Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 15

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #15: Only One Dungeon With Our Dragons

< mainstreet> As you stare around and look at the spacious yet scarred room, three things are of note: There's a wolf on top of the queen, although both are still sleeping. There's an unconscious Princess lying on the ground between you all. The *other* Princess is cowering at a corner of her mother's bed.

* Kanzel looks for the Begining Game flag.

< mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

< mainstreet> (That?)

< Kanzel> (Yupyup.)

< mainstreet> (K. :) )

< Kanzel> (:D)

< Capn_Marcus> (Whee!)

<@Dusty> (Yippee?)

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus looks at the princess (the cowering one, not the KO'd one). "Are you okay?"

* Kanzel walks over to the bed and attempts to get the wolf off the queen.

< mainstreet> "Uh... uh... NO! My sister just tried to kill my mother! Would YOU be okay if that happened to YOU?"

* Kanzel pulls the wolf onto the floor.

< mainstreet> The wolf is inert.

< Capn_Marcus> "I suppose not, although I meant that in more of a physical sense."

< Brellius> "We might need some medical assistance here."

< mainstreet> "Oh... uh..." Ashley looks around herself. "Yeah... I think I'm good. I managed to... hide away."

< mainstreet> It's not long before there's another knock on the door.

< Capn_Marcus> "Good, good." He glances at Brellius. "Yeah, well, Dusty's off galavanting around somewhere..."

* Kanzel looks at the door. "Erm.. should I answer that?"

<@Dusty> The sound of two men running echoes from the corridor outside, followed shortly by Dusty bursting through the door! "WE'RE ... back...?"

< Brellius> "Oh, don't worry. You didn't miss much!"

< mainstreet> Minirith takes one look at the scene, blinks, and then mutters a few words not fit to repeat.

< Brellius> "Except for the part where I beat someone into unconsciousness."

< Brellius> "...for a good reason."

< Brellius> "This time."

* Dusty looks around at the wolf, the cowering princess, the unconscious one, and the Queen. "Um... I'll take your word for it, Brellius. Did you make it to the Queen in time?"

< Capn_Marcus> "I think so. The spell took, at least - though I think someone should give her a proper exam to make sure."

< mainstreet> "I'm guessing yes," Minirith growled, his jaw set. "And I'll bet Mistress got a tad... desperate. Ha! She's going to be elminiated for sure. From the line at least, from her life at worst. I think I best make an exit before I find my life in danger."

< mainstreet> With that, Minirith turns and begins to make an exit.

* Kanzel stares after him

<@Dusty> Dusty picks his way through the carnage to the Queen's side and begins an examination. "Ashley, are you all right, too?" He doesn't 'seem' to notice Minirith.

< mainstreet> "Yes, yes, I'm fine, really, I stayed out of the way," Ashley babbled.

<@Dusty> "Yes, the Queen looks like she's much better. I say... bed rest and lots and lots of good fluids. Broth. Water. Fruit juices, particularly clear and lighter colored ones." Dusty turns to check on Ashley now.

< Capn_Marcus> "Can you wake her up?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Speaking of waking, someone whould do something about that wolf before *he* wakes up."

< mainstreet> "Eh, probably good to let her sleep," Seripith comments. "I'll watch her closely."

<@Dusty> "You mean from the magical sleep spell? I'd say it's doing more good for her than anything else right now. Let her sleep. She'll wake up in a few hours." Dusty crouches down next to Ashley. "It's over, now."

< mainstreet> "Yes... yes, it is. You probably will want to tie *her* up while you can, though," Ashley says, pointing at her sister.

< mainstreet> As she says this, the wolf disappears.

<@Dusty> "Yes. Tie her up. Gag her. Kanzel? Isn't that your area of expertise? Or is it yours, Brellius?"

<@Dusty> "Where's Cryloth?"

< mainstreet> "Antimagic field would be better then a gag. And *that* is a very very good question."

< Kanzel> "Okay, who's got a rope?"

<@Dusty> "All right. Do you have an antimagic cell?"

< Kanzel> "Oh, nevermind."

* Kanzel pulls the rope out of the air and ties Lilly up with it.

< mainstreet> As if on cue, Cryloth arrives on the scene and looks around. "WHAT HAPPENED HERE?"

< Brellius> "A fight."

<@Dusty> "Ah, Cryloth, there you are. Apparently Lilly and Minirith made an attempt on the Queen's life. Is there an anti-magic cell you can put Lilly in?"

