Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 11

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #11: Puzzles, Traps, and Pure Wizard Candy

< mainstreet> ----BEGIN GAME----

< mainstreet> Our heroes are currently in Room Two of the Pyramid discussing Richard Simmons. (eww!)

* Brellius shudders a little
* Dusty checks out the three tunnels leading out of this room.

< mainstreet> They don't indicate anything in particular. They're going... left and a bit up, right and steeply up, and right and a bit up.

* Dusty looks over the three options, then heads right and steeply up.
* Kanzel follows
* Brellius tags along

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus hobbles along. "Hey, how come Brellius gets the headband?"

< Brellius> "Because if it's cursed or something I can take the hit."

< mainstreet> You walk and walk and walk and find yourselves in another large room.

< Brellius> "At least until we can identify it."

<@Dusty> "'Cause he really needs the help? Not my problem. Intellect is good, but if you don't know how to use it, it's useless."

< Capn_Marcus> "Oh. Good point."

< Capn_Marcus> (To Brellius.)

* Kanzel looks around

< mainstreet> There is a small statue of a lady with her hands in her face. Something seems to be behind the hands, but you can't make it out. There are once again three ways out, not counting the way you came in. A quick look at the Draconic numeral in the ceiling indicates it is an "8".

* Kanzel looks around for the clue of the room, happy she can now try and read it after days of training.
* Dusty looks around for the expected puzzle.

< mainstreet> Back-right corner, Dusty boy.

* Dusty heads for said location to look over the puzzle.
* Kanzel follows

< mainstreet> It looks like a series of small metal rods are embedded into the wall so that there are 9 evenly spaced squares in a three by three grid. The rods look easily removable. A line of Draconic is below this. It reads: "with nine, subtract eight, make two"

<@Dusty> "All right, why don't you read this one, Kanzel? You've been paying attention."

< Kanzel> "Hm... 'Have nine... take eight.. causing two'"

< Kanzel> "So..."

<@Dusty> "Close enough. So, now we have the problem. How do we remove eight and leave two?"

< Brellius> "Snap one in half?"

* Dusty pulls out a quill and starts doodling on it.
* Kanzel reaches up and pulls out the middle two on each side.

< mainstreet> The rods now have a formation of a square inside a square. *Ding!*

< Kanzel> "Hurrah!"

< mainstreet> You all hear a rumbling. The lady's hands are moving slightly outward. They are now pointed away from you, making the object on her forehead clearly visible.

< mainstreet> It is a well-decorated golden headband. The centerpiece seems to be a small, diamond-shaped... topaz.

* Kanzel sets the removed rods on the ground underneath the holes in the wall.
* Brellius goes to retrieve the other headband

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus scartches his head. "Sheesh, sonny, at least *someone* can solve these things." He glances at the statue. "More headbands? What is this, a Metal Gear game?" He shrugs.

* Dusty heads over and tries to remove the headband.

< mainstreet> It slides out for you easily, Dusty

* Dusty examines said headband carefully.

< mainstreet> No, Dusty, there is no sign of a curse, if that's what you were looking for.

* Dusty sighs and casts "detect magic" on the device, mumbling a brief prayer.

< mainstreet> That gem seems perfectly placed to where a spell could be stored in it and used effectively. Perhaps once per day. That topaz is definitely magical. You're getting a sense that it can project... a very powerful Searing Light spell. Probably on a daily basis.

<@Dusty> "Searing light in a headband. Cool. Who wants?"

< Brellius> "You're sure it's not cursed?"

* Dusty pauses and looks at Brellius. "Fine." He plops the circlet on his head.
* Dusty walks around a few times. "See? No problems. No sudden demons pouring out of my backside. Nothing but my normal sarcastic self." He then removes the headband.

< Brellius> "Well, if you're all willing to put on items you found in an ominous dungeon, someone may as well take the first headband, too."

<@Dusty> "Usually, if there's a curse, you'll pick up a negative magical aura."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus shrugs. "Well, you never know--OH MY GOD, WHAT IS *THAT*!?!?" He screams and points at the back of Dusty's head.


< Capn_Marcus> "Bwahaha!" Marcus laughs raucously. "Got ya!"

