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==Chapter #4: ==
==Chapter #4: My Other Car is an Airship==
<Capn_Ascii> As we join our heroines, we find them making a decision of grave importance - what they're going to call themselves going forward. And by extension, possibly the name of this campaign!
<Capn_Ascii> As we join our heroines, we find them making a decision of grave importance - what they're going to call themselves going forward. And by extension, possibly the name of this campaign!

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #4: My Other Car is an Airship

<Capn_Ascii> As we join our heroines, we find them making a decision of grave importance - what they're going to call themselves going forward. And by extension, possibly the name of this campaign!

<Capn_Ascii> Suddenly, Suyana unexpectedly passes out, exhausted from pain and doped up on medications.

<Jenny> "League of Extraordinary Princesses," Jenny says, looking slightly worriedly at Suyana.

<Andrea> Andrea frowns and messes with Suyana's pillows a bit, trying to make them more comfortable for her.

<Jenny> "The Sparkles Gang."

<Andrea> "...I really don't want to use the word 'gang'. That will give a bad impression."

<Selphie> "A sparky is an electrician, so I like the middle word a lot."

<Jenny> "Pretty in Pink."

<Jenny> "The Magic Crew."

<Jenny> "The Motley Magic Girls."

<Andrea> Andrea shrugs. "Honestly names... come and go. Ideally, something that's not obviously, and something that doesn't imply something bad. Otherwise, I'm not sure it matters much."

<Jenny> "Not obvious about what?"

<Selphie> "Maybe a variant on Heroes in a Half Shell, to emphasise we're only part-time heroes. Heroes of Half Time?"

<Jenny> "Halfwise Heroines?"

<Selphie> "Desperate Halfwits?"

  • Jenny chuckles.
  • Selphie grins mischievously.

<Andrea> Andrea shrugs, unconcerned.

<Selphie> "The Normals? The Unremarkables? The Red Herrings? That will deflect attention from us certainly."

<Jenny> "The Pink Herrings."

  • Selphie starts humming The Pink Panther.

<Andrea> "I'm more of a blue person than a pink person myself."

<Selphie> "We can each have a bandana around our foreheads! Pink, blue, green and yellow!"

  • Jenny looks down at her blue-and-green plaid shirt and says, "I might be too."
  • Jenny looks at Selphie. "The Slightly-Older-Than-Teenage Mutant Ninja Girls?"

<Jenny> "Or maybe you're thinking of the Power Rangettes?"

<Selphie> "The Airheads? People will dismiss us as harmless, unaware that airheads are a kind of motorcycle engine block, just buzzing with power and rippling with energy."

<Andrea> "Hmm, could work."

<Jenny> "But then you have to, like, call yourself an Airhead to people."

<Selphie> "I'm fine with that! Because I know the private joke's on them :-)"

<Jenny> "But they don't know that, so what's the point?"

<Selphie> "They don't know. That's the point. Neither will the puppet master pulling the strings of nefarious agents all over this town!"

<Andrea> "Is there a puppet master? Is something larger going on here?"

<Jenny> "A puppet master? How could someone make someone else explode and create a thingy like that?"

<Andrea> "I guess we need to find out."

<Selphie> "Well, I for one am imagining this is big. Maybe even really big. Perhaps even 'large'!!111. Isn't it exciting?"

<Andrea> "Did you seriously just say 111 out loud?"

<Selphie> "Yeah! Just like I said a smiley outloud a few sentences ago. Ell Oh Ell I'm so excited Oh Em Gee!"

<Andrea> Andrea facepalms

  • Selphie catches her laptop.

<Andrea> No, no, the laptop is safely in the *lap*.

  • Selphie resumes her brainstorming position.
  • Andrea continues fixing the laptop to engage in proper basic security

<Selphie> "The Jokes of Hazard, perhaps?"

  • Jenny waggles a hand back and forth in an "iffy" gesture.

<Capn_Ascii> Andrea: After what feels like hours of deleting various bits of malware and sifting through Selphie's byzantine labyrinth of files, you feel as though the system is finally stable enough to support basic encryption software.

<Selphie> You have also probably encountered lots of inept photographs of what looks like the inside of an airship.

  • Andrea takes her IT work seriously and doesn't snoop on people, so promptly forgets what she's seen.

<Capn_Ascii> Andrea: Forget what, exactly?