< mainstreet> "Uh... and where's Minirith now?"

<@Dusty> "He headed out the door. My guess is that he's headed anywhere but the castle at this point."

<@Dusty> "Let him go, though. Lilly was the source of this particular plot."

< mainstreet> "I guess he gave her up and went to the Park then. Fine, he's not worth it. I'll deal with him when I go to the Park as well."

< Capn_Marcus> "Plus, you know. None of *us* was about to try and stop him."

< mainstreet> Ashley whispers to Dusty, "Block 2 in the dungeon is antimagic-enforced. But those cells are certainly not fit for a Princess, traitor or no."

* Dusty whispers back, "Fit, perhaps not. But, at this point, it is where she's going until a better facility can be found."

<@Dusty> "All right, Cryloth, will you summon some guards to put Lilly in block 2 in the dungeon? We'll send a cleric to tend to her once she's safely under lock and key."

< mainstreet> "No. I have a better idea. We'll take her ourselves. I have no intention of giving Lilly a chance to bribe someone. As she's very good at doing."

<@Dusty> "Very well. That means we'll need to stand trustworthy guards until there's a final solution. Blast. Still, that's step one." Dusty puts a hand on Ashley's shoulder for a moment, then rises and heads to pick up Lilly's feet. "Someone want to grab her head?"

* Brellius goes over and helps carry Lilly

< Brellius> "No problem."

<@Dusty> "Let's go." Dusty heads off toward the dungeon. "Cryloth, care to show the way?"

< mainstreet> "Follow me," Cryloth says, beginning the descent. Ashley quickly follows.

* Dusty does the Follow thing.
* Kanzel looks at he queen and her attending dragon before turning and quickly following.

< mainstreet> Seripith nods at Kanzel. "Go. We'll be fine."

* Kanzel nods.
* Brellius tags along

< mainstreet> As you approach the front gate of the palace, a very familiar woman is waving at you. It's Marina, one of the ladies you met in the Really Large Corporate Building. "Hey, you people! Do you have anything for the one I represent?"

<@Dusty> Dusty fishes out the bottle and passes it to her on the way out. "Our deal is satisfied."

< mainstreet> "What deal?" Marina asks you with a wink. She turns and walks out.

* Dusty grins and keeps on walking.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks, and shrugs. "Well...that was surprisingly painless."

< mainstreet> Cryloth sighs and continues down to the basement, and then to the dungeon.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus jogs along after, still wary of the she-witch.

< mainstreet> The dungeon is divided into four paths. They are labeled: "BLOCK 1" "BLOCK 2" "BLOCK 3" and "ADMINISTRATION"

<@Dusty> Follow follow follow...

< mainstreet> Ashley ducks into "ADMINISTRATION", while Cryloth continues onto "BLOCK 2"

< mainstreet> Ashley comes back holding a key. She darts in front of you all and opens a cell. It's fairly bare inside, about what you'd expect of a dungeon cell. Ashley sighs, shakes her head, and gestures for you to throw her in there. The cell is labeled "BLOCK 2 -- CELL 6"

< mainstreet> (Er, not *her*, but her sister)

* Dusty casts "Cure Light Wounds" just as we walk into the cell.
* Kanzel stands by the door, watching.

< mainstreet> "Don't follow her in there! You'll all be hampered too," Ashley comments a bit too late.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus is still standing back with Kanzel, at the back of the follow line.

<@Dusty> "It just prevents casting, unless you have something ELSE put on here."

* Dusty dumps Lilly and heads back out of the cell.

< Capn_Marcus> "Oh, yeah." MArcus calls out to Dusty. "Hang on, bring her back out here for a sec."

< mainstreet> "Yes, well, I know you're very dependent on your spells, Dusty."

< mainstreet> Lilly groans and starts to wake up. She's still a pretty cut-up mess.

<@Dusty> "Um... sure, Marcus, what's up?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Oh, wait, nevermind. Let me try something." Marcus steps over near the cell, and casts Detect Magic from the staff.

< mainstreet> Lilly's boots and gloves begin to glow, but not much else is noticed from the effect.

< Capn_Marcus> "Ah-hah! Her boots and gloves are magic. You might want to take them away for the time being."

* Dusty works over the boots, since he has her feet.

<@Dusty> "Want to get her gloves, Brellius?"

