Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 10

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #10: Impounded Boat and Pyramid Teleport

< mainstreet> As our heroes have obtained all three Keys, they must now make them work together in order to utilize them. A thorough examination is likely in order.

< Kanzel> "Lets find an out of the way place to look them over."

* Dusty thoroughly examines the piece in his possession... the ring.

<@Dusty> "Oh... right... yeah, let's find somewhere a little quieter."

< Capn_Marcus> "Why not head back to the boat?"

< Kanzel> "Would it back yet?"

<@Dusty> "Boat's fine by me, assuming the Hypoteneuse is still there."

<@Dusty> "Only one way to find out, y'know. Let's head that direction and see if someplace quiet shows up before then."

< Kanzel> "Sounds like a plan to me."

< Brellius> "If it's quiet, that just means someone could listen in better."

<@Dusty> "Yes, but right now anyone can listen in and we'd have no way of knowing. Let's go." Dusty heads up the street toward the docks.

* Kanzel follows.
* Brellius tags along

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus ker-shuffles.

< mainstreet> As you guys approach the Docks, you notice several large buildings that serve as corporate HQs, and several other buildings that serve as stores, but no small "hangout" type location. Not in the place of Big Industry, no sir. You arrive at the Docks to find the Hypotenuse still there. However, the ship is roped off and there's not a crewperson in sight.

< Brellius> "Anyone else hear that?"

* Kanzel was watching her feet.

<@Dusty> "Hear what?"

<@Dusty> "...although the total lack of crewmen on board surprises me. Captain Kirannen doesn't strike me as the type to leave her ship unattended."

< Brellius> "That." Brellius points at the Lakeshore Dock Authority building

* Dusty looks in said direction.

< Brellius> "I think I hear yelling."

* Kanzel looks, trying to see inside.
* Dusty frowns. "Well, can't hurt to take a look." Dusty diverts to take a quick peek.

<@Dusty> "It's Captain Kirannen. She looks mad."

< Capn_Marcus> "Maybe the authorities got her."

< Kanzel> "Let's hope not."

< Brellius> "We may as well go look."

* Dusty heads toward the building to listen to the argument, now in progress.
* Brellius follows
* Kanzel follows

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus doesn't un-follow.

< mainstreet> As you prepare to open the door, the contents of Karennen's screech becomes evident. "...I have paid all my docking fees, I have, I have! You have no right to impound my ship! Release it immediately! This is an outrage!"

<@Dusty> "Brellius, you got that letter handy? The one from Princess Ashely?"

< Brellius> "Yup."

< mainstreet> You can't hear the other side of the conversation, though. The man at the desk is attempting to speak normally. Nonetheless... "I want to talk to your superior! This is almost discrimination here! I'm just as much of a person as you are!"

<@Dusty> "Follow my lead..." Dusty takes a deep breath, holding it long enough to give his face a slight crimson shade, then slams the door open as loudly as possible. Marching in, he points at Captain Karennan. "THERE you are!"

< mainstreet> Karennen stops, gulps, and turns around. "Oh. You. What do you want?"

< mainstreet> "You going to steal the rest of me or something? 'cause my ship ain't going anywhere with these guys holding it."

<@Dusty> "Times wasting, and we need to get back to Government Center immediately, why ISN'T your vessel ready to sail immediately on a mission for the Queen?!"

< mainstreet> "Because these idiots have impounded my ship."

< mainstreet> "There's nothing we can do about it, ma'am. You haven't paid the fees, your ship is impounded."

< mainstreet> "For the last time, I DID PAY THE FEES!"

< mainstreet> "No."

< mainstreet> "YES!"

< mainstreet> "Did not."

<@Dusty> "IMPOUNDED! IMPOUNDED! Brellius, Kanzel, explain to these gentlemen exactly HOW MUCH the Queen needs this vessel underway RIGHT NOW!"

< mainstreet> "Did TOO!"

< Kanzel> "Yes, the Princess Ashley, and by proxy the queen, demanded our immediate return."

< mainstreet> "You got proof of that?" the man at the desk asked.

