Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 09

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #9: Break this Contract and be Terminated

< mainstreet> -----BEGIN GAME-----

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus reels, as if he were suddenly thrust into this universe from another one. "Whoa...did anyone else feel that?"

< mainstreet> ----SCREEEEECH!!!----: *fast forward fast forward*

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus reels again, as if unexpectedly speeding forward through time. "Whoa!"

< mainstreet> As the Road Runner attempts to head out the door, he steps on a piece of paper that has been thrust under it. "What's this? Hmmm..." He turns around and hands it to one of the ladies and says something you can't hear from your position.

< mainstreet> Yanna raises an eyebrow as text appears on her book. "Very well," she says. "Go in. I don't want to know how that was managed."

<@Dusty> "Thank you, Yanna." Dusty smiles and opens the door for the party.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus blinks. Then, blinks again. "We...can go in?" Somewhere in the background, an angelic choir sings.

* Kanzel gets out of the chair she's been snoozing in for what feels like two weeks and follows the others.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus dashes through before the Powers That Be change their mind.

< mainstreet> The room looks furnished much as described before. Imagine that!

* Brellius tags along
* Dusty follows once everyone is inside.

< mainstreet> One of the ladies stops you before you can approach the person sitting in the chair. "We are here to serve. However, the slightest sign of disrespect toward Mistress Viran and you are: *out* of here. Clear?"

< mainstreet> (That's to all of you in general, as she puts a hand up, stopping the whole group.)

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus decides that now would be a good time to not say anything for a while.

< mainstreet> She nods at you all after saying this, and motions for you to take the various seats around the table.

* Dusty quietly says to her, "We'll be the paragons of politeness. And, hopefully, brevity."

< mainstreet> The lady ignores you.

<@Dusty> "Ms. Viran, I am Dusty Bivi, these are my colleagues, Brellius, Marcus and Kanzel. We've been sent here by the Princesses Ashely and Lily to acquire your key to the Pyramid of Triangle Island." There, the truth straight out and in the open. Right to the point.

< mainstreet> The gnome sitting in the "throne" smirks a bit. "And you really think it's that easy?" she challenges.

* Kanzel stares vaugely out the window.

<@Dusty> "I didn't say it was easy. But, your time is valuable, so I see no need to beat about the proverbial bush."

< mainstreet> "My time is very valuable. How valuable is: *your* time, though?" she asks, still smirking.

<@Dusty> "Rest assured that we wouldn't have been sent unless the matter was urgent. I certainly had plenty of work to do that I would have declined unless a life depended on it. Still, that's not important to you. What do you want us to do to acquire your key?"

< mainstreet> "I want you to make it worth my while. Plain and simple."

< Kanzel> "You have more money than anyopne else here. What could you want of four travelers?"

< mainstreet> "You will be infinitely richer if you succeed, girl."

<@Dusty> "You're looking for a cut of the proverbial action." Statement, not question.

< mainstreet> Viran narrows her eyes at Dusty appraisingly. She casts glances at the ladies. "Hannah, you know where it is. Get it. Code is one-nine-eight-five." The lady that you first talked to curtsies and quickly walks out the room.

< mainstreet> "Natalie, Alicia, take the next ten minutes off. On me. Just don't be: *here*." Two more of the ladies also curtsy and exit.

< mainstreet> "Marina, this meeting is not happening. But get me a contract paper in that desk over there."

< mainstreet> The remaining lady bites her lip, walks to a desk in the corner of the room, and pulls out an inkpen, bottle of ink, and grey piece of paper.

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus grins to himself.

< mainstreet> Viran takes the material and starts writing. "I'm writing that if you succeed in your Quest, I get a portion of the objects in there."

< mainstreet> "Breaking this contract is not advisable. You will find it... very... unpleasant."

<@Dusty> "Let's talk about the exact portion, as it were."

< mainstreet> "I'm thinking twenty percent."

<@Dusty> "We're taking all the risk, outlaying all the expenses and doing all the work. Ten percent of our final take."

< mainstreet> "You have no chance without my help. Twenty."

* Dusty smiles. "Ms. Viran, you've built a massive corporate juggernaut that's the envy of CEOs far and wide. Your corporate purchasing budget dwarfs that of most smaller nations. That's pretty impressive stuff."

< mainstreet> "Yadda yadda."

< mainstreet> "Young man, I get that from pretty much everyone. I've heard it all before."

<@Dusty> "Of course you have. This is just to put in perspective that you're the corporate tiger in the room. We're in this to help someone in need. Will you consider that we aren't hauling those objects out of there for ourselves in your proposal? They will be going to help the Queen, not us."

< mainstreet> "Of course. But none of us knows exactly what's in there. Her Majesty does not need to know everything, does she?"

* Dusty looks over at his companions. "That depends on them, doesn't it?"

< Brellius> "Well...if it's necessary to get there in the first place, I can live with it."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus shrugs. "Eh."

< mainstreet> Hannah appears at the door, bearing some sort of large metal ring about two feet in diameter. She sets it down in front of the table. "Go find Alicia and Natalie and join them, wherever they are. Return when they do." Viran orders. "Yes, Mistress," Hannah replies, then curtsies and leaves.

* Kanzel continues to stare out the window, looking for the clothing store they had visited.
* Dusty pauses. "...on the condition that if there is only one item, and that item is critical to saving said life, then it isn't subject to the contract. Are we agreed?"

< mainstreet> "Well, you obviously can't split one, regardless of what it is. I'm not a monster. What is, is. 20% to the nearest object. I will point out that on a zero-to-one scale that makes 20% round to zero."

