Trinsic Tales:Afterlife in the Fast Lane/Chapter 15

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Fifteen: Reflections of an Errant Party

(06:37:16) <@Capn_Ascii> "As we join our heroes, we find them enjoying their newfound livelyhood (by which I mean, being alive). Having regained their mortality in a surprisingly short period of time (take THAT, Nameless One!), we now accompany them on their way to one of their favorite pasttimes - looting."

(06:38:12) * Eralia leads the way down The Hallway(tm)

(06:39:17) <Dkort> "I prefer to call it proactive redistribution of wealth."

(06:44:42) <@Capn_Ascii> The Hallway(R) seems to go on forever, mostly because the DM was off grabbing a soda. The moment he returns, the end of the hallway comes in sight - it opens into - surprise! - another room. A bedroom, in fact, and a fancy one at that - a *huge* four-poster bed occupies the middle of the floor space, with various other pieces of furniture nearby - a wardrobe, a dresser, a large standing mirror, and a suit of decorative armor standin

(06:44:42) <@Capn_Ascii> corner.

(06:44:52) <@Capn_Ascii> various other pieces of furniture nearby - a wardrobe, a dresser, a large standing mirror, and a suit of decorative armor standing in one corner.

(06:45:18) <Eralia> "I could get used to a place like this."

(06:45:59) <Dkort> "Well it won't be like this for long." Dkort starts looking through the dresser

(06:46:06) * Eralia examines the armor

(06:46:06) * Rika nods, and goes off to inspect the wardrobe

(06:51:52) <@Capn_Ascii> Dkort: Pawing through the dresser, you find a number of ladies' undergarments. This might not be such a bad thing, except that according to the sizing tags, the 'lady' who wore these was the size of a house. Eww.

(07:00:35) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: You open the wardrobe, and are surprised to find a lion and a witch staring out at you. You blink, close the door, open it again, and they're gone. Geez, this place is starting to get to you.

(07:00:52) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: You do notice a pair of really nice boots in the bottom of the closet.

(07:02:05) * Rika inspects them.

(07:02:29) * Dkort closes the dresser and tries to forget he saw anything

(07:03:18) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You poke and prod at the armor, even removing the helmet to check inside it. Nope, looks empty. As you go to replace the helmet, however, you notice that it seems unusually light. You experimentally heft the armor's armored arm, and it too seems light.

(07:05:09) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You take a closer look, and suddenly realize what's wrong - the armor is made of almost pure mithral! The craftsmanship is superbly sneaky - whoever forged this thing made it look as much like a regular suit of plate mail as possible. It's only half as heavy, though, and probably magical.

(07:05:41) <Eralia> "Wow... this is nice..."

(07:06:57) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Now see, what'cha got here is a pair of them ol' Stridin' and Springin' boots. A right nice pair, too; looks like they've never been worn. You can make out a pair of magic springs in the heels, tightly coiled, ready to pounce.

(07:12:09) * Eralia looks more closely at the armor

(07:14:03) * Rika hands Eralia the boots she found "You might get more use of these than I would."

(07:14:03) <Eralia> "Hmmm... Rika, wanna take a look at this?"

(07:14:13) <Rika> "Sure, look at what?"

(07:14:29) <Eralia> "Oh? What are those? Look like boots to me. And, this is armor that looks... interesting."

(07:15:09) * Rika takes a closer look at the armor. "those are Boots of Striding and Springing, and this armor is..."

(07:15:38) <Eralia> "Oh, interesting. Sure, I'll take 'em," Eralia says, taking off her own boots and pulling the fancy boots on.

(07:17:48) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: It's not just a suit of mithral full's a suit of mithral full plate...

(07:17:50) <@Capn_Ascii> ...of SPEED.

(07:18:37) <@Capn_Ascii> This baby is magic-tifically calibrated to make the wearer fast. Faster. Fastest. Fasterest.

(07:18:50) <Rika> "It's a Speed-Enhanced Mithril Full Plate set."

