Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 08

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #8: A Day at the Office

<mainstreet> ----BEGIN GAME---

Kanzel stares at the door trying to make it burst into flame.

Brellius stares at the door trying to freeze it

Marcus raises his hand, as if to knock...he hesitates, drawing out the moment as long as possible to milk the dramatic tension...

Kanzel stares at the door, marcuses hand, back at the door and back at his hand

<Marcus> "What, you've never seen a man knock on a door before?"

Marcus knocks.: *KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK*

<Kanzel> "It's very Dramatic"

<mainstreet> "Who is it and what do you want?" A very deep voice.

Marcus clears his throat. "It's-a me, Marcus. Is this Fisk's office?"

<mainstreet> "Marcus? I don't... oh, YOU..."

<mainstreet> "Oh... all right, come in..."

Marcus cracks his knuckles, and grins. "See? All it takes is the right connections." He opens the door and enters.

<mainstreet> A big black man sits behind an equally large desk. "Whatever you want, Marcus, make it quick. The less you're seen in here, the better."

Kanzel stands in the hallway, hidden from the man inside.

Marcus puts on his best "Buddy! Pal!" smile, and does his best to seem as friendly as possible. "Walter! It's been ages. How are ya? Been doing well? Life been treating you fairly?"

Dusty finishes his lengthy dissertation on fishing with the statement, "I'll just drop in on those fine Sporting Goods fellows and tell THEM how wonderful their products are. Have a WONDERFUL day!" And head for the elevator.

<mainstreet> "Don't play games with me. You've never been that friendly. At least, not with me. And now that I have something worth it, you come up here wanting something. I'm enjoying this."

Marcus frowns. "Well, fine, if you're going to be that way." He shrugs. "We're looking to talk to a Ms. Viran about something really important."

<mainstreet> The receptionists eagerly talk about the latest fishing gear for quite some time, completely oblivious to all else.

<mainstreet> "Uh. Right. And why should I help with that?"

<Brellius> "Why not?"

<mainstreet> "I only get so much of her time, that's why. I need to get funding for my own department too, you know."

<Marcus> "Because the Queen is dying, and we kind of need to talk to Ms. Viran to finish our quest and save her life?"

<Marcus> "And, what department might that be?"

<mainstreet> "I run the metal weapons department. You know that."

<Marcus> "Uh, right, right. How's that going for ya?"

<mainstreet> "It's not going too well. ACME keeps coming out with better and better qualities of weapons, and I don't have the budget for it!"

<Marcus> "Yeah, I hear you. I heard their Exsanguinator x-5000 just hit the market last week."

<mainstreet> "However... you have a fair point. Under the circumstances, it would be expident to speed you along. If you can prove it."

<mainstreet> "Indeed."

<Marcus> "Brellius, show him the gold whatsit."

<Brellius> "That letter might be better proof."

<mainstreet> "Letter?"

Brellius digs through his Handy Haversack and pulls out the letter given to him by Ashley

<Marcus> "Letter?" Marcus scratches his head. "Oh, right."

<Brellius> "Yes, a letter."

<mainstreet> Walter opens the letter and looks through it. "Hmmm... everything seems to be in order... I can certainly take you up to Yanna and we'll see what we can do from there."

<Marcus> "...Yanna?" Marcus tries not to snicker.

<mainstreet> Walter gives a distinct cough. "So, is that a plan, or not?"

<Marcus> "Well, yes, if you would, please. We're hoping to finish our business here as soon as possible."

<Brellius> "Yeah, I would like my time spent wearing business suits to be at a minimum."

<mainstreet> Walter gets up. "Follow me," he says, leading the way out the door and down a hallway.

<Marcus> Marcus follows.

Kanzel scoots next to the wall so Walter won't be alarmed at her suddenly standing there

<mainstreet> Walter leads the way right past the elevator.

Dusty steps out of the elevator and slips in behind the procession.

Kanzel follows.

<Marcus> "Oh, there you are. Finally run out of fish stories?"

<mainstreet> Walter walks to a large staircase heading up. He starts ascending.: *clod clod*

<Marcus> *shuffle shuffle*

<Dusty> *tromp tromp*

<Brellius> *follow follow*

<Kanzel> *silentnoise, silentnoise*

<Kanzel> *... ...*

<mainstreet> Walter reaches the top of the staircase and turns the corner into a very well-decorated and very "red" room. A large desk dominates the room, a young gnome female is sitting behind the desk, looking cute as a button and: *very* well-dressed. You all look: *very* overmatched with all the jewlery and general luxury of her clothing.

<mainstreet> A handful of books are scattered all over this desk.

