Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 12

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #12: How to Disarm and Activate Traps

* Dusty checks his hair to make sure it has that right dusty-windblown-right-off-the-trail look.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus produces a large hairstyling brush, and combs his beard to perfection.

* mainstreet just stares down at you all

-!- Iethloc [] has joined #trinsic

-!- Iethloc is now known as Brellius

< Capn_Marcus> "Don't give us that look. It takes work to look this good."

< mainstreet> Right. Well, whatever.

<@Dusty> "I'd refrain from proclaiming your amazing good looks, old man."

< mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

<@Dusty> "There's a disturbingly dangerous-looking loop in that stone over there."

< Brellius> "Wait, do you mean it looks disturbingly dangerous, or it looks so dangerous that it's disturbing?"

<@Dusty> "I'm thinking more the former than the latter." Dusty starts looking around the room for some kind of clue."

< Capn_Marcus> "How do you figure it's dangerous? It's just sittin' there, minding its own business..."

< mainstreet> Beyond the drawings on the walls, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot around. You do notice that one of the pictures contains someone with this loop, or something similar. But... you can't really tell beyond that.

<@Dusty> "So... what, we just walk over there and try to pick up that block?"

< Capn_Marcus> "'We' nothing. Feel free to try it yourself, though."

* Brellius walks over to the block in question
* Dusty circles the block, looking it over from every angle.

<@Dusty> "So, Marcus, are you picking up any magical vibes from this thing?"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus waves the staff around and hums like a high-voltage wire. "Ohmmmm..."

< mainstreet> A blinding aura is present from the loop and handle. Wow, that hurts to look at. But... still worth investigating.

< Capn_Marcus> "Ow, my eyes! The goggles do nothing!"

< mainstreet> You get the sense that, as powerful as this thing is, it's meant to work with something else entirely. Possibly to assist in proper operation of it.

< Capn_Marcus> "Eh?" Marcus scratches his head. "I get the distinct impression that this thing is part of some larger mechanism."

< Capn_Marcus> He takes a look at the pictures on the wall, trying to see if they offer any clues as to the purpose of Da Loop.

< Brellius> "So it might not do anything by itself?"

< mainstreet> Well, looks like it has something to do with that/those black things.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus looks at the loop, then the wall, then the loop again. "I may be wrong, but I *think* the loop is a tool for handling those black sphere things. Sort of like a pair of tongs."

< mainstreet> I *think* that hypothesis is awesome.

< Brellius> "Black sphere things?"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus points at the wall paintings. "See?"

<@Dusty> "You mean those things that look like spheres of annihilation?"

< Capn_Marcus> "The paintings depict some sort of black sphere, presumably a powerful magic device. I'm guessing this thing is for handling them safely."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks at Dusty. "...wait, what? How do *you* know what they are?"

<@Dusty> "Acts of Hornby the Great, chapter 3 verse 12. Wherein Hornby faces a sphere of annihilation with an attitude."

< Brellius> "With a name like that, I'm guessing they aren't a device for baking muffins and hugging children."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks again...he looks at the "tongs" with slowly dawning realization. ".....oh, sh*t."

<@Dusty> "And Hornby did lift up his arms toward Fharlanghn and did cry out for help in the face of the sphere. And Fharlanghn did get a mighty chuckle therefrom, as Hornby was known for his colorful metaphors when praying under duress. Nevertheless, the sphere of annihilation did press upon Hornby with much vigor, insomuch that he was forced to flee from its presence whilst cursing in twelve languages."

< Capn_Marcus> "Uh, yeah." He turns to the others. "Look, guys, this is some serious business here. If this thing..." He points at the loop. " here, then I can only assume that at least one Sphere is here somewhere too. Those things are *incredibly* dangerous."

< Brellius> "How incredibly dangerous?"

< Capn_Marcus> "'Anything that it touches vanishes off the face of reality' dangerous."

<@Dusty> "And not nicely. We're not talking 'teleported to another plane of existence.”

< Capn_Marcus> "Yeah. Gone forever. Vanished. Undone. Kaput."

