Trinsic Tales:Afterlife in the Fast Lane/Chapter 20

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twenty: Take a Look, It's In a Book

(06:57:37) * Eralia continues walking up there.

(06:59:04) <Capn_Ascii> "As we join our heroes, we find them heading upstairs to find out what it is that Rika is so excited to be stealing. Note: The Trinsic RP group does not advocate the cool crime of robbery."

(07:02:26) <Capn_Ascii> ...well? Are you heading upstairs or not? I'm not going to stand around here all day, I've got other stuff I could be narrating.

(07:02:36) * Eralia sighs

(07:02:40) * Eralia repeats herself

(07:02:49) * Eralia continues walking in a vaguely upward direction

(07:03:50) * Dkort mumbles and goes back to guard the mirrors

(07:06:11) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You emerge into the upstairs workshop to find Rika digging through a small cardboard box. Said box is filled to the brim with note paper, instruction manuals, owner's guides, and trade magazines such as Pre-Industrial Revolution Mechanics and Popular Pseudo-Science.

(07:06:59) <Eralia> "Cool box. You find anything useful?"

(07:07:05) <Capn_Ascii> She's holding up what looks like a blueprint - it's full of technical jargon and circuit diagrams. The only immediately recognizable thing on it is a drawing of...THE MIRROR.

(07:08:34) * Eralia scrutinizes it.

(07:10:19) <Capn_Ascii> *scrutinize, scrutinize*

(07:13:24) * Rika try\ies reading it too.

(07:15:52) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: Alignment circuits...optical refraction array...high-capacity power conduits (what the hell is a jigawatt?). You have NO idea what this stuff means; the document is written in technojargon so dense it would make engineers wince.

(07:16:12) * Eralia sighs

(07:16:32) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: Ditto.

(07:17:00) <Eralia> "Well, this could be a problem. I can't make heads or tails of what it says."

(07:18:22) <Rika> "Me neither."

(07:18:54) <Eralia> "Should we see if Dkort can read it?"

(07:19:05) <Eralia> "Well, before we do that, anything else worth looking at?"

(07:21:49) <Capn_Ascii> Nope. The rest of the room is chock-full of random parts, tools, and various junk. Unless someone needs a spare jewler's loupe or a tiny cog hammer, there's not much of value here.

(07:22:37) <Eralia> "Alright, let's go back to our original location and figure this all out."

(07:22:41) <Eralia> "Take the box."

(07:23:52) * Rika grabs the box and heads down the stairs.

(07:24:07) * Eralia follows

(07:26:00) * Rika walks outside, hoping over the fresh dead/unconcious bodies and stands by the mirror portal.

(07:27:05) * Eralia follows and walks through the portal

(07:27:12) * Rika follows

(07:30:25) <Capn_Ascii> You step through the portal to find yourselves in a strange, white-tiled, wait, wrong script.

(07:30:42) <Capn_Ascii> You step through the portal to find yourselves back in the mirror storage room. Dkort is standing there, looking Dkorty.

(07:32:04) * Rika hands Dkort the blueprint she couldn't read "Here, can you read this?"

(07:32:33) * Dkort breaks away from a staring contest with his reflection. "I'll give it a look."

(07:33:11) <Dkort> "It looks....incomprehensible."

(07:33:27) <Eralia> "Darn."

(07:34:57) * Rika looks around for the Eralia clone, to see if she can read it.

(07:35:56) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia Part Deux is puttering around the back room nearby, looking morose.

(07:37:13) * Rika grabs the blueprint from Dkort, walks over there, and leans down, next to Eralia's clone "Does this look familiar to you at all?"

(07:44:14) <Capn_Ascii> She looks it over, then smiles weakly. "Sorry, I'm not programmed with technical data. You'd need a specialist to read this stuff - an artificer, or a high-level mathemagician. That, or a reference book."

(07:44:35) <Eralia> "Would you happen to know where a reference book might be?"

(07:44:58) <Capn_Ascii> She shrugs. "...the library?"

(07:45:27) <Eralia> "So there isn't one around here?"

(07:49:13) <Capn_Ascii> "A book? I dunno. A library, yes - it's right up the street."

(07:50:10) <Eralia> "Worth taking a look, people?"

(07:51:24) <Dkort> "Depends. Would I still have to stay here to guard the mirrors?"

(07:51:56) * Rika turns back to the mirror "Can you show us the library up the street? Or is that not enough information?"

(07:53:07) <Capn_Ascii> "Do you perhaps mean the City of Trinsic Public Library?"

