and thinks.

Eralia sighs. No way around it, really. "Shablagoo," she mutters as quitely as possible at the mirror.

<Capn_Ascii> After an odd delay of several minutes, the mirror suddenly flares to life. Its surface glows with a powerful eldritch fire, which seems to lance out at you, burning its image into the backs of your eyeballs.

Eralia smiles.

<Capn_Ascii> After a few moments, the lights clear, the mirror dies down - and nothing happens.

<Capn_Ascii> ...but then, suddenly...!

<Capn_Ascii> ...more nothing happens. Eralia 2 walks up behind you, idly looking at what you're doing.

<Capn_Ascii> "Oh, are you trying to use that thing? I think you have to touch it."

Eralia shrugs and puts her hand on the mirror.

<Capn_Ascii> Suddenly...nothing happens. "I think it turned off. Try saying it again."

Eralia sighs, keeps her hand on the mirror, and mutters "Shablagoo" again.

<Capn_Ascii> The mirror suddenly flares to life again. Its surface glows with a powerful eldritch fire (again), which seems to lance out at you, etc etc blah blah blah.

Eralia smiles broadly.

<Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You're a bit too busy to notice all this, however, what with the horrible searing pain and all.


<Capn_Ascii> Eralia: The magics of the mirror flood into your body, coursing through your veins, soaking into every pore (and doing a number on your skin in the process). It hurts like hell, but beneath the pain, you can feel an incredible power surging forth, welling up inside your body.

<Capn_Ascii> The rest of you stand and stare as Eralia begins to glow - and grow! - with energy. Like the Incredible Hulk, her body starts bulking up - she grows taller, limbs lengthening, muscles (and other assorted curvy bits) swelling with power. Sadly, her outfit and possessions make the transition intact.

<Capn_Ascii> After nearly a minute of this, the glow fades. Eralia is left standing there - more or less the same as before, except 12 feet tall and with a substantially enhanced physique.

Rika stares.

<Eralia> "Awesome. I like."

<Dkort> "Meh, I could already do something like that."

Rika stares at the mirror and mumbles "That's what you've been hiding?"

<Eralia> "Awesome, isn't it?"

<Rika> "Yes. Mind if I try?"

<Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You flex and admire your new somewhat-more-muscular-than-before-but-still-curvy-as-hell lines. Noice.

<Eralia> Eralia raises an eyebrow for a second then smiles again. "Not at all. Go right ahead."

Rika touches the mirror and says loud and clear "Shablagoo"

Eralia sighs. "Oh, yay, let everyone withing 30 miles hear you. I was trying for discretion," Eralia informs her, exasperated.

<Rika> "I didn't yell it, only people in the room would hear, I was just making the poiint that I'm not trying to hide it,"

<Capn_Ascii> The mirror suddenly yadda yadda yadda. *fwoosh*

<Eralia> "Eh. I was just being discreet," Eralia points out, trying to act nonchalant.

<Capn_Ascii> Rika: You feel the same rush of power that Eralia felt, and experience similar effects. After a minute or so of being blasted with enough magical energy to power Port Starboard for a month, you come out of it more than twice as tall as before, with curves like a mountain road and muscles like She-Hulk. RAWR!

<Eralia> "Awesome. You might as well go next, Dkort," Eralia notes, stepping out of the way for him to pass.

Rika looks herself over "you're right, this is cool."

<Eralia> "It is."

Dkort steps up to the mirror and puts one hand on it. "Shablagoo."

<Capn_Ascii> Blah *fwoosh*

Rika looks down at the teleporting mirror "Uh.."

<Capn_Ascii> Dkort: You...have...the POWAAAH! The power of the mirror gods surges through you as you experience the same transformation the others did. By the time the energies subside, you're a whopping 14 feet tall, ripped like Mr. Universe, and are experiencing a strange urge to smash stuff.

<Dkort> "Ha! Can't wait for a chance to further empower myself with my own magic."

<Eralia> "Nice. Okay. Now, we have a Steve to eliminate. And replace."

<Capn_Ascii> Not Eralia steps out from the nearby corner. Interestingly, she's now every bit as big and buff as the real Eralia. "Hey, neat!"

<Eralia> "Fascinating."

<Eralia> "Now, Rika, that portal mirror. Get us to Steve, please."

<Dkort> "Would we even be able to fit through it anymore?"

<Eralia> "Probably not, but we can still figure out where he is."

<Capn_Ascii> Yeeeah, not gonna happen. The mirror only comes up to your hips now; between that and your new collective bulk, you can barely fit a leg through it.

Rika looks at Eralia and back down at the mirror. "I suppose we could use it a necklace..."

<Eralia> "Meh, it's fine, we'll just spy on him, and go hunt him up the 'normal' way."

<Rika> "Him and his whole army..."

Rika shoves the magical changy mirror into her bag.