* Dusty quietly stares at the paper, casting Detect Magic as he does so.

< mainstreet> You detect a strong magical aura about the paper. It seems to have a very specific and unique spellform attached to it.

< mainstreet> It seems to be a curious form of a Summon Monster spell. It feels very artificial in nature, and not a true "monster" that would be summoned.

< mainstreet> Viran smiles as she detects the spell being cast. "Smart boy. If you're any good at figuring spells out, you'll know exactly how dangerous it would be to break this contract."

<@Dusty> "I've got a few ideas, but I expect you to tell me BEFORE I sign it."

< mainstreet> "You break the contract, you get a Kolyarut hunting you down for quite some time. I'm sure you don't want that."

< Capn_Marcus> "...what's a Kolyarut?"

< mainstreet> "I only have three of these left. You understand how seriously I am taking this."

< mainstreet> Viran writes a few more things then passes the contract, inkpen, and ink across to Dusty. "20%, and tell no one. Fairly simple."

* Dusty reads the contract through.

< mainstreet> It looks pretty simple. If your Quest completes, Viran is due 20% of the items obtained from within the Pyramid. This contract is confidential and any mention of it in the presence of someone not present at the signing also constitutes a violation.

* Dusty pauses for a moment longer, then signs the contract.

< mainstreet> "All of you sign it. That includes you, Marina. You're bound to silence here, as my witness."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus could swear he hears demonic laughter resonating somewhere in the background.

< Kanzel> "Are you going to sign it?"

< mainstreet> "After everyone else, yes."

* Dusty passes on the contract and pen.

< Capn_Marcus> "I...uh." Marcus glances around. "I'm not: *technically* part of this group...I'm actually here on assignment from the royal court. I'm not sure I'm authorized to go signing anything..."

< mainstreet> "You are still your own person."

< Capn_Marcus> "Yes, but I need it made clear that I'm not agreeing to this with any sort of royal authority. Can we add a rider or something to that effect?"

< mainstreet> "The contract is confidential. They shouldn't even: *know* about it."

< Capn_Marcus> "In my experience, 'shouldn't' doesn't mean 'won't'. I just want to make it clear beforehand, in case this comes up later." He turns to the others. "You'll vouch for me, right?"

<@Dusty> "I will, Marcus."

< mainstreet> Viran sighs. "Fine. Hand the bloody thing back over and I'll add it."

< Kanzel> "I will as well. Not that, in the end, my word will mean much to anyone."

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus waits for the modified contract to be handed back, then scribbles something vaguely resembling a signature on it (if said signature was written by a chicken holding a pen in its foot).

< mainstreet> The paper is passed onto Brellius and Kanzel.

* Kanzel signs.
* Brellius reluctantly signs it

< mainstreet> The contract is passed onto Marina, who signs it, then is passed onto Viran, who signs it, folds it, and slips it in her pocket. "I believe that concludes this meeting. Take it and go. Good luck. You'll need it," Viran comments.

< Capn_Marcus> "I don't suppose we can get a photocopy of that?"

* Dusty acquires the two-foot ring and wonders if there's a 100 foot giant that needs a marriage proposal for it or something before aiming for the door.

< mainstreet> "Pointless. You know what it says, and now that I've signed it, it's spell-sealed and can't be altered in any way. That's why I signed it last."

< Capn_Marcus> "Ah. Force of habit."

* Kanzel follows Dusty.

< mainstreet> "Now, stop wasting my valuable time. Out!"

< Capn_Marcus> "Yes', ma'am." Marcus shuffles out behind the others.

< mainstreet> Marina gestures quite fiercely to the door and adopts an aggressive posture, seeming ready to fling herself at anyone that's still in the room in sixty seconds.

* Brellius leaves with the others

< Brellius> "We could store that ring in my Handy Haversack."

< mainstreet> As you pass the Secretary's office, you notice that Yanna is absorbed in a book and there are various paper clips and pens just sitting out in the open.

* Dusty hands it off to Brellius. "Thanks, Brellius."
* Dusty heads for the door before any untoward thefts occur.
* Kanzel slips by Yanma's desk while she's absorbed and steals all of her pens and paperclips. Leaving the desk relatively clean.

< mainstreet> You all go down the now-cleaned-up stairs, and into the elevator.

* Kanzel passes a pen off to Marcus.

< mainstreet> One of you nudges the "1" button, and you all descend.

* Brellius stuffs the improbably large ring into his comparatively improbably small pack

< Capn_Marcus> Marcus listens to muzak.

* Kanzel shoves the rest in her bag, which magically reappeared.

< mainstreet> The elevator opens and you're back on the ground floor, in the reception room. The two receptionists are looking forward (not at you).

< mainstreet> As you walk out, one of the Receptionists notices you all, nods, and smiles. "Do come again. We enjoyed the fish stories."

<@Dusty> "I'll have some real whoppers for next time!" Dusty smiles and waves as he heads out the door.

* Kanzel follows, trying to be noticed.

< mainstreet> You are all on a crowded street with a bunch of people.

< mainstreet> The buildings are massive, though not as massive as the one you came out.

< Capn_Marcus> "So..." Marcus shrugs. " what?"

* Kanzel yawns deeply. "They're much nicer looking down on them, the building, I mean."

<@Dusty> " time, someone ELSE negotiate. I'm sweating by the gallon, here, after that!"

< Capn_Marcus> "But you're so good at it!"

< Brellius> "Not it!"

< mainstreet> -----END GAME-----

* Kanzel chuckles "But you did better than I could ever do. They would have tossed me out after my first sentence."

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