* Brellius takes the gloves
* Kanzel turns to face where Lily is.

< mainstreet> What do you think you're going to do? Stare at her? She *is* behind an antimagic field.

* Dusty heads back out of the field once the boots are acquired. "I keep having the feeling like we should be saying something like 'Book 'em, Danno.' Except I don't know who Danno is."

< mainstreet> As Brellius removes the gloves, you notice there's also a glowing ring underneath her gloves. It appears to be sparking (in the aura sense), however.

< Capn_Marcus> "That ring, too."

* Brellius also takes the ring

<@Dusty> "All right, if that's everything, Marcus? We're ready to lock her in there."

< mainstreet> Lilly gasps. "Damn thing... failed anyways. How else did you know?"

* Brellius remembers to step out of the cell before it gets locked up

< Capn_Marcus> "Know what?"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus grins, as if he already knows what.

< Capn_Marcus> "Alright, lemme check this stuff out." He takes Da Loot, and examines it.

< Capn_Marcus> "Lessee...gloves of dexterity, boots of levitation, ring of not-very-good-at-mind-shielding." He passes the items to Dusty as he calls them, as if waiting for the cleric to file them away or something.

* Dusty notes these items. "Got it. We'll just check these into security as her effects, I presume."

< Capn_Marcus> "...or we could keep 'em."

< mainstreet> Ashley grabs the ring from Dusty's hand and examines it. She chuckles. "Yep, she didn't even think to check. The sad thing is, if she'd noticed and wanted me to lend her mine, I would have let her."

< Capn_Marcus> "Wait, you have one too?"

<@Dusty> "Probably, but Ashley's considerably nicer than Lilly, anyway."

< mainstreet> "Of course. So does my Mom. Not very good in diplomatic talks if our thoughts get read, is it?"

<@Dusty> "I thought that's what the Blank Poker Face was for." Dusty grins.

< mainstreet> "Unlike this one, though, *mine* isn't half-broken," Ashley points out.

* Kanzel chuckles "Not that any of you used it earlier anyway."

< mainstreet> "What, did you try to read my thoughts? I assure you that what you 'got' was static garbage. This is working perfectly."

<@Dusty> "All right, so Lilly's successfully cuffed, stuffed and mounted. I say we adjourn from the dreary dungeon and get on with life."

< Kanzel> "I readf the queen's mind perfectly. With all that was going on, I didn't even see you in the room.."

< Capn_Marcus> "We should probably go wait for the queen to wake up."

< mainstreet> Ashley and Cryloth nod in unison. "Yes, you will want to be thanked and rewarded for all your various accomplishments. I also request that you stick around for *her* interrogation."

* Dusty blinks. "I... don't know why you'd want me to stick around for that. My abilities when it comes to law enforcement are miniscule at best... and mostly learned from Acts of Hornby the Great and his Encounter with the Investigative Division of the Trinsic Police Force."

< mainstreet> Ashley frowns. "I didn't expect you to conduct it. Just to *be* there... to help clarify things that you know from your travels here."

<@Dusty> "Oh! As witnesses. I can do that, then. Blathering information is my speciality!" Dusty grins.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus grins. "Sure, we'll stick around. I love a good torture show."

< mainstreet> "Good. Now, let me assist you into decent rooms for tonight. Interrogation and rewarding can wait until tomorrow."

<@Dusty> "Sounds good to me."

* Kanzel yawns

< mainstreet> Ashley leads the way out of the dungeons and back up to the main floors. Cryloth follows.

* Kanzel follows

< mainstreet> ---SCRREEEEEEEEE---

< mainstreet> You have all been settled into rooms, been treated to another fabulous meal by Her Royal Highness, and are in a corridor where your rooms are, preparing to go to bed.

* Kanzel yawns again

<@Dusty> "Well... been a crazy day, hasn't it?"

< Kanzel> "A bit."

<@Dusty> "...and how'd I end up with both the gloves AND the boots? I thought we were going to turn them in." Dusty yawns and drops both items outside his door with a meaningful glance at everyone else.

< Capn_Marcus> "...dibs!" Marcus snatches up the boots. :D

* Dusty ducks inside and heads to bed.

< Brellius> "I'll turn the gloves in come morning. Until then I'll just hold onto them...on my hands..." Brellius makes off with the gloves

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks. "Uh, did anyone just hear a roaring sound?"

