Trinsic Tales:Afterlife in the Fast Lane/Chapter 08

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Eight: Things To Do When You're Undead

(06:33:46) <@Capn_Ascii> "As we join our heroes, we find them preparing to KICK...SOME...ASS! ...and hopefully un-undeadify themselves, but that's a secondary concern at the moment."

(06:34:16) <@Capn_Ascii> The three adventurers, still in the same action pose as before, slowly start to move again, having held the pose ever since last week's session.

(06:34:33) <Eralia> "That was a really long, exhuastive pose. I'm tired, man."

(06:34:51) <Dkort> "I thought the undead didn't get tired..."

(06:35:05) <Eralia> "Apparently not."

(06:35:09) <Eralia> "Let's move on."

(06:36:23) <@Capn_Ascii> Well, you're alive again. And properly equipped. But still dead.

(06:37:27) <Eralia> "Where might we find diamonds? Any ideas, Dkort?"

(06:39:44) <Dkort> "If we're lucky, one of these boxes might have some."

(06:41:47) <Eralia> "Yeah, but do you really want to search... Shoot, I guess it can't hurt. Might as well. Doubt we'll run into anything dangerous that way."

(06:42:07) <Rika> "Might run into something useful."

(06:51:54) <@Capn_Ascii> Having gotten yourselves back together (quite literally, in Rika's situation), you do what any adventurer would do, and start cracking open boxes at random in search of cool stuff to steal.

(06:53:03) <@Capn_Ascii> DKort pops open one crate, but finds nothing other than blood-stained peasant clothes and a few farming implements. He opens another, and another, but more of the same - he must be rooting through the "poor as dirt" section.

(06:54:43) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia opens one box to find an assortment of weapons and equipment; it looks like stuff that came from one of the city guard. There's a breastplate and small shield, a broadsword, and a heavy repeating crossbow.

(06:55:12) <Eralia> "Hell yes," Eralia chuckles, "Anyone need any armor or weaponry? I got some for y'all right here."

(06:58:10) <Dkort> "Nah, my own stuff is really good."

(06:58:26) <Eralia> "Rika? You want any of this?"

(06:59:20) <Rika> "I dunno, I think I'm good. Thanks though."

(07:05:19) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: You pop open a box, and discover what appears to be a sorcerer's cloak (you know this because it has the word 'SORCERER' embroidered across the back in big glittery letters). There's also a pair of boots that glow dimly, illuminating the inside of the crate.

(07:06:44) * Rika pokes at the boots, trying to figure out what they are.

(07:11:59) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Summoning forth all of your knowledge of magic and spellcraft, you look inside the left boot and find the small manufacturer's tag just inside the lip. It reads: "ACME Winged Boots - fly just like a bird! Fool your friends! Amaze bystanders! Catch errant roadrunners!"

(07:12:50) * Rika stares at the boots. "Well that's nice.

(07:12:52) <Rika> "

(07:15:30) * Rika grabs them and holds them out to the others "Either of you feel like being able to fly?"

(07:16:05) <Eralia> "No. I prefer my feet on the ground. And... I'll save these weapons for later."

(07:16:27) * Rika looks at Dkort, still holding them out.

(07:17:26) <Dkort> "...YES," Dkort declares as he eagerly takes the boots

(07:18:00) * Rika snaps her arms back as the boots are ripped out of them so they don't get eaten somehow.

(07:18:48) * Eralia puts the miscellaneous weaponry in her pack for later sale

(07:21:55) <Eralia> "Nobody found any diamonds?" Eralia asks.

(07:23:46) <@Capn_Ascii> Suddenly...

(07:24:02) <@Capn_Ascii> ...nothing happens.

(07:24:09) <@Capn_Ascii> But then...!

(07:24:46) <@Capn_Ascii> There's a soft clicking noise. The exit door from the warehouse-turned-morgue creaks a bit, as the doorknob turns - someone is opening the door from the outside.

(07:25:35) <Eralia> "That can't be good. Everyone hide."

(07:25:41) * Eralia searches for a hiding place

(07:26:55) * Rika looks as well

(07:26:58) * Dkort tries to find somewhere to hide his bulky half-orc self

(07:30:24) <@Capn_Ascii> Dkort: You glance around the corner full of open, half-orc-sized crates, but can't find any place to hide. Dammit!

(07:33:14) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralis, who isn't quite as dense, quickly slips into the weapons crate she was just looting. Rika, meanwhile, removes her upper half, places it on the floor, stands her lower half over it, and throws a table cloth over her severed waist, disguising herself as an endtable.

(07:33:22) <Eralia> Eralia*

(07:33:32) <@Capn_Ascii> *Whoever :p

(07:33:36) <Eralia> :p

(07:33:38) * Dkort decides to give the boots a try and hide on the ceiling

(07:37:00) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Belatedly, you realize that you neglected to tell Dkort that to activate the boots, he has to hold his right arm overhead while saying "Up, up, and away!". You quickly (and quietly) tell him now, so the DM doesn't feel so bad.