* Brellius pulls out the important letter

< mainstreet> The man takes it and looks at it. "This says nothing about urgency. Quest to the Pyramid is usually anything but. There are other methods of transportation. Illegally getting a ship out of impound isn't one of 'em."

< Kanzel> "Do you have another way for us to return to the Castle?"

< mainstreet> "It's not my problem."

<@Dusty> While they've got him distracted, Dusty leans close to Karennen. "Tell me honestly, did you pay the blasted fees?"

< Kanzel> "I believe it actually is your problem. You're in our way to talk to the Queen, who, I believe, is your employeer."

< mainstreet> Karennen whispers back. "Yes. For this station, yes."

<@Dusty> "Where'd you pay it, here? To this clerk?"

< mainstreet> The man cringes. "Look, I'm just donig my job, okay? There's no specific instructions for what to do. I'm just doing what I'm told, but uh... fine..." The guy searches under his desk for something. "This scroll unlocks the boat," he says, handing it to Kanzel. "I hope you have someone that can read it, because our wizard is on break."

< mainstreet> "No. To the feemaster. On the upper floor."

<@Dusty> Dusty glances over his shoulder. "You'll need to deal with that later. Looks like we got the scroll we need to leave. I suggest we leave now... while the getting's good."

* Kanzel takes it "Thank you."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus snatches the scroll away from Kanzel. "No, thank *you*. I'll hold onto that, thanks."

<@Dusty> "Very good. Now, Captain, I expect your boat to be ready to make way immediately!" Dusty turns and marches out of the office.

* Kanzel nods to Marcus, looks condecendingly upon the Clerk and walks out.

< mainstreet> Karennen nods and heads out. "You realize all my crew quit on me when my ship was impounded, right?"

* Brellius puts the letter away and follows the group

<@Dusty> "Yeah, I figured. We'll have to make due with what we have onhand. Minimum crew to run the Hypotenuse is what, four? Maybe five?"

< mainstreet> Karennen snorts. "Not at profit, it's not. At profit, with catching any level of fish whatsoever, it's more like twelve. Normally I run fifteen."

<@Dusty> "We'll get the ship ready. Rustle up whatever crew you can get on short order, please, and we'll make tracks. The sooner the better."

< mainstreet> "Uh... seeing as I'm already off the normal fishing schedule, I won't be ready to go until tomorrow. No one will want to sail for no profit."

<@Dusty> "What's your profit margin for the trip between here and Government Center?"

< Kanzel> "Well, we all know you haven't paid the fees at the castle, so it's not like you coud hire anyone on short notice that knows that."

< mainstreet> "About 30 gold, usually. Sometimes as high as 40."

<@Dusty> "Fine. 35 gold. Let's go." Dusty pulls out a small handful of coins.

< mainstreet> "I still won't have the docking fee paid over there. And I won't have the crew able to leave on short notice. I'll want you to pay my back docking fees as well, if we're to go without fishing."

< Kanzel> "And how much do you owe them, by now?"

<@Dusty> "And let me guess, you probably owe... 200 or 300 gold over there, right?"

< mainstreet> "I believe they said it was 279 point three. Probably about couple of gold since the last trip as well"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus drolly rolls his eyes, then un-rolls the scroll and reads through it.

< mainstreet> Looks like a pretty simple Dispel Magic scroll, actually.

* Dusty stares at Karennen. "We just stuck our necks out for you, Captain. Big time."

< mainstreet> "And what, that means you don't have to meet fair value based on true market conditions? Is it because I'm a gnome? How long must this cycle continue? We're people too! We've been oppressed for centuries here -- only recently obtaining any sort of financial influence -- and you think you can come around and keep spitting on us? Just who do you think you are?"

* Kanzel mutters in Gnomish "It's not like we're trying to cheat you out of anything, we're just saying 'You owe us', basically."

< Capn_Marcus> (Hmm, is that all?) Marcus thinks to himself, then looks up at the captain. "We think we work for royalty who can probably get your fees dropped."

< Capn_Marcus> "Forever."

< Capn_Marcus> "If we succeed with our mission, the Queen is going to be really grateful. All it would take is some name-dropping, and you could be fishing tax-free from now on."

