Trinsic Tales:Afterlife in the Fast Lane/Chapter 12

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twelve: A Maniacal Mansion

(06:45:49) <@Capn_Ascii> "As we join our heroes, we find them tromping through the back alleys and side streets of Trinsic's more well-to-do apartment complexes, working their way uptown. They've done well at staying out of sight thus far, but Eralia and Dkort footsteps are starting to make more noise than a pair of Imperial AT-ATs on the march."

(06:50:19) <Eralia> *STOMP* *STOMP* *STOMP*

(06:50:51) <Eralia> "FIRE PHOTON TORPEDOES!!!"

(06:50:51) * Rika takes the ribbon on her head off and as soon as she does, it's transformed into a tophat. She hands it to Eralia. "Here, use this to disguise yourself as alive."

(06:51:01) <Eralia> "Er, what?"

(06:51:14) <Rika> "It's a Hat of Disguise."

(06:51:47) <Eralia> "Oh, cool. Uh... how do I use it?"

(06:53:19) <Rika> "You put it on your head, imagine what you want to look like a recite the phrase, 'I am not who I appear to be'."

(06:54:19) <Eralia> "Hmmm." Eralia puts the hat on and tries to think of her regular, sexy, non-zombiefied form. "I am not who I appear to be."

(06:55:31) <@Capn_Ascii> *poof* Eralia instantly goes from a 2.5 to a 9. Is it hot in here, or is it just you?

(06:55:51) <Eralia> "Alright, let's do this."

(06:58:24) * Eralia continues on her journey

(06:59:09) <@Capn_Ascii> You're currently standing in a small room-like intersection of alleys in the middle of the ritzy part of town (funny, I didn't think they had any alleys). There are a number of apartment windows and doors in the various walls, and several exits.

(07:00:40) * Dkort looks around for a street sign or any visible address

(07:00:58) * Eralia searches for the address from the records.

(07:03:22) <@Capn_Ascii> One alley opens up onto a large, wide street - Costa Lotta Avenue - that runs the length of the ritzy district. On the far side of that street is a large, wrought-iron gate built into a high brick wall. Through the gate, you can see your destination - Lotsabucks Manor.

(07:07:49) <@Capn_Ascii> The mansion looms imposingly in the distance, all dark and foreboding-like. Lightning flashes over the building, which is funny, because the only storm clouds nearby are hovering directly over the mansion, unmoving.

(07:08:39) <Eralia> "Fake lightning. So obvious. Siiigh."

(07:12:22) * Eralia searches for a way in

(07:16:04) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia: From here, you can only see the gate and part of the wall. As far as you can tell, the gate is the only given means of access - you'll have to either go through it, or scale the wall.

(07:16:21) * Eralia walks up to the gate

(07:17:50) * Eralia tries to open it

(07:19:36) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia: As you exit the alley and approach the house, you can see that a wagon is parked near the wall, off to one side. A pair of horses are hitched to it and a nearby post, scraping their hooves and nickering impatiently; the back of the wagon has several crates and barrels piled into it.

(07:20:42) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia: Moving closer to the gate, you can see that it's locked - a heavy chain and padlock are looped around the gate handles, holding the portal shut.

(07:20:55) * Eralia looks back at the wagon and frowns.

(07:20:59) * Rika walks over and pokes the lock

(07:21:18) <Eralia> "Dkort? Mind checking the wagon? Might make our job easier."

(07:22:13) <Dkort> "All right," he said, and walked over to take a look at it

(07:22:43) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The lock jiggles.

(07:23:10) * Rika looks past the gate into the yard.

(07:26:32) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The yard looks old and dilapidated; apparantly, Mrs. Lotsabucks wasn't much one for landscaping even before the invasion. There are some scattered bushes and trees, and a dirt path that leads up to the front door. Another, narrower path leads around the left side of the house and out of sight.

(07:26:47) * Eralia walks over and looks at the wagon's contents as well

(07:27:07) * Rika attempts to pick the lock

(07:30:57) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia, Dkort: As far as you can tell, it's just an ordinary wagon. The crates in the back are empty; the barrels are sealed shut, though they reek of alcohol.

