Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 13

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #13: A Ghostly Encounter

< mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

< mainstreet> The heroes were safe in bed. And while they were sleeping, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.

* Brellius snores loudly

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus cuddles his new staff as if it were a teddy bear, snoring and mumbling something about 'precious'.

* Kanzel rolls over, puts her fingers in her ears and tries to fall back asleep, trying to drown out the snoring.
* Kanzel gives up, and sits up, leaning against a wall, waiting for everyone else to wake up.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus snorts, rolls over, sits up, blinks blearily, and scratches himself. "*yaaaaaawn*"

* Brellius continues his imitation of a chainsaw
* Dusty yawns and gets up, immediately going to his scriptures for a brief read while the others get their little nap in.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus hauls himself to his feet, sounding like an old wooden bridge creaking in high winds. "Bleargh. I hate mornings. Why can't everyone just sleep until past noon?"

< Kanzel> "How can you tell that it's not...?"

* Kanzel looks up into the inky blackness.
* Dusty opens his mouth, but pauses as Kanzel replies, then smiles. "...that's what I was going to observe."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus groans. "Because I feel like I've been hit by a train, that's how."

<@Dusty> "So... who has breakfast?"

* Brellius yawns and gets back on his feet

< Brellius> "Is it breakfast time yet?"

< Capn_Marcus> "It's always time for breakfast." Marcus produces some dried meat from his pack, and starts gnawing on it like a rabid dog.

* Kanzel nibbles on trail rations.
* Brellius pulls out some trail rations from his pack and chows down
* Dusty pulls out his own trail rations and smothers it in hot sauce before eating it.
* Dusty gets up and closes his book. "Well, shall we head on down the road?"
* Kanzel gets up, brushing crumbs off her pants.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus finishes eating, coughs, stands up, and shrugs. "Eh, sure, whatever." He brushes some dirt out of his robe. "Just so long as we don't run into any more traps."

* Kanzel looks around.
* Dusty heads up the hallway and onward. "Um... speaking of traps... is someone keeping an eye out for 'em?"

< Brellius> "Yeah, yeah...I'll keep my eyes peeled."

* Dusty checks the floors and walls as they move ahead. And ceilings, too, since he's doing it.

< Capn_Marcus> "I'd do it, by my eyes aren't as good as they used to be."

< mainstreet> There doesn't appear to be anything of note. You guys eventually find yourself at something that *looks* like another one of those Dead Ends, but... something's odd about this one.

< Kanzel> "I'll keep my eyes open too."

<@Dusty> "...okay, that was a long way to come for a whole lot of not much." Dusty starts checking out this Dead End in detail.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus takes a good, up-close look at the far wall of the dead end - by walking into it with his face. "Ow!"

< Capn_Marcus> "Where'd this wall come from?"

< Brellius> "From a quarry?"

* Kanzel reachs over and gently pulls on a concealed lever on the adjacent wall.

<@Dusty> "What in..." Dusty tries to see where Kanzel found that blasted lever.

< mainstreet> With a grinding criiiiiiiiik the End in front of you slides out and open. A room is dead ahead.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks. "...hey, where'd this lack of wall come from?"

* Kanzel laughs.
* Kanzel looks around the newly discovered room.

< mainstreet> You have to get in it before you look around it.

* Kanzel walks into the room.
* Kanzel looks around.

< mainstreet> The room is semicircular-shaped. A large sarcophagus lies at the flat end opposite you, in the right corner. On your left there is a ledge with a bunch of keys. You notice a randomly-placed keyhole on the far wall towards the left corner.

< mainstreet> Kanzel: You open your eyes, and... you have x-ray vision! You can see all the traps-- throughout the entire pyramid! But, you've already triggered or disabled all of them. Hmm, except that one at the actaul keyhole -- not sure if it qualifies as a trap, but that keyhole definitely has the capacity to react very badly to what you put in it.

< mainstreet> Suddenly, a ghost appears out of nowhere and glares at you!

<@Dusty> ", hello, sir...?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Aaahhh! It's a Class 5 free-floating full-torso spectral aparition!"

< mainstreet> "Ah, just a few short months, and already another has come to my lair. The last here didn't dare. Will you? I wonder. Great power is here, if you dare. Great danger is also here. But it is that power that keeps me here."

<@Dusty> "What power holds you here?" Dusty looks around for somewhere to sit, but finally settles on sitting on the floor and looking at the apparition.

* Kanzel staggers back and hides behind the group.

< mainstreet> "The same power that this island was held with. We were the terror of the Islands, feared throughout, powerful forever, but greedly and lustful. And those more friendly with those we had enslaved... destroyed us. This... this was the last resort. But I sense little is left. All that lies is the source of our power."