< mainstreet> Karennen rolls her eyes at Kanzel's statement. "Yeah, well your kind owe us a whole lot more than one, girl."

< Kanzel> "It has nothing to do with race. It's four people talking to one person. We can't repent for all of what Humans have done to Gnomes, and we're not trying to."

<@Dusty> "No, it doesn't have anything to do with race. I've served under your command for two legs of this trip... have I even once talked down to you or even given an indication that I was anything but willing to take your orders, Captain?"

< mainstreet> Karennen takes a look off into the distance and sighs. "Fine, we'll go. But if I get my ship impounded again, I'll be counting on your help -- I do not have the kind of gold Government Center is going to want."

<@Dusty> "Understood. And thank you. Captain."

< mainstreet> "Right."

< Capn_Marcus> "So, can I cast this mo-fo now?"

<@Dusty> "Please."

< mainstreet> "Yes, please."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus cracks his k'nuckles, opens the scroll, and starts a-castin' it on the boat and/or anything linked to it.

< mainstreet> The Rope linking ship and dock glows briefly, then detaches from the ship.

< Brellius> "You needed a fancy scroll for that?"

* Dusty boards the ship and readies to cast off.
* Kanzel jumps onboard.

< mainstreet> Karennen hurries up the ladder onto the deck. "Let's go!"

* Brellius tags along

< mainstreet> "Don't bother setting up the lines. Cast off anchor and haul away!"

< Capn_Marcus> "Yeah, unless you feel like waiting for me to prepare my own copy. Tomorrow." He climbs aboard.

* Kanzel goes off to the bellowdecks door to change.
* Dusty performs the Captain's commands.

<@Dusty> ...while in a fancy business suit.

<@Dusty> Once we're under way, Dusty sets up a work area to start examining the artifacts in detail.

* Kanzel comes back up, having changed in near-record time.

< mainstreet> Karennen grabs the wheel and seems perfectly content to ignore you all for the duration of the voyage after saying "We should be there in fifteen minutes or so. Sit tight."

* Kanzel sits next to the work area.
* Dusty starts with a visual examination inside and out of the ring and jug, then runs his hands along all the surfaces. Third step will be to Detect Magic on them.
* Kanzel looks on.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus watches with semi-genuine interest.

< mainstreet> Hmmm... the metal ring seems to be cracked a bit... it's not *quite* a complete ring. Looks like there's enough of a gap to slide something in there. What do you have that could be slid into that gap to become attached to that ring?

<@Dusty> "A small crack here... and a gap. Something might fit in there."

< Kanzel> "The top of the jug?"

<@Dusty> "Possibly... it's next for me to look at." Dusty checks the jug.

< Kanzel> "Wait.. Not the top of the jug, the handle. The handle would fit in there perfectly."

<@Dusty> "Aha... so... the jug goes there. Got it. What else...?"

* Kanzel picks up the prisim, turning it over in her hands.
* Kanzel watches the colors flow through on the deck as she turns it over.

< mainstreet> It's a prism. prism. n. 1. a transparent optical element with flat, polished surfaces that refract light.

* Kanzel pus it back down so dusty can work on it.

< Brellius> "May I take a look at the artifacts?"

* Dusty finally gathers all three items together, then quietly takes a deep breath, closing his eyes a moment and... One eye pops open. "Want to look at 'em before I cast this spell?"
* Kanzel puts her chin on her knees.

< Brellius> "Unless your spell will alter them, I'd be fine either way."

* Dusty nods, then takes another deep breath, closes his eyes for a moment and...
* Dusty murmurs "By Fharlaghn, grant me eyes to see what is beyond the senses." Then opens his eyes and examines the objects.

< mainstreet> The prism just sits there. You don't see anything in particular. The jug and ring however, seem to have strong auras attached to them.

< mainstreet> You get the inspiration to try moving them closer and farther apart... yes, they're definitely strongest when together.

* Kanzel pokes the prisim.

< mainstreet> You poke the prism. It is poked.