< Capn_Marcus> "Erased...from existence."

< Brellius> "Well, that's not nice."

<@Dusty> "Nasty stuff. But, if Marcus is right, this little baby will keep us nice and safe from that sphere."

< Brellius> "Or maybe it's a trap and it draws the sphere towards us instead."

< Capn_Marcus> "Relatively."

< Capn_Marcus> "It's not foolproof - it just improves the chances of keeping it under control."

< Capn_Marcus> "So, yeah. I think we should hang onto this. Question is, is the pedestal trapped?"

* Kanzel stands in the corner and tries to resist the urge to touch anything.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus suddenly gets the distinct impression that the pedestal is not, in fact, trapped. "Okay, that answers that question. I suppose I'll just...pick it up now...yessir..."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus steps up, and edges his free hand towards the loop.

< mainstreet> Are you grabbing it?

< Capn_Marcus> "I'm gettin' there!" Marcus grumbles at the unseen voices in his head. Like a man reaching for a door handle after shuffling across static-charged shag carpeting, he sloooowly, gingerly makes contact with his fingertips, waiting to see if anything happens.

< mainstreet> No. Nothing happens. It's not harmful to you. It's meant to be held by people like you.

< Capn_Marcus> "Alright, alright, just being paranoid. I mean, cautious." Sighing, he firmly grasps the handle, and takes the loop. His score goes up by 10.

<@Dusty> "Now, unless I miss my guess, this hallway to the right and up goes to room six."

<@Dusty> "So, we can go that way to see if I'm right. Or we can take the other hallway down and left."

< Capn_Marcus> "Lead the way." Marcus tucks the One True Gaff Hook into his robe. "By the way, I would suggest nobody try to touch this thing other than me. If I remember my arcane lore correctly, it *really* doesn't like non-casters."

< Brellius> "How does it tell the difference?"

<@Dusty> "All right, this time, just stay back from me. I'll check the room. If it's 6, we go on back. If it's not, we go in." Dusty heads to the right and up.

< mainstreet> As you get close enough to juuuust be able to see the room, yeah, you spot the big "6" up there.

<@Dusty> "Okay, heading back now." Dusty turns around and heads for left and down from room 5.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus follows, the talisman causing the inside of his robe to practically buzz with magical energy.

< mainstreet> You're walking... and walking... and walking...

<@Dusty> "Hey, Marcus? Could you turn down the volume on your iMacGuffin? It's buzzing."

< Capn_Marcus> "What? Oops, sorry." Marcus turns down the tiny volume knob on the handle.

< Kanzel> "Hey, there are more spheres up ahead."

< mainstreet> Well, just one.

< mainstreet> But yes.

<@Dusty> "...I'd say you're on, Oh Mighty Marcus."

* Dusty waits for Marcus to take the lead position.

< mainstreet> You notice that as you approach the sphere, you are capable of juuuuuust entering a room. It's a tight squeeze, but doable.

< Capn_Marcus> "Huh, what?" Marcus looks up.

< mainstreet> A quick look up indicates that it's room "4"

< Capn_Marcus> "Ah, there it is."

< Capn_Marcus> He waits a beat. "Well, let's move on."

< mainstreet> There is what seems to be another exit pointing in the "down-right" direction.

<@Dusty> "Look, unless we have a reason to mess with this thing, we can head down that exit... it's probably going to head to... um..." Dusty pulls out his parchment and references it. "...Room 3."

< Capn_Marcus> "We don't have *any* reason to mess with it, as far as I'm concerned. Unless something changes, I say we take the talisman and go."

<@Dusty> "All right, let's go, then." Dusty heads down the other corridor.

* Kanzel follows.
* Brellius tags along

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus glances at the sphere, then leaves with the others.

< mainstreet> Yup. Room 3. Surprise surprise!

<@Dusty> "All right... we have two corridors off Room 11 and one off rooms 8 and 2 that need checked. The only other unexplored corridor is off Room 6."

* Dusty heads to room 2, then Up-Right from said room.

< mainstreet> You guys find that wonderful thing known as a Dead End.

