Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 07

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #7: Here comes Team Rocket


<mainstreet> (Er, I mean, BEGIN GAME)

<mainstreet> As the sun rises (in the east), you slowly start to wake up. Probably because of someone shouting on top of you all.

<mainstreet> "HEY! WAKE UP, SLEEPYHEADS! WE GO FISHING! NOW!" yells Captain Karennen.

Dusty bounds out of bed to the shouting. "YES, CAPTAIN! RIGHT AWAY CAPTAIN! OF COURSE, CAPTAIN!"

Dusty falls back over and passes out briefly.

Kanzel jumps out of the crow's nest and lands silently behind Karennen, smug look on her face.

Brellius mumbles and slowly gets up

<mainstreet> "Whaaaaa? How did you get up... never mind, I don't care, just... stay out of the way. Hey, Crewman, Wake Up!" Karennen yells again, finally poking Dusty's foot.

<Marcus> Marcus groans, mumbles something unintelligible (and vaguely obscene), rolls over, and covers himself with his bedsheet.

Dusty leaps back up. "Yes, ma'am! Let's get fishing!" Dusty rushes to his station.


Dusty rushes back to where he was sleeping, grabs his shirt, slings it on, THEN rushes back to his station.

<mainstreet> As the ship casts off, if you were of a metaphysical mind, you would be hearing dramatic movie-style music. But you're not, so you don't.

Kanzel looks out onto the open water, searching.

Dusty is idly fishing off the back end of the ship, checking lines and ensuring things are in order.

<Kanzel> "Uhmm.. We expecting company?"

<mainstreet> "No. Why?"

Kanzel points on the port side "there's something out there." turns and points in the other direction "And there."

<Dusty> "Only the fishy type. What's up?" Dusty looks both directions, one after the other.

<Kanzel> "Can't quite making it out, but they're making some noise. And I think it's getting louder..."

<mainstreet> Karennen pulls out her spyglass and stares. "Oh crap... we got pirates. Looks like... yep. Someone wants to steal our fish."

<mainstreet> "I've dealt with this group before."

<Kanzel> "Should we run?"

<Marcus> "Pirates?" Marcus sits up blearily, and rubs his eyes.

Dusty frowns and begins pulling in lines.

<mainstreet> "Nah, we'll just blast them into the sky. Good call on the pulling of lines."

Kanzel stares, "Blast them? what kind of heat is this ship packing?"

<Dusty> "More maneuverability if things go awry. And you don't have to replace them if they cut across our stern."

Brellius stops staring into space for a moment. "What? We're under attack?"

<mainstreet> "We've got electric mouse lines. Straight from Nintendo. It'll put a nice shock to their systems. You'd've think they'd've learned after about a few hundred attempts."

<Dusty> "...electric mouse lines...?" Dusty gathers up his crossbow and equipment and gets ready to repel boarders.

Kanzel pulls her bow and quiver out of he bag.

Marcus stands up, and scartches himself. "Oh, goody. This is the best vacation ever."

<mainstreet> As the ships get closer and closer, you notice the flag they're flying looks rather peculiar. It's white. With a big red "R" in the middle. Hmmm.

<Dusty> "Um... what happened to the Jolly Roger flag?"

<Kanzel> "Does that mean we should stop singing before we're blasted upon?"

<mainstreet> A volley of arrows is launched from the offending ships!

Kanzel crouches next to the mast.

Brellius gets behind cover

Dusty casts Shield of Faith.

<mainstreet> Despite the shield, that Arrow still manages to nick Dusty's arm.

Marcus cowers behind the gnomish captain.

<Dusty> "Look lively on the deck, this isn't the Pansy Schooner of Portly Snoozers!" Dusty picks up the arrow and frowns. "Mild poison." He attempts to snap it in half and toss it overboard.

<mainstreet> "We seek your rare and valuable fish! You will give it to us, or we will take it!" comes the call from one of the boats.

<mainstreet> Dusty: It's snapped, and overboard. Not stopping the poison, though.

<Marcus> "We have rare and valuable fish?"

<mainstreet> Karennen yells. "We'll blast you off again!" She then turns to the rest of you. "Grab those electric lines and fire!"

<Kanzel> "We better hope we do. Even though we just started that day..."

Dusty looks for said Electric Line to grab and fire.

Kanzel does the same to the other boat

Brellius also looks for one of the lines to fire

<mainstreet> They're probably in that yellow box that says "ELECTRIC LINES: WARNING: 100 VOLTS WHEN RELEASED"

Dusty opens the box.

