Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 14

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #14: Battle in the Bedroom

< mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

<@Dusty> "All right, Brellius.  The coin called it."  Dusty picks it up and dusts it off before sticking it back in his satchel.

< Brellius> "Phew! I mean....all right."

: * Dusty shoots Brellius a mild glare, but finally steps up to the plate.  "One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready..."  Dusty's hand has moved closer to the orb with each stanza.

<@Dusty> "...and four to... if anyone wants to talk me out of this, now's the time."  Dusty glances over, and grins, and then touches the orb.  "...go."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus is still hiding just outside the doorway, for what it's worth.

< mainstreet> The orb lights up brightly! As Dusty holds onto the orb, he feels a big figurative weight pressing around his head.

< mainstreet> The weight hurts, and in his shock, Dusty drops the orb. "OW!"

< mainstreet> Dusty notices his hand is rather singed.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus peeks around the doorway and laughs Nelson-style. "HAH-hah!"

<@Dusty> "YOUCH!"  Dusty cradles the burned hand for a moment, then gets a rather mulish look to match his rather singed hand.  "Oh, you aren't getting away that easy."  Dusty uses his OTHER hand to grab the orb, then.

< mainstreet> The ghost growls at Dusty. "Are you that weak..."

< mainstreet> Once again, that weight goes up around Dusty's head.

< mainstreet> This time, Dusty mentally clears it. A loud voice in his head: <What do YOU want, human?>

<@Dusty> <I just want to know what YOU want.  You're essence has been trapped inside that orb for Fharlanghn-knows how long.  Do you want to be left here, or destroyed, or what?>

< mainstreet> <What I would like is to be used for the purpose I was created. Instead all I do is sit here feeding off that irritating apparition.>

<@Dusty> <For what purpose were you created?  Truly?>

< mainstreet> "Hey! I'm right.... AUUUUUUUGH!"

: * Dusty suppresses a snicker.

< Brellius> "What?"

< mainstreet> <I was made as a balance of power between dragons and bipeds. Without me, the bipeds are nothing. They have no way of avoiding being terrorized by the dragons. I was one of them once, yes. But I saw a better way. 
And got immortality out of it too. Good deal, no?>

<@Dusty> <Not bad at all, indeed.  So, if I were to, say, restore you to the Queen, would you consider that a reasonable idea?>

< mainstreet> <Haha. If you can get me to her before she dies. You got about five minutes, human. Yes, I am aware of a good deal about what happens on this island in general. But I doubt she would accept me regardless -- 
she, like her family has for generations -- believes the binding they have with the dragons keeps their island safe. But that's only because it suits the dragons as well. They don't need the humans.>

<@Dusty> <Five MINUTES?!>

< mainstreet> <Yes, I think her assassin has finally succeeded. Clever idea, using a creeper. But my eyes still see.>

<@Dusty> <A creeper... how can it be countered?  What's the antidote?>

< mainstreet> <Well, unless you can get there in the next five minutes, that's irrelevant anyways. And the only way to counter it would be to dispel it or yank it out manually and amputate the affected body parts.>

<@Dusty> <...which would kill her anyway, most likely.>

< mainstreet> <Manually, yes. But that's why the creeper is more vulnerable than an actual creep disease. You can just dispel it.>

<@Dusty> <Can you teleport us straight there?>  Dusty heads for the others.  "The Queen's got about five minutes before something called a creeper.  This orb says it can be gotten rid of with a dispel magic spell."

: * Kanzel stares.

< mainstreet> <I can, but what makes you think you won't be attacked on sight carrying me? Her 'friendship dragon' never leaves her side and I don't think it would listen to reason when it sees me.>

<@Dusty> <We'll teleport immediately outside her door.  And send in Marcus.>

<@Dusty> "All right, Marcus, you got a Dispel spell that you can use ready?  Or something that'll do it?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Uh, yeah...why?"

<@Dusty> "Well, we pop into the castle right outside the Queen's door.  You guys go in, save the Queen.  I pop right out."

<@Dusty> "That leaves me holding the... well, bag."

< Capn_Marcus> "Save the Queen? How?"

< mainstreet> <Three minutes. If you care.>

<@Dusty> "You cast dispel magic on her, Marcus.  That'll clear the creeper out."

< Capn_Marcus> "Creeper? Wait, what?" He glares. "You mean, a spell I *already know* is all it takes to save her!?"

<@Dusty> "Yes, but if you want to keep arguing over it, she'll be dead and I'll need to call in the best clerics to try and revive her from the dead.  If we even HAVE someone that can.  So gather 'round, everyone.  Quickly, please!"

< Capn_Marcus> "Oh, fine, whatever." Marcus stomps over in a huff. "I dunno what that orb told you, but for all our sakes, I hope you know what you're doing."

