Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 16

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #16: Shipping Out and In

< mainstreet> ----BEGIN GAME----

< mainstreet> The sun has risen! Time to wake up!

* Kanzel wakes up
* Brellius snores
* Kanzel wanders into the hallway and looks around
* Dusty gets up with the sun, says his morning prayers, gets his morning Holy Bath Soap on a Rope, cleans up and heads out of his sleeping quarters to watch the sun.
* Kanzel had already cleaned up and stuff before walking into the halway.

< mainstreet> Kanzel: You see a plain hallway. A guard is standing about 30 feet to your left.

< mainstreet> Dusty: The sun is rising! It's getting larger... getting larger...

<@Dusty> "MY EYES! THE GOGGLES DO NOTH... oh, never mind." Dusty finishes his reading and praying and ponders where to go this time of morning for some breakfast.

* Brellius turns over in his sleep, mumbling something about an impending fiery apocalypse
* Kanzel waves to Dusty.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus is on his knees, his head buried under his pillow like some sort of ostritch.

< mainstreet> A knock arrives on Marcus's door.

* Dusty leans against the window frame, finally facing Kanzel and waves. "Morning. Sleep all right?"
* Kanzel yawns, rubbing her eyes. "I guess. You?"

<@Dusty> "It was a bed. I feel less Extra Crispy and a little more Original Recipe."

< mainstreet> Someone knocks *harder* on Marcus's door.

< Capn_Marcus> "Mrrmph."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus shuffles out of bed, yawning and scratching himself, and opens the door. "Yeah, what is it?"

* Kanzel yawns again and looks out the window.

<@Dusty> "You want to kick Brellius out of bed? I suspect breakfast is going to be downstairs soon."

< mainstreet> "You're wanted in the main hall. We'll pick up your friends on the way," comes the voice of a guard.

< Kanzel> "Yeah, may as well. Day's a wasting."

* Kanzel turns and knocks raher hard on Brellius's door.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus "meh"s an acknowledgement, then closes the door and returns to his wardrobe to put some pants on.

* Brellius stirs and slowly wakes up
* Kanzel , hearing him get up calls through the door "Morning Brellius. You hungry?"

<@Dusty> "Got some roast cleric on a stick!" Dusty holds up a charcoal-encrusted piece of wood he'd found.

* Brellius practically springs from his bed and starts getting ready for the day. "Definitely!"

< Capn_Marcus> After several minutes, Marcus ambles into the main hall, looking as presentable as five minutes of emergency grooming can achieve. He putters around, waiting for the others.

< mainstreet> The main hall looks considerably different then it did before. There's a lot of long poles with candles on top of them around the edges of the room. The table that was there before is now missing.

* Kanzel leans against the wall, waiting for Brellius, yawning again.

< Capn_Marcus> "Hmm. I wonder what all this is for?"

* Brellius finally exits his room and starts seeking food

< mainstreet> The guard arrives where Kanzel, Dusty, and Brellius are. "You're all wanted in the main hall," he announces.

< Brellius> "Will food be served?"

<@Dusty> "After you, my good man."

< mainstreet> "I don't know."

< Brellius> "Well...I guess it'd still be worth a look."

* Dusty follows the guard. If he'll LEAVE!
* Kanzel follows Dusty.

< mainstreet> The guard does leave.

< mainstreet> And arrives in the Main Hall soon after. You see the same sight Marcus sees. And you see Marcus too.

* Kanzel waves to Marcus

<@Dusty> " breakfast? Darn. We'll have to get some in town on the way out or something."

< Capn_Marcus> "Oh, there you are."

< Brellius> "Where else would we be?"

< mainstreet> A few minutes later, Seripith walks in, surveys the scene, and walks back out without another word.

* Dusty looks at everyone else, then says, "Yeah, I'd walk right back out if I saw this group here, too."
* Kanzel smiles, and looks around.

< mainstreet> A few minutes later, and a large group of people approaches you.

* Kanzel looks among the crowd.

< mainstreet> You recognize a *few* of the faces: Tanar, Karennen, and Viran. Most of the people, however, you don't know.

* Dusty looks over the large group of people and wonders if the government official back in the commercial corner finally blabbed that he'd been had...

< Brellius> "Wait...I don't look THAT I?"

* Kanzel stares at the incoming crowd.

< mainstreet> They walk right past you (Tanar does acknowledge your collective presence with a few nods) and start milling in the center of the room.

<@Dusty> "Um... I wasn't expecting a mix-and-mingler this early in the morning."