<Marcus> "What's in the box, Dusty, what's in the box?"

<mainstreet> It looks like a bunch of extendable cables with a power pack attached.

<Brellius> "This looks very dangerous. Let's try it out!"

Kanzel grabs one, looking it over quickly.

Dusty grabs one, extends it, and flings it at one of the ships.

Kanzel watched Dusty, and copies the motion to the opposite boat.

Brellius eagerly grabs one and throws it

Marcus picks up one of the lines with two fingers, as if it were a dead snake. "We're supposed to throw these things? What do I look like, a major-league pitcher?"

<mainstreet> The line Dusty throws lands on the boat, sizzling and charging and causing a reasonable portion of deck to burn to ash.

<Dusty> "Oh, that's pretty slick. I was going to go over there and poke a few holes below the water line, but that'll work nice.

<mainstreet> Brellius: *Your* shot hits the mast, charging and shattering it, killing a few crew, and generally rendering boat #1 immobile. Another hit will probably cause an explosion.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You shot hits dead on to the second boat, killing quite a few people that get tangled within the lines, making the boat quite difficult to maneuver.

<mainstreet> The crewmembers of the pirate boat start panicking.

Dusty grabs another one and throws for the proverbial coup de grace.

<Brellius> "We don't have to destroy them all, do we?"

<Kanzel> "Well, we could give them a reason to come back at take their revenge..."

<mainstreet> Another light tap, and the boat #1 EXPLODES!

Kanzel reaches for another one and hurls it at the same boat she was focusing on.

<mainstreet> The few surviving crewmembers are sent high into the sky and landbound.

<mainstreet> "Looks like Team Rocket's blasting off again!": *ding*

Marcus scratches his head. "Who: *were* those guys? They strike me as annoying, yet somehow, oddly endearing."

<mainstreet> The other boat is making an effort to get away, but is kinda immobile.

<Dusty> "...why do I have the feeling we'll see them again?"

<mainstreet> This boat is hit and IMPLODES!

<mainstreet> The crewmembers are sent hurling to their deaths at ground zero.

<mainstreet> "Thanks for the help. Yeah, they'll try again in a few days. Or weeks," Karennen commented. "Anywho, the rest of the trip should be relatively simple."

Dusty shakes his head and returns to the back of the boat to throw the fishing lines back out.

<mainstreet> An hour and a half, and two dozen fish, later, the Hypotenuse docks at the streamlined Industrial Center docks.

<mainstreet> As you examine the area, you realize it looks like, well, like an industrial park. Imagine that!

<Dusty> "Thank you for the ride, Captain." Dusty gathers his stuff and heads down the gangplank to the highly streamlined dock.

<mainstreet> "No, thank you for the fishing assistance," she replies gracefully. "Good luck with... whatever you're doing."

<Marcus> "Yeah, I always wanted to be attacked by murderous, bloodthirsty brigands while being seasick on a floating coffin that reeks of dead fish." Marcus steps off the plank as well.

Kanzel follows lazily.

<Dusty> "So, if I were Viran, the CEO of Triangle Industries, where would I be? Probably the headquarters building enjoying a danish."

Brellius tags along. "A good a place as any."

Dusty looks for an information booth.

<Kanzel> "Biggest building in the regoin, I'd guess"

<Dusty> "Not necessarily. If the headquarters is separate from the idustrial or manufacturing divisions, it could be a relatively small building. However, considering Triangle Island's penchant for the absurd, it's probably phallically large. Somehow."

<mainstreet> There is a small building labeled "INFORMATION" fairly close to the docks. It looks almost identical to the one near the one at the Government Center's docks.

<mainstreet> Except, it looks a lot cleaner and nicer.

Dusty heads into the building labeled INFORMATION and looks for a map and a talkative informant.

<mainstreet> Well, the map of the industrial center covers one wall. It's pretty detailed. Unfortunately, your friendly DM didn't bother to draw this map.

<Dusty> (That's okay, friendly DM, I mostly want to memorize it so I can reference it instead of giving explicit directions)

<mainstreet> (Good. You got it.)

Dusty then looks for the Information Building Attendant.

<mainstreet> An old lady is sitting at the counter. When she notices your attention, she asks "Can I help you, young man?"

<Dusty> "Hello, miss." Dusty looks for a nametag.

<mainstreet> "It's Miss Rogers, young man," the lady informs him, although there isn't an actual nametag on her.

<Dusty> "Thank you, Miss Rogers. I'm Dusty. Looking for the Triangle Industries headquarters building. Could you kindly point me to it on the map? We've got some urgent business with Viran and don't want to be late."