* Brellius chuckles
* Kanzel giggles.
* Dusty takes a moment and composes himself. "That was a jerk thing to pull off, man!" His eye is twinkling ever so slightly, though.

< Capn_Marcus> "I'm sorry, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity like that."

< Capn_Marcus> He grins.

< Kanzel> "So... Next room?"

<@Dusty> "...ANYway... this headband seems safe. Anyone want it? Searing light's a pretty good spell, and normally I'd hold onto it, but if someone has a need... plus we need to watch for Triangle Industries' 20%."

* Dusty takes another glance at the headband.

< mainstreet> On the back of the headband, you can make out the Draconic compound word for "Light up already, you lame topaz!"

<@Dusty> "...I'd say the creator was having a bad day for making magical items. The key word is on the back."

< Capn_Marcus> "Crib notes? Sheesh, what a scrub."

* Dusty turns it around and shows Marcus. "You read Draconic, don't you?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Who, me? Nah, I slept through mose of high-school Draconic."

<@Dusty> "Oh, never mind, then. Anyway, any takers before I plop it on my head?"

< Kanzel> "Can I have it?"

<@Dusty> "Sure, here you go. The keyword's on the back... don't say it accidentally. Although that won't be a problem, I suspect."

* Dusty hands it over.
* Kanzel takes it "Thanks" trying to read and memorize the keyword before putting it on her head.

< Brellius> "Anyone want the other headband?"

< Capn_Marcus> "I'll take it, if nobody else wants it. I could always go for being even more of a smartass."

<@Dusty> "Destroy it. Now."

< Capn_Marcus> "Hey!"

<@Dusty> “Um, I mean, let's go, guys...”

< Capn_Marcus> "Okay, fine, we're even."

* Dusty grins
* Dusty looks around at the possible exits.
* Brellius hands the headband of intellect over to Marcus when Dusty isn't looking

< mainstreet> You have a left/up exit, a right/down exit, and a slight-left/up exit.

< mainstreet> Plus the way you came in.

* Dusty heads left and up, then.
* Kanzel follows
* Brellius tags along

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus sets himself to auto-follow.

< mainstreet> You walk and walk until you hit a wall. Otherwise known as a "dead end". I hear pyramids are full of them.

< Capn_Marcus> "Eh?" Marcus pokes at the wall with his walking stick. "A corridor without a room? That's crazy!" He glances around. "There *must* be a reason this is here! Why would they put in a tunnel that doesn't lead anywhere? There must be a secret passage, or an invisible chest, or something!"

< Brellius> "Or maybe it was built to trick us into wasting time."

<@Dusty> "Possibly. Let's take a look around and see if we find something interesting in the end."

* Dusty searches the end of the corridor, the floor and ceiling and walls for something interesting.

< mainstreet> Nope. Looks like Brellius has the right of it. Waste that time, wither and die!

< Capn_Marcus> "There *has* to be something here! There just HAS to be!" He starts poking randomly at the walls with his stick like a video gamer unable to cope.

< Kanzel> "Coule be a false wall.. Anyone got a bombchu on them?"

<@Dusty> "Nah, this is where, when we turn around, we find 10 shambling krenshars ready to attack us on the way out." Dusty starts heading back to 8.

* Kanzel turns and follows again

< mainstreet> You are not attacked in any way as you return to 8. You just got dead ended, plain and simple. It will probably happen a few times.

* Dusty heads left and slightly up.

< mainstreet> You guys walk up and up into another room. A look up and you see an "11". There are three passages out of here. There is a soldier statue holding a long wooden staff in one hand. It appears to be well decorated with magical symbols. There are also four more soldier statues standing tall throughout the room.

< Capn_Marcus> "Hmm. Where are we now, I wonder?"

< Brellius> "Room 11."

<@Dusty> "Room 11." Dusty points up.

* Kanzel goes towards the back of the room to read the puzzle on the back wall.
* Dusty quickly checks the three exit passages while someone else looks for the puzzle.

< mainstreet> Kanzel: What puzzle? I don't see any puzzle here.