<@Dusty> "...I feel like I'm playing with building blocks. Okay, yes... the items go together, but the prism has no magical aura attached to it. We'd best spend a little time in the castle library before we just haphazardly put these together."

< Kanzel> "Let's try connecting them. They seem to -want- that result"

< Kanzel> "the jug and the ring, not the prisim."

<@Dusty> "...all right." Dusty attempts to connect the jug handle to the ring.

< mainstreet> It fits in. The auras definitely flare up and become even stronger.

< Capn_Marcus> "Good, they fit. So now what?"

* Kanzel picks up the prisim and pokes the jug with the prisim.

< mainstreet> Nothing happens.

* Dusty squints a little for a moment until his eyes reacclimate. "Well... the prism fits into this somehow. Maybe pass it through the ring? Or put it in the jug? Or refract light somehow?"

< Brellius> "We probably shouldn't mess around with them much more...they might do something fancy at the wrong time."

< mainstreet> Yes, Dusty, the prism is a prism. It is intended to refract light. You are now on Webster's Hit List for not reading him more closely earlier :P

< Capn_Marcus> "Maybe try holding it up, and reflecting light through the ring?

<@Dusty> "Yeah, try refracting that light through the ring and into the jug."

* Kanzel holds up the prisim to refract light onto the jug.

< mainstreet> That's not going to do anything. The jug doesn't want *light*

* Kanzel tries holiding it so the sun passes through the length of it.

<@Dusty> "'s a water jug. Let's fill it up."

< Brellius> "Remember what I said about messing with them, just a few moments ago?"

* Dusty finally looks up at Brellius. "Well... we have to figure these things out or we won't get into the pyramid. What do you propose?"

< mainstreet> "Centerpoint at starboard," Karennen calmly announced, apparently forgetting to ignore you all.

* Kanzel looks over and tries to see the pole.

< mainstreet> Yep. It's there.

< Brellius> "We could ask someone who knows about this stuff."

<@Dusty> "Like who? Marcus?"

< Brellius> "...oh."

< Kanzel> "Why aren't we filling it up?"

* Dusty goes and fills the jug with lake water and returns.

<@Dusty> "Gather round, everyone, and let's refract some light."

< mainstreet> Karennen looks over at what they're doing and gulps. "Abandoning ship!"

* Kanzel tres to refract light on the jug again.

< Kanzel> o.o

< mainstreet> Karennen jumps overboard and starts to swim

* Kanzel stares.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus runs to the railing, and yells after her. "What the hell are you doing?"

<@Dusty> "Uh... was that an expected addition to the conversation?"

< mainstreet> "I'm doing what is needed for the plot to advance!, I mean, I'm saving myself!"

< Brellius> "...oh...shoot..."

< Kanzel> "Uhm.. should we stop the boat?"

< Brellius> "Are we trying to activate the pyramid while sailing on top of it?"

<@Dusty> "Uh, sure. Hang on."

* Dusty stops the boat.

< Kanzel> "Why didn't we think of that sooner. Moreover, how did she know before we did?"

<@Dusty> "Get the feeling that she's seen this before? Just refract some light and let's see what happens."

< Brellius> "I'm always up for a challenge, but I'm not really a fan of being on a boat in danger of getting capsized."

< Kanzel> "I think we should get the boat away from the pyramid before we try that.

< Kanzel> Just in case we need it later."

<@Dusty> "Ah, you see... there's the rub. If we move the boat away from the pyramid, then the tides of, say, a rising pyramid will force it away. Whereas if we beach the boat on TOP of the pyramid, it should stay nearby."

< Kanzel> "Or, in case she does..." Looking over at the receeding form of Karennen.

<@Dusty> "At this point, we have no clue what's ACTUALLY going to happen. We could find being farther away to be even worse than being close for all we know. Still, assuming this pyramid rises slowly, we'll have time to react."

* Kanzel looks over at where Karennen swam off.
* Kanzel sighs. ((Well, I'm overruled)) She holds up the prisim, waiting for Dusty.
* Dusty moves the item into position for Refractage.

< Brellius> "We might lose the ship."