(07:20:11) <Eralia> "Hmmm. Interesting. That should fetch a pretty price somewhere. I don't like full plates personally, even a speed plate, because dexterity deteriorates in these things." Eralis snaps it up and puts it in her sack.

(07:22:17) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You cram the human-sized shell into your Sack of Many Things. Ow.

(07:22:24) * Eralia moves on to check the mirror for awesome stuff.

(07:24:51) * Rika checks under the bed.

(07:25:48) <Eralia> "Well... it's a mirror. Uh... anyone know better then me?"

(07:29:38) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: You peer under the bed, and to your surprise, you see a pair of glowing red eyes peering right back at you. The...thing, beneath the bed speaks.

(07:29:41) <@Capn_Ascii> "'Sup."

(07:30:01) * Rika falls backwards in surprise.

(07:30:10) <Eralia> "Something wrong, Rika?"

(07:30:32) <Rika> "Someone or something under the bed. You can't hear him?"

(07:30:52) <Eralia> "Oh. I thought that was you trying a Mr. Cool impersonation."

(07:31:01) * Eralia looks under the bed. "Well, what have we here?"

(07:31:15) <Dkort> "Maybe it's friendly."

(07:31:15) <@Capn_Ascii> The eyes look at Eralia. "Yo."

(07:31:33) <Eralia> "What are you doing down there? And for that matter, who are you?"

(07:31:38) * Rika recovers and looks under the bed again.

(07:33:18) <@Capn_Ascii> "Chillin'. And, I *live* here. I'm the monster under the bed."

(07:33:34) * Dkort tries to find room to also look under the bed

(07:33:57) <Eralia> "Ah. Is there anything valuable down there?"

(07:35:39) <@Capn_Ascii> "Not really. Just a couple of orc corpses and a three-day-old turkey leg."

(07:35:59) <Rika> "that explains where the Orcs went..."

(07:36:36) <Eralia> "Ah. In that case, we'll leave you be."

(07:36:47) * Eralia gets up. "Mirror, Rika?"

(07:37:27) * Rika gets up, sighing, and walks over to the mirror. "I feel bad just leaving him here in the middle of all this though.." She examines the mirror.

(07:37:48) <Eralia> "It's a monster. It'll be fine."

(07:38:29) <@Capn_Ascii> "Nah, I heard *those* guys screaming all the way from here. These are leftovers from yesterday's lunch."

(07:39:29) <@Capn_Ascii> "What's goin' on out there anyway? It's been days since the madame's been here; the place sounds deserted. Where is everybody?"

(07:39:46) <Dkort> "Probably dead."

(07:39:49) <Rika> "Everyone's either dead or got eaten by a giant orc."

(07:41:07) <@Capn_Ascii> "Oh. Well, that sucks. Guess I'll have to move now."

(07:41:57) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: ...whoa. [/Bill and Ted] It's not just a's a Mirror of Mental Prowess!

(07:44:23) * Rika touches the glass "A mirror of Mental Prowess? Think we can use this to find Steve?"

(07:49:13) <Eralia> Eralia snorts. "Assuming you could operate it."

(07:51:36) * Rika looks under the bed once more "you wouldn't happen to know the keywords to operate that mirror, would you?"

(07:55:53) <Capn_Ascii> The eyes gets a shifty look to them. "Mayyyybe."

(07:57:32) <Dkort> "Perhaps you could tell us...please?"

(08:00:09) <Capn_Ascii> "Please? Dude, I'm a monster. Ps and Qs don't apply here. But, you know...if you really want to help a brother out..."

(08:00:50) * Eralia rolls her eyes and throws a gold piece under the bed.

(08:02:08) <Capn_Ascii> There's a chomping sound, then the coin comes rolling back out, with some teeth-shaped dents in it. "Bleargh! That's not food! Geez."

(08:02:24) <Capn_Ascii> "I just want something to eat that doesn't taste like Orc undergarments."

(08:02:31) <Eralia> "Oh. I thought you wanted money. That's what that usually means."

(08:02:45) * Eralia grabs the coin, cleans it, and puts it back in her pack.