* Dusty turns around, heads to room 8, then down-right.

< mainstreet> And we're walkin'! ... and walkin'!... and we find... another room!

* Dusty looks for the room number!

< mainstreet> 9!

* Dusty looks around the room. "Welcome to room nine, people."

< Capn_Marcus> "How many more rooms are there, anyway?"

<@Dusty> "Well, we've only explored about half of the pyramid. My guess is we'll find a total of 30 rooms."

< mainstreet> The room is dominated by a sequence of cables holding up various jars. A single bottle lies in the middle of this setup, very precariously over a hole. The whole setup is slanted towards you.

<@Dusty> "Or, possibly, 27."

< mainstreet> There is another exit dead ahead, past all these cables and such.

* Dusty looks around the room for hints or tips. Jars suspended from cables is rather nebulous.

< mainstreet> There is an Draconian inscription at one end of the room.

< mainstreet> Er, I mean, Draconic. :p

<@Dusty> I'll stick with Draconian... until I read it. Dusty reads the draconic inscription.

< mainstreet> "Distribute weight evenly with moving only one"

* Dusty reads same aloud. "Ooookay. I don't get this one at all, guys."
* Dusty looks at some of the jars.

< mainstreet> The jars close to you (and hence lower) are all full. The middle one is lower then the side ones.

< mainstreet> Full of what, you can't quite tell. It's a liquid, though.

< mainstreet> The three jars in the back are empty. The middle back one is the highest of all.

* Dusty pilfers the heavy jar, walks over, dumps the right amount into the lightest jar, then returns the original to it's place of honor.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus cringes, expecting another trap at any moment!

< mainstreet> The cables streeeeeeetch and reset and... everything balances. The bottle in the middle is no longer in danger of falling and breaking.

< mainstreet> It also starts to smoke.

* Kanzel hits the deck.
* Dusty also hits the deck next to Kanzel.

< mainstreet> It just sits there and continues to put out a small stream of smoke.

* Dusty frowns, then gets up and takes a closer look at the smoking bottle.
* Kanzel looks over her shoulder at it.

< mainstreet> The bottle appears to be very small, made of simple bronze, with a lead top.

< Brellius> "Well, that was dramatic."

< Brellius> "I hope the next one at least belches some fire first."

<@Dusty> " Efreeti bottle?"

<@Dusty> "Maybe?"

* Dusty picks up the bottle.

< Capn_Marcus> "Maybe I should take a look."

< mainstreet> Dusty: Nothing more than you already know would indicate it is or isn't. It certainly could be.

* Dusty carries the bottle to Marcus for examination.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus glances at the bottle, then hands it back. "Eversmoking Bottle. Keep it away from me, I wheeze enough already."

* Dusty nods and tucks it into his backpack.

< Capn_Marcus> "So, another room, anyone?"

<@Dusty> "Yup." Dusty heads out the exit on the far side.

* Kanzel follows

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus follows, seeming a bit stupider than usual.

< mainstreet> Brellius, Kanzel: You are both aware of a very complex TRAP ahead. You guys almost stepped on the trigger: the threshold of the next Room.

< mainstreet> You should probably stop immediately.

* Kanzel stops and grabs Dusty's shirt to stop him.

< Brellius> "Whoa, does anyone else see that?"

* Dusty comes to a lumbering halt. "...whoa... what's wrong, Kanzel?"
* Brellius stops and holds an arm in front of Marcus

< Kanzel> "Something up ahead. I don't feel like dying again."

<@Dusty> "Well, you weren't really *dead*, per se..."

< Brellius> "Close enough, though."

< mainstreet> It looks like the trap is dependent on you guys stepping on the threshold; there's a weird block stretching across it.

< Kanzel> "I'm going to see if I can disable it.."

<@Dusty> "Sure. Just be careful. I'm a little low on healing mojo at the moment."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus backs several steps away.

< mainstreet> Kanzel tries and succeeds at nothing whatsoever.

* Kanzel keeps working on it.

< mainstreet> You hear a *chik* and you realize you have successfully eliminated this trap.