(07:32:35) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: A twist here, a turn there, a thrust this-and-that-a-way, and...darnit! Just as you start to ease the last tumbler into place, your pick slips and the lock resets. You were so close...!

(07:32:55) * Rika tries again

(07:34:44) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: This time you only get about halfway through before the lock resets. Man, this thing is tricky.

(07:35:17) * Rika , hoping third time is in fact the charm, tries one more time before just blasting the lock off.

(07:37:02) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Over, under, around and through, loop the loop and...

(07:37:05) <@Capn_Ascii> *click*

(07:37:28) <@Capn_Ascii> Total pwnage.

(07:38:37) <@Capn_Ascii> The lock falls off, and the chain unravels like a bad campaign plot.

(07:39:46) * Rika opens the gate.

(07:40:57) <@Capn_Ascii> *skreeeeeeek!*

(07:43:55) * Rika looks back at her compatriots, wondering weither to go and help, or go inside and sout around.

(07:43:57) <@Capn_Ascii> The gate is a ajar.

(07:44:04) <Rika> scout*

(07:45:51) <Eralia> "Rika? Want to take another look at this wagon before we go in? It wouldn't be just left here by the owners for no reason."

(07:46:09) * Rika walks over "Sure, may as well." She looks in the wagon.

(07:51:16) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Looking closely, you realize that the wagon has a storage compartment beneath the seat bench. You hinge the lid open to reveal several weapons of Orcish design - an axe, a mace, and a rather large longbow. There's also a pocket flask labeled "Krunk".

(07:55:48) * Rika waves her hands around spastically "Let me see into the unseen."

(08:00:49) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: You twitch like an epileptic for a bit, then feel your eyes glowing with mystical power. The weapons still look the same, but the flask suddenly starts to glow with a violet hue.

(08:01:38) * Rika picks up the flask and inspects it.

(08:05:16) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: This is no ordinary flask - it's a Decanter of Endless Booze! They're the much-rarer cousin of the Decanters of Endless Water, and in much higher demand (for obvious reasons).

(08:05:55) <@Capn_Ascii> Speaking the command word (in this case, "chug-a-lug") causes the flask to refill with alcoholic potable-ness of the user's choice.

(08:07:05) * Rika looks at it for a second before handing it to Eralia, and ignoring the weapons, jumps down off the wagon.

(08:07:15) <Eralia> "Well? What about it?"

(08:07:51) <Rika> "It's an Endless Booze Decanter."

(08:08:11) <Dkort> "Score!"

(08:08:30) <Eralia> "I see," Eralia comments, passing it to Dkort. "You want it, you can have it."

(08:09:54) * Rika looks towardsw the house, scanning it for magical auras.

(08:10:14) * Rika mutters "Can diamonds have magical auras? Please?"

(08:10:32) * Eralia follows. "More likely security systems surrounding diamonds will."

(08:11:17) * Dkort enthusiastically takes the Decanter, but forces himself to calm down and put it away.

(08:13:15) * Eralia heads to the front door

(08:17:53) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia: The front door is big and imposing. It's also glowing slightly, although only Rika can currently see that. There's a knocker (one of those face-looking ones - this one looks like a troll), and a pair of big handles to make with the opening.

(08:20:20) <Rika> "the door is glowing."

(08:21:09) <Eralia> "Hmmm. Recommendation?"

(08:21:58) * Rika focuses on the door.

(08:25:39) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Ohm...ohm...

(08:28:59) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The doorway is exactly 15 feet by 10 feet. The doors are solid walnut wood with a laquer finish and gold inlay, manufactured by the Shadows of MorDoor company to the exacting specifications of Mrs. Lotsabucks. The aura on the door is a Modify Memory spell modified into a trap; it's designed to deter soliciters by making them forget what they were about to do the moment they touch the door.

(08:30:14) <Rika> "...Seriously? A modify memory spell on a door past a lock like the one on that gate back there?"

