Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 06

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #6: Let's Go Out Back Tonight

<mainstreet> -----BEGIN GAME-----

<mainstreet> Suddenly, Kanzel trips over a root, never to be seen from again... er, well, we'll see her at some later date. Just... she's gone for now, okay? Deal with it.

<Marcus> "Oh my god, they killed Kanzel! You bastards!"

Marcus shakes his fist as the Powers That Be.

<mainstreet> The Powers That Be don't appreciate fist-shaking and give him a punch in the nose. Fortunately, the "punched" feeling passes quickly.

Dusty remains in his tree. "Nice wolfie... Nice wolfie!"

Marcus glances at Brellius. "*I'm* not going near those wolves. Maybe they'll go away after a while."

<Brellius> "Or maybe they'll reach him before they get bored."

<mainstreet> The wolves have effectively treed Dusty and are growling menacingly at him.

<Brellius> "I've had plenty of experience climbing. I could go over to his tree and shoot some of them, at least."

<mainstreet> A circle of 11 wolves circles Dusty's tree, alternating the pitch of their growls.

Dusty casts Create Water over the top of the closest wolf.

<mainstreet> Well, only, it's not: *one* circle. It's two.

<mainstreet> But does that matter?

<mainstreet> Anywho, a trio of wolves get seriously drenched by water.

<mainstreet> The three drenched wolves quickly lose interest.

<mainstreet> The remaining eight continue to growl.

<mainstreet> Four minutes later...

Marcus watches, and munches on some popcorn.

<mainstreet> Marcus and Brellius are very glad they're not in the clearing anymore. A trio of wolves bursts into the clearing, notice the mutilated corpse, and start howling rapidly.

<mainstreet> The rest of the pack abandon's Dusty's tree and rejoins the pack.

Dusty climbs down and starts angling back toward the path they'd taken here.

<mainstreet> The pack starts to skulk through the woodland once more. They seem to be intently searching for something.

Dusty makes sure there are plenty of climbable trees nearby.

Marcus listens like crazy. "I think they're leaving."

<Brellius> "I heard it, too."

<mainstreet> "Indeed," Tanar commented. "They're not worth chasing now. The worst of it is over."

<Marcus> "So, does this mean we get to keep the whatchacallit?"

<mainstreet> "No reason not to. You proved your worth by obtaining it. Saved me the trouble of having to contrive something, hah!"

<mainstreet> As Tanar says this, Dusty comes within sight of the rest of the group.

<Marcus> "Oh, there you are." Marcus waves vaguely in Dusty's direction. "We got the thingamajigger."

<Dusty> "Great! So, we've got the doohickey, we can head to the next destination and get the last thingamabob."

<Marcus> "Are you makin' fun of me, boy?"

<Brellius> "Oh, frabjous day!"

<mainstreet> "Good luck. You'll need it, getting: *her* object. Unless one of you has connections," Tanar comments.

<Dusty> "Me? No, I'm afraid I never make fun of people. It's not cohesive with the proper running of a group of similarly aligned personages." Dusty turns to Tanar. "What's the name of the person we need to talk to?"

<Marcus> "Who's 'her'?"

<mainstreet> Tanar gives off a low laugh. "You'll find out soon enough. Or maybe you won't. That's the challenge, no? Let me put it this way -- you're looking for the 2nd richest person on the island, 2nd only to Her Majesty. That should help point you in the right direction."

<Marcus> "I don't suppose you can give us a name, instead of some damned riddle?" He sighs. "And where exactly would we find this person?"

<mainstreet> "Since I'm positive the Princesses didn't tell you 'go find Irazel' -- it's part of the challenge -- I see no reason to make it easy on you myself."

Dusty shakes his head and gets out his fishing pole. "Y'know, the reason this is a challenge is because everyone WANTS it to be a challenge. Never mind that there's a sick person that needs help, but hey, it's a Quest, with a capital Q."

<mainstreet> "The objects inside are simply too powerful to let anyone have them."

<mainstreet> "But what do you mean, sick person?"

Marcus facepalms. "The Queen is: *dying*, you moron. We're trying to get into the pyramid and: *maybe* save her life."

<Dusty> "Look, I wouldn't have even bothered with this little party if there wasn't something important on the line. Fortune and glory is for archeologist/adventurers, not followers of Fharlanghn."

<mainstreet> Tanar blinks a few times upon hearing this. "You know, if you'd said that in the first place, that'd've been nice. Not that it would've changed much, but... yeah, okay, it's Viran, alright? The CEO of Triangle Industries. There you have it. Good luck."

<Dusty> "Thank you, Tanar."

<mainstreet> "And... yeah... this doesn't surprise me as much as it probably should... I highly doubt this sickness is any accident. But you already have heard my feelings on various royalty. I will take my leave of you all, and return to my normal duties." With that, Tanar turns around and vanishes into the forest.