<mainstreet> The lady cackles at your statement. "I highly doubt that, way you're dressed. But nonetheless, it's the biggest building on Corporate Avenue -- across the street from the ACME and Microsoft HQs."

<Dusty> "Admittedly, I just got off the boat and haven't had a moment to change. It's been a stressful schedule. Thank you very much!" Dusty heads out the door.

<Marcus> "So? Did you get any information this time?"

<Dusty> "Sure, biggest building on Corporate Avenue, across from ACME and Microsoft. Should be a cinch to find. Corporate Avenue's that way."

Kanzel looks down at what she's wearing "We don't look that bad, do we?" she mumbles.

<Dusty> "Also, I think I'd better change my clothes before meeting the CEO of a megacorporation. I smell like fish."

Marcus eyes Kanzel up and down. "Not from where I'm standing."

<Brellius> "What, is the CEO allergic to fish?"

<Dusty> "No, but she may be allergic to country bumpkins stopping in on one of her high-powered executive luncheons."

Dusty heads down the road toward Corporate Avenue, looking for a clothing shop along the way.

Kanzel follows.

Marcus hobbles along. "I'm already wearing my finest royal wizard robes, I think I'll be alright."

Dusty looks back at Marcus to see if this is borne out by observation.

<mainstreet> Well, there is a "TRIANGLE CLOTHING, a division of Triangle Industries" building on your right, about now.

Kanzel wanders inside.

Dusty ducks into Triangle Clothing, wondering if he needs to square off his tab before rounding out his wardrobe.

Dusty pokes his head out. "Um, Marcus... just between you and me, you've got a bunch of cheese stains on your robes. You probably better look into something to change into... Just in case."

<Marcus> "Sorry, I don't know any polymorph spells."

<Brellius> "Am I going to have to wear a business suit or something?"

Dusty heads back in and looks for a quietly understated navy blue business suit.

<mainstreet> They got those, alright. Price tag: 20 gold.

Dusty picks one up in his size and takes it to the counter. "I'd like to try this on for fit."

<mainstreet> "Alright, go to the fitting rooms in the back and see if it fits."

Dusty heads back there and ducks into a fitting room, trying on the suit.

Kanzel grabs a casual outfit and a more sophisticated one, and takes them to the dressing room

<Marcus> Marcus wanders in, and starts badgering a female attendant. "Heya, sweet cheeks. Do you have anything that'll make me look as good as you?"

<mainstreet> "I don't think that's possible," the young lady replies haughtily.

<Brellius> "I'm not really one for business suits..."

Dusty emerges shortly after and heads to the counter. "This will do great, I'll take it."

<mainstreet> "22 gold, please."

<Marcus> "Yeah, I know. I suppose it would be hard to bring me down to your level. Ah, well." He shuffles off to look at the various wizard robes on a nearby rack.

Dusty pays the gold and then carefully removes any and all excess tags from the outfit.

<mainstreet> Marcus: The only decent robes you see are these cool looking red ones, nice and jazzy, for only 12 gold!

<Dusty> Once done, Dusty smiles... oh, wait... shoes. Dusty looks for a pair of nice leather shoes, all polished up.

Kanzel comes out, wearing the sophisticated looking clothes, her other lothes and new outfit over her arm and walks up to the counter, holding the tags from what she's wearing.

<mainstreet> You do see a pair of leather shoes your size for 9 gold. But for some obscure reason, they're painted green. Wait a sec... it's not leather, is it? Nope. Looks more like dragonhide.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: "Hmmm... hmmm... for all of that, that'll be... 38 gold 7 silver 1 copper"

Kanzel fishes it out of her bag and hands it to the salesperson.

Dusty checks for Black Dragonhide shoes or Blue dragonhide shoes.

Kanzel handed the salesperson 4pp.

<Dusty> ...or even brown dragonhide shoes.

<mainstreet> The salesman rings it up and hands her a Platinum Rewards Card.

Kanzel looks at it.

<Kanzel> "What's this for?"

<mainstreet> Apparently it's a card for 5% off future visits here.

<Kanzel> "Oh. Okay."

<mainstreet> The clerk reluctantly hands over the change.

Brellius stares vaguely menacingly at the business suits

Marcus emerges from the dressing room wearing one of the new robes...which looks surprisingly like his original robe, only without the tattered edges and the food stains.

<mainstreet> Dusty: There only appears to be one other Dragonhide pair of shoes in the store that would even come close to fitting you, and it's brass.

Marcus slaps the appropriate amount of coin on the counter in front of the salesperson, and shuffles out, murmuring appreciatively at his new old look.