* Kanzel breaths a sigh of relief and walks into the room, looking around.
* Dusty waits a second for Kanzel to die horribly, then follows.

< mainstreet> The room is disturbingly empty. There's another path leading down and to the left.

* Dusty checks for a number.

< mainstreet> 10

* Dusty heads down and left.

< mainstreet> Wow, you guys must like walking to Dead Ends or something.

* Kanzel follows
* Kanzel didn't follow.

< Capn_Marcus> "Grah."

<@Dusty> "Another dead end. No biggie."

< Capn_Marcus> "Maybe not for you, but my corns are acting up."

* Dusty heads back toward room 11.

< mainstreet> That's a loooong walk, Dusty!

<@Dusty> "You mean those bunions?"

< mainstreet> You all make it to room 11 safely, although Marcus stumbles a few times. And most likely complains the whole way. Or possibly not.

* Kanzel yawns.

< Capn_Marcus> "Yeah." Marcus sticks his foot out from under his robe; with only his open-toed sandals on his feet, his gnarled toes are clearly visible.

* Dusty heads "Up"

< mainstreet> Yet again, Dusty shows the unparalleled capacity to lead this group of losers to that wonderful thing known as a Dead End.

* Dusty sighs and heads back to 11 and then left.

< Capn_Marcus> "0 for 2. You're not doing so well."

<@Dusty> "Well, the dead ends aren't exactly marked."

< Capn_Marcus> "Whoa, hang on." Marcus stops.

* Dusty stops. Again.

< Capn_Marcus> "Another trap plate." He points at the floor.

* Kanzel leans over to look at it.

<@Dusty> "Oh. Great. Another trapped room. If this is another dead end, I'm going back to one and spending the night on the boat sleeping."

< Capn_Marcus> "Sleep is good."

< mainstreet> The floor opens up and Kanzel falls down! She falls down... and down... and down... and lands neatly on a pair of spikes. OW!

<@Dusty> "...ouch!"

< mainstreet> The *new* floor is about 60 feet down. Ouch.

<@Dusty> "I'll get her."

< Kanzel> “Ow...”

<@Dusty> Dusty sets his weapons and equipment to one side, then casts 'Fly' on himself.

* Dusty then flies down the hole to retrieve the wayward ninja.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus peers over the edge of the hole. "Wow, I bet that hurt."

* Kanzel clings to Dusty.

<@Dusty> "Take it easy, Kanzel... I gotcha." Dusty puts an arm around Kanzel and flies back up to the top of the hole, alighting gently on the far side of the abyss.

<@Dusty> A slight pause, and he adds some curative spells for Kanzel's fresh wounds.

* Dusty then crosses back to Brellius and Marcus to help them across.

< mainstreet> Once everyone is across, there's only one way to go -- sharply up and to the right.

* Dusty gets all his stuff, too.

<@Dusty> Did that constitute a room, or just a trapped hallway?

< Kanzel> "Thanks. Again."

<@Dusty> "You're welcome. Glad I could help."

< mainstreet> Dusty: That was a room. You even notice a "12" in the ceiling.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus groans as his feet touch the ground again. "Aww, man, I was hoping I wouldn't have to walk any more."

<@Dusty> "We'll need to take a break soon. I'm..." Dusty coughs and looks a little sheepish. "...well, close to tapped out."

< mainstreet> You get the sense that the passageway you're in leads to the very top of the pyramid.

< Kanzel> "Sorry about that..."

<@Dusty> "S'alright. Let's call it a night, shall we? I think we've all walked bunions onto our corns."

* Kanzel unrolls a bedroll and lays down.

< Capn_Marcus> "Thank GAWD."

<@Dusty> I've got at least one spell per level left.

< mainstreet> That's wonderful.

<@Dusty> (( Oops))

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus pulls a bedroll from somewhere in his robe, and lays down for a nice, long sleep.

* Dusty pauses and casts a very minor curative on Kanzel, then lies down on the floor for a sleep.
* Kanzel was already asleep and didn't notice.

< mainstreet> ---END GAME---