Trinsic Tales:Afterlife in the Fast Lane/Chapter 18

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Eighteen: Rika's Big Break

(09:48:43) <Capn_Ascii> "As we join our heroes, we find them standing around, chewing the fat (it's delicious!), as Rika once again sticks her neck out on their behalf."

(09:54:19) <Capn_Ascii> Rika floats through the mirror...portal...thing, to find herself in the middle of thriving downtown Port Starboard. And by 'thriving', I mean 'razed to the ground by an invading army of orcs'. The lights are off across most of the city, and many of the buildings that you can see from here are broken or outright leveled.

(09:54:51) <Capn_Ascii> (And not the good kind of experience-point leveled, but the bad kind. Smashed, destroyed, obliterated, etc.)

(09:56:28) <Capn_Ascii> Immediately in front of you is the building that (you assume) you were just looking into from afar. It's a fairly normal-looking workshop, with bars on the windows a heavy steel door, and a pair of odd-looking devices hanging from the underside of the awning over said door.

(10:01:28) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: Off in the distance, you can hear the sounds of slow-moving footsteps. It's a sound you're all too familiar with - the sound of a city patrol. They're on the other side of the block for now, however; if you stay relatively quiet, they probably won't hear you.

(10:02:16) * Rika smiles at the sound of the footsteps, and looks for a window or door into the aformentioned building.

(10:03:38) * Eralia watches from a safe distance

(10:05:22) * Dkort watches, and tries to listen as well

(10:05:23) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: There's a heavy steel security door with some sort of keypad on it; it's flanked by a pair of windows, each shuttered and covered with iron bars. There's a row of three barred windows on the second floor, and above that...the roof.

(10:08:57) * Rika walks over to the keypad and tries to open the door using it.

(10:13:22) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You can't find any obvious means of circumventing the lock, at least not with your mechanical tools. However, there's a small screw-on access panel beneath the keypad, which presumably opens into the device's guts.

(10:14:21) * Rika attempts to unscrew said screw to access said... guts.

(10:25:07) <Capn_Ascii> *skreeka skreeka skreeka*

(10:27:19) <Capn_Ascii> The screws squeak as you pull them out; a good indication that nobody has messed with this thing in a long time. You remove the panel and take a look inside; there's lots of wires and circuit boards and other anachronistic goodies.

(10:27:28) <Capn_Ascii> You keen thief senses tell you that A) those devices above your head are Magic Missile turrets designed to shoot at anyone who tries to tamper with the door, and B) seeing as how you're just now finishing tampering with the door, you must be better than the sensors are used to dealing with.

(10:27:55) <Capn_Ascii> You splice some wires together; the door clicks, and swings open a few inches, creaking loudly.

(10:28:28) * Rika looks inside.

(10:35:26) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You open the door wider (*creeeeak!*) and look inside. The room looks like it may have once been a storefront, but the previous owner has converted it into a veritable fortress. The walls are lined with solid steel plates; tables and other assorted furniture has been overturned in the middle of the floor to form an impromptu barricade; a half-dozen more of the Magic Missile turrets protrude from the ceiling overhead.

(10:35:59) <Capn_Ascii> A second, even more secure-looking security door sits in the middle of the wall on the far end of the room, flanked by a pair of less secure heavy wooden doors (both of which are padlocked).

(10:36:15) <Capn_Ascii> There are a number of lockers and cabinets around the edges of the room, most of which stand empty.

(10:37:47) * Rika slips inside and almost closes the door.

(10:38:27) * Eralia growls. "Mirror, can you keep us tracked on her?"

(10:38:54) * Rika runs into the room and jumps behind the barricade

(10:39:12) <Dkort> "It might be safe for us to go there ourselves, actually."

(10:39:36) <Capn_Ascii> The mirror responds. "Yes, and no. I can track her visually, but the portal will only work outside the building."

(10:40:28) <Eralia> "I don't want to go anywhere near that place. She can handle it. If it's obvious she needs our help, will enter where she did and help. Otherwise, we stay put."

(10:40:40) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You dash forward, making quite a lot of noise, and dive over the nearest upturned table, commando-style. You peek your head up and look back at the door, but fail to see any enemy soldiers, xenomorphs, or zombies pursuing you.

(10:41:00) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia, Dkort: The mirror repositions on Rika just soon enough for you to see that last part.

(10:41:05) <Eralia> "Well, rather, I don't want to go in there, because I don't think I can avoid getting spotted by whatever traps are there."

(10:43:32) * Rika pokes her head out and looks at the back doors.

