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Formatting basic attribute, race, and class information for familiars.

How To Use

|Name=Full name (and main nickname, if applicable)
|Type=Type of creature
|Appearance=Color, markings.
|Challenge=Challenge Rating
|Environment=Environment the creature lives in.
|Size=Size class (usually Small or Medium)
|Age=(number only)
|Advancement=HD class
|SpecialQualities=Special Qualities your familiar can do.
|Organization=Organization your familiar belongs to.
|Strength=Base Strength score
|Dexterity=Base Dexterity score
|Constitution=Base Constitution score
|Intelligence=Base Intelligence score
|Wisdom=Base Wisdom score
|Charisma=Base Charisma score
|Fortitude=Total Fortitude save bonus (include plus or minus sign)
|Reflex=Total Reflex save bonus (include plus or minus sign)
|Will=Total Will save bonus (include plus or minus sign)
|Melee=Total Melee attack bonus (include plus or minus sign)
|Missile=Total Missile attack bonus (include plus or minus sign)
|Grapple=Total Grapple attack bonus (include plus or minus sign)
|Speed=Base speed (number only)
|Initiative=Total Initiative bonus (include plus or minus sign)
|ArmorClass=Total Armor Class
|HitPoints=Total Hit Points
|Tricks=Tricks your familiar can perform
|Feats=List of feats, in wiki markup (Individual feats can be linked to appropriate SRD page or Manual page on this wiki)
|Attacks=List of attacks your familiar has
|RacialFeatures=List of features specific to your familiar



|Type=Constrictor Snake
|Environment=Warm Forests
|Advancement=4-5 HD (Med)<br>6-10 HD (Large)
|HitPoints=3d8+6: 19/19
*Play Dead
*Improved Initiative
*Bite +5 Melee (1d3+4)
Full Attack:
*Bite +5 Melee (1d3+4)
Special Attacks:
*Constrict (1d3+4)
*Improved Grab
*Space/Reach: 5 ft.



Name Player Race Height/Weight Hair/Eyes Class
MP-X301 "P-007" BLusk Hovering Droid 4'6"/145 lbs. None/Red LED
Size Gender Age Skin Alignment/Allegiance Deity
Small Neuter 11 yrs. Metal Neutral N/A
Stats Saves Attacks Misc. Languages
STR 12 +1 INT 18 +4
DEX 13 +1 WIS 14 +2
CON 11 +0 CHA 12 +1
Fort +2
Ref +6
Will +4
Melee +6
Missile +6
Grapple +2
Speed 20ft.
Initiative +1
Armor Class 20
Hit Points 27
  • Standard
  • Andromedan
  • Binary
  • Vulgar
  • Xenonian
Feats Class Features Racial Features
  • HP/Lvl: 1d6 + CON
  • Skill Points/Lvl: 6 + INT
  • Feat Progression: Medium
  • Unlimited Stamina
  • No dmg from Pulseray
  • Ion weapon vulnerable
  • Poison/disease immune
  • No air needed
  • Run 24 hrs on 1 charge
  • Shutdown mode