Geometric Archipelago:The Pyramid of Triangle Island/Chapter 04

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #4: Boat Travels and Food

Special Cameo by Dae

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

<mainstreet> The Hypotenuse leaves, I mean, dock, without further incident. The ship begins speeding off towards the middle of the lake.

Marcus stands at the bow of the ship, looking worried as it slowly pulls away from the dock at a few miles per hour. "Whoa, there! Slow down, you're gonna get us all killed!" He shakes his stick at no one in particular. "Punk drivers..."

<mainstreet> "Lay all lines! Prepare to initiate full net!"

<mainstreet> A few crewman start throwing fishing poles all along the sides of the boat.

Brellius stands next to the rails and watches the water go by

Dusty watches what's going on and copies the other crewmen.

Kanzel stands behind Brellius.

<mainstreet> "Full net cast!" As Karennen gives this order, crewmen start half-heartedly throwing their lines into the water. "No, not like that, you idiots! I want a REAL cast!"

<Dae> Suddenly, a rapidly growing shadow falls upon the deck.

Brellius looks up

<mainstreet> "What the..."

<Dae> Just as Brellius looks up, he finds himself squished by falling woman.

Kanzel falls over backwards.

<Marcus> Marcus watches with interest. "Women from the sky! Hot damn, the Powers That Be must have gotten my letters!"

<mainstreet> Fortunately, being squished does not appear to faze Brellius any. He gently pushes her... upright... more or less...

Kanzel rubs her head and gets up.

<Dae> "... oh hi. Thanks for breaking my fall there."

<Brellius> "Phew...for a moment I thought it was going to be another dragon."

Dusty casts quite neatly into the water... the way it SHOULD be done.

<mainstreet> "See there? You should be taking notes, people! That's how you do it! Swish and flick!"

<Dusty> "No, they shouldn't be taking notes... they should be doing it!" Dusty rolls his eyes and continues.

<mainstreet> "Well, that too. But then they'll just forget for next time."

Dae gets up a bit unsteadily and dusts herself off, looking around "So where am I, exactly?"

<Brellius> "We're on a boat."

<Dae> "A boat, huh? never would have guessed."

<mainstreet> "*You* are onboard the Hypotenuse, the finest ship traveling the Triangle Lake, and you are currently an: *unpaying passenger*, also known as a: *stowaway*. You better pay your 5 gold fast, miss."

Marcus eyes Dae up and down. "Heaven, apparantly." He grins a wide grin.

<mainstreet> "Oh, and the rest of you should be paying up while you're at it."

Dae rubs her head. "Sorry, I think the villiage claimed all my gold." Despite being somewhat worse for wear, she spares an appraising look and a wink for Marcus.

<mainstreet> "Any reason I shouldn't push you into the lake, then?"

<Brellius> "I can pay for her passage."

<Dae> "... because I'm cute?"

Kanzel hands Karennen 3g.

<Dae> "And willing to get my top wet: *without* you having to push me into a lake first."

<mainstreet> Brellius: "Thank you, that'll do... ah I seem to have forgotten your name, sir."

<mainstreet> Dae: "I'm cuter than you, so don't try it!"

<mainstreet> Kanzel: "Thanks." She pockets the gold.

<Brellius> "I'm Brellius," he says as he gets out the 3 gold for his own passage, and 5 more for Dae's

<Dae> "Lies. No-one is cuter than me."

<mainstreet> "Oh. Right. Brellius."

<mainstreet> "Hah! You're a human!"

Dusty returns to his fishing. Once everything is set, he pulls out his own pole and line, baits it, and casts.

<Dae> "Yes, but I'm an appropriately curvy human."

<mainstreet> "Still human."

Dae pats Karennen on the head. "Whatever. That one clearly doesn't mind," she said, gesturing over to Marcus."

<mainstreet> "Well, yes, he's human. His lack of taste is a given."

Dusty rolls his eyes at the interplay of sexuality and pays more attention to the fishing, checking the lines and making sure all is well.

Marcus frowns. "Yeah, well, I know what I like."

Kanzel yawns, leaning against the railing, and watches the water.

<Dae> "I dunno, I've known a few gnomes that've made good tussles too."

<mainstreet> It doesn't take long for Dusty to get a bite.