< mainstreet> Seripith walks back into the room, this time carrying a large box. As soon as he arrives, everyone stops talking.

< Kanzel> "Wondfer what they're all here for."

< Capn_Marcus> "Him, I'd guess."

* Dusty raises eyebrows and looks at Seripith.

< mainstreet> He sets the box down near the front of the room, turns around, and begins a short speech.

< mainstreet> "I regret to inform you all that as of last night, the Queen Caroline the Second has retired from active service and is not currently in this plane. As such, this Succession Ceremony is called. Unfortunately, there will be no need for an actual paneling this time due to a tragic event. Princess Ashley shall be arriving shortly to provide you with the details. As for myself, my time is done here. I will return to the Park and my people. Thank you all."

< mainstreet> With that, Seripith walks out the front door, ignoring a few demands for further immediate explanation.

<@Dusty> "Well, that was short. Just like I like 'em. Father Brevarius was the best about that... always had his sermons short and sweet."

<@Dusty> "For instance, the one that was only two words... REPENT, idiots!"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus sighs. "I'm still worried about the Queen..."

< mainstreet> It takes a few minutes longer, but Ashley and Cryloth walk slowly into the room. Ashley is wearing clothing that looks even a bit finer then she's used to. A couple of tears have clearly run down her face, although she's dry at the moment.

<@Dusty> Dusty looks concerned, but remains silent.

* Kanzel leans against a wall.

< mainstreet> She walks slowly up to the box, steps over it, and addresses the crowd: "Last night, my Mother the Queen was attacked. The one responsible was immediately identified and arrested, and has, of necessity been denied continued acknowledgement of existence in public society. This leaves me the only legal Candidate, and therefore, as of now, I am your Queen." She speaks a bit slowly, with an occasional near-stammer. She opens the box and pulls out a fur

< mainstreet> She opens the box and pulls out a fur cape and golden scepter. She takes two step backwards and sits down into the Central Throne.

< mainstreet> The group of people in the room look at each other... it takes a minute or so, but they eventually fall on one knee. "Long live Queen Ashley! Long live Queen Ashley! Long live Queen Ashley!"

* Dusty doesn't kneel, but does bow. "Congratulations, Ashley. Wish it was under slightly less painful circumstances."

< mainstreet> ((Um, you're kinda on the other side of the room. Unless you yelled that and made yourself obvious, good luck being heard.))

<@Dusty> ((Not needed to be heard))

< mainstreet> (K)

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus kneels.

< mainstreet> Ashley lets the din die down for a few minutes. "There is one more thing that I learned in preliminary interrogations this morning," Ashley informs the crowd. "Marcus? Can you get over here please?" she asks.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus un-kneels. "Uh, yes ma'am. I mean, your Highness. I mean, your Royal Majesty?" He shuffles over.

< mainstreet> When Marcus gets reasonably close, Ashley reaches forward and grabs Karennen by the neck. "You mind removing her Mind Control before she runs amok on us? Apparently she was working with *her* the whole time, but not because she wanted to."

< mainstreet> Karennen protests this reaction be attempting to squirm. "I protest! This is not true! There's nothing wrong with me!"

< Capn_Marcus> "Mind control? You mean, you-know-who is controlling her?"

< mainstreet> "Not a continuous control, but a general compulsion. Yes," Ashley struggles with the squirming gnome and ends up dropping her. Karennen immediately dashes for the door. "STOP HER!" Ashley yells before falling over on her back.

* Kanzel atempts to jump on Karennen to stop her.

< mainstreet> *THUD*. The two "K" females meet in a drastic collision.

< mainstreet> At the end, Kanzel is holding on to Karennen quite firmly.

* Kanzel holds and halfcaries, halfdrags her back to Marcus.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus, frowning, holds up his staff. "By the power of Greyskull!" He points it at Karennen. "I...HAVE...THE POWAAAAAH!" *brzap!*

< mainstreet> Karennen's head glows brightly, then fades, and Karennen collapses and starts crying. Ashley quickly runs up to her. "Where were you supposed to hide the Keys?"

* Kanzel sets her down.

< mainstreet> "Under the northeast pier..."

* Kanzel takes a couple of steps back and crosses her arms, waiting to see if she makes another break for it.

< mainstreet> "Alright. I'll go get them later, then. Someone get her to a bed and watch her," Ashley commands. A couple of guards run up and drag her off.

< mainstreet> "Everyone dismissed!" Ashley yells, indicating to the "crowd" that they should leave.

< Capn_Marcus> "Wow. I wonder how long she was hyp-mo-tized?"