(07:53:19) <Eralia> "Sure."

(07:53:38) <Capn_Ascii> "Or are you referring to the Library of Adult Literature? Ah, I see."

(07:54:13) <Dkort> "Well, we probably have some spare time..."

(07:54:36) <Capn_Ascii> The mirror blinks, then transitions to an image of an imposing-looking stone building. The sign on the front reads "Trinsic Public Library".

(07:55:04) <Eralia> "Can we see inside?"

(07:57:34) <Capn_Ascii> "No, the doors are closed. Oh, wait, I see what you mean." The mirror shifts to a view inside the building - you can see rows upon rows upon rows upon rows upon rows upon rows of books, of all shapes and sizes.

(07:58:39) <Eralia> "Seems to be largely unaffected by the raiding. Any reason why?"

(07:58:45) <Rika> "Do you happen to know where the reference section is?"

(08:02:03) <Capn_Ascii> "I can only assume that pilliaging marauders aren't interested in fine literature."

(08:02:27) <Capn_Ascii> "I'm sorry. I wish I could help, but all these shelves look the same to me."

(08:02:47) <Eralia> "Looks like you just volunteered for scouting duty, Rika."

(08:02:55) <Eralia> "Again."

(08:03:31) <Rika> "...What else is new?"

(08:03:42) <Eralia> "So hop to it."

(08:03:52) <Rika> "Open portal please, mirror."

(08:05:16) <Capn_Ascii> "Yes, about that..." The mirror almost seems to shrug. "The portal gun is almost out of power - I only have enough for one more portal."

(08:05:28) <Eralia> "Wait, you RUN OUT OF POWER?"

(08:05:38) <Eralia> "How do we add more?"

(08:06:39) <Dkort> "We could walk."

(08:06:58) <Eralia> "We could. But I would prefer the question be answered first."

(08:08:20) <Capn_Ascii> "Well,, you'd need a new fuel cell, some plutonium rods, a high-yield power converter, and a specially-trained maintainence technician."

(08:09:30) <Eralia> "You're kidding, right?"

(08:10:42) <Eralia> "Alright, question. Are your current portals still open?"

(08:10:47) <Capn_Ascii> "I'm afraid not. The portal gun is highly sensitive and dangerous equipment."

(08:11:19) <Capn_Ascii> "The current portal to Port Starboard is open, yes."

(08:11:33) <Eralia> "What about the one to Steve?"

(08:12:12) <Capn_Ascii> "No. I can only open one portal at a time."

(08:14:42) <Eralia> "Hmmmmmmmmmmmm."

(08:14:51) <Eralia> "Opinions, suggestions?"

(08:15:20) <Rika> "I don't see a way around it. We're walking."

(08:15:58) <Eralia> "Alright, yeah. We need the last portal for a final battle. We'll be back."

(08:16:07) <Eralia> "Let's hit the road."

(08:19:19) * Rika heads outside

(08:19:29) * Dkort tags along

(08:19:32) * Eralia follows

(08:19:56) * Rika heads for the library up the street.

(08:20:12) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia 2 also follows, until she stops short just inside the door. "Oh, right, I can't leave. Okay, then, I'll just...uh...stay here, then."

(08:20:31) <Eralia> "Watch the place for us, if you don't mind."

(08:20:41) * Rika turns and waves at her

(08:21:51) * Eralia follows

(08:22:54) <Capn_Ascii> Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road.

(08:23:06) <Capn_Ascii> No, wait...that's urine stains. Eww.

(08:25:14) <Capn_Ascii> You follow the road up the street, passing various other decimated businesses along the way...there's a clothing store, and the dry goods marker, and the S&M club, all wrecked beyond repair. Before long, you can see the large stone building looming ahead, its columns looking like meneacing teeth bared at you.

(08:25:19) <Capn_Ascii> Behold...the LIBERRY.

(08:26:21) * Eralia opens the door and walks in.

(08:26:27) * Rika follows

(08:31:54) * Eralia looks for the reference section, and heads in

(08:32:57) <Capn_Ascii> The massive front door creeeeeeeaks loudly as you open it. *creeeeeeeaaaaaaak*

(08:34:46) <Capn_Ascii> The interior of the building is huge; there must be hundreds of shelves in here! (I'll avoid the obvious 'well stacked' joke.) There's a large sign near the entrance that points the way to the various sections - it looks like Reference is on the second floor balcony above you, overlooking the main floor area.