Brellius leans against the rail and watches the argument, instead

Dusty tugs lightly, then pays out a little line before yanking hard to set the hook.

Marcus putters around on the deck, alternating between 'appreciating the scenery' in Dae's direction, and watching the master fisherman try to land his catch. "How're they bitin'?"

<mainstreet> Dusty struggles briefly but manages to grab a nice, plump rainbow trout.

<mainstreet> The trout plops onto the deck.

<mainstreet> "Ah-ha! There's one already! Nice job!"

Dusty grins and stores the trout before casting again.

<mainstreet> "Trout is a nice delicacy. That one will probably fetch one whole gold at Market."

<mainstreet> "I plan to hit the Agri Center by nightfall. We'll offload our fish at Market and travel to the Industrial Center in the morning run."

<mainstreet> As Dusty places the fish in the bucket, he notices there's about a dozen fish already in there.

<Dae> "Anyone got any spare clothes and a sewing kit? Or just a sewing kit?"

Kanzel pulls a spare Traveler's outfit out of her backpack and hands it to the unnamed person "So what's your name?"

<Dusty> "If you need some clothes mended, I have the appropriate spell prepared."

<Dae> "The name's Dae." Dae grabbed the clothes and gave Dusty a wink. "Ah, but that's not nearly as interesting."

<Marcus> "More importantly, what's your sign?" Marcus wiggles his eyebrows, Groucho-style.

<Dusty> "Well, no sewing kit in my possession, then. Just fishhook and line."

<Dae> " 'Check-ups' here," Dae shot back.

<Marcus> "Oooh." Marcus grins again. "I'm liking this adventure more all the time." He grumbles. "I just wish I wasn't so far away from my library."

Dae proceeds to get changed into the new clothes on deck, inspecting what she had been wearing and noting a number of rips needing repair that she hadn't spotted before.

Marcus watches this. "...then again, who needs a bunch of dusty old books?"

Dusty glances back, rolls his eyes again, and continues fishing.

Kanzel rolls her eyes and goes back to wtching the water speed by

<Dusty> "Hey, Kanzel, want to fish with me? You can use my pole while I fish with the ship's equipment."

<Dae> "My kind of fishing is much more fun."

<Kanzel> "Uh.. Sure, I'll try."

Dusty hands over the pole. "Now, draw it back, give it a few test flicks, then arm back..." Dusty demonstrates on the ship's pole.

Kanzel copies the motion perfectly.

Dusty blinks. "Wow. You SURE you haven't done this before?"

<mainstreet> Almost immediately, Kanzel gets a nibble.

<Kanzel> "Once or twice, not enough to get good at it."

<Dusty> "All right... let me know if you need something." Dusty smiles, and then starts paying attention to the ship's equipment and working it to catch fish.

<mainstreet> Kanzel gets a nibble, but this one is fighting fiercely! It doesn't want to be caught! Kanzel pulls and pulls, but it won't go...

<Kanzel> "I guess now would be a good time for some help."

<Brellius> "I've always preferred spear fishing."

Dusty assists with pulling in the fish.

<Dusty> "Getting a nibble right off... now all we gotta do is set the hook and then let it play out a bit and tire before pulling it in."

<mainstreet> NOW the fish has accepted the inevitable, and is hooked in. Plop, Catfish.

<Kanzel> "Thanks."

<mainstreet> "Aren't many Catfish in these waters. Nice going. That's worth 5 gold easily."

Kanzel pokes the catfish.

<mainstreet> It's gasping like... well, like a fish out of water. :P

<Marcus> "Are you nuts? I wanna fry up that sucker!" Marcus licks his lips.

<Kanzel> "I've never had fish before.."

<mainstreet> "Well, you guys did pay, so... I guess you could. Be careful though. I'll give you that one, just don't blow the ship up, and any other fish you guys get are mine."

<Dusty> "If you'd like to try again, feel free. I'm on the ship's dime this trip."

<Kanzel> "Okay."

<Dusty> "I'd like to try some when you get it cooked up. My pan-frying skills are questionable, but I have cooked some without burning it."

Kanzel unhooks the catfish from the line and looks at Karennen "Mind if I use the ship's equipment to cook this?"