(08:31:17) <Eralia> "Modify Memory? Crap. Okay. We're going to have to blast it open from a distance."

(08:32:31) <Dkort> "Or we could just throw something heavy at it."

(08:36:44) <Rika> "I'll do it."

(08:37:02) * Rika reaches into her pack, pulling out a wand.

(08:37:33) * Rika points the wand at the door. "Open sesame."

(08:38:51) <@Capn_Ascii> There's a brief pause.

(08:39:06) <@Capn_Ascii> "...sez who?"

(08:39:39) <@Capn_Ascii> The voice seems to come from the door. After another brief moment, the aura flickers, and the door pops open as if from a passing draft.

(08:40:11) * Rika puts the wand back in her bag, and looks inside the house.

(08:40:39) * Eralia looks as well

(08:45:18) <@Capn_Ascii> As the door opens wide, you can see beyond the beyond...or at least beyond the threshhold. Just inside the door is a large, expensive-looking antechamber, with arches leading off in three directions (west, east, and Dennis. I mean, north).

(08:47:10) <Eralia> "Which way? Any thoughts?"

(08:47:30) * Rika looks in each hallway

(08:48:19) <@Capn_Ascii> All three hallways are dark and foreboding. The lights are off inside the mansion; you can't see much beyond the lobby.

(08:48:53) <Eralia> "Anyone have any light? I don't want to be eaten by a grue."

(08:48:55) * Dkort pulls out an everburning torch and glances around for any lightswitches

(08:49:07) <Eralia> "Okay, that'll work."

(08:51:46) * Eralia points East. "Let's go... that way."

(08:52:08) <Eralia> "Lead the way, lightbearer."

(08:52:37) <@Capn_Ascii> Dkort: What's a light switch? If you mean lanterns, sure, there are several wall sconces spaced across the walls at regular intervals. They're all unlit, however.

(08:56:42) * Rika pulls out another wand, muttering "Lumos", lighting the tip of the wand.

(08:56:43) <@Capn_Ascii> Dkort: You lead the way down the right-hand corridor. It's dark and spooky, but fortunately, you have your torch to keep the Things at bay.

(08:58:49) <@Capn_Ascii> *shing!*

(08:58:56) <@Capn_Ascii> *shine, shine*

(08:59:26) * Rika looks for a door.

(08:59:44) <@Capn_Ascii> The corridor gets even lightier than it was a moment ago. With the combined lightness of your lights, you can make out a room at the end of the hall.

(09:01:06) <@Capn_Ascii> It's a dining room - and a huge one at that. A long dining table has over a dozen chairs arranged around it; the table itself is covered with place settings (plates, silverware, etc). There are expensive-looking tapestries hanging on the walls, while a large door opposite the one you're looking through opens into a second room beyond the dining room.

(09:02:17) <Dkort> "Any magic stuff going on, aside from our light sources?"

(09:02:24) * Rika looks around.

(09:05:50) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Nope, no auras in here. Except a general aura of foodiness.

(09:11:14) * Rika pulls out yet another wand from her backpack, waving it around, "show us the way."

(09:12:44) <@Capn_Ascii> The wand waves, but nothing happens. Must not be any sekrit passages here.

(09:13:04) * Rika puts the wand away.

(09:13:13) * Rika leads the way into the next room.

(09:13:20) * Eralia follows

(09:13:28) * Dkort tags along

(09:17:13) <@Capn_Ascii> You move on to the next room. The next room, in fact, turns out to be the kitchen. It's almost as big as the dining room, and is filled with cooking implements - an oversized stove, a gigantic fridge, a tremendous pantry and various other things with synonyms for "big" in front of them. Some windows look out over the grounds outside, but the only exit seems to be the door through which you entered.

(09:17:46) <Eralia> "Check for secret passages and stuff again, then let's head back the way we came."

(09:20:21) * Dkort checks the fridge

(09:20:39) * Rika pulls her want out again. "Show us the way."

(09:22:45) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The wand perks up! It seems to indicate that there's some sort of hidden compartment inside the pantry.