(07:37:35) <Rika> (OOC)("Oh sure, Blame the end table.")

(07:44:58) * Dkort flaps his arms a bit before he's told how to use the boots. He then holds his right arm in the air and quietly recites "Up, up and away!"

(07:46:56) <@Capn_Ascii> As Dkort says the magic words, an odd, heroic-sounding music sting seems to emenate from nowhere. (DUUUN-da-da-DUUUUUN, da-da-DUN-da-da-DUUUUN!) The boots glow, and DKort suddenly rockets up into the air! He comes to a hover just below the ceiling.

(07:48:35) <@Capn_Ascii> Just in time, too, as the unusually slow-to-open-doors person coming in has finally managed to figure out how the doorknob works. The door opens, and in walks a rather pudgy man wearing coke bottle glasses and a blood-stained lab coat.

(07:49:28) <@Capn_Ascii> Behind him, he's dragging the corpse of what looks like a city guard. He unceremoniously drags the body across the floor before hefting it up and dumping it on one of the tables.

(07:52:37) <@Capn_Ascii> After dropping his load, the chubby man heads off into the nearby office; you can hear the sound of him rifling through drawers, presumably looking for something.

(07:59:11) * Dkort flies after him as quietly as he can maanage, still staying near the ceiling

(08:01:49) <@Capn_Ascii> After a few minutes, the cornoner...? emerges from the office, dressed for work. His coat is buttoned, he's wearing a surgical mask, and he's carrying the tools of his trade - a scalpel in one hand, and a chainsaw in the other.

(08:02:22) <@Capn_Ascii> With Dkort hovering directly overhead, he moves next to the body and pulls the ripcord on the chainsaw, which revs to life. *BRRRRRM!*

(08:02:46) <Eralia> "What the..." Eralia mouths.

(08:05:01) <@Capn_Ascii> He heft up the tool and goes to his grisly work, carving up the body into a number of smaller, bloodier pieces. Between the noise and his attention being focused on the task at hand, this seems like a perfect opportunity to flee the scene.

(08:05:47) * Eralia agrees with the narrator and Gets the Hell Out of Here

(08:06:20) * Dkort flies out of the warehouse quickly and quietly, like some sort of unliving owl

(08:07:00) * Rika uhh.. Walks out. More ways than one.

(08:07:57) <Rika> In more ways*

(08:08:02) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia, Dkort, and the endtable walk and/or fly out through the door that the coroner entered through. Eralia quietly closes the door behind her, as the party turns to behold the sight before them.

(08:11:58) <@Capn_Ascii> The city of Trinsic lies before the party - or, rather, what's left of it. (What's left of Trinsic, I mean, not what's left of the party.) From your vantage point here in the Abandoned Warehouse District, you can see most of the rest of the city looming uphill.

(08:12:37) <@Capn_Ascii> Much of the city has been reduced to rubble - many of the buildings that remain are smoldering, smoke pouring into the air as they burn. The few buildings that are still intact are boarded up, barricaded - their owners' desperate attempts to keep out the invading horde.

(08:12:45) <Eralia> "So... Dkort, do you know where the nearest jewlery shop is and how we could get there undetected?"

(08:13:29) <Eralia> "Or do I?" she wondered, checking her memory.

(08:14:33) <Dkort> "Nope. I'm neither a cartographer nor a sneak."

(08:14:40) <Eralia> "Rika?"

(08:15:42) <Rika> "Well.. I'm not sure if I'm a cartographer..."

(08:22:16) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: You *are* an occasional thiefish-type, however, and as such, you definitely remember there being one or two jewelry stores in the commercial district, just up the hill.

(08:23:20) * Rika poiints in an uphill-general direction "there's a couple up there."

(08:23:57) <Eralia> "Let's go."

(08:24:29) * Rika reconnects her pieces and pulls the tablecloth on like a cloak. ...On top of the cloak already there.

(08:24:36) <Rika> puts*

(08:25:19) <Eralia> "Lead the way, Rika."

(08:26:09) * Rika does so.

(08:26:26) * Eralia follows

(08:27:10) * Dkort floats after them

(08:28:27) <@Capn_Ascii> With a destination vaugely in mind, the three of you begin to trudge through the ruined streets. The roads that aren't blocked by debris or collapsed buildings are deserted - it looks like the initial fighting has died down, and the siege has entered the "mop up" phase. judging by the pile of citizens in the morgue, you can only assume that the warlord's forces are the ones mopping up.

(08:31:49) * Rika looks at the bodies she pases for anything of value or any use.

(08:38:22) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: You look for bodies as you walk, but surprisingly, there aren't many to be had - you do see the occasional random civilian corpse, but there are no city guards or orc invaders lying around anywhere that you can see, although you *do* see plenty of blood pooled in places - someone must be rounding up the bodies.

(08:38:51) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: As the three of you round a corner, you nearly trip over an arm sticking out from under a nearby chunk of wall that's collapsed into the street.

(08:40:32) * Rika looks at the arm, then for something connected to the arm.