<Eralia> "Mirror, can you show us Steve again?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Please hold..." The mirror plays some relaxing muzak.

<Capn_Ascii> After a few moments, the image changes. You can see the warlord standing behind some sort of podium; he's red-faced and yelling and shaking his fist and smashing it on the table and generally seems angry about something.

<Eralia> "Zoom out... er, wait, you can't, never mind. Switch to exterior view."

<Capn_Ascii> "Um, this *is* the exterior view."

<Eralia> "I mean, outside of the building he's in."

<Capn_Ascii> "He's not in a building. It appears to be some sort of courtyard. Should I rotate the view?"

<Eralia> "Please do."

<Dkort> "Would I be able to cast a spell through a portal?"

Rika pulls out the golem and looks at him "Can you act as a sentry for us?"

<Rika> "Not sentry, so much as a tail?"


<Capn_Ascii> Eralia: The mirror view rotates. away from the warlord. As it does, an orc comes into view. And then another. And another, and another.

Eralia grumbles. "Is there anything other then orcs within rotational view?"

Rika points at steve. "If I cast invisibiliy and fly on you, could you follow that big guy around?"

<Capn_Ascii> As the viewpoint continues to turn, you realize that you're looking out across the *entire orc army*. Hundreds of them, standing at attention as their leader rants at them.

<Capn_Ascii> The viewpoint eventually comes back to Steve. "Sorry, but it looks like he's right in the middle of calling out the troops. Something must have him really mad."

<Capn_Ascii> The tiny golem responds loudly. "AFFIRMATIVE."

<Eralia> "Hmmm. Location of this point relative to here?"

Rika looks at Eralia and Dkort "Okay, once I cast those spells, we'll have fourteen minutes to get there before the spells wear off."

<Eralia> "Let's find out where this place is and see if we can make it."

<Dkort> "When we get there, I should probably take a few moments to marshal some more divine power. You can start without me - they probably can't stop me once I have all my spells going."

<Capn_Ascii> "Judging from the distance and direction, I'd say the inner courtyard of the Trinsic Parlimentary Building."

<Rika> "Distance from this building?"

<Eralia> "And heading?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Halfway across town. To be sure you know where the center of your government is?"

<Capn_Ascii> The mirror sighs. "Fine." An arrow appears on-screen, pointing to the northeast.

<Rika> "Okay, so your que to increase your size to combat size, will be Dkort casting fireball. You will have fourteen minutes once I cast those spells for them to wear off. Find a place to hide yourself. at thirteen minutes, fourty five seconds, hide yourself there until we get there. Once we do get there, get ready to fight. Understand?"

<Eralia> "Er, actually, it will be me throwing one off my necklace, but yeah."

<Rika> "Oh. Okay, that then."

<Dkort> "I could still throw a flamestrike at them. More fire can't hurt."

<Eralia> "Okay, it's both of that."

<Rika> "Confirm Command, 382438."


<Eralia> "Let's do it."

Rika pulls out her invisibility wand and flicks it at the golem. then casts Fly on him. "Mirror, Would you open a portal above steve?"

<Capn_Ascii> "Alright, but it's the last one." The portal gun revs up and fires, as the mirror changes to show an image of Steve's head from several feet above.

Rika holds The golem out to the mirror "good luck"

<Capn_Ascii> "LUCK?" The golem turns its tiny invisible head and looks at you with an action hero expression. "I MAKE MY OWN LUCK."

<Capn_Ascii> And with that, it jumps off your hand and flies through.

<Capn_Ascii> Moments later, the mirror flickers out. "Sorry, that's it. No more juice, although I can still scry."

<Eralia> "That's fine. Let's roll."

Eralia leads the way OUT. (and to THE BATTLE)

Rika nods and turns, running for the door, patting Eralia's double on the way out

<Capn_Ascii> Eralia2 waves after you, doe-eyed. "Good luck!"

<Capn_Ascii> And so, it begins. The newly-un-undeaded-and-empowered Eralia, Rika, and Dkort set off across the city, on their way to the final confrontation...and DESTINY.

<Capn_Ascii> It's actually fairly fast going - their new size allows them to cover more than twice as much ground as before by virtue of legspan alone. Plus, at this size, most of the rubble (and even a few buildings) can be easily climbed over.

<Capn_Ascii> It only takes you about eight minutes before you find yourselves crouching behind a pile of rubble across the street from the large, imposing, and recently-fortified parliment building. The windows and doors are barricaded with all manner of scrap, and there are easily a dozen orcs meandering outside the gate, looking bored.

Eralia pulls out her bow and some arrows, preparing to start firing at the orcs.

<Eralia> "Wait... isn't he on the other side? Shouldn't we go around?"

Rika whispers "Let's go over."

<Eralia> "That works."

<Rika> "Dkort, cast fly on yourself."

Rika hurriedly casts Fly on Eralia.

<Dkort> "Well, I only have the Winged Boots, but that should work."