(09:23:11) * Rika opens the door to the pantry, scanning for magical auras along the way.

(09:27:26) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The inside of the pantry is lined with dozens of cans and boxes of food - most of it vegetables and dry goods. The wand seems to be pointing at a nondescript panel near the bottom of the pantry wall.

(09:28:25) * Rika examines the panel.

(09:30:00) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: It's a panel. Normally, that's all you'd be able to tell, but now that you know to be suspicious, you can see that there's a knot in the wood that's sticking out just a little bit, almost like a button...

(09:30:25) * Rika pushes it

(09:33:25) <@Capn_Ascii> *poke*

(09:34:26) <@Capn_Ascii> The knot depresses, the panel slides. Behind it is a veritable treasure trove...

(09:35:03) <@Capn_Ascii> ...of chocolate! Candy bars, boxes of bon-bons, Tootsie Rolls...someone's been hoarding sweets.

(09:35:28) * Rika stares.

(09:35:51) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Chooooocolate. Pounds and pounds of the stuff, all there for the taking.

(09:36:03) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Oh, also, there's a pair of gold bars stacked up to one side.

(09:36:20) <Eralia> "Nice catch. Take it. Take it all!"

(09:36:37) * Rika grabs one of the gold bars. "Wonder if we can buy a diamond with this..."

(09:36:55) <Eralia> "Maybe if there was a functioning market, but there isn't."

(09:38:13) * Rika puts the gold bars in her bag, and passes out some chocolate to her party-mates, putting the rest in her bag, chewing on a candy bar.

(09:38:33) * Eralia munches on a bit of chocolate.

(09:38:51) <Dkort> "Probably not another functional market anywhere within traveling distance, either."

(09:41:06) * Rika leads the way back to the Foyer.

(09:41:56) * Eralia follows

(09:42:51) * Dkort tags along while devouring chocolate

(09:44:00) * Rika walks straight.

(09:44:07) * Eralia follows

(09:44:11) * Rika walks straight west into the next hallway*

(09:44:15) <@Capn_Ascii> You stuff your faces with acne fuel as you make your way back to the foyer. There are two doors left to try...

(09:47:28) <@Capn_Ascii> Go west, young party! You do so, and after following another long hallway, you come to another large room. This one looks like some sort of art gallery; there are paintings on the walls, and various small sculptures on pedestals across the floor. One corner of the room is dominated by a large staircase that ascends to the floor above.

(09:48:21) * Rika uses her wand again, never having put it away. "Show us the way."

(09:49:53) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The wand doesn't respond. Your eyes do, however; your aura-detecting spell is detecting a large glowing aura encasing the entire staircase.

(09:50:11) * Rika examines the staircase.

(09:54:28) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The stairs seem to have a modified Teleport spell placed on them, as well as some illusion spells. It's designed to warp people from the top of the stairs to the bottom, using image trickery to prevent them from realizing it. Boom, 'infinite' staircase; really pisses off thieves, no?

(10:01:13) * Rika turns around back to the foyer "that's a serious teleportation spell on the stairs. Let's try the other hallway first."

(10:01:33) <Eralia> "Sounds good."

(10:04:20) * Rika , getting to the Foyer, turns left and goes up the next hallway.

(10:04:45) * Eralia follows

(10:06:08) <@Capn_Ascii> COMMAND> East, North

(10:06:21) <Dkort> "I've got a sudden feeling of nostalgia..."

(10:09:20) <@Capn_Ascii> More darkened corridors, blah blah blah. You come to the end of this one, and find yourselves in a large library - rows upon rows of bookshelves line the walls, containing thousands of books. Some scattered couches and chairs give the place a homey look, while a large oaken desk occupies one corner on the far side of the room. Taxidermically-preserved animal heads are mounted on several walls...look, there's a jackalope! And a heffalump! And ooh, the fabled, ultra-rare Antwerp!

(10:10:49) * Rika looks around.

(10:13:12) * Eralia does too

(10:15:20) <@Capn_Ascii> ---END SESSION---