< mainstreet> Dusty: You have Left, Up, and Dennis.

< mainstreet> ;)

* Kanzel gives up then and waits for Dusty to pick a passage.

< Brellius> "Maybe the statues will come to life and attack us if we take the staff."

< mainstreet> (In this case, Dennis does exist... it's just really really hard to explain -- it's not left... it looks like it might be "down", but there's no slope)

<@Dusty> "All right, let's figure out if there's something we're supposed to do here." Dusty heads over to examine the staff-holding statue.

< mainstreet> It looks like you *could* pull it out.

< mainstreet> If you wanted to.

* Dusty blinks and looks around, almost shifty-eyed.

<@Dusty> "...I feel like I'm about to nick someone's valuables all of a sudden."

< Kanzel> "...In a manner of speaking."

<@Dusty> "All right, everyone ready? I'll put a hand on the staff and slowly pull it out. Everyone watch all over... if something starts to happen SAY something, please."

< Capn_Marcus> "Okay, but every Illinois Smith movie I've ever seen says that by then it'll be too late."

* Kanzel turns and watches the back two statues.
* Dusty puts one finger on the staff.
* Brellius watches the other two statues

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus alternates between glancing at the statues, and watching Dusty with baited breath.

* Dusty wraps his hand around the staff... and looks around again.
* Dusty takes a deep breath, then slowly begins to withdraw the staff.

< mainstreet> Nothing happens while there's still weight on the hand holding the staff.

* Dusty pauses for a long moment.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus rolls his eyes. "Oh, just get it over with already! Death trap or not, it's the *waiting* I can't stand."

<@Dusty> "Anyone got another staff? We could slide it in from the top."

< Brellius> "I could bring one in, but it'd only last a few minutes."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks. "Uh...well, I've got my walking stick..."

<@Dusty> "Let me see your walking stick, Marcus. Slide it into the hole from the top while I pull this one out the bottom."

< Capn_Marcus> "Okay, if you say so." He does as Dusty says, gently threading his stick in.

* Dusty removes the other staff from the hole as the one goes in the top until he holds the entire thing in his hands.

< mainstreet> As soon as the staff leaves the statue's hands, you hear a distinct cracking.

<@Dusty> "Well, crap. Sorry, it was worth a shot." Dusty looks around to see if he can discover what just cracked... or whether that was his back.

< mainstreet> It's the other soldier statues; they're breaking apart!

<@Dusty> ...or Marcus' back.

<@Dusty> "...please just be the statues breaking up for the heck of it, and not an attack..."

* Kanzel sighs, then reaches up and rests her hands on the hilt of her sword.

< mainstreet> They've been reduced to rubble, each revealing the hidden horror within known as... a ZOMBIE.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks, then sighs. "Ugh, more zombies? Is that all?"

* Brellius summons a shiny halberd into his hands as the zombies appear
* Dusty raises the staff in one hand and his holy symbol in the other and cries out, "In the name of Fharlaghn the Traveller, I command thee undead to make tracks away from his righteous wrath... or at least his awesome ability to make travelling without a car awesome!"

< mainstreet> The zombies look among themselves. Three of them spontaneously combust. The fourth immediately turns and heads as fast as he can down one of the exits.

< Brellius> "...oh."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus hoots and hollers. "That's right! You'd BETTER run!"

< Brellius> "Should we chase it?"

<@Dusty> "Get him! As long as I don't attack him face-to-face, he'll keep running."

* Brellius pursues the zombie

<@Dusty> "Don't run too far, Brell... if you can't kill him right off, come straight back."

* Brellius charges at the zombie once it's in range

< mainstreet> Brellius smashes the zombie's head in, slowing it majorly. It is much more sluggish then it was before.

< mainstreet> The zombie is still trying to make its getaway.

< mainstreet> The zombie reaches the threshold of the tunnel.

* Capn_Marcus glances after the zombie, and shrugs. "Eh, what the hell." He whips out a wand, and points. "BANG!"

< Capn_Marcus> A Magic Missile leaps out, and makes a beeline for the zombie's rear!

< mainstreet> Two more follow it, and the Triad of Missiles slams into the zombie and tears it into Oblivion.