<Andrea> "Hmmm. Amazon Brigade, perhaps?"

  • Jenny considers it for a moment, then says, "Sure."

<Andrea> Andrea hands the computer back to Selphie. "I really recommend you learn basic computing skills. That was a mess. In any case, I've set up a separate account for your boyfriend, one that very much does not have admin privileges, as well as two for you -- one with admin, one without. I recommend running on the latter as much as possible since you don't know what you're doing."

<Jenny> "So, where should we meet? I don't think this hospital room's going to cut it for too long."

<Andrea> "Well, I have a house, but I don't really want to have it associated with a bunch of weird stuff if I can help it. But, if there's nothing better, it will work."

<Jenny> "I've been staying in a dirt cheap motel that offers monthly rates."

<Selphie> "Thankyou Andrea. Very helpful." She beams. "Last time I let someone fix my laptop, I couldn't use it very easily. It would just tell me, 'You have moved your mouse. Please reboot for your changes to take effect.' It was a bit frustrating. But it looks good what you've done!" You can tell she can't tell whether it looks any better. But she's sincerely grateful.

<Andrea> Andrea beams.

<Andrea> Andrea frowns at Jenny. "Yeah, that's not ideal. Let's not do that."

<Selphie> "Amazon Brigade has a nice ring to it. Alpha Beta. Let's go with it!"

<Jenny> "Yeah. What about your place, Selphie? What's that like?"

<Selphie> "Oh, I like it! It's my own little bubble. I haven't been able to share it with anyone because they're normal, but..." continuing in a conspiratorial whisper, "... I think it seems each of us isn't really as normal as we seem. So it should be safe enough. I can show you around once we're out of here. It's outside." Realising that sounds daft, "Umm, obviously."

<Jenny> "Umm. Ok, we can check it out?" Jenny says, sounding noticeably perplexed.

  • Andrea blinks at Selphie. "I... okay?"

<Selphie> "It'll be nice to have /friends/ over!"

  • Selphie slips her shiny laptop back into her sportsbag and scowls at the graph at the foot of Suyana's bed, trying to see if her Medicine knowledge is any good at gleaning some info from it before they depart.
  • Andrea sighs and gives Suyana a quick pat before heading out. "I'll be back soon, dear."

<Capn_Ascii> Suyana snores, clearly enjoying her nap.

<Capn_Ascii> Selphie: She's been burninated rather badly, but she'll be fine. Nothing a heaping helping of morphine and artificial skin grafts can't sure.

<Capn_Ascii> *cure

<Selphie> "OK, well, while Suyana recovers from Trogdor's influence, shall we?" Selphie indicates the door.

  • Jenny follows Selphie out.
  • Andrea follows as well
  • Selphie leads the Amazon Brigade to a bowling green a few blocks away. It's closed today. But there seems to be a hazy shadow on the grass there. Maybe a localised cloud
  • Jenny wonders if Selphie meant she lives outside, when she said her home was outside.

<Capn_Ascii> Selphie leads the others back to her 'residence', such as it is. It's...certainly got a nice view of the outdoors...

<Andrea> "Um. Well, it's green."

  • Selphie groped around behind a garden shed before grabbing hold of a railing nobody can see, and starts climbing up some air steps. "Here, hold on here, and just follow me up."

<Capn_Ascii> Everyone looks on as Selphie casually defies gravity. Huh.

<Selphie> A hiss escapes a hatch somewhere above, and the top half of Selphie disappears from view. "Come on up! Onward and upward!"

  • Jenny waves her hand around in the air by where Selphie started ascending, to see if she can feel anything.
  • Andrea frowns and carefully follows Jenny, wondering what's going on here.

<Selphie> Once everyone is aboard, the ladder retracts and the hatch hisses closed again. You can see the inside of a vehicle. This seems to be the loading bay or garage or something. You can hear activity going on through the far door. It sounds like a kettle boiling and plates clinking. Selphie's almost at the door. "Let's have cake and then I'll show you around!"

  • Andrea looks around carefully. "This is... safe, right?"

<Jenny> "Cake sounds good," Jenny says, following Selphie.

<Selphie> In the galley are screens showing all different parts of the ship - engine rooms and view ports and the bridge and unknown corridors. "Sure, it's safe. It's using valmorphinisation to hover and a portable Somebody Else's Problem Field Generator so that people don't notice it. It hasn't let me down in nine months. Well, except when I want to descend of course."