* Dusty pauses. "Look, at this point, we need to decide. Tying to an unknown pole seems like a recipe for disaster. And I noticed that Karennen just bailed out WITHOUT trying to stop us. That tells me that she doesn't want to be INSIDE the pyramid, not that the ship is in immediate danger. My guess? Anyone on the ship gets teleported. Possibly with the ship."

<@Dusty> "So, unless you guys want to do this while swimming, we should do it now."

* Kanzel nods.

< Kanzel> "Let what will be, will be."

<@Dusty> "So, refract that light, Kanzel. Let's see what happens!" Dusty holds things up.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus shrugs. "Eh, what the hell. Let's see if this sucker works."

* Kanzel moves ithe prisim into the position to refract light into the jug.

< mainstreet> Nothing happens.

* Kanzel moves ithe prisim into the position to refract light onto the jug.

< mainstreet> Nothing happens.

* Kanzel moves ithe prisim into the position to refract light onto the ring

< mainstreet> *Onto*? Hmmm, not happening.

* Kanzel moves ithe prisim into the position to refract light through the ring.

< mainstreet> The ring and jug begin to glow.

* Kanzel wins.

< mainstreet> The glow gets brighter and brighter.

< mainstreet> The ship around you starts to shake.

<@Dusty> "See? There we go. Brighter. Etcetera. And shaky."

<@Dusty> "Gotta have the shaky."

< Kanzel> "And, I was right about the glowing"

< Kanzel> "Didn't think I would be."

< mainstreet> A flying saucer appears out of nowhere above your heads!

< Brellius> "Not again!"

< mainstreet> (Just kidding)

<@Dusty> Dusty pats Kanzel's shoulder. "And you were right about the aliens, too." (Just kidding)

< Kanzel> "Nuuu!"

< mainstreet> You all are swept off your feet! And thrown into the jug! Yes, you all fit somehow!

< Brellius> "Not again!"

< mainstreet> A brilliant flash of light...

* Kanzel holds her breath

<@Dusty> "Next time, less donuts for Marcus!"

< mainstreet> *WHAM!*

< mainstreet> You find yourselves in a large stone room. Still on the boat. Due to lack of water, the boat is clearly grounded.

< mainstreet> The only source of light is the refractive paneling of the boat railing.

* Kanzel starts breathing again.

< mainstreet> Therefore, it's very dark.

<@Dusty> "See? We're just fine. Now, let's hope there aren't any grues."

* Brellius pulls out his everburning torch

< mainstreet> Lucky for you, I don't think grues hang out in pyramids.

* Kanzel reaches into her bag for her lanturn, putting the Prisim in along the way.
* Kanzel lights it.

<@Dusty> "...I wonder if we can do the same thing. Refract lantern light through the ring and teleport us and the boat out."

* Dusty looks around for other boats.

< mainstreet> You are in a vast room. There appear to be four openings at one end of the room. You should probably leave the boat to examine things down there in greater detail.

* Kanzel holds the laturn up for maximum... lighting.

< mainstreet> It's instantly apparent to Dusty that the ring and jug have completely vanished on you. Kanzel retains the prism, but it doesn't appear as though your magical Keys got transported with you.

< mainstreet> You also notice that this is the only boat in the room.

<@Dusty> "...oops. The key's gone. Why is the key always gone?"

< Capn_Marcus> "Great, we've lost the googams." Marcus tries to get down from the boat, which may or may not work depending on if there's a handy ladder or gangplank.

< Brellius> "This isn't quite what I saw coming, but I still warned you guys that fancy stuff might happen."

* Dusty shrugs. "Well, time to find out what we've gotten ourselves into." Dusty disembarks.

< mainstreet> Well, the ladder normal people use to climb up can also be used to climb down, Marcus.

* Kanzel holds her lanturn with her teeth and climbs down after Dusty.
* Dusty looks around.
* Brellius climbs down and also takes a look around
* Kanzel looks around as well, holding her lanturn high, like before.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus slides down the ladder, landing hard on his rear. "Ow!"

<@Dusty> "Hey, draconic number 1 overhead." Dusty is looking up.