(08:35:14) * Eralia walks up the steps towards Reference.

(08:36:55) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: There are two sets of stairs leading up to the balcony; one on the east end of the library, and one on the west end. You head east (why? I flipped for it, that's why), and find yourself at the foot of a large wooden staircase with a heavy banister opposite the wall.

(08:37:34) <Capn_Ascii> You start climbing. The stairs haven't been used in a long time, it seems; they creak loudly under your weight. *creak* *creeeak* *CREEEAAAAK!* Wow, that last one was a doozy.

(08:37:50) <Capn_Ascii> In fact...

(08:38:18) <Capn_Ascii> ...just after the noise finishes echoing through the building, all three of you hear a whisper in your ear. "Shh!"

(08:38:35) * Eralia looks around suspiciously.

(08:41:24) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You glance around, but don't see anybody. But then, where did that voice come from? Weird...

(08:41:36) * Eralia shrugs and continues on.

(08:43:13) <Capn_Ascii> The three of you continue upstairs. About halfway up the staircase, Eralia once again steps on a creaky floorboard. *CREEEEAAAAK*

(08:43:45) <Capn_Ascii> You once again hear the voice in your ears. "SHH! This is a library!" Actually, now it sounds more like it's coming from inside your mind than your ear.

(08:45:21) <Eralia> //Not my fault if the library's floor creaks//, Eralia thinks back at her mind.

(08:51:26) * Eralia finishes climbing.

(08:53:40) <Capn_Ascii> The stairs creak a bit more, but not enough that the unseen voice bothers you again. You find yourselves on the second floor balcony, looking down over the main stacks below.

(08:54:04) <Capn_Ascii> To your left is the REFERENCE section; to the right is the COMIC BOOKS" section.

(08:54:32) * Eralia follows to the left.

(08:54:37) <Eralia> er, goes to the left*

(08:55:16) * Dkort looks longingly to the right, then goes left

(08:58:30) <Capn_Ascii> Books! Thousands upon thousands of books! (And a few pamphlets stuffed in there as well.) There are reference books for everything from Quantum Macro Double-Reverse Positronic Mechanics to the mating rituals of the Labion Terror Beast. It could take forever to find something in here!

(09:02:00) <Capn_Ascii> (Eralia steps up to the nearest shelf, picks a book at random, pulls it out, and reads the spine: "Magic Mirror Mechanics for Dummies".)

(09:02:03) <Capn_Ascii> ...or not.

(09:02:28) * Eralia smirks and looks for a table to sit down and start reading.

(09:08:33) * Eralia tries to start with the basics, and carefully takes her time, to try to understand what it's telling her.

(09:08:40) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: As Rika browses for a Manual of Style and Dkort peruses the nearby comic section for the latest issue of Captain Grabthar: Super Orc, you sit down at a conveniently-placed nearby reading table and flip open the book and start reading. Sheesh...even the 'for dummies' version is wordy and hard to follow, though not nearly as much as the blueprints themselves.

(09:17:51) <Capn_Ascii> You pour over the book for almost a half-hour, absorbing the knowledge like some sort of pants-wearing sponge creature. It takes a while, but you eventually manage to bring yourself up to a seventh-grade mirror technician level. Those documents should make more sense now.

(09:18:45) * Eralia smiles and walks over to Rika, book in hand.

(09:20:07) * Rika is looking at a book, in the process of muttering to herself "I don't get it, what is color theory..?"

(09:20:32) * Eralia lightly taps Rika on the shoulder. "Hey Rika, can I see that page again?"

(09:21:10) * Rika , still paying atention to her book, reaches into her bag and hands the blueprint to Eralia.

(09:21:28) * Eralia takes a look and re-examines the blueprint

(09:26:33) <Capn_Ascii> Blah blah blah voiding the warranty blah blah blah violation of federal law blah blah blah do not use if pregnant blah.

(09:27:40) <Capn_Ascii> Wait, here it is! Buried in the technical jargon of the mirror's operation, you find the word you've been looking for - the single word that, if uttered, will activate the mirror and, if Peabody's records are to be believed, cause an accidental chain reaction that will imbue the user with supernatural powers.

(09:28:08) <Capn_Ascii> And that word is...

(09:29:12) <Capn_Ascii> 'Shablagoo'.

(09:29:45) * Eralia smiles. "Mind if I keep this, Rika?"

(09:30:43) * Rika , still reading, "Huh? Yeah, sure."

(09:30:57) * Eralia smiles and pockets it. "In that case, I have our answer."