<Eralia> "Yes, yes, let's go. ANd didn't you say we could be invisible too, Rika?"

Rika whispers "yeah, but I think it's easier to cast on you if I can see you," before casting fly on herself.

<Eralia> "Right, okay, so do that next."

Rika finishes and pulls out her invisible wand, whispers "Impatient are we? Disappear.", and flicks the wand at Eralia.

Eralia nods invisibly "Follow me. When I drop a Fireball on Steve, start attacking."

Rika flicks the wand at herself.

Rika grabs Eralia's ankle and Dkort's Wrist.

Eralia goes over the top of the building and looks out over the courtyard

<Capn_Ascii> Soooome, wheeeere, oooover the buiiiildiiiing...

<Capn_Ascii> As you invisibly fly over the roof of the hall, you find yourselves looking down on the same courtyard you were spying through the mirror earlier. The orcish hordes are massed for battle; even from here, you can hear Steve yelling angrily at them.

Eralia smiles and pulls out her necklace, grabbing the middle (largest) sphere from it. "Any objections to me starting now?" she asks quietly.

<Capn_Ascii> "I don't know WHO took it, or how, but by Diablo's great horns, we're going to FIND them, and we're going to DESTROY them, and then we're going to...uh..." He seems to be at a loss for a few moments. "...DESTROY them again!"

Rika quickly whispers "I'd prefer the element of surprise. At least for myself. Maybe both of you could wait here, and I could strike when you start."

<Rika> "Or something. Maybe throw it straight up and quickly fly over there."

<Eralia> "It's not like we're not invisible. They still won't have a clue where we are. This isn't Star Trek, we don't have to decloak to fire."

<Capn_Ascii> The orcs yell in unison. "YAR!"

<Rika> "What's star Trek?"

<Dkort> "I'm pretty sure a blast of divine flames would be a big surprise."

<Eralia> "Or maybe we do. Fine."

<Eralia> "I don't think it matters where we start from. So lets split up and hit from three different directions."

<Dkort> "I'll open with flamestrike and descend into the melee."

<Eralia> "I'll throw a fireball at Steve. Then another. Then I'll start shooting him."

<Rika> "I can cast a greater invisibility spell so we can stay invisible through all this, but we'd have to hurry."

<Eralia> "On all of us?"

<Rika> "I only have one charge."

<Dkort> "I don't mind drawing attention to myself."

<Eralia> "Then keep it for yourself. I can just blast."

<Rika> "Okay. that'll let me attack steve directly a few times, especially if he can't see me."

<Eralia> "Right. Okay. Let's do it!"

<Rika> "Give me, I don't know, ten seconds to get over there."

<Eralia> "Okay."

<Eralia> "Let me know when to start counting."

<Rika> "Make it thirty seconds. I still need to cast the spell."

<Dkort> "I need to move in quickly. I won't be even more gigantic forever."

<Rika> "Okay, start counting now."

Rika hurriedly flies over to where Steve is

<Eralia> "One... two... three..."

<Eralia> "...eight... nine... ten."

<Eralia> "...eighteen... nineteen... twenty."

Rika , hovering over steve, casts Greater invisibility on herself.

Eralia holds her two fireballs at the ready. and has her bow in her pack, preparing to follw her fireballs up with arrows.

Rika finishing that, hovers down behind steve and prepares herself.

Dkort prays silently and holds his invisible holy symbol before himself, preparing to call forth righteous and awesome fire.

Rika quickly uses her hat to disguise herself as a copy of Steve, still invisible.

Eralia launches her largest fireball!

<Capn_Ascii> *BWOOSH!*

<Capn_Ascii> Seemingly from out of nowhere, a massive fireball appears out of the sky! Like a giant meteor, it streaks down from the heavens, before crashing squarely into Steve's podium and engulfing him in a massive explosion.

<Capn_Ascii> The warlord lets out a cry of surprise. "GAH! What the--!?"

Dkort shoots an enormous pillar of shiny flame down at Steve to accompany the fireball

<Capn_Ascii> "GAAAAH!" Steve is enveloped by the fire pillar, screaming with genuine pain as the flames char-broil him. Some of the fire spreads out into the crowd of orcs; several of them burst into flames, running around screaming as the rest of them back away, eyes wide.

Rika quickly jumps up to Steve and attacks him in the back.

<Capn_Ascii> "GAAAAAAAAAAH!!!" Steve clutches at the small of his back and writhes in pain, as if he's trying madly to scratch an itch he can't quite reach. The orcs, of course, don't realize that there's a 12-foot-tall warrior woman hanging off of his back (and not in a good way), blades buried in his spine.

<Capn_Ascii> As Rika jumps off and the warlord screams in unexpected pain, the other orcs finally spot the pair of individuals hovering over the courtyard. "Hey! INTRUDERS!"

<Capn_Ascii> ---END SESSION---