Dusty takes the green shoes and looks for a matching tie.

<mainstreet> Tie? Tie? What is this "tie" you speak of? The store has never heard of such a thing.

<Dusty> ...shirt, then? A matching shirt?

<mainstreet> Yeah, okay. There are green shirts around.

Kanzel walks over to dusty, looking over his shoulder at the shirts, and attempts to slip him the 5% card she just got.

<mainstreet> Yeah, no one noticed.

Dusty takes the green shirt, shoes and the card to the counter, scarcely acknowledging Kanzel's slipping him the card. He puts the items down with the card and starts fishing for his coins to pay for them.

Kanzel walks outside and shoves her clothes into her bag.

<mainstreet> The clerk accepts card and coins without hesitation. "Thanks for shopping here. Do come again!"

<Dusty> "Will do!" Dusty heads out the door, pausing to change his shirt and shoes before heading out and stopping next to Kanzel. "Thank you."

<Kanzel> "No problem. What I got was more expensive than it really should have been. Felt the need to balance it out slightly."

Brellius just picks out a black business suit and a matching pair of shoes and tries them on

<Dusty> "You look great, by the way."

<Kanzel> "Thank you. That's a nice shirt."

Brellius checks the price on the clothes

<Dusty> "I had to do something to make the shoes work. This was all I could think of." He rolls his eyes.

<mainstreet> Brellius: They fit, alright. And they cost 30 gold.

<Kanzel> "I think it was worth it. Those shoes look like they could take a beating and still be okay to wear in a meeting with a CEO."

Dusty hands the card over to Kanzel.

<Marcus> "So are we: *worthy* of a meeting with the great Viran now?"

<Dusty> "I think we're lookin' a lot sharper, that's for sure. Just... the last time I went into a meeting with someone while wearing my normal vestments, I ended up laughed out of the room."

Kanzel walks back ito the store and up to Brellius. "Hey Brellius, do you remember seeing a cafe or anything on our way here?" she says, slipping the card in his pocket while the salesperson isn't looking.

<Brellius> "I was busy pondering the secrets of the inner mind..."

Kanzel wonders back outside

<mainstreet> The clerk accepts the card and coin (28 gold, 5 silver) without too much question. "Thanks for shopping at Triangle Clothing."

Kanzel waits outside and as Brellius passes her, she holds her hand out for the card.

Dusty heads for Corporate Avenue and Triangle HQ.

Brellius passes the card along as he walks outside

Kanzel shoves it in her bag and follows.

<mainstreet> The Triangle Industries HQ looks like a mammoth office building. Green glass windows go up as high as you can see.

<mainstreet> It's certainly the biggest building in town.

Marcus looks up...and up...and up. "Wow. Someone's compensating for something."

<Dusty> "Hm. Green glass." Dusty glances down at his shoes uncertainly.

Dusty shakes his head and heads inside.

Kanzel quickly disguises herself, hiding her apparent weapons, other than her sword, her bag, changing the shape of her shoes and her gloves.

Kanzel then follows.

Brellius puts his stuff into his handy haversack and tags along

<mainstreet> The main lobby has one big white desk with two receptionists sitting at it. They have crystal balls in front of them as well as a few books. Plants are at each corner. Something called an "ELEVATOR" is in the back-left corner. A stairwell is in the back-right corner.

Kanzel pauses and adds hiding her sword to the disguise.

Dusty steps over to the desk, smiling at the receptionists. "Could you contact Viran and ask if she can spare a few moments to talk to some representatives of Princesses Lilly and Ashley?"

<mainstreet> The ladies stare blankly for a second. The one on the left finally speaks after a minute. "Uh... I don't have that authority."

<Dusty> "Very well, then if you could direct me to Viran's office... her Secretary, for instance."

<mainstreet> "Uh... I don't have the authority to do that..." She waves her hand over her crystal ball. "Reception Supervisor to the reception desk, please."

<Dusty> "Thank you."

<mainstreet> A few minutes, and the Elevator opens, and a gnome comes out. "Yeah? What is it?"

<Dusty> "Are you the supervisor?"

<mainstreet> "Yeah. Supervisor Gorth, at your service."

Dusty extends his hand. "Nice to meet you Supervisor Gorth. I'm Dustin Bivi, and these are my associates. We've been asked to contact Viran by Princesses Ashley and Lilly, and would like to speak with her or her secretary to schedule a portion of her valuable time."

<mainstreet> "Mmmm... princess... I know I want nothing to do with this. I think you'd best leave."