* Kanzel looks at Marcus before looking around.

< Brellius> "Hmm?"

* Dusty sticks his head back out the door. "Someone say something?"

< Capn_Marcus> "I heard a roaring sound from somewhere. Maybe we should check with the guard."

<@Dusty> "All right, let's go." Dusty grabs his stuff and shrugs on his light armor again.

* Kanzel grabs her stuff.
* Kanzel looks at Marcus, waiting to follow him in the direction he heard the roaring.
* Brellius gets all his stuff and prepares to tag along

< Capn_Marcus> "Hey, don't look at me. I dunno where it came from; it was too faint."

< Capn_Marcus> "As I said, we should go find the guardsmen, and ask them if something's up."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus heads off in the general direction of where there be guards.

< mainstreet> What guards? Haven't you learned anything? The guards are always everywhere except where you want them to be. :p

* Kanzel follows

< mainstreet> Although, as you all approach the front, you *all* hear the roar this time.

<@Dusty> "Well, tell you what, I'll head straight for the dungeon block 2. If there's anywhere I expect action, it's there."

< mainstreet> It's coming from outside, and the front.

<@Dusty> "...I take it back. Let's take a look-see."

< Capn_Marcus> "You first."

* Dusty heads to the front outside.

< mainstreet> You see a complement of guards firing at a large brass dragon in the sky. "Go away, Insane One!" one of the guards calls out. \ < mainstreet> "Those that have offended Varnith the Great stand here! Look, there they are, right there!"

< mainstreet> The dragon follows his statement with a blast of flame right at Dusty!

<@Dusty> "Oh. Well, I guess this is personal, then." Dusty heads for Varnith. "And tell me how I've offended you, Varnith?"

< mainstreet> "Invader of my land! Mocker of my heritage!"

<@Dusty> "Excuse me?"

<@Dusty> "Um... what land have I invaded? And how have I mocked your heritage?"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus whispers under his breath. "Great, another dragon tantrum."

* Kanzel mutters, responding to Marcus "Not the first time, and it won't be the last, I'm guessing."

<@Dusty> "Let me rephrase... we left your land as you demanded. But how have I mocked your heritage?"

< Kanzel> "We didn't even know it was your land. Do you kill everyone who invades your space? Or is there something special about us?"

< mainstreet> "You disgraced my child!"

<@Dusty> "WHAT child?!"

< Kanzel> "Or I'm mistaken. Nevermind..."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks, as he puts two and two together. They equal "screwed".

< Capn_Marcus> "...uh oh."

< Kanzel> "Yeah, this isn't going to end well."

< mainstreet> "Minirith! He came back, in disgrace, his mistress not even dead yet! What happened?"

* Kanzel sneaks a glance around, to see if there are any more dragons in the immediate area.

< mainstreet> Kanzel: Cryloth is watching, fascinated, but in human form and not interfering. There are no other dragons in sight.

<@Dusty> "Whoa, whoa, whoa... you blame ME for that? He left of his own accord, not under any duress from me. And I certainly had nothing to do with the removal of his Mistress from action. She will stand trial for her crimes, and if I have anything to say about it, will see the gallows for her power-thirst!"

< mainstreet> "You removed him from the defense!"

<@Dusty> "Then it was his fault for being thus led away. I didn't force him to chase me, he made that decision of his own accord. And make no mistake, just because I'm a wiser tactician than your offspring does not lessen the burden of guilt on his own wings!"

* Kanzel walks over to Cryloth "Uhm.. Hi there."

< mainstreet> "Hi."

< Kanzel> "so.. Why aren't you joining in this.. Yelling-at-Dusty-fest?"

< mainstreet> "Varnith's insanity is not my concern. I agree with Dusty, not the Insane One."

< Brellius> "Insane One?"

* Kanzel turns towards Varnith, sanding next to Cryloth.

< mainstreet> "Well, he is, isn't he?"

< Kanzel> "Yeah, he is."

< mainstreet> The fireball *finally* connects with Dusty and lights him on fire!

* Dusty is knocked back, hitting the ground with a loud, and flaming, whump!

<@Dusty> "...CREATE WATER!" Dusty waves his arm over himself, and a cascade of clear liquid spills over his flaming self.

< mainstreet> Dusty is spared further embarassment by being drenched, which is better than burning./

* Dusty rises from his flambe'd position. "You can't *cough* kill me! You don't have the..." Dusty clutches his heart and keels over, hitting the ground with another loud whump. "I'm dead!"