<Marcus> "So where do we find him?"

<Dusty> "Her. Viran. I'd have to guess we need to go to Triangle Industries HQ and ask for her."

<Brellius> "More traveling and talking? How long is this going to take?"

<Dusty> "We'll be in the Industrial sector by mid-day tomorrow. Assuming all goes well, we'll have the pieces by sundown tomorrow and be ready for the pyramid by the morning after."

<Dusty> "I'd have to guess that means we're about 4 days out."

Brellius sighs. "Well, just tell me when the action starts."

<Dusty> "It'll be all along. Let's get back to the ship." Dusty starts heading that direction.

Marcus hobbles along behind. "When do we get some dinner? I'm starving!"

<Dusty> "We could stop someplace in town and get a bit of grub, I suppose. A nice steak, perhaps. Or even some meat loaf."

Brellius tags along. "Pretty much anything would be better than trail rations."

<mainstreet> You guys walk through various farms and woodlands before hitting the Agricultural Center. You know, all those tents selling food.

<mainstreet> Some of the tents have lights on them, but it seems that for the most part, the tents are closed.

Dusty looks for a lit tent with decent foodstuffs inside.

<mainstreet> Well, most of the tents would be just haggling single food items anyways. You do see a rather odd wood building though that catches your eye. "OUT BACK STEAK HOUSE"

<Marcus> "Hmm, what's this?"

<Dusty> "Looks like a steak place to me. Let's check it out." Dusty heads for the place.

<mainstreet> As you enter the door, you realize... there's no roof. And you're standing on grass. You are, however, in a fenced-off area.

<Dusty> "Looks like a back... oh."

<mainstreet> Backyard-style tables are scattered throughout the fenced-out area.

<mainstreet> A large onion is growing in the center. A sign proclaims: "AN ONION IN BLOOM"

<mainstreet> A dude walks up to Dusty and tells him, "Go ahead and seat yourself, mate. Your uh... waitress... will be over in a few minutes."

<Dusty> "Thanks... uh, mate." Dusty heads for a table large enough for the group.

Brellius catches up and looks at the giant onion for a bit

Marcus plops into his seat. Plop!

<mainstreet> Soon after everyone's seated, a gnome heads over to the table, holding out three menus. "Here's your menus, now can I start you off with something to drink?"

<Dusty> "What's your drink options?"

<mainstreet> "We got water, various fruit juices, and Triangle Cola."

<Dusty> "I'll take some pineapple juice."

<mainstreet> "Kay. And you two?"

<Brellius> "Triangle Cola?"

<mainstreet> "Alright. And... you, sir?"

<Marcus> "Pepsi."

<mainstreet> "What's that?"

<Marcus> "Nevermind. I'll take a cola."

<mainstreet> "Alright," the waitress replies, walking away.

Dusty peruses the menu in detail. "The Eye of Rib looks good, as does the Out Back Special."

<Dusty> "The T-bone doesn't really strike me... I mean, what's a wagon getting hit in the side by another wagon have to do with steak?"

Marcus takes a look. "Hmm, I'm liking the sounds of this cheese-like substance."

<Dusty> "Oh, they have Cheese-like substance on the menu? I've heard of the stuff, but never had a chance to try it."

Brellius looks at the menu up-side down. "I'm not really picky..."

Dusty quietly reaches over, takes the menu and turns it right-side up for Brellius. "Maybe you should try the Primed Rib."

<mainstreet> A few minutes later, the waitress gnome returns. "So, you need a few minutes more, or you ready to order?"

<Dusty> "I'm ready."

<Brellius> "The Marinated Knight's Steak looks good."

<mainstreet> "Okay, what'll it be then?" She pulls out a pad of paper and a pen.

<Dusty> "I'll take the Vickie's Filet with the blue-cheese-like-substance crust, the green salad with faux-ranch and a baked spudato."

<mainstreet> "Kay. And for you?"

<Marcus> "Hmm."

Marcus points at the menu. "I'll have this, and this, and this." He points to several meat items on the menu. "And all of them covered with cheese-like substance."

<mainstreet> She blinks. "That'll be expensive... but okay. And you want..."

<Brellius> "The Marinated Knight's Steak with a baked spudato and the adventure soup."

<mainstreet> "You got it."

<mainstreet> The waitress walks off, whistling.

Marcus rubs his hands together. "Mmm, mmm! I can hardly wait!"

<Brellius> "For a heart attack?"

Dusty looks around at the patrons. "What do you think we'll be facing when we get to this pyramid? Is there some kind of procedure for opening the place?"

<Marcus> "Damned if I know. Or if I do, I can't remember."