: * Kanzel ... Gathers 'round.

: * Brellius joins in

< mainstreet> "Yes. YES! TAKE IT AWAY!"

<@Dusty> "Well, no, but I'm out of options, now."  Dusty holds up the orb and touches everyone.  <Right outside the door, orb.  Let's go.  Oh, and what's your name?>

< mainstreet> <That would be something I wish I remembered. But a ghost being the only company in a thousand years or so doesn't do good for the memory.>

<@Dusty> <Let's go then.  Just outside the Queen's room.>

< mainstreet> <You're intending to make a blind Teleport? You got guts, human, I won't fault you there. Alright, here we go...>

< mainstreet> Everything blacks out around the Party.

< Capn_Marcus> "Oh god, I can't see!"

<@Dusty> "Please be right, please be right, please be right, please be right..."

: * Kanzel attempts to look around

: * Brellius blinks a few times

< mainstreet> One... two... ....*three* You all pop out onto a staircase. A young man is staring at you and gasps as he takes in everything that is appearing in front of him. His eyes flash purple and he pulls out a Greatsword.
 Hmm, he looks a bit familiar...

<@Dusty> "Aw, crap.  Not HIM!"  Dusty takes off running away from the greatsword-weilding man.

< Brellius> "What?"

<@Dusty> "GO HEAL THE QUEEN!  GO!"

< mainstreet> Very predicatably, the enraged polymorphed Dragon takes off after Dusty, ignoring the rest of the Party.

< Capn_Marcus> "Okay, you heard the soon-to-be-dead man! Let's go, guys!" Marcus leads the way into the throne room.

: * Kanzel follows

< Capn_Marcus> "Okay, you heard the soon-to-be-dead man! Let's go, guys!" Marcus leads the way into the bedroom.

< mainstreet> The door in front of you is Locked(tm).

< Capn_Marcus> "Dammit!" Marcus pounds on the door. "Open up!"

< mainstreet> The door ignores Marcus.

: * Kanzel reaches over and attempts to unlock thedoor Marcus is beating on.

< mainstreet> The lock *snicks* open with ease. The door starts to open...

: * Kanzel makes an after yougesture at MArcus

<@Dusty> "Look, Minirith, you and I both know why you're mad at me, but don't you think that if I was going to use this orb in the wrong way that I'd have already used it to control you?  I mean, come on... 
the orb WANTS to be out and about again, not locked up with a ghost, so I'm just helping out one of your kindred..."  Dusty runs out of breath as he runs away from Minirith, takes another deep breath and finishes his sentence.  
"...spirits, one of your own!  Please, I just wanted to save the Queen!"  Dusty continues hoofing it down the hallway, trying to draw him off for a little longer.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus rolls his eyes. "Sure, if you want to do it the EASY way." He steps inside...

< mainstreet> The Queen, despite being merely in her mid-40s, looks very haggard and weak spread out on her bed. Her daughters are both standing above her with carefully neutral expressions on their faces. 
Another male -- hmmm, make that polymorphed Dragon, given the purple eyes -- is holding the Queen's hand with a much sadder expression on his face. He looks up. "What do you want, Marcus?" he asks.

< mainstreet> Minirith growls. "Enslaver! Betrayer! Fiend! Villian! Die!"

<@Dusty> "Look, I'll even GIVE you the orb!  I don't want the thing, it was the only way we could get here to save the Queen!  Would you like that?"

< mainstreet> "The only way you'll get out of DYING is to destroy that foul creation!"

<@Dusty> "I can DO that!  HONEST!"

<@Dusty> "I even know WHERE!"

--For the rest of the Dusty/Minirith adventure, see the end of the page.--

< Capn_Marcus> As Marcus steps through the doorway, he whispers to Kanzel. "Get that medallion of yours ready, and check out the minds of everyone in here. Hopefully, whoever's responsible for this will show himself." 
He then approaches the bedside. "We're back, and we've found the cure!"

: * Kanzel leans in the room, looks around, doing just that.

< mainstreet> Lilly grabs Marcus's hand roughly. "I highly doubt that. There's no cure for creep. Keep your filthy hands off her."

< mainstreet> The Queen gives a slight shudder. "Resting sounds good... yes, very good... I think..."

: * Kanzel grabs Lily's hand off of Marcus. "And how would you kow what we've found? Were you there?" She then smiles, mock-sweetly

< Brellius> "There's no time to argue!"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus rolls his eyes at the both of them. "We don't have time for this. WHA-CHAAA!" He brandishes his new staff, which begins to glow.

< mainstreet> "No, but I know what exists and what doesn't. There's no need to trouble her in her last few seconds on something useless."

< mainstreet> The staff glows and fails. "That was amazing, Marcus. Now stop being an idiot and get out!" Lilly growls at Marcus.