<Dusty> "I get the feeling I should be at a wild party, not here..."

<mainstreet> "Madam Yanna, may I be permitted to book a few minutes of your Exalted Mistress's time..." Walter requests tentatively. "It's rather urgent."

<mainstreet> "What is it this time, Fisk?" Yanna replies tartly. "Just last week you came up here and wasted an hour begging for research funding."

<mainstreet> "Well, it's assuredly much much more urgent this time, I assure you," Walter informs her.

Kanzel stands at the back of the group, looking around.

<Marcus> "Yes, ma'am. We represent a group of questors who are here on behalf of the Queen in an attempt to complete The Quest and hopefully save her from a horrible death."

<mainstreet> "Yeah... not happening. You're out of time this fortnight. Mistress doesn't appreciate her time wasted, and the remainder of your time this fortnight was penalized as a result of last week,"

<mainstreet> "And I'm supposed to believe that, any more than I've believed the last five stories coming out of Walter's mouth?"

Brellius hands over the letter

<mainstreet> Yanna scans the letter. "Hmmm. I suppose I could find some time somewhere, perhaps." Yanna opens one of the books on the table and flips through the pages. "Hmmm. Today she's all booked, but tomorrow there's a spot at 2 hours past noon that's availble, or at least it will be availble once I clear off that unimportant appointment."

<Marcus> "Uh." Marcus frowns. "We were hoping for something a bit more...right now-ish."

<mainstreet> "I'm afraid there's really not anything I can do. All her appointments today are level 1 -- I can't pull those."

<Marcus> "Why not?"

<mainstreet> "Because level 1 is 'very important; do not pull'."

<Kanzel> "All we need is thirty sconds of your time, less time than it's taken for us to be here so far. We need tho know where the artifact is we came ere for, and then you'll probably never see us again."

<mainstreet> "I have no clue what you're talking about, but Mistress would not appreciate being disturbed from a critical business appointment. Unless one of her appointments later today were to cancel there's nothing I can do."

<Dusty> " appointment needs canceled?"

<Dusty> "Then may I ask a favor? Could you take a copy of this letter in and ask her if she can spare just a minute between her current and her next appointment?"

<mainstreet> "I'm not let in there."

<Dusty> "Then how do you let her know what her next appointment is?"

<Kanzel> "Does she come out?"

<mainstreet> "This book has a duplicate. They read the same. Whatever I write, appears in hers. And vice versa."

<Dusty> "Then... could you write her a message along those lines in the margin of the book? She can respond back with a simple yes or no."

<Dusty> "Or even the location of the artifact, unless it's, I dunno, her gold-plated pen set on her desk."

<mainstreet> "If she bothers to look. Which she wouldn't until the next appointment."

<Dusty> "Then we can wait for a response. Please try."

<Kanzel> "Well, I guess we can't interupt her. We can wait until her next appointment"

Kanzel goes over and sits on a chair (Or leans against the wall if there're no chairs)

<mainstreet> "Her next appointment will be in... thirty minutes."

<Marcus> "Who's her next appointment with?"

<mainstreet> "Uh... it's with a... 'Road Runner'. I believe he's the Vice President of ACME."

<mainstreet> "Discussion of potential merger of divisions."

<Dusty> "Perhaps the Metal Weapons division and their Explosive Catapult Roller Skate division?"

<Kanzel> "Anvils must be selling like hotcakes this time of year..."

<Dusty> "You should see their Southwestern Testing area. They've got this one customer who is on the Early Adopter NDA list..."

<mainstreet> "I wouldn't know. I just schedule time. And make lots of money. I don't pay too much attention to politics among corporations. It's safer that way."

<Marcus> "Well, while we wait..." Marcus flashes his best 'charming old coot' smile. "So, Yanna, what else do you do here? Just keeping track of appointments, or does she have you doing other things too?"

<mainstreet> "What I do isn't really your business, is it?"

<Marcus> "I suppose not. Just trying to make conversation.": *smile, smile*

<mainstreet> "If you must know, I do very little. It's all about keeping money in the family," Yanna replies, smiling back. "We don't want people we don't know getting our hard-earned money, do we?"

<Marcus> "So, the whole business here is family-owned?": *smile, smile*

<mainstreet> "Most of it."

<Marcus> "Impressive. Do you enjoy the work, then?" *charming smiiiiile**

<mainstreet> "Indeed. It... helps."

<Marcus> "Helps what?"

<mainstreet> Yanna scrawls something into the book. "It saves me from total boredom. Now I'm only semi-bored."

Dusty meanders around the room and looks at the decor, the contents, the books, the door, everything.