<mainstreet> "If by 'equipment', you mean 'single frying pan and mini-firepit in the back', then yes."

<mainstreet> "That is, yes, do it."

Kanzel nods. "Thank you."

Dusty continues manning the fishing gear. "You guys probably want to... um... check on that cooking expedition there."

Kanzel goes off to try and figure out how to cook it.

<Marcus> Marcus yells off after Kanzel. "Don't burn my dinner!"

<Dae> "I'm sure you could find something else to eat, if pressed."

<Marcus> He smiles, as if lost in thought. "I remember my seventh ex-wife. Lovely woman, but couldn't cook to save her life."

<Marcus> "I think I wound up turning her into a toad." He grins. "Good times, good times."

<Dusty> "Well, if nothing else, there's dry rations. Hardtack and biscuits." Dusty points at his pack.

<Dusty> "...or frog legs, apparently."

<Brellius> "Why would you have turned her into a toad?"

<Marcus> "Hey, it was an accident."

<Brellius> "Oh really?"

Kanzel calls from the back of the boat "Love to hear that story."

<Marcus> "Yeah. That vial was clearly marked 'For External Use Only'. Anywho." Marcus produces a deck chair from somewhere, then sits down on it and puts his hands behind his head, relaxation style.

Dusty pauses in his fishing to move over to one of the other crewmen and assist him with straightening out his lines. "So, Marcus, what brough you to Triangle Island?"

<Marcus> Marcus shrugs. "A boat."

<Marcus> (Somewhere on the nearby mainland, a pair of drums and a cymbal fall off of a cliff.)

<mainstreet> (What nearby mainland? You're in the middle of a tropical archipelago... no mainland...)

<Dusty> "And what got you onto that boat?"

<Marcus> (I meant mainland, in the "not on the lake" sense. And it's a joke anyway, don't worry about it. :p)

<mainstreet> (I didn't get the joke, but okay, worrying stopped.)

<Marcus> "My legs. Is there a point to this line of questioning, or are you just curious about basic forms of locomotion?" You can tell by the look on his face that he's enjoying being difficult.

Kanzel calls from the back of the boat "Hey Karennen, there's not enough of this to go around, you mind giving me one of the other fish so we can all have some? I can make some for you as well."

<Dusty> "Cleric of Fharlanghn. Methods of locomation fascinate me no end."

<mainstreet> "Bah. Fine." Karennen scoops up and grabs the trout Dusty caught, and tosses it at Kanzel.

Kanzel catches.

Dusty brings in more fish at a statistically typical rate.

<mainstreet> You'll have a fish in about 20 minutes, Dusty. Or maybe 30.

<Dusty> "What about you... um, Brellius, is it? What's your story?"

Kanzel walks back out laden down with six plates, and hands them to everyone (Important, anyway) as she passes them.

<Marcus> "'Bout time!" Marcus grins and rubs his hands together. "I haven't eaten for more than three hours!"

<Brellius> "I explore ancient ruins and slay stuff."

<Brellius> "It's worked out pretty well so far."

Dusty takes a brief union break to eat fish and chat, while still keeping an eye on the fishing lines. "How about you, Kanzel? What brought you here?"

<Kanzel> "Watch out for the bones in this stuff. Especially the catfish. Kinda sharp.."

<mainstreet> Karennen pulls out a stick from her back pocket and uses it like a one-prong fork to eat.

Kanzel smiles "What else? The rumor of treasure and adventure."

<Kanzel> "And you?"

<Dusty> "Myself? Actually, the High Priest of Bald Knob asked me to take an extended walk. Specifically, he asked me to take the ocean path and see what good I could do on the islands and ports of call. He was all prophetic and stuff about it, but I think it's because he gets seasick and didn't want to do the route himself."

Marcus shovels food into his mouth. "Mmm! (Ow.) Mmm! (Ow.) Mmm! (OW!)"

Dusty takes a bite or two. "And how about you... what was your name again?" He indicates Dae with the end of his eating utensil.

<Dae> "Dae. I'm not sure how I got here, but I'm pretty sure it involved a cute guy, too much alcohol, a priceless artifact and a bunch of angry villiagers. And maybe a catapult."

<Dusty> "I'll go with the catapult explanation, yeah."