* Dusty picks up and prepares to leave.
* Kanzel turns and goes back to where Dusty is loitering.

< mainstreet> "Not you, Dusty. Or the rest of you," Ashley indicates your 'group'. "Two last things to take care of. Come with me," she commands, leading the way downward.

* Brellius tags along
* Brellius stops in his tracks
* Kanzel turns and follows the now-queen
* Brellius turns around and tags along in the indicated direction

<@Dusty> "Darn it, almost got away." Dusty follows, eyes sparking. "I'm guessing... at least by the Industrial Sector. Probably before."

<@Dusty> "And we WERE directed to Karennen's boat right from the dock here at Government Center."

< Kanzel> "Perfect spy. But it could be that she was being controlled long before then."

<@Dusty> "Agreed. If the guy in the bait shop was told to direct us there specifically... that would indicate she was likely controlled by the time her boat hit the dock. Literally."

< mainstreet> Ashley bites her lip as she heads down into the dungeons. "I wasn't really expecting to be Queen already. I know I'm not ready, and yet... in the thick of things at once."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus follows the others. "We should talk to her later to find out what happened on her end of things."

<@Dusty> "Also agreed."

< Kanzel> "Well, Ashley, you handled that wonderfully, I thought."

< mainstreet> "Anyways, here we are," Ashley comments, pointing at the cell where her sister is. "Let's get her out of there. No point in having her waste a cell, really. She's got no hope of ever being permitted back here. And yet... I cannot kill her... I am not that type of person..."

<@Dusty> "Seemed like things went about as well as could be expected. After all, you were tagging her as an unwilling spy."

< Kanzel> "But.. she could still use spellcraft, couldn't she?"

<@Dusty> "So, we're just going to... kick her out?"

< mainstreet> "Yes. Get her off this... my island."

<@Dusty> "Off this island. Do you have a boat arranged to take her off?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Are you sure about this? What's to keep her from coming back here and exacting her horrible vengeance?"

< mainstreet> "The Atlantica leaves from the ocean docks for Five-Pointed-Star in 20 minutes."

< mainstreet> "What could she do? Even if I'm dead, she has no claim on this island whatsoever. Ever. I eliminated her from the line."

< mainstreet> "But I cannot end her life on top of that."

<@Dusty> "Yes, but you're presently lacking a successor. Got someone in mind?" Dusty dusts off his hands and looks in the cell, hand resting on his crossbow.

< Capn_Marcus> "Eh?" Marcus shakes his head. "I didn't mean on *you*, I meant on *us*. Me, in particular."

< mainstreet> "Not my problem," Ashley informed Marcus. "And... right now... no. I don't. I don't intend for that state of affairs to continue for too long, however... I will... acquire one. Soon. If all goes well," Ashley muses, then shakes her head. "Let's just get her out and off first. I figured you four would be the best to ensure that she makes it all the way."

< Kanzel> "So.. How do we do it so she can't cast spells? Or are we not concerned about that either?"

< mainstreet> "I... didn't think of that," Ashley comments, sighing. "See how lame I am? I am NOT ready for this."

<@Dusty> "Tie her hands. And gag her. That'll stop most all of 'em."

* Kanzel smiles "You're doing your best, that's all we can ask."

<Kanzel> "anyone can ask, really."

< Capn_Marcus> "We could always knock her out."

< mainstreet> Ashley nods and smiles back at Kanzel. "Thanks." She then nods at Dusty and gives her best Captain Picard impersonation. "Make it so."

<@Dusty> "Kanzel, you're the talented one with a rope. Care to bind her hands and gag her?" Dusty looks in the cell again. < mainstreet> Ashley follows that up by rolling her eyes at Marcus. "Yeah, no thanks. She'll probably get gutted on the Atlantica if she's left like that."

< mainstreet> Lilly is staring at the wall, not really paying attention to the outside.

< Kanzel> "I'll do my best. Anyone got a rope?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Well, I meant, until we get to the boat. Then we'd wake her up, and she'll be their problem."

* Dusty hands Kanzel Lilly's old rope from the rope trick spell.
* Kanzel grabs the rope.

< mainstreet> Ashley nods, pulls out a key, and unlocks the door.

* Kanzel slips in and closes the door behind her.
* Dusty raises his crossbow to a ready position.
* Dusty puts his unused hand on the door to hold it in place until Lilly is safely secured.

< mainstreet> Lilly is still rather ignoring you. She seems to be in some sort of trance, actually.