< mainstreet> TEARS it, I say!

<@Dusty> "Well, that tears it..."

* Dusty spins the staff around in his hands like a baton then snaps it into focus in front of his eyes to examine it more closely.

< mainstreet> It's a pretty staff with a bunch of magic-looking symbols on it.

< Capn_Marcus> "Mind if I take a look?"

<@Dusty> "Please do. This one's outta my league."

* Brellius walks back to the group

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus takes the staff, and wracks his brain.

* Dusty plucks Marcus' walking staff out of the statue's hand.

< mainstreet> You recognize these symbols: they're all representative of very, very powerful spells. Well, some are. Some are weak. But there's symbols representing a crapload of spells, that's for sure. This definitely looks like something that is not for the common man.

< mainstreet> It looks like you could cast any spell symbolized here.

< mainstreet> You could also absorb spells with this thing. Wow... this is... like, the most awesome thing ever, dude!

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks. Then stares. Then blinks again.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus's eyes then start to tear up.

< Capn_Marcus> "Words...I need WORDS..."

< Capn_Marcus> "Should've sent a poet..."

<@Dusty> "...I take it you won't be needing your old walking stick, then?" Dusty is slightly taken aback at Marcus' reaction, holding the walking stick with both hands, now.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks again. "What stick?" He sets about looking the staff up and down, trying to find out as much as he can about it.

* Dusty nods and looks over the walking stick. After a moment, he puts it back into the statue's hand, hoping that some future psycho explorer finds it and thinks it's too important to leave behind.

< mainstreet> It's not like there are zombie-infested statues. You already took care of them. But okay.

* Dusty finally glances around and frowns. Finally, he heads toward the Dennis direction, the one that looks sort-of-downhill, but isn't.
* Kanzel follows.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus follows, but only in body, for his spirit is currently soaring in the heavens above.

< mainstreet> You guys walk and walk until coming into a large room.

* Dusty looks up for a number.

< mainstreet> As you guys enter the room, you guys hear a suspicious sound -- it sounds like thunder.

<@Dusty> "I think it's about to rain, guys."

< mainstreet> Actually, you're all about to get lightning shooting at you. And it flashes and shockes the crap out of every one of you. Kanzel seems to take it far far worse then the rest of you and doesn't get up. She looks somewhere between unconcious and roast ninja.

* Dusty coughs, then says, " I know what a piece of bread feels like in the Triangle Industries Magical Toaster. Everyone okay?" Dusty looks around.

< mainstreet> Everyone except Kanzel looks *okay*, although a bit frizz'd.

< Brellius> "I've had worse...but I don't think Kanzel's had worse."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus cringes as the trap goes off...but strangely, the lightning seems to bend around him, striking the far wall. He blinks. "What just happened?"

* Dusty hustles over to Kanzel's side, pats his pockets extensively, then finally finds his holy scriptures. It looks somewhat like a travel pamphlet. "Okay, okay... if I rechannel Fharlanghn's power in just this such a way..."

<@Dusty> "Okay, got it..." He puts his hands on Kanzel's shoulders, then says, "Oh, Mighty Fharlanghn, this woman has travelled far in our journey and our quest and has found therein hazards unparalleled. Grant unto her thy holy healing power. Kanzel, arise, take up thy crispy clothing and WALK!" He casts Cure Serious Wounds.

* Kanzel opens her eyes and looks around groggily "Wha.. what happened...?"

<@Dusty> "...I believe we discovered a magical trap. Stand up. I think you should be able to, now." Dusty stands up and tucks the pamplet into his pocket. "That's the most powerful healing magic I have access to at this point... and not much of that. How is everyone else?"

* Kanzel gets up.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus looks at his new staff, and shrugs. "I guess the staff protected me."

* Dusty puts one hand on Kanzel's shoulder, saying, "Fharlanghn bless you."

< Kanzel> "Thank you."

* Dusty touches Brellius, repeating his words.

< Brellius> "Excellent, thank you."

* Dusty takes a deep breath and bows his head. A brief flash of magical energy.
* Dusty pauses, then touches Kanzel's shoulder again. After the magical energy flows, he says, "Be careful, okay?"