(08:43:55) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The hand-end of the arm is sticking out from under the chunk of wall; if there's a body attached to it, it's buried beneath the rubble. The arm itself is wearing an armored glove, resembling those of the city wotch. I mean, watch.

(08:45:46) * Rika looks at the glove, inspecting it.

(08:47:49) <@Capn_Ascii> It's the glove from a suit of armor, the rest of which the body this arm came from is presumably wearing. The arm itself is human-sized, and rather male-ish looking, though don't ask me how I know that.

(08:48:39) * Rika takes the glove off the hand.

(08:51:05) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Using a knife, you cut the leather bindings connecting the glove to the armor sleeve, and remove the glove. Now what?

(08:52:16) * Rika quitely yells at the hand "I know you have some significance, now what is it?!"

(08:54:39) * Eralia kicks the hand aside and looks at the body

(08:55:51) <@Capn_Ascii> Eralia: What part of "buried beneath the rubble" don't you understand?

(08:56:01) * Rika tries to move the rubble.

(08:56:15) * Eralia kicks aside the RUBBLE too then

(08:56:20) <Eralia> (Sheesh.)

(08:56:34) * Dkort helps to move the rubble

(09:00:40) <@Capn_Ascii> Hi ho, hi ho, it's off to work unearthing bodies we go...

(09:03:34) <@Capn_Ascii> It takes a few minutes, but you're able to get the rubble off of the unidentified corpse (aw, hell, let's name him Barney).

(09:04:54) <@Capn_Ascii> Barney looks like one of the city guardsmen - he's wearing metal armor, and holding a spear in his one still-gloved hand. He's also sporting a utility belt covered with pouches and such, including a pair of scroll tubes.

(09:05:32) * Eralia searches the pouches

(09:05:33) * Rika takes his belt and goes through it.

(09:05:40) <Eralia> (er, nvm, she can)

(09:07:20) <Rika> "One of you check that spear. Might be magical or something."

(09:07:51) <Eralia> "I wouldn't know magic if it... well, you know."

(09:09:21) * Dkort casts Detect Magic and gives a long, hard glare to the spear

(09:10:28) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The belt mostly contains random odds and ends, although one of the pouches does contain a flask with something not unlike potion inside. One of the scroll casings also contains - *gasp!* - a scroll!

(09:11:19) <@Capn_Ascii> DKort: The spear completely fails to react in any way whatsoever. The flask that Rika found, however, is glowing.

(09:11:55) * Dkort glances over the other stuff on the body for any more shinies

(09:12:34) * Rika opens the scroll and tried to figure out what it's for.

(09:12:47) <Rika> tries*

(09:16:46) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Upon opening the scroll, you find that it's not a spell scroll, but an ordinary message scroll. Markings at the top of the letterhead indicate that the soldier was a courier, transporting the message through town before his untimely demise.

(09:18:11) <@Capn_Ascii> Dkort: Nope...aside from the belt and the spear, there doesn't seem to be anything else of interest other than his de-gloved, rubble-dented armor.

(09:19:05) * Rika tries to read the scroll

(09:21:28) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: The scroll reads...

(09:27:02) <@Capn_Ascii> "From: Squad Commander Tobek. To: General Ankor. Re: Mission. We are continuing our search as per mission orders. So far, we have procured 37, and have had them sent to the safehouse to await pickup by the temple. To my knowledge, all but two of the couriers have made it, but Andy and Gomer have not reported in for some time and are presumed MIA."

(09:27:07) <@Capn_Ascii> MORE...

(09:27:17) <@Capn_Ascii> <Please press ENTER to continue>

(09:28:14) * Rika presses ENTER

(09:28:54) <@Capn_Ascii> "Andy was sent through the mall to the north; Gomer took an eastern route through the sewers. We will continue to search for them."

(09:31:17) <Rika> "Okay, so we know two places to either find people or avoid because they'

(09:31:22) <Rika> re dead."

(09:31:42) * Rika examines the potion

(09:31:47) <Rika> Flask*

(09:38:21) <@Capn_Ascii> Rika: Judging from the color, the viscocity, the smell, and the effervescent fizz, you deduce that this must be a Potion of Haste(tm). As opposed to a Potion of had enough of those things back in kindergarden.

(09:40:15) * Rika shoves it in her back. "Guess we've wasted enough time here. Anyone want a belt?"

(09:41:21) <Rika> pack*

(09:41:33) <Eralia> "Sure."

(09:41:50) * Rika hands it to Eralia

(09:41:58) * Eralia puts it on.

(09:44:33) <@Capn_Ascii> Before long, you find your way to the main street of the commercial district. Many familiar storefronts line the street, though virtually all of them have been smashed in, broken, burned, or otherwise damaged - either by the invaders, or by after-the-fact looters looking for a quick score.

(09:45:40) <@Capn_Ascii> Speaking of which, you can see the jewelry store from here - and through the window, you can make out a shadowy figure moving inside...

(09:45:55) <@Capn_Ascii> ---END SESSION---