(10:47:27) * Rika sprints over to the wall next to the doors and presses herself against the wall.

(10:48:07) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: The door stares aminously back at you...or, it would, if it had eyes. It looks just like the first one, only made of heavier metal and covered with cool-looking iron plates and pipes to make it look more steam punk-ish. Those turrets overhead glare meneacingly at you, as if to say "Yeah, you just *try* and open this one, bitch."

(10:48:44) * Rika moves the above line down here.

(10:51:11) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You flatten against the wall. You consider knocking on said wall to attract the attention of the nearby guards, before realizing there aren't any.

(10:54:02) * Rika leans over the closest door and examines the lock

(10:55:27) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: The wooden door is padlocked with, padlock. It's a heavy, durable-looking lock, but nothing you can't lick with the right tools.

(10:56:06) * Rika leans over more and uhm.. Licks the lock? Then realizes that won't work and tries to pick the lock.

(11:05:37) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You fiddle around with it for a bit, until you get it off. (Wish I had a dollar for every time I've heard that.) You gently place the lock on the floor to avoid creating any disturbances that might set off an alarm, and swing the door open.

(11:07:07) <Capn_Ascii> The doorway leads to someone's personal space. It's a small bedroom, barely bigger than a supply closet - there's a small bed in one corner, and a dresser with a mirror above it. Both are covered with dust.

(11:08:21) * Rika tiptoes in and examines the dresser.

(11:12:17) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: It's a dresser, the sort you might put clothes in. Or cash. Or guns. Or dirty magazines. There's no telling what wonders might await you inside!

(11:13:03) <Capn_Ascii> Oh, wait, yes there is. You open the drawers and root through them.

(11:15:29) <Capn_Ascii> Inside the drawers, you find...drawers. Underwear, to be specific - men's briefs, all fairly new-looking. Beneath them, you find a leather pouch, and an issue of MinMax (the adult magazine for discriminating adventurers) dated from nearly a decade ago.

(11:17:19) * Rika looks in the pouch.

(11:18:31) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: My's full of stars!, wait, it's full of money! Gold coins - 37 of them, in fact. Also, one Canadian penny (what's a Canadian?).

(11:19:13) * Rika pockets the pouch and goes back into the store-front room.

(11:19:50) * Rika tries unlocking the other wooden door.

(11:21:32) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You unlock the lock, then eat it to absorb its power. No, not really.

(11:23:16) <Capn_Ascii> The doorway leads into a small storage space. It's a small supply closet, barely bigger than a bedroom - there's a metal shelf on one wall full of old boxes, cleaning supplies, and a few scattered clockwork parts. A mop and bucket sit in one corner, next to a large trunk.

(11:24:55) * Rika examines the trunk

(11:30:33) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: It's a large wooden trunk, with an ornate carving of an elephant on the lid. It would be a mostly unassuming storage device, if it weren't for the unusual lock - rather than a keyhole, there's a square-shaped wooden frame, with a bunch of smaller tiles mounted in it. Each tile has a number printed on it - from 1 thru 15 - and looks like it can be slid around the others, assuming there's an opening.

(11:30:48) <Capn_Ascii> A small name plate sits just below the frame - "LAYTON".

(11:33:35) * Rika attempts to work the puzzle out

(11:40:45) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: Despite its complex appearence, the puzzle turns out to be relatively simple. Either that, or you're just smarter than the a-ver-age bear.

(11:41:01) <Capn_Ascii> As you slide the last tile into place, the trunk clicks, and the lid hinges open.

(11:41:52) * Rika looks inside

(11:46:28) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: My god, it's full of...oh, wait, we did that joke already. It's full of Victorian-era clothes that are a bit too futuristic for a place like Lazryzort. Tucked inside of a top hat, you find a small OH GOD YOUR EYES!

(11:47:02) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: It looks like it might be a small hammer, but it's hard to tell - your Arcane Sight is making it glow like crazy!

(11:47:02) * Eralia raises an eyebrow

(11:47:17) <Capn_Ascii> You can barely stand to look at it.

(11:47:50) * Rika tries to stand looking at it to see what magic it holds.

(11:47:54) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia and Dkort, meanwhile, wonder why Rika is suddenly squinting at a ball-peen hammer.

(11:48:17) <Eralia> "What's the big deal? It's a hammer, and a small one at that, move on."

(11:50:56) <Dkort> "Maybe it's enchanted."

(11:51:10) <Eralia> "Perhaps."