< mainstreet> "Good! We are avenged!" With that, Varnith flaps his wings and disappears into the Northern skies. The guards all cheer.

* Dusty pries open one eye. "Is stupid gone yet?"
* Kanzel goes over to help Dusty up.

<@Dusty> "Thanks, Kanzel." Dusty makes use of Kanzel's assistance and gets back up. "I can't believe he fell for that one."

< Kanzel> "I can. His head was a complete mess."

< mainstreet> "Yes, you are," Cryloth comments. "I'd've helped, but I felt that I was in an offside position, and it would've really messed things up to interfere with the scene."

< Brellius> "Why is he insane?"

< mainstreet> "He always has been. I don't know why. No one does."

< mainstreet> "Well, I should say, ever since he left here."

<@Dusty> "...well, good. I say time to head back to bed. I'll tend to my own wounds in my room."

<@Dusty> "Wait, he used to live here? What'd he do, try to kill the macaroni salad and get caught?"

< mainstreet> "He was to one of our late Queens what I am to Princess Ashley now. After she died, he left, and... went insane. Somehow."

< mainstreet> "It's really not important, though. He's gone."

<@Dusty> "Might explain Minirith. Has anyone checked Block 2 to make sure it wasn't just a cover for a jailbreak?"

< mainstreet> Cryloth muttered a Draconic curse. "No, I didn't think of that."

< mainstreet> "Let's go check it out."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus points dramatically. "To the dungeon!"

< Capn_Marcus> *Batman spinny emblem scene change*

* Dusty casts a cure moderate wounds on the way.
* Kanzel follows

< mainstreet> Arriving at Block 2, you go in and find... nope, there wasn't a jailbreak. Lilly's still in there, sleeping. Whatever that was a diversion for, if anything, it wasn't that.

<@Dusty> "All right. I'll just take a stop in Ashley's room and the Queen's room on my way back. I look great for a stop in on royalty, right?" He grins and winks.

* Dusty burns a cure light wounds, too.

< mainstreet> Ashley's room... she's still asleep... Queen's room... she's still asleep, although covered a bit more than you'd expect... hmmm...

* Dusty checks on the Queen in more detail, then.

< mainstreet> Nope, nothing's wrong at all, Dusty. She looks fine.

<@Dusty> "Hm. Weird. I'd have sworn something was awry, but I guess not." Dusty turns to leave.

< mainstreet> Cryloth frowns. "What..." she throws the Queen's bedsheet open. "A fluffed pillow? How is THAT supposed to convince anybody?!"

<@Dusty> "Wait, where's the Queen, then?"

<@Dusty> "Minirith snuck in here and took her? Wait, where's Seripheth?"

< mainstreet> "Right here," Seripith grimaced. "No, no one took her. She used the attack to snoop out, that's a certainty though."

* mainstreet tries that again

< mainstreet> "Right here," Seripith grimaced, stepping out of the corner still in shadow. "No, no one took her. She used the attack to snoop out, that's a certainty though."

<@Dusty> "Snuck out for a walk, then?"

< mainstreet> "No, as in 'abandoned this plane of existence'. She told me that the island didn't need someone who couldn't see treachery in her own child as a ruler and decided to seek an early retirement. She didn't want me going with her either."

<@Dusty> "But... that leaves Ashley in charge, doesn't it?"

<@Dusty> "And... wait, I'm assuming you mean she took retirement, not suicide. I think?"

< mainstreet> "Yeah. Yeah, it does. I'll help set her up, then I'm getting out of this box myself. Of course, Ashley's short a planar transporter, but... well, it happens."

* Dusty shakes his head. "Well, then let Ashley sleep one more night without knowing. It'll be the last peaceful night she'll have in a while. Tell her first thing." Dusty turns and heads for the door.

< mainstreet> "Of course. Unless, of course, we have an island-wide crisis in the night. In which case, she'll get told then. Not that that's likely. Everything always happens at high noon."

<@Dusty> "Something very... geometric about that."

< mainstreet> "Indeed. Such is the nature of the Archipelago."

<@Dusty> "All right. I've had a crappy day and a crappier night. Hopefull tomorrow will be less crappy, but I have the feeling that's just wishful thinking. 'Night, everyone."

< mainstreet> ---END GAME---