(08:03:22) * Eralia tosses a packet of trail rations and throws them under the bed. "Open it before you eat it. Or not, it's your call."

(08:07:11) <Capn_Ascii> "Eeurgh. Is this it? Don't you have any meat or something?"

(08:07:24) <Eralia> "Not on hand, I'm afraid."

(08:08:08) <Dkort> "I could conjure some, but it wouldn't necessarily be very good."

(08:08:29) <Rika> "We have chocolate.."

(08:08:47) <Rika> "I think the orcs ate everything else in the house."

(08:09:31) <Capn_Ascii> A pause. "...chocolate!?"

(08:09:49) <Capn_Ascii> "Gimme, gimme! C'mon, hook me up, bra!"

(08:10:00) * Rika reaches into her pack for a few candy bars and tosses them under the bed.

(08:10:07) <Dkort> "'s our chocolate!" Dkort pouts

(08:11:59) <Capn_Ascii> "Look, do you want the words or not?" The candy bars disappear into the darkness, and you hear the sounds of something with slavering fangs devouring the food. "*chomp crunch munch*"

(08:12:01) <Capn_Ascii> *burp!*

(08:12:43) <Capn_Ascii> "Oooh, yeah, that's the good stuff. Anywho." He clears his throat. "The word you're looking for is "Koosalagoopagoo".

(08:13:20) <Eralia> "I've heard this mirror does several things. What does that word do?"

(08:15:27) <Capn_Ascii> "It turns it on. The rest is just spoken commands."

(08:15:37) <Capn_Ascii> "At least, that's how the madame always does it."

(08:15:51) <Eralia> "I see. Anyone want to try it?"

(08:16:54) <Dkort> "I will."

(08:17:01) <Eralia> "Go for it."

(08:17:20) * Dkort walks over to the mirror. "Koosalagoopagoo."

(08:18:38) <Capn_Ascii> The mirror's surface shimmers. Then, a face appears - a sideways smiley face, made from what looks like a colon and a right parenthesis.

(08:20:42) <Dkort> "I hope that means it's working..."

(08:20:52) <Eralia> "I'm guessing it.

(08:20:56) <Eralia> it does*."

(08:21:45) <Capn_Ascii> The colon briefly changes into a semicolon. Wait, did it just wink at you?

(08:22:32) <Dkort> "Is this one of those magic items with a mind of its own?" Dkort recoils slightly

(08:23:02) <Rika> "I'm fairly sure the answer to that is yes."

(08:24:18) <Capn_Ascii> The mirror changes again, this time to a colon and a capital D.

(08:26:51) <Eralia> "Well? What do we want? Any way we can use this thing to get an advantage?"

(08:27:54) <Dkort> "I think some of its powers only work on things reflected in it."

(08:28:45) <Dkort> "It's how most magic mirrors work, at least."

(08:29:05) <Eralia> "I'm pretty sure this thing could be used to look at other places," Eralia said with a sudden bursy of inspiration, as if her player just read the section in the SRD.

(08:29:17) <Eralia> burst*

(08:29:42) <Dkort> "What place will we look, then?"

(08:30:47) <Eralia> "Wherever Steve is?"

(08:30:55) <Eralia> "I don't know if it can do that, though."

(08:33:13) <Eralia> "I think we'd have to have a good idea of where he is in the first place. Anyone have any thoughts?"

(08:34:31) <Dkort> "A fortress of some sort, I would think. I bet there are a lot of people looking for him now."

(08:37:12) <Eralia> "Hmmm. I don't know if this will work, but... mirror, mirror, on a stand and not a wall, show us where the Steve that once killed us is."

(08:39:31) <Capn_Ascii> A pause...then, the mirror turns into a frowny face. "Now see here, you stupid twit; that doesn't rhyme, not one bit."

(08:40:45) <Rika> "Yes it does, if you paid more attention, now shush up and give us directions."

(08:43:05) <Dkort> "Mirror, mirror, not on a wall, show us the Steve who once killed us all."

(08:43:30) <Eralia> "Nice."