* Brellius gets out his flail, just in case
* Kanzel walks toward Lily and stands in front of her, looking for some sort of response. "I'm going to tie you up now. You're to be banished from the island.. Okay?"

< mainstreet> Lilly blinks and finally turns her head. "Yeah, whatever. I don't care anymore. I'm dead anyways."

< Capn_Marcus> "Eh? Why's that?"

* Kanzel nods and grabs Lily's arm, pulls it behind her, then grabs the other one and attempts to tie them together.

< mainstreet> "Mom has no doubt eliminated me from the line. I have nothing left. I don't think I'll be able to live long anywhere else."

<@Dusty> "Oh, you make a quiet living somewhere out of the way, and you'll live a long, happy life. Know anything about farming or fishing?"

< mainstreet> "Not really... I'm not even going to have my spellbook with me, am I? Yeah. I'm doomed."

<@Dusty> "Learn fast, marry a somewhat successful merchant or farmer, and you'll be fine."

< mainstreet> "Yeah. And who'd want *me*? Fallen... worse than starting low."

<@Dusty> "Let's go. And don't sell yourself short, either."

* Kanzel pulls her up to a standing position. "Someone give me a gag of some kind."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus sticks his finger down his throat, and makes a coughing noise.

<@Dusty> "I think we can do without the indignity of a gag. Let's go."

< mainstreet> "Thank you."


< mainstreet> You all arrive at the dock of the Cruise Ship Atlantica, heading for the Five-Pointed-Star Island.

<@Dusty> " there a six-pointed star island, too?"

< mainstreet> "I... think so," Ashley commented. "I don't really remember."

<@Dusty> "Well, one of us has to take her aboard and release her. She surely isn't expected to stay tied up on board ship."

< mainstreet> "Ugh. Just let me go now. I'll give you no trouble. It would be pointless."

< Brellius> "I'll do it."

<@Dusty> "After you, Brellius."

< Capn_Marcus> "Yes, after you." Marcus stands well back.

* Dusty lowers his crossbow, but remains ready to shoot if there's any spell-like shenanigans going on.
* Brellius takes Lilly and "escorts" her to the ship, after which he takes time to untie her

<@Dusty> "Gee, this reminds me I need to get some travel arrangements made for getting on my way."

< mainstreet> Lilly nods and walks silently up to the main deck of the ship. Ashley steps aside to discuss something with a ship's officer near her. She hands the officer a small sack that looks like it contains coins. She then turns to look at Dusty. "I'd prefer you stayed, really."

* Dusty raises an eyebrow. "Oh?"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus gives her an odd look. "Eh?"

< mainstreet> "You understand me better than most people do, Dusty. I would very much like to keep you around... on a very permanent basis."

* Brellius walks back to the group. "What's going on?"

<@Dusty> "I... would be interested in staying around, yes." He looks over at Ashley, a little surprise in his tone.

< mainstreet> "Good. We can talk more later, then. As far as the rest of you are concerned... Kanzel, I wouldn't mind you applying through our Advisory Office seeking a position there. I think a steady job would suit you much better than your... past occupation. Marcus, I want a complete report on my desk by tomorrow morning. Brellius... hmmm... Do whatever you want, I'm not really sure what to think of you."

<@Dusty> "New head of security for the Palace?"

<@Dusty> "One that doesn't bribe quite so easily?"

< Kanzel> "Sounds good, I guess."

< mainstreet> "Hmmm. Perhaps... okay, Brellius, go ahead and apply through the Security Office. I'll review, etcetera."

< Capn_Marcus> "What?" Marcus stares in disbelief. "Great, just great. *They* get jobs, *I* get to fill out paperwork. Grumble grumble..." He mumbles something about being underpaid and overworked, before shuffling back along the dock.

< mainstreet> "You *HAVE* a job, Marcus! And don't complain to me after I let you keep that new stick of yours! I don't have to, you know!"

< Brellius> "Head of security? Does that come with a cool uniform?"

<@Dusty> "I'm sure I'll have some extra details to add to your report, Marcus."

< mainstreet> "Not really."

< mainstreet> (Brellius)

<@Dusty> "A redesign might be nice... A nice cool new uniform to go with the nice, cool new Queen."

< mainstreet> Ashley laughs at that and blushes.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus rolls his eyes at Dusty as he leaves. "Dork."

< mainstreet> ---END CAMPAIGN!---

< mainstreet> Credits: Ascii as Marcus, BLusk as Dusty, Iethloc as Brellius, Zaniel as Kanzel, Tom Cruise as Tanar, and mainstreet as everyone else!