(11:58:18) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You aren't quite sure *how* you know this (you slept through most of Artifacts 101), but after carefully looking the hammer over (and turning down the brightness knob), you recognize it as the Hammer of D'Kong. It's holder can will the artifact to assume the form of any hammer known to man - from a tiny jewler's pick, to a greathammer sized for Godzilla. It is an artifact of great awe and mystery, as powerful as it is wicked

(11:59:00) <Capn_Ascii> powerful as it is wicked awesome.

(12:00:22) <Capn_Ascii> Supposedly, it has the power to break stuff that no mortal magicks can break. To smash things thought forever unsmashable. To clobber people not even Ben Grimm could clobber.

(12:01:03) <Capn_Ascii> Also, you can, like, throw it, and it'll, like, come back to your hand, or some junk.

(12:01:59) * Rika stares

(12:05:22) * Rika makes the hammer tiny and pockets it.

(12:05:38) * Rika turns and goes through the supply closet

(12:15:21) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: Using your expert thief senses, you dig through the shelves, tossing away everything that's worthless and keeping what's useful. You end up walking away with a bottle of Kleen-Etch(tm) brand scouring acid, an adjustable left-handed spanner, and ap ocket-sized welding torch.

(12:16:11) * Rika pockets said items and goes back to the main room

(12:34:02) * Rika turns to the big metal door and examines it again

(12:34:50) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: It looks more or less like it did the last time you looked at it. Big, imposing, keypad lock, turret guns, etc.

(12:35:17) * Rika examines the keypad lock

(12:40:24) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: Brandishing your screwdriver, you disassemble the lock just as you did the one before. A few wires and a short-circuit later, and the door swings open, revealing a staircase.

(12:41:00) * Rika sneaks up the staircase.

(12:42:33) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You silently stalk upstairs. Well, silent except for the stairs creaking in protest beneath your feet. *creeeak creeeak*

(12:44:49) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: At the top of the stairs, you find another wooden door, this one unlocked. You open it, and amble on through to find...

(12:45:10) <Capn_Ascii> ...the room from the mirror vision earlier! Everything looks exactly like it did in the mirror, only now a lot less blurry.

(12:45:30) <Eralia> "Whoo! Go Rika!"

(12:45:48) * Rika looks around

(12:47:32) <Dkort> "I dunno, it's been too quiet for my tastes."

(12:47:59) <Eralia> "Do not jinx."

(12:48:35) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: You're standing in the upstairs workshop seen in the mirror earlier. There are workbenches, shelves, and cabinets all around, chock full of mirror frames, clockwork parts, and various tools and assorted junk. There's so much stuff here that it would take a good while to search through it all.

(12:50:46) * Rika looks around, muttering to herself "what now..?"

(12:51:05) <Eralia> "Search! Search! Search! Find notes!"

(12:51:19) * Rika starts pawing through a bunch of stuff looking for stuff that stands out, not being able to hear Erlaia

(12:51:24) <Rika> Eralia*

(12:52:22) * Eralia sighs. "Alright, she's cleared the traps. I'm going in. Dkort, keep watch on the mirrors here, please."

(12:52:42) <Eralia> "Mirror, can you reopen the portal at the same place Rika entered?"

(12:54:48) <Capn_Ascii> "Affirmative."

(12:55:14) <Capn_Ascii> The mirror gun fires, and the portal resets to the street outside. However, as you're about to step through it...

(12:55:52) <Capn_Ascii> notice that it's not *quite* the same view as before. The street looks the same, but now there's a couple of orc troopers standing outside the shop. They're looking at the cracked-open front door, their backs to you.

(12:56:04) <Eralia> "Damn."

(12:56:18) <Eralia> "Okay, change of plan. Dkort, help me ambush them."

(12:56:31) <Eralia> "They don't leave that spot alive."

(12:56:34) <Dkort> "Now that I can do."

(12:56:55) <Eralia> "You want the one on the left or the right?"

(12:57:23) <Dkort> "I can probably take 'em both if you gimme a few moments to cast a spell on myself."

(12:57:35) <Eralia> "Oh, alright, in that case, go for it."

(12:57:55) * Dkort kneels for a few moments and makes a spirited prayer for strength

(12:59:04) <Eralia> "If you take care of them easily, you can help Rika finish the search. I'll stay and guard the mirrors. We are specifically looking for any notes, diagrams, or other writings from the person who owned that shop and this. You got that?"

(01:00:14) <Dkort> "I got it. This shouldn't take long!" Dkort charges shield-first into the back of one of the troopers

(01:02:17) <Capn_Ascii> "YAR!" Dkort plunges headlong into the mirror-portal, just as the curtain closes.

(01:02:20) <Capn_Ascii> ---END SESSION---