(08:44:41) <Capn_Ascii> "Alright, alright, you don't have to yell; let's get on with this game of show and tell."

(08:46:14) <Capn_Ascii> The mirror's surface wavers, then fades into a crystal-clear picture of what looks like the interior of a stone building. There's a wooden table in the middle of the floor; standing over it is the very warlord who mopped the floor with your butts not more than a couple of days earlier. He's pointing at a map, and talking to a pair of Orc chieftans who are also standing over the table.

(08:53:08) <Eralia> "Okay, the mirror can be a portal, right? So we just wait for those orcs to leave, then we cross over and hammer him before he realizes what is happening."

(08:53:56) <Dkort> "He killed us pretty casually last time. We might not succeed even with the element of surprise."

(08:54:39) <Rika> "We could ask the mirror to see if he has a weakness, right?"

(08:54:51) <Eralia> "We also have more experience, and a Dragon's Breath. Plus he can't send a bus on us."

(08:54:54) <Capn_Ascii> The mirror's voice pipes up. "I'm afraid that's not an option, gents; things can be seen, but not sent. I can see and spy and also talk, but to get there yourselves, you'll have to walk."

(08:55:48) <Capn_Ascii> The monster under the bed pipes up. "I'm afraid the madame didn't spring for the deluxe mirror. This one only spies on people; you can't teleport with it. The madame was too big to fit through the frame, so she didn't see a point in getting the teleport option package."

(08:55:59) <Eralia> "Well, that's lame."

(08:56:23) <Capn_Ascii> "Yeah. Although, for what it's worth, the mirror place probably has some that do teleport."

(08:56:59) <Eralia> "Wouldn't the mirror place be kinda... crashed in by now?"

(08:58:19) <Capn_Ascii> "Beats me, I've never been there. There's a receipt on the back of the glass, if you want it."

(08:58:42) <Eralia> "Is it worth it, people?"

(08:58:50) <Dkort> "Probably."

(08:59:09) <Rika> "I guess, but I don't see what it changes..."

(08:59:44) <Dkort> "We should scry it first, of course. It might be looted by now. Or far away."

(09:00:44) * Eralia walks around and looks for this receipt

(09:03:01) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: Sure enough, there it is, taped to the back of the mirror. You retrieve it and read it: "REFLECTIONS. Serving all of your mercury-coated-glass needs for 30 years. Alice White, proprieter. 1138 Cheshire Lane.

(09:05:05) * Eralia hands the paper to Dkort. "You're a better rhymer, you get this to work."

(09:06:41) <Dkort> "Okay, for all it's worth. Mirror, show us the place of your birth."

(09:08:42) <Capn_Ascii> As the warlord begins silently ranting at his commanders, the scene fades out, to be replaced by another one. This time, you see the inside of a darkened building. There's not a lot you can see through the darkness, but you do spot something of interest - a row of mirrors, reflecting moonlight from a nearby window (presumably one behind the 'camera'.)

(09:09:03) <Capn_Ascii> Some of the mirrors are broken, but most are intact. There are also many smaller mirrors hanging on the wall behind them.

(09:10:33) <Eralia> "Can you zoom out?"

(09:14:25) <Capn_Ascii> "Sorry, but no, that's too involved - the only thing I can do is revolve." To demonstrate, the mirror rotates the 'camera' - the view pans to the left, showing more of the interior of the shop. Before long, the large front windows of the store come into view - through them, you can see the shining moon outside, and the dark outlines of Trinsic's smoldering cityscape.

(09:17:07) <Eralia> "Hmmm. Wish we knew how far away this place was, or for that matter, that castle."

(09:20:10) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You don't recall having been to the mirror shop before, but you recognize the street name - it's in the commercial district, not too far from the jewelry shop that you burgled earlier.

(09:20:48) <Eralia> "That's over by where we... ah, started this quest. After zombiefication."

(09:23:26) <Dkort> "Let's go take a look, then. Should we bring this mirror? I think I can fit it into my Handy Haversack."

(09:24:04) <Eralia> "Sure, why not? Let's do it!"