< Capn_Marcus> "Er, ahem." Marcus coughs weakly, and looks embarassed. "Sorry, it happens to all wizards sometimes. Let me try that again. WHA-CHAAAA!" The staff glows again.

< mainstreet> The Queen glows purple and color seems to slightly be restored to her. She smiles slightly... then frowns.

: * Kanzel reaches back for a Kunai off her belt and holds it at Lily's throat. "Don't even think about it."

< Kanzel> ^ with the hand still not holding her arm.

< mainstreet> Lilly growls and starts muttering something under her breath that you can't quite make out.

< mainstreet> Kanzel: You realize she's trying to cast a spell on you. Probably to compel you to give her a free shot at the Queen. Somehow.

: * Kanzel moves the Kunai and jumps on Lily's back, pushing her to the ground, and replaces the Kunai. "I said not to think about it. any more out of you, and I won;t hesitate to use this."

< Brellius> "Um...need any help?"

< Kanzel> "That'd be nice. Cover her mouth or shove something in it."

< mainstreet> "It's not like I need to be verbal to cast spells, you idiot."

< Kanzel> "Eh. Well, I can sit her poping you in the temple for a few minutes then. Does hat make you feel better?"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus produces an ancient, filthy, stinky sock from somewhere in his robe. "Here, gag her with this, and tie her up. Anybody got some rope?"

< Brellius> "I'll keep her restrained myself, then."

< mainstreet> All of a sudden, a wolf appears and lunges at Kanzel!

< mainstreet> Kanzel nimbly dodges the shot... and the wolf lands on top of the Queen. He prepares to bite...

: * Kanzel attempts to slice her Kunai across Lily's throat.

: * Kanzel takes that back.

< Capn_Marcus> Noticing the wolf about to kill the Queen, Marcus glowers...his eyes seem to glow with a fierce arcane light. "No!"

< mainstreet> The wolf falls to sleep. Lilly mutters something in Infernal.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus grins. "Night-night." Then he glares again. "Somebody take her down before she can cast any more spells!"

: * Brellius swiftly pulls out his flail, swings it a bit and slams the heavy end down at Lilly's leg

< mainstreet> "AUUUUUUUUGH!"

< Brellius> "Oh, don't be so dramatic. I've taken a lot worse, and to the head, too!"

< Brellius> "...sorry, what were we talking about?"

: * Kanzel pulls out the other Kunai off her belt, bringing it down into her bak while pulling the other one she was already holding across Lily's throat.

< mainstreet> "What it was was poor tactics. But it's not my place to judge such things."

< mainstreet> The blades miss harmlessly. Lilly smirks. "You're that close and can't hit?"

< mainstreet> Seripith growls, steps up to Lilly, extends his claws, and gives her a nice slash across the face.

< mainstreet> across the back of her head*

< mainstreet> Lilly growls and tries to aim a spell at all of her attackers at once.

< mainstreet> Lilly tries to tell you all to "Get off me and stop hurting me," but the attempt at Mass Suggestion fails miserably. Wow, she's desperate.

< Capn_Marcus> "Hmm, what's that?" Marcus grins. "My hearing's not as good as it used to be. Did you just say 'Get on with it and start hurting me'?" He shrugs. "Okay, if you say so. KEEYAH!" 
He flicks his free hand, and a bolt of fire and molten rock lances out and smashes into the side of her head.

< mainstreet> "AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

: * Brellius deftly swings the flail around his head and then brings it down onto Lilly's other leg

< mainstreet> "Ow."

< Brellius> "That wasn't as dramatic as before. Am I losing my touch?"

< mainstreet> Kanzel's Kunais swipe and miss again. Sheesh, maybe two is too many unless you're going to take the Two-Weapon Fighting feats.

: * Kanzel tries to hit Lily in the back with both kunai. ^

< mainstreet> Seripith attempts to scratch again.

< mainstreet> And *barely* hits.

< mainstreet> Lilly doesn't react.

< mainstreet> Lilly does, however, pull out a rope and try to cast something.

< mainstreet> The rope rises in the air.

< mainstreet> Lilly reaches and fails miserably in grabbing the rope and climbing it. Too much weight on her.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus produces his wand, and aims a trio of Magic Missiles at Lilly's butt, just to add injury to insult.

< mainstreet> "OW!"

< Capn_Marcus> "Hah!"

: * Brellius continues swinging the flail and squints hard. Then a wavy aura surrounds the head of the flail, and practically explodes as it crashes into Lilly

< mainstreet> Lilly gives a brief, cut-off SCREAM then collapses, most definitely inert.

< Capn_Marcus> "I think we won."

: * Brellius crouches down to check if she's still alive

: * Kanzel rols off and pants, out of breath.