< Brellius> "What makes you so sure it's number 1?"

* Kanzel walks over to a wall and looks at the markings on it.

< mainstreet> It appears to be an inscription written in an ancient form of Draconic.

<@Dusty> "Cause I can read Draconic?"

* Kanzel mutters "Wonderful. A Language I can't read..."

< Kanzel> "there's Draconic over here too."

<@Dusty> "Maybe Draconic, Kanzel?" Dusty drops his gaze from the ceiling and heads over to Kanzel, looking over her shoulder at the text.

* Brellius looks at the text

< mainstreet> Dusty: You can read it. It's four lines, quite elegantly written, with lots of embellishments on the letters. You blink a few times before reading:

< mainstreet> "Proceed through our legacy with caution < mainstreet> If you are smart, you will know the way in < mainstreet> If you are wise, you will know the way to live < mainstreet> If you are clever, you will know the way out."

* Dusty reiterates the text, then adds, "They got so fancy with the lettering that it looks like Ancient Draconic dialect, though."

< Brellius> "I can still make it out."

* Kanzel , feeling useless, looks around the room again.
* Kanzel squints in the darkness, holding her lanturn higher. she then walks over to another lock of text. "More of that language I can't read over here."

< Brellius> "There's something under the boat."

<@Dusty> "Did we squish a fish?"

< Brellius> "It's a symbol. Of an eye."

* Dusty heads over to Kanzel's shoulder again and looks over this batch of text.

< mainstreet> "Out is in, and up is down.

< mainstreet> Gold to an eye and return to before."

* Dusty reiterates this text, then pauses. "I'd say that we bring something gold back here and it'll put us back topside. Not sure what, though."

< Kanzel> "Up is down? Well that's even less than maddeningly unhelpful. Why are these things never clear?"

< Brellius> "So to get out, we HAVE to loot the place? Convenient."

<@Dusty> "Well, something like that. Let's check things out." He heads for the four doors and looks them over.

< mainstreet> Well, they aren't *doors*, per se. They're more like open doorways.

* Kanzel follows Dusty.
* Brellius cautiously tags along

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus looks at the doorways, trying to see if there's anything remarkable about them.

< mainstreet> One of the four tunnels seems to lead down. The two in the middle lead upwards. The remaining tunnel leads flatly.

< Capn_Marcus> "So, which one do we take?"

<@Dusty> "Out is in... up is down..." Dusty takes the left tunnel that leads upwards. Just because he can.

< mainstreet> You walk... and walk... and walk... and find... another large chamber.

< Capn_Marcus> "Hey, wait!" Marcus follows.

* Kanzel runs to catch up.
* Dusty looks around this large chamber.

< mainstreet> There appear to be three tunnels leading out, not counting the tunnel you arrived through. There is a large statue of some ancient queen in this room. This statue has her dressed very extravagantly. A bit surprising, considering the ancient times. But then, that's why you're thinking "queen". (That, and it's a 20-foot statue in a *pyramid*)

<@Dusty> "Hm. Three more routes out of here. I don't like branching out until I know a bit more about the options. And there's the number 3 up there. I wonder if we should find 2 first?"

< Kanzel> "I just hope they don't want us to split up.."

< Capn_Marcus> "Dude, I have *no* idea where you're going."

<@Dusty> "Like I know where I'm going. I picked one at random, based solely on the Down is Up thing."

< Brellius> "I think I see something..."

<@Dusty> "What do you see?"

< Brellius> "Something."

< Kanzel> "Her necklace?"

<@Dusty> "Can you be a little more specific?"

* Brellius points at the wall between two of the tunnels

< Capn_Marcus> "Wall, wall, wall."

* Dusty squints in that direction, then moves toward it.
* Kanzel walks up to the statue, trying to see what her necklace is made of.

< mainstreet> As you get closer, you can make it out: A single line of Draconic, and a series of four arrowheads in a 2x2 pattern bunched together. The top-left and bottom-right arrowheads are pointing up. The top-right and bottom-left arrowheads are pointing to the right.

<@Dusty> "I think the Draconic says 'This End Up, Lift With Pallet Jack From Right Side'."