(09:26:49) <Eralia> "...may want to wrap it first."

(09:26:58) * Dkort begins moving things from the main Handy Haversack section to the side packs

(09:27:09) <Dkort> "Wrap it with what?"

(09:28:13) <Eralia> "A blanket or something? Just to protect the glass."

(09:29:28) * Rika pulls a Winter Blanket out of her bag and hands it to Dkort.

(09:30:27) <Dkort> "There won't be much to see in a Handy Haversack, so you should probably...deactivate?"

(09:32:05) <Capn_Ascii> The mirror's glass grows dim, accompanied by the sound of an electric motor winding down. A synthesized male voice speaks. "Good-bye." *click*

(09:33:08) * Dkort carefully wraps the mirror and puts it in the main section of his Handy Haversack

(09:34:30) <Capn_Ascii> Betcha can't fit that in your sack. Oh, wait, it does fit. Must be plenty of room in there.

(09:36:37) <Eralia> "Okay, so now we can go," Eralia comments, leading the way back around and out of the house.

(09:37:30) * Rika follows.

(09:38:23) <Eralia> Once out of the house, Eralia heads to the Mirror Shop.

(09:38:39) * Dkort tags along.

(09:43:12) <Capn_Ascii> Tromp, tromp, tromp, to the mirror shomp. I mean, shop.

(09:43:55) <Capn_Ascii> You march beneath the full moon for a little while, again taking pains to avoid any potential Orc patrols. Fortunately, it's not too far to the commercial district (the rich never want to be far from their stores).

(09:44:30) <Capn_Ascii> Before long, you arrive at your destination. The store has a large sign - REFLECTIONS - hanging over the door, and you can see the pair of storefront windows you looked out of earlier.

(09:44:41) * Eralia nods in satisfaction and walks inside.

(09:46:04) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia: You walk straight into the door, which is shut. And locked. Ow, your nose.

(09:46:27) <Eralia> Eralia mutters something in another language. "Rika, pick this lock, please?"

(09:47:04) * Rika walks over and attempts to unlock the door.

(09:47:45) <Dkort> "It'd probably be faster if I just ripped it off the hinges."

(09:48:05) <Rika> "Maybe, but that might attract too much attention."

(09:52:47) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: *snickt!* The lock opens, as does the door.

(09:54:32) * Rika walks inside and looks around

(09:55:48) <Capn_Ascii> The interior of the shop looks more or less as you saw it through the mirror. It's rather dark in here; between that and all the reflective surfaces, the shadows of the room seem to stretch across the walls at all sorts of creepy angles.

(09:57:19) <Eralia> "Hmmm. How to find a mirror that actually works?"

(09:57:29) * Dkort turns on his Darkvision and looks around

(10:00:19) <Capn_Ascii> Dkort and Rika: As you step farther into the room, you hear the unmistakable sound of a door gently closing and latching. The door you just came through, in fact.

(10:00:57) <Eralia> "I got a bad feeling about this. Not that we can't just leave if we want. But I still got a bad feeling about this."

(10:02:16) * Rika turns and looks at the door.

(10:02:50) <Capn_Ascii> Rika: Yep, it's closed. Crap.

(10:03:25) <Dkort> "Still think I shouldn't force the door open?"

(10:03:52) <Eralia> "We'll worry about that later. For now, let's try to find a working magic mirror."

(10:04:26) <Dkort> "Or maybe the door closing is part of an alarm system or trap, and there are guards - or something else - coming now."

(10:05:07) <Eralia> "If there is, we'll eliminate them and move on."

(10:05:44) <Capn_Ascii> "'Something else'" would be the appropriate term." A familiar voice speaks from behind one of the mirrors in front of you.

(10:06:10) <Capn_Ascii> A *really* familiar voice.

(10:06:58) <Capn_Ascii> Eralia's voice, in fact. This is confirmed moments later, when Eralia steps out from behind the mirror, a smirk on her face.

(10:07:15) <Capn_Ascii> ---END SESSION--- >:3