< Kanzel> "I'll try. Thanks again."

<@Dusty> "You're welcome." Dusty finally looks around the room, checking for a number.

< mainstreet> 6

< Capn_Marcus> "Well, that was fun."

< Capn_Marcus> The crisis averted, Marcus takes a closer look at the headband he got earlier.

* Dusty looks around the room for a full descrip... I mean, looks over the entire room now.

< mainstreet> The room is actually pretty blank. There's just those weird zigzaggy metal cannon-looking things in the walls. Looks like they're the ones that shot those bolts at you guys. There's also three ways out: left/down, slight-left/down, straight/down (not really, but steep)

* Dusty searches the room to see if there's anything else before heading to the next route.
* Kanzel follows, looking around as well.

< mainstreet> Not really. Looks like your basic trap room. It's not like the DM had 3000 years to design this pyramid or anything.

* Dusty heads straight down, then.

< mainstreet> You walk for a ways and come to a fork in the road. Left (which is to your right), and Right (which is to your left)

* Dusty turns Left, which is to my right.

< mainstreet> You guys find yourselves in a very familiar room. A quick look up confirms that it is, in fact, room "3"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks. "Dusty, do you have any idea where we're going at this point?"

<@Dusty> "Yes, actually. I'll bet if we go the other way, we'll find room two."

* Dusty heads up and back down the other corridor to confirm this.
* Dusty waits for a second.

< mainstreet> You're a real smart cookie, you know that? You do indeed find room 2 that way.

* Kanzel goes up to the arrowhead puzzle and points them all to the right.

< mainstreet> *clickclickclickclickclick* The four arrowheads form an outline of a fifth, the fifth pointing to the left.

< mainstreet> Something falls off the queen's head and lands on the ground.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks, for the dozenth time. "Wow, it was that simple?"

* Kanzel walks over picks it up, turns, walks back and hands it to Marcus.
* Kanzel smiles "Sometimes it's just in front of you the whole time. Mind finding out what this is?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Sure, no problem." Marcus gives the item the evil eye, trying to determine its magical properties, if any. Oh, and also to remind himself what the item actually is.

< Capn_Marcus> Suddenly remembering something, Marcus taps his staff against the floor, casting Detect Magic as he does all this.

< mainstreet> The staff casts, and itself shines so brightly as to blind out the weak little light coming from the pendant.

< mainstreet> But that's okay, as you instantly recongize it as a Medallion of Thoughts. I mean, duh, couldn't anyone see that? Free detect thoughts spell for people, duh.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus grins. "Mind-reading medal. Who wants it?"

< Kanzel> "Mememe!"

<@Dusty> "Go ahead, Kanzel."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus hands over the medal.

< Brellius> "Man, by the time we get out of this place we'll all probably have a rare, powerful magical item for each day of the week."

* Kanzel takes it "Yay. Thank you." She puts it on.

<@Dusty> "We'll all get the magical item lovin' at this rate. Okay, let me just confirm one thing, I'll be right back."

< Capn_Marcus> "Hey, don't knock it. This *is* what we're here for, after all." He frowns. "Although, we still haven't found the doodad that'll presumably save the queen..."

* Kanzel glances at Marcus's Staff. "And that's what I thought that was after watcing you gush over it."
* Dusty does an errand, then gets back.
* Dusty heads to the "up" passageway from 3.

< mainstreet> A short walk into another medium-sized room.

* Dusty looks up for the number.

< mainstreet> 5

* Kanzel follows the passageways, looking for dusty from where he -left- us.

< mainstreet> You can only go the way you came, up/right, or down/left.

< mainstreet> Or stay here and deal with the curious object sitting on a stone block in the middle.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus follows, grinning at Kanzel. "Nope. This baby is pure wizard candy."

* Kanzel enters the room Dusty is and looks around.
* Brellius tags along

< mainstreet> There's the passages out. Inscribed on the walls seem to be pictures of dudes and black spheres. Don't know what that's about. But there's a loop with a handle on that stone in the center. It looks disturbingly dangerous.

< mainstreet> ---END GAME---