< mainstreet> The necklace appears to be a silver cord with a simple copper charm in the middle. The charm appears blank.

* Dusty grins and reads the draconic.

< mainstreet> No, actually it says "With four, make five."

< Kanzel> "...That seems signifiant somehow..."

* Dusty relays the meaning.

< Capn_Marcus> "...buh?"

<@Dusty> "Should we head back and explore some of the other passages before going on? I'm loathe to commit to a path based on such a small amount of clues."

< Brellius> "If we CAN head back."

<@Dusty> "Opinions?"

< Brellius> "I've been in more than one dungeon where the passages changed."

* Kanzel walks around the statue trying to find a way to climb up.

< mainstreet> Not happening.

<@Dusty> "Well, let's see what happens." Dusty heads back to the Boat Room, AKA Entrance.

* Kanzel gives up and follows

< mainstreet> You walk... and walk... and walk... and are back in room "1".

* Brellius tags along

<@Dusty> "Looks like we made it. Let's try the other upwardly mobile room." Dusty gestures to the right-side upward passage.

< mainstreet> You walk... and walk... and walk... and find yourself in another large chamber. Dusty looks up, and sees a "2".

<@Dusty> "See? Number two."

* Dusty looks around this chamber.

< mainstreet> This chamber has a life-size statue of some sort of wizard-looking dude.

< Capn_Marcus> "Yeah, we're pretty deep in number two right now."

<@Dusty> "Wow, that's a pretty cool style of number two, there."

<@Dusty> "The way they curved the arc over the top of the line, and then added the embellishments..."

< mainstreet> And... sorry for failing to say it... I'll get better, I promise... three tunnels out, not counting the way you got here

< Brellius> "I see something else."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus admires the statue. "Man, I hope I have a statue as nice as this some day."

<@Dusty> "All right, let's take a look around." Dusty searches the place.

< Brellius> "There seems to be a target on the back wall."

<@Dusty> "What KIND of target?" Dusty looks.

< mainstreet> Not only is there a target, there appears to be a series of six arrowheads that are easily grabbable sitting on a ledge beneath the target. A line of draconic is on this ledge: "With these six, make one hundred."

< mainstreet> You notice that the target is six concentric rings, all with Draconic numerals marking them.

* Dusty looks at the draconic numerals.

< mainstreet> (Well, Five rings and a bulls-eye, actually)

< mainstreet> The numbers read, from the bulls-eye outward: 40, 39, 24, 23, 17, 16

* Dusty grabs two arrowheads and sticks them in the 16.

<@Dusty> "Someone stick the others in."

* Kanzel scoops them up, jumps on and off the ledge and sticks them in.

< mainstreet> As the last arrowhead sinks in, you hear a *chik* behind you.

<@Dusty> "We're getting hot chicks, now?"

* Dusty turns around and looks.

< Capn_Marcus> "We are!?"

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus looks around.

< Brellius> "Wrong kind of chik."

* Brellius turns around
* Kanzel turns

< mainstreet> You notice that the wizard statue's headband is very loose now, not wrapped tight against the statue like before.

<@Dusty> "No, but watching Marcus' head spin was worth the effort!"

< Kanzel> "Oh. So that IS what it meant."

< Kanzel> "I think we should hide.."

<@Dusty> "So.... I'm thinking someone should go get the headband."

< Capn_Marcus> "So go get it, then."

* Brellius goes to get it

< mainstreet> Brellius obtains the headband!

<@Dusty> "Want to bet it's a headband of intellect?"

* Brellius hums a victory tune to himself and returns to the group

<@Dusty> "It's either that or the Sports Headband of Richard Simmons."

< mainstreet> Why bet? Now that it's in Brellius's hands, that's fairly obvious. And I'm not talking about Richard Simmons.

< Brellius> "Be careful when you say that name."

<@Dusty> "Why? Afraid of getting your twees in a knot?"

< Brellius> "I always feel like I'm being watched when I hear that name..."

< mainstreet> Okay, that's enough right there. That's horrible. That must be stopped. ---END GAME---