<mainstreet> There doesn't appear to be anything unusual about the room. The door has a standard handle and everything.

<Dusty> "Egads, are you sure this painting is hanging right side up?" Dusty gestures at a modern art piece with swirls of clashing colors and an odd slash across it.

<mainstreet> "Uh. No. Viran said it looked correct..."

Dusty looks for the artist's signature on it.

<Marcus> "Ah. Maybe you could use some more excitement in your life." Marcus flashes his best 'if you know what I mean' smile.

<mainstreet> Dusty: You see a signature on it... it looks like it reads "Nick H..." That explains why it looks so crappy.

<Dusty> "Guess you're right." Dusty stands next to the painting in question and waits for 30 minutes to be "up".

<mainstreet> A few minutes later, a bird with blue feathers comes flying into the room. "Yeah, I'm here for my appointment, Yanna," it says.

<mainstreet> "Alright, Mr. Runner, go on in."

<Dusty> "Excuse me, Mr. Runner? I'm Dusty Bivi, here on assignment from the Princesses Ashley and Lily. Could you ask Mrs. Viran if she can spare a minute or two for us before she gets into extensive negotiations? Our item involves the recent illness of the Queen, and we've just barely arrived to try and get an appointment."

<Marcus> "Hey, wait! What did she say about our request?"

Brellius holds up the letter. "This letter is relevant to our request."

<mainstreet> "Nothing. It was ignored," Yanna informs Marcus.

<mainstreet> Mr. Runner looks around. "Uh... I kinda don't have time to argue. Any second now..." Mr. Runner shakes his head, opens the door, and slams it behind him.

<Kanzel> "Write it bigger.."

<mainstreet> "I doubt she'll look until the next appointment again... but I can try."

<Brellius> "What's that noise?"

<Marcus> Marcus whispers to the others. "I think I hear something from the stairwell. Sounds like machinery. Perhaps our birdy friend is nervous about it?"

Kanzel looks around, confused.

<Marcus> Marcus shuffles out and looks down the stairwell.

<mainstreet> Everyone can hear the machinery sounds now. Walter and Yanna start to get signs on panic on their faces. "Oh no, not again!" Yanna screams.

<Brellius> "What?"

<mainstreet> You see some sort of cart coming up the stairwell with "ACME" written on the front of it. Some sort of animal is frantically trying to get the cart to ascend. The stairwell does not seem to appreciate this.

<Marcus> "...huh. Now there's something you don't see everyday."

Dusty reacts instantly, casting Create Water on the top step.

<mainstreet> The cart spins out of control and heads to the bottom of the stairwell.

Kanzel waves.

<Dusty> "That should hold him off for a bit."

Marcus turns to Yanna. "What was THAT all about?"

<mainstreet> "That would most likely be Mr. Coyote."

<Dusty> "Where's the executive washroom, Yanna? I need to... uh... wash my hands."

<mainstreet> Yanna points at the door that the Road Runner went in not too long ago. "Through there, make an immediate left instead of a right."

Dusty steps in and takes a left, aiming for the washroom.

<mainstreet> You found a washroom. What did you expect?

<mainstreet> It's pretty fancy, actually. If that matters.

Dusty grabs the bar of soap, gets it wet and soapy, then heads out and places it in the puddle of water on the top step. "That should keep him out of here even longer."

<Brellius> "So...why does this Mr. Coyote need to be kept out?"

<Dusty> "Didn't you see Yanna's face?"

<Dusty> "Thank you, Yanna."

<mainstreet> "If he can, he'll eat Mr. Runner. That's about all I know."

Dusty heads back in to get some paper towels from the washroom and look the other direction to see what's there.

Kanzel sinks deeper in the chair.

<mainstreet> You see glass surrounding a vast... can it truly be called an office? Looks more like a suite. Mr. Runner is animatedly discussing something with someone who's back is turned towards the glass. A quartet of ladies are standing around, apparently waiting on the two "important" people.

Dusty quickly scrawls down a note on a scrap of paper and slips it under the door. "Coyote has been dealt with. Please make a minute's time for us. See your appointment book."

<mainstreet> The slip of paper sits there under the door. Yay, paper!

Dusty taps the door lightly, then leaves.

<mainstreet> One of the ladies turns her head and stares at the door for a second, but as Dusty has already left, she frowns and doesn't react beyond that.

Kanzel nods off in the chair

<mainstreet> ---END GAME---

Kanzel snorts and jumps up, looking around, confused. "I heard someone yelling... Are we playing a game to get in....?" And then falls back intot the chair, asleep.