< mainstreet> "Yes. Yes we did," Seripith mutters. "But I do not like this, on the whole. Her Majesty will not want to see her daughter like this..." He looks back over to see both the Queen and Wolf on the bed still fast asleep. 
"Let's remove all this stuff."

< mainstreet> ---END GAME---

--We now take you to the special event of Dusty and Minirith:

< mainstreet> "I don't believe you."

<@Dusty> "Look, honestly, I can teleport back into the pyramid, chuck the orb into a sphere of annihilation we found down there, and then exit the pyramid using the standard method!  It's room 4, and you can even come along to witness it!"

< mainstreet> Minirith leaps on top of Dusty. "All right, ALL RIGHT! We go *now*, then! Go, *now*!"

<@Dusty> <Teleport back into the pyramid, room three.  Now!>

< mainstreet> <Haha okay. Minirith has no intention of keeping his word in not telling people. But you might be able to end his existence before he can inform others. That's your only chance, 
if you intend this sad arrangement of friendship with dragons to continue.>

<@Dusty> <I'd rather try my best to make things right than not try at all.  Let's move!>

< mainstreet> One... two... *three*. You're in Room 3.

<@Dusty> Dusty immediately aims for the hallway heading toward room four.  "This way, you can see for yourself.  I don't intend to get any closer than needed, but I think I've got a good throwing arm to chuck it in."

< mainstreet> Dusty reaches the room where the oversize Sphere is.

<@Dusty> Dusty hefts the orb, then checks to make sure Minirith is watching before he hucks it into the Sphere.  "There.  It's done."

< mainstreet> <I don't think so!> The orb resists being thrown.

< mainstreet> Two tries later, Dusty gets it off his fingers... onto the ground.

<@Dusty> Dusty drop-kicks the blasted sphere.

< mainstreet> "Here, want help?" Minirith snidely asks, kicking it himself.

<@Dusty> "You try it when the orb's fighting against you, man!  It hurt like the dickens just getting it out of my hands."  Dusty shudders, then leans against the wall.

< mainstreet> The orb falls into the Sphere, never to return, kicked by Minirith. All of a sudden the Pyramid starts to shake.

<@Dusty> "Whoops, that's our cue..."  Dusty starts running for the room with the eye in it.

< mainstreet> Minirith follows. 

< mainstreet> As you guys enter the eye room, you notice the Pyramid is starting to crumble. Quick, into the boat and drop something gold on that eye!

<@Dusty> Dusty jumps in the boat and grabs a gold coin out of his satchel.  As soon as Minirith gets on, he drops the coin on the eye. < mainstreet> A gold light shines around the boat. 
One...two...three... and you're all in the water. Pretty much where you would have been had you never teleported in the first place.

< mainstreet> There is no annoying Gnome Captain in sight, however.

<@Dusty> "Well, Minirith, am I out of hot water, or will I be suffering from angry dragons forever?"

< mainstreet> "I think we will be very careful with you. But yet, you kept your word, which is not something..." Minirith gets distracted. "My Princess is under attack. Quickly, ride!" he says, rapidly reverting to Dragon shape.

<@Dusty> Dusty jumps aboard Minirith's back.  "Princess Ashley?  Quick!"

< mainstreet> "How would I know? Most likely she's found a place to hide. But I sense that Lilly has someone... on top of her..."

<@Dusty> Dusty tries to not think of how that actually sounds and just shuts up for the ride.

<@Dusty> "I just hope that Marcus got that spell to the Queen in time.  It'd fix her right up."

< mainstreet> "So, you did find something. I was wondering if you would. *She* didn't think you'd make it out alive at all."

<@Dusty> "Yeah.  Dispel magic.  Some kind of magical creeper, once dispelled would clear out and leave the Queen in good shape.  But the orb told me the Queen only had about five minutes left when we found out... hence this mess."

< mainstreet> "Yeah. *She* felt a need to accelerate it. Don't ask me why."

<@Dusty> "Wait, what?  Lilly tried to *accelerate* the illness?"

< mainstreet> "Felt the need to increase her cast rate. Burned two spell slots. Kinda silly to me." 

<@Dusty> "Oh, she used a quickened spell?  Must be serious."

<@Dusty> "Especially when we don't know what's actually going on.  Who in blue blazes is she fighting?"

< mainstreet> "Hmm? Oh, I don't know anything about that. Just that there is one."

<@Dusty> "Oh."  Crap, he wasn't referring to the battle on hand, he was referring to poisoning the Queen.  And that means... no, I'm not in a position to take down a brass dragon!  
I *can't do that* right now!  Dusty sighs and casts a cure on himself.  He's going to need it.

< mainstreet>  Minirith takes note of the cure. "We're not getting there that fast, human. Don't waste it."

<@Dusty> "I know.  But I took a lot of hits to get rid of that orb.  And... well, do everything else, too.  It needed done."