< Brellius> "What kind of source?"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus scratches his head. "Okay, now can you repeat all of that, only without all the vagueness and cryptic nonsense?"

< Brellius> "But that's part of the experience, man!"

< mainstreet> "That's... all I remember. So much... lost. But you might know... Surely you'd heard. The rebels... and their so-called 'friendship bindings'... they are probably still around, withdrawn, distant, but present nonetheless."

<@Dusty> "...dragons?" Dusty whispers this quietly.

< mainstreet> "Yes, dammit, the DRAGONS! They were OURS to command, OURS to do with as we pleased... until they weren't. And they aren't. The power was betrayed, but it remains yet. If the rebels get their hands on the power, they might turn on the dragons, and the dragons on them. Everything... so fine, so easily manipulated, so easily betrayed..."

<@Dusty> "So... you want the rebels to get their hands on this power?"

< mainstreet> "Maybe. Maybe not. Just... take it away from here. If you dare, and if you care. How to go to the room beyond where it lies, I remember not. I remember that the entry is of the same nature as the power itself. Or... shape, or texture, or... color, or maybe it was size. Something like that."

< Kanzel> "So f you want us to take whatever is here and go, why did you burn me?"

< mainstreet> "The power... the power... it needs me, and I need it. It bidded me to, and I did... or did I bit it to let me? Argh, everything's so muddled. Everything muddles with the passage of time."

* Kanzel rubs where she got burned "Uh-huh.. So, you're bound to whatever it is we're taking with us?"

< Brellius> "Did you write down anything about this stuff?"

< mainstreet> "I don't think so... I'm bound to this place. If it leaves... I leave this existence. I think. And I can't write. Physically. So stop asking stupid questions."

< Brellius> "Do I have to?"

* Kanzel mutters to the group "Well, at least we're not taking a half-crazed ghost with us. Let's hurry and solve whateve it is and leave before he becomes a completely- crazed ghost..."

< mainstreet> The ghost ignores Brellius's latest stupid question.

< Capn_Marcus> "So...uh...if we try to solve this little key thing, are you going to hurt us again?"

< mainstreet> "I don't know. If I am not compelled by *it* to, then no, I won't. But there's no guarantee that *it* won't decide otherwise."

<@Dusty> "I see... Well, let's see what we have here." Dusty finally rises from his sitting location and takes a closer look at what is actually involved in this room.

< mainstreet> There's the sarcophagus (probably not a good idea to disturb in a ghost's presence), the ledge of keys, and the keyhole.

* Dusty examines the keyhole more closely.

< mainstreet> The keyhole seems to be a standard keyhole, although you can't really see inside. Of course, what this keyhole might unlock is a bit beyond you, seeing as there's no apparent door.

* Kanzel looks over at the ledge of keys.

< mainstreet> Each of the ten keys seems to be made of a different material: copper, diamond, bronze, ruby, emerald, gold, obsidian, brass, sapphire, silver. They appear to be identical in all other visual aspects.

< Capn_Marcus> "So.....which one?"

< Brellius> "Maybe we could ask the ghost guy."

< Kanzel> "My guess is Gold."

< Capn_Marcus> "Why gold?"

< Brellius> "Why not gold? If you guys are worried about getting set on fire or something, I could try it myself."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus rolls his eyes. "What I mean is, why would gold be the right one? I'm curious as to his reasoning."

< Kanzel> "Remember what the plauge said when we entered? 'Gold to an eye and return to before'."

< mainstreet> The ghost overhears this. "Eh? No, that's the exit riddle. That's just drop something gold on that eye and go back to where you were."

< Kanzel> "..Did we get anything gold?"

< Brellius> "We have gold."

< mainstreet> "There's gold on that ledge, isn't there?"

< Kanzel> "Okay, so, my other guess is Brass. we've met three Brass dragons, I don't think that's a coincidence. Unless you've got something to add, Mr. Eathbound Spirit."

< mainstreet> "Well, yeah, we only used one kind of dragon at all that I recall."

<@Dusty> "And which type do you recall it being? Just to make sure."

< mainstreet> "I don't."

< Capn_Marcus> "Well, seems like a good of an idea as any. So who's going to try it?"

< Brellius> "Me."

* Brellius shimmers for a few moments, and then takes the brass key
* Brellius slowly, cautiously tries putting the key in the keyhole

< mainstreet> The key seems to turn just fine in the keyhole.

< Brellius> "...does anyone feel destroyed?"

* Kanzel checks.