Dusty smiles brightly, "Have I mentioned how much I adore Triangle Industries fishing gear? I purchased this Castmaster 4000 fishing rod right here while I was in port up north. This beauty has netted me no less than 6 fish in the day I've had it... and some gorgeous fish they were...."

<Marcus> Marcus rolls his eyes at the obvious brown-nosing.

<mainstreet> "Well, if you want to talk to the fishing department, they're on floor 23... but, yeah... thanks anyways..."

Kanzel starts walking slowly in the direction of the elevator.

Dusty motions for the rest to go on. "Oh, but you just have to try one of these yourself. If you've never stood on the bow of a ship and cast with one of these beauties and known you'd snag a rainbow trout or a big-mouth bass, you just haven't lived! Why, fishing is THE premier way to spend time with relatives, talking about those important things in life, having those conversations that you can only have when you're sitting and not looking directly at another person while doing a vague sports-like activity..."

Dusty continues to ramble on.

Marcus glances to the left, glances to the right, then starts sidling off after Kanzel.

<mainstreet> Gorth and the reception ladies start to nod slowly and vaguely.

Brellius blinks a few times, then follows the others

Kanzel makes it to the elevator, presing one of the arrow-like buttons next to the door.

Marcus ducks in after her. "What's this thing do, anyway?"

<mainstreet> There are a bunch of numbered buttons in this elevator. They are numbered 1-47.

<Kanzel> "It's a transport that takes pangers up and down the building. Instead of taking the stairs. Much faster to get around this way. Whoch floor should we try first?"

<Marcus> "Does it matter? We have no idea where this lady's office is."

<Dusty> "...why, I'll bet you can't remember the last time you just sat on the end of the dock with a can of bait on one side of you, reeling in fish while staring at the clouds going by. You should seriously consider getting some of your fishing poles and doing that right now! But, I digress... the best part about fishing is the time it gives you to think, to ponder where your life is going and what might the future bring for you. Yes, indeed, the introspection and meditation are a critical part of the fishing experience, and no fishing trip would be complete without learning something about who you really are while barbecuing your catch over open flames...": *ramble ramble*

Kanzel studies the buttons and presses the biggest number she can find, holding the open door button down, waiting for Brellius and maybe Dusty?

Brellius gets in the elevator

Kanzel watches Dusty in an animated discussion, and closes the elevator door.

Dusty continues with "...and finally, squeeze a slice of lemon over the dish and serve with an ice cold beverage. But, nothing tastes as good as fish prepared like Mom used to make it. My dear mother... she could cook like you wouldn't believe..."

<mainstreet> The elevator humms its way up the building.

Brellius idly hums with the elevator

<mainstreet> At floor 47, it opens into your typical office hallway.

Kanzel peers out of the elevator, and steps out, looking like tshe knows whereshe is, why she's here and what she's doing.

<Marcus> "This is pointless. How are we supposed to find one office in a building this size?"

<Brellius> "We could ask someone."

<Kanzel> "You think we'll get a better response up here?"

<Marcus> "Maybe, but we're supposed to be acting like we know where we're going."

<Kanzel> "More than likely anyone here already knows where they're going.."

<Brellius> "Then we'll probably have to set up an elaborate bluff...or look for a map."

<Brellius> "Or maybe the CEO's office is fancy enough to stand out."

<mainstreet> As you scan the offices, you notice that they tend to be for various boardmembers and vice presidents.

Marcus looks at the doors...he suddenly blinks, as if something just now catches in his mind. "I just remembered - I used to know one of the guys on the board...Walter Fisk. He ought to have an office around here somewhere."

Kanzel peeks around the corner, "That works. Any idea where?"

<Marcus> "Nope. Just look for it, it's bound to be here with the other board members."

Kanzel walks down the adjacent hallway and looks at the door with Walter's name on it, stopping suddenly

Kanzel points. "Found it."

<Marcus> "Perfect." Marcus hobbles over, and raises his hand as if to knock...

<Brellius> "I still don't like having to be all business-like."

<Kanzel> "After you, Marcus"

<mainstreet> ----END GAME---

<Marcus> MArcus lowers his hand, and breathes a sigh of relief. "Another second or two, and I might have had to actually do it."

Kanzel giggles lightly. "Not like it's wired or anything"

<Brellius> "How would you know?"

Kanzel looks at it "Hm.. Good point I suppose.. But it'd bring te whole building down if it was. Or at least the whole floor"

<Kanzel> "though, that's probably wrong... Though I dunno why they would want to blow up a perfectly good building. They'd just have to rebuild."