<Brellius> "I usually just make stuff up as I go along. It's worked so far."

<Dusty> Next time, I just stay ON the boat. "All right. Let's get some food, hit the local inn, and get into the boat first thing in the morning."

<mainstreet> The waitress soon arrives with the food! It's steaming hot and looks delicious.

<Dusty> "Thanks!" Dusty digs in right away.

<Marcus> "Finally!" Marcus brandishes his fork and knife, and begins slashing, carving, and devouring his way through the plates like a zombie at an all-you-can-eat brains buffet.

Brellius eats his food at a relatively sane pace

<Dusty> In short order, Dusty's finished.

Marcus gets an odd look on his face. Then...


Brellius finishes a little after the other two

<Brellius> "How did you manage to eat that much?"

<mainstreet> The waitress soon arrives and drops a check.

<Marcus> "I've had years of practice." He pats his stomach, and sighs a satisfied sigh.

<Dusty> "Separate checks, please, miss."

<mainstreet> "I'm sure three bright guys like you can figure it out yourself."

<mainstreet> The bill does have each order separated out by price.

Dusty rolls his eyes at the attitude but pulls out his share and a reasonable tip before passing it on to Marcus for his share.

Marcus glares at the bill. "Bah. The price I pay to stop myself from wasting away." He (reluctantly) slaps down his share of the bill, and passes it down to Brellius.

Brellius pays his share along with a tip.

<mainstreet> "Thanks, boys. Do come again!" the waitress declares, scooping the money

<Dusty> "Time to catch some sleep. Let's find a bed or three and call it a night."

<Marcus> "Can't argue with that. We should ask someone if there's an inn nearby."

<Brellius> "A bed? Bah, I don't need to be coddled."

<Marcus> "Well, I do!"

<Dusty> "All right, as much as I love sleeping outside, Brellius, I spend MOST of my time sleeping on hard rocks under cold skies." Dusty rises and heads out the door, pausing to speak to the employee closest the door. "Where's the nearest Inn?"

Marcus flags down the waitress(?). "Excuse me, but is there an inn nearby?"

<mainstreet> Both people say roughly the same thing; there's an inn a few blocks away, but it's not very high quality.

<Marcus> "Eh, a bed is a bed."

<Dusty> "Works for me." Dusty waves at the rest of the party. "Ready to head out? Sounds like you won't be coddled after all, Brellius."

<Brellius> "Oh...well...okay."

<Brellius> "Is it the only inn in town?"

<Dusty> "I dunno..." Dusty turns to the employee. "Is that the only inn in town?"

<mainstreet> "Pretty much. Most people stay at farmhouses in this areas, not inns."

<mainstreet> "You want inns of quality, try Government Center. Or Mansion Heights."

<Dusty> "Right, the other two corners of the island. Gotcha."

<Dusty> "I'd say not. Looks like we're stuck with a shared room and questionable bedding." Dusty heads in the direction of the inn.

<mainstreet> "Well, Government's a lake-corner, like this is, but yes."

<mainstreet> Despite the printed lack of following, actual following does occur, and the Party soon arrives at the... is this an "inn"? It: *claims* to be... there's a sign hammered into the ground saying "MIDDLE TRIANGLE INN", but... it's a tent.

Dusty looks inside the tent.

Marcus stares in disbelief.

<Brellius> "I've seen worse."

<mainstreet> You realize that the tent is actually one of those large four-tents-in-one tent. There's a guy sitting in a chair behind a desk in the entry tent. He looks fairly bored.

Dusty steps inside. "Good sir, would you care to provide a few travellers with a bed for the evening?"

Marcus hobbles behind. "And then provide: *us* with some: *good* beds?"

<mainstreet> "I only got one type of bed. All my rooms are empty. 8 gold per room. However you use it or them is up to you," the man explains.

<Dusty> "8 gold per room? I... suspect we can get better accomodations on board the boat."

<Marcus> "You want to go back to the boat?"

<Dusty> "Why not? We'll be using that to make our next port... I mean, stop. And we've already purchased passage."

<Marcus> "Yeah, I guess..."

<Dusty> "If you'd rather stay here, I'll support the decision."

<Dusty> "But, I also think that 8 gold for a bed in a tent is rather exhorbitant."

<mainstreet> "It's what beds go for. Farmhouse price is 12. Take it or leave it."

Marcus sighs. "Well, either a bed in a tent, or a bed in a leaky ship. I'd rather go with the one that's free." He turns and starts heading back outside.

Dusty follows.

Brellius tags along

<mainstreet> Through the stalls, along the docks, up the pier, up the ladder, to the deck of the Hypotenuse we go!

<mainstreet> You slowly begin to drift off to sleep.

<mainstreet> ---END GAME---