<Andrea> "I will... take your word for it. For now." Andrea makes a mental note to look up stuff about airships on the Internet.

<Jenny> "Cool," Jenny says, looking at the screens and whatnot.

<Selphie> Automated dronelets ferry cutlery and crockery to the table. The kettle is hosed to a coffee machine and a teapot. Raisin toast pops up. There's butter on the table. "Help yourself! It's so nice to share this with /friends/!" Selphie chucks her sports bag in her room and sits at the table, beaming.

<Selphie> "So. This is my pad. I like it."

  • Jenny helps herself to coffee and heavily buttered toast.

<Jenny> "Got any people on it, besides ourselves?"

<Selphie> "Nope. Just drones."

<Jenny> "Neato."

<Selphie> "It's my secret. I bought it with my pocket money that I saved up for three whole months. It was going to be scrapped but I salvaged it. Now I use it to sneak out of the facility to go and meet Durian - my boyfriend. He doesn't know about it. It's a secret. But each of us is kind of a secret, so we must be good at keeping secrets properly."

  • Andrea takes a seat. "I'm not really a fan of secrets exactly. They're a necessary evil at best."

<Selphie> "Yes!" Selphie enthuses "It would be SO MUCH BETTER if I could just be open about where I'm going and who I'm spending time with, but NOOOOO... nobody's good enough for daddy's little girl. Well, I'm not going to wait like a damsel in distress in a castle 'protected' by a fierce dragon. I'm going to go out and explore."

<Jenny> "That's the way to do it," Jenny agrees.

<Andrea> "Yes. See things. Do things. Learn things. Very important."

<Selphie> "So let's see. It's not really your average airship. It's a discontinued prototype. It has a hatch with winches and ziplines for rescuing people! Also for an emergency escape, should the need arise. There's workshops for repairing the little drones and a drone hive where they recharge. There are several spare bedrooms. There's a minimal bathroom - I couldn't fit the jacuzzi in due to space limitations." She seems a bit disappointed. "There's a battle simulation tactical expert system left over from its original military construction - I haven't had much use for it. And of course voice activated autopilot and guidance system to avoid all the commercial flight paths. It's got three decks. We're on the lower one now. These monitors show everything's running smoothly. Nothing to worry about!"

<Andrea> "A... prototype. That was discontinued. Implying no one actually wants this model. Did it occur to you that there might be a reason for that?"

<Jenny> "Spare bedrooms?"

<Selphie> "Well, they're pretty small, but they have beds in them, and they are rooms!"

<Jenny> "Can I stay in one?" Jenny asks bluntly.

<Andrea> "Hmm. I... have a place. But having another place is always a good idea. So I'm interested too, I suppose. But I think Jenny needs it more."

<Selphie> "Sure! It'd be great to have sleep-overs! We can sit up late and watch TV marathons! How long would you like to stay?"

  • Jenny shrugs. "Until one of us gets sick of the other, or otherwise has a reason not to? I can pay you what I was paying the motel, for rent."

<Andrea> Andrea frowns at that but doesn't say anything.

<Selphie> "Oh, OK, we can try that! Let's go look around the place. It can get a bit noisy. But it generally parks at the facility, uncloaked, when I'm at my dad's place. When I'm zooming around on adventures though, sure!"

<Jenny> "Oh, would your dad not want you to have a renter?"

<Selphie> "He doesn't know I get out and mingle with... well... anyone he doesn't employ."

<Andrea> "How often do you go back?"

<Jenny> "Alright. I'll just stay here when we're on adventures, then, and bunk elsewhere when you need to go check in with Pops."

<Selphie> "I try to spend half the time there, so as to not arouse suspicion, but I'm drifting toward spending more time out and less in."

  • Andrea nods

<Capn_Ascii> Selphie sends word to her drones that they'll be having company. Not long after, Jenny witnesses the rather odd sight of her car being air-lifted into the cargo bay by nearly two dozen drones, each wielding a magnetic tether.

  • Jenny hopes the car doesn't break on its way up.

<Capn_Ascii> A few moments later, two more drones fly up into the hatch carrying the now-seperated driver's side door. Oops.

  • Selphie beams. "That's my drones!" She is pleased.

<Capn_Ascii> ---END SESSION---