(09:31:04) <Eralia> "Come on, let's go."

(09:37:31) * Eralia leads the way back to the shop, being careful to put the library book back first.

(09:40:38) <Capn_Ascii> You put the book back, and starts to head back down the stairs.

(09:42:44) <Capn_Ascii> *CREEEEAK* The stairs creak again about halfway down. You hear the voice again, more insistent this time: "SHH! If you insist on making noise, we'll be forced to eject you from the premesis!"

(09:43:12) <Eralia> //Again, it's *your* damn floorboards, it's *not* my fault!//

(09:45:49) <Capn_Ascii> There's more creaky stairs between you and the bottom floor. Take your chances, or find another method?

(09:46:31) * Eralia shrugs and keeps going downstairs.

(09:49:27) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You lead the others down to the ground floor, stairs creaking all the way. As you reach the bottom, you hear another voice - except this one is more of a howl than a whisper, echoing at you from somewhere deep within the library.

(09:50:51) <Capn_Ascii> Suddenly, a familiar (and loud) voice chirps up from Rika's pocket. "ATTENTION."

(09:50:55) * Eralia sighs and keeps going.

(09:51:15) <Eralia> "Didn't we tell you to keep quite until the final... er I mean until we call for you?"

(09:51:18) <Eralia> quiet*

(09:51:29) * Rika blinks and pulls out the golem, holding him up.

(09:53:47) <Capn_Ascii> The golem's eyes are blinking. "ATTENTION: GOLEM DETECTION SYSTEM ACTIVATED. CONSTRUCT APPROACHING."

(09:54:07) <Rika> "Will we make it if we run for it?"

(09:55:01) <Dkort> "Can you detect how big it is?"

(09:55:11) <Eralia> "Oh, to hell with this, let's just go."

(09:55:20) * Eralia begins making a flat-out run for the door.

(09:55:43) * Rika follows Eralia quickly, holiding onto the Golem.

(09:56:44) * Dkort grumbles and chases after them

(09:56:59) <Capn_Ascii> "AFFIRMATIVE. IT'S THAT BIG." He points a tiny little finger behind you, where a 14-foot-tall monstrosity is wobbling down the aisle towards you. It's roughly humanoid in shape, but it appears to be made out of hardcover books, magazines, and other assorted documents. It's the dreaded Book Golem!

(09:57:27) <Eralia> "Keep moving, get out of here."

(09:57:31) * Eralia keeps going

(09:57:44) <Capn_Ascii> You collectively beat feet for the entrance. The golem moves relatively slowly, so you're able to outpace it, making it through the door with several seconds to spare. But it's still coming after you.

(09:57:53) * Rika , still running, "I think my question was more important."

(09:58:22) <Dkort> "I've fought scarier things! Why do we have to run?"

(09:58:27) <Eralia> "It was going to eject us. I doubt it's going to chase us once we're outside library grounds."

(09:58:43) * Rika repockets the Golem, "Thank you for telling us he was coming."

(10:00:18) <Capn_Ascii> "YOU'RE WELCOME. DUCK." The golem says this as a hardcover copy of War and Peace flies overhead, landing several feet in front of you. The book golem is standing in the library door, throwing bits of itself at you like an old man yelling at kids to get off his damned lawn.

(10:01:08) * Eralia sighs and keeps running, hoping to get out of range

(10:01:46) * Rika ducks, then runs, following Eralia.

(10:04:37) <Capn_Ascii> You manage to dodge a volley of Crime and Punishment, the Lord of the Rings trilogy, and a heavy-looking tome that says "A Kick in the Ascii - Memoirs of a Groglarian Cleric" before ducking into a nearby alley and out of sight. The golem yells something incomprehensible at you before hobbling back inside the library and slamming the door.

(10:05:16) * Eralia sighs

(10:05:24) * Eralia slowly continues on to the Mirror Shop

(10:05:36) * Rika follows

(10:06:24) * Dkort tags along

(10:08:21) <Capn_Ascii> Having ditched the 'monster', you head back to the mirror shop. The walk is uneventful, at least until you reach the front door of the shop.

(10:09:14) <Capn_Ascii> Just as you're about to enter the shop, however, you hear the strangest sound - it sounds like someone screaming angrily from far away. Really, really, REALLY loudly.

(10:09:37) <Eralia> "I think our theft has been discovered. Let's move fast."

(10:09:42) * Eralia hurries into the shop.

(10:09:46) <Capn_Ascii> ---END SESSION---