< mainstreet> A minute... then... Part of the flat wall falls away, leaving a hole in the wall. Inside is a small sphere about a foot in diameter.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus is cowering behind his staff. "...not yet, no..."

< mainstreet> "That is it!" the ghost comments. "If you dare, TAKE IT! Take it away from here!"

* Brellius looks at the sphere
* Kanzel looks around Marcus, who she was hiding behind.

< mainstreet> It appears to be glass with swirling brass-colored... swirls floating around in it. You can't make out what's beyond all that swirling. You get the sense that there's something very powerful and definite in there though.

<@Dusty> "Well... who wants to pick up the... swirling brass whatsit?"

< Brellius> "I'm still empowered. I could take the necessary risk."

< Capn_Marcus> "NO!"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus yells. "Nobody touch it!"

< Brellius> "...but it's so swirly!"

<@Dusty> "What do you know, Marcus?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Just...making sure nobody messes with it before I know what I'm doing."

<@Dusty> "Oh." That could be a while...

< Capn_Marcus> "It's an Orb of Dragonkind. There's a brass dragon sealed up in this thing, if I'm not mistaken."

< Capn_Marcus> It's got some serious power, including the ability to sense dragons, and even control brass dragons."

< Brellius> "Can it be freed?"

<@Dusty> "Control brass dragons?" Dusty raises an eyebrow.

< Capn_Marcus> "I don't think so. At least, I don't know how, if it's even possible."

< mainstreet> "Yes, yes, that's what we did, that's how we did it. They were OURS... until they weren't. They turned on us as some escaped its clutches. And we hid, like cowards."

< Capn_Marcus> "Well, duh. This thing isn't perfect, and that's the problem."

< Capn_Marcus> He turns to the other party members. "Dragons *hate* these things - and they hate anyone connected to them. Use this thing, or even carry it around for a bit, and you become an enemy of all dragons everywhere. Forever." o.o

< Capn_Marcus> He strikes a dramatic pose. "FOREVER!!!"

<@Dusty> "Sheesh..."

< Capn_Marcus> Somewhere off in the distance, thunder crashes.

<@Dusty> "Well, can we release the dragon?"

< Capn_Marcus> "I don't think so. I don't think there's any actual dragon...uh, substance left. Just its power and mentality."

<@Dusty> "So, what about destroying it?"

<@Dusty> "...what about TALKING to it?"

< Brellius> "I don't see any vocal chords on that thing."

<@Dusty> "Well, Mr. Ghost there talks to it."

* Dusty steps closer but does not touch the orb. "Excuse me, but is there a brass dragon that can speak to us in there?" Dusty speaks in Draconic.

< mainstreet> "Yes, it is there, always, in my head, waiting, feeling," the ghost says mournfully.

< mainstreet> The orb stays silent.

* Dusty turns to the Ghost. "Can you ask the orb what it wants us to do?"

< mainstreet> "No, it doesn't listen, it just talks. I think you'd have to hold it to communicate. Then it'd be the struggle for survival and dominance. Your will, versus... its..."

< Kanzel> "...If it doesn't listen, how does it know we're here?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Uh...yeah." He turns to the others. "Listen, guys, between this orb and the ghost here, I'm getting creeped out."

<@Dusty> "Yeah, I agree with you on that one, Marcus."

<@Dusty> "...look, I can try... well, touching it. See if I can talk to Brasso Light there. Maybe it will tell us something useful?"

<@Dusty> "You guys *might* not want to be around for it, though."

< Kanzel> "I also volunteer. Since this world is out to get me anyway."

< Capn_Marcus> "Yeah, well, good luck with that. I'm going to go stand in the corridor outside."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus ducks out, then peeks back in through the doorway.

* Dusty turns to Kanzel. "I'm willing to take the risk, Kanzel. And if the world's out to get you, begging for it seems a bit extreme."

< Brellius> "So far I've been able to weather what the world's thrown at me. I'll volunteer."

<@Dusty> "Three volunteers. Shall we draw lots for the risk, then?"

< Kanzel> "I was tempted to agree with what you said. You two play Rock Paper Scissors for it."

* Kanzel goes to stand behind Marcus.
* Dusty turns to Brellius. "All right, shall we flip a coin?" Dusty pulls out a minted gold coin and holds it up to show it has a heads and a tails side.

< Brellius> "Tails."

* Dusty flips the coin.

<@Dusty> The golden coin flips through the air, it spinning and flashing end over end until it reaches the apex, then drops to the ground, clattering loudly and rolling around on the side for a few moments until it finally flops over with a muted clank. Heads.

< mainstreet> ---END GAME---