Kanzel nibbles at her fish. "I get the seasick thing. I was more worried about drowning than being seasick."

Brellius devours his share of food. "A catapult threw you this far out?"

<Dusty> "When the winds are JUST right and the villagers are THAT angry... yeah."

Kanzel looks over at Brellius "Don't choke on the bones, now."

<Dae> "I don't quite remember, but I think so."

Marcus nods at Dae. "I've been there, sister. I wish I had a dollar for every time I've been violently flung through the air by a siege engine."

Dusty checks the lines and consumes more fish.

<mainstreet> Yeah, one of the lines has a fish trailing on it. You may wanna grab it before it gets away.

Dusty pulls in the fish in question!

<mainstreet>: *ploip* Trout on the deck.

<Dusty> "Fish on de... oh, wait." Dusty stores that one and recasts the line after baiting it again.

Kanzel nibbles at her fish some more. "I'm not cooking that one. I almost burned myself as it was with the first two."

<mainstreet> "Yeah, I need the rest of these to make money anyways."

<Dusty> "My take on it is that I happened to be in the proverbial right place at the right time. Strange how that always seems to happen, but I don't mind. It's more fun when there's something interesting going on."

<Kanzel> "I agree with that."

<Dae> "I prefer my interesting minus catapults, generally."

<Marcus> "In my experience, 'interesting' usually means stuff that'll get you killed. I'd much rather settle for a warm fireplace, a good book, and a hot meal. And some female eye-candy doesn't hurt either."

<Dae> "Well two out of four isn't too bad," Dae said with a wink.

<Marcus> "I for one have far too much left to accomplish in my life. I can't afford to waste my golden years being dead."

Dusty leans against the railing again, finishes the fish off and tosses the bones overboard.

Kanzel nods, staring at her plate.

<mainstreet> "Approaching Lake Central," Karennen comments, pointing at something in the water.

Brellius looks over at the indicated thing

Dusty glances over the side of the boat to examine Lake Central.

Kanzel looks.

Marcus is too busy oogling Dae to notice the whatever.

<Dusty> " there something there?"

<Kanzel> "I see.. something."

<Dusty> "And what do you see?"

<Kanzel> "It's.. A pole?"

<Brellius> "A pole?"

<mainstreet> "Yep, that's the Lake Central Rod. It supposedly marks the exact location of the Ancient Pyramid, connecting with it's tip. I don't know if that's true, but there's not much to see on this here lake."

<Kanzel> "I dunno, it looks like a tube for air to be circulated or something."

<Dusty> "You mean... like a fish tank?"

<Kanzel> "A fish tank?"

<Brellius> "A fish tank in the middle of a lake?"

<Kanzel> "Looks more like a snorkel. Maybe it is an air tube for the pyramid"

<Brellius> "Why would a pyramid need to breathe?"

<Dusty> "Yeah... hate to have a mystical underwater pyramid that doesn't have air."

<Kanzel> "I think the thing we should be more worried about is that there's something down there that would need to breathe."

<Marcus> "Hey, I know."

<Marcus> "I could cast a shrinking spell and one of you could climb down the inside and get into the pyramid."

<Dusty> "...and who would do that? How big is this tube, anyway?"

<Kanzel> "Can't tell from here..."

<mainstreet> "About 6 inch diameter."

Marcus frowns. "Oh. Nevermind, I don't know any shrinking spells that'll make something that small."

<mainstreet> "Not like it's not just a solid rod anyways. Anyways, we're continuing on. Should be at Agri in about an hour or two."

<Dusty> "Oh, so more like a marker."

<Marcus> "Oh. Well, thanks for the false hope, Kanzel."

Dusty returns to his fishing lines.

Kanzel collects the plates, "Sorry. Couldn't tell what it was." and goes off to the kitchen.

<mainstreet> ----------SCREEEEEEE--------WHINE!!!!!!!!!!------------

<mainstreet> The Hypotenuse pulls up to the Agricultural Center Docks. The place looks like a typical Farmer's Market, all spread out very haphazardly. You don't seem to see any established roads, but then, there are tents everywhere and such.

<mainstreet> The anchor lands, quite safely.

<Dusty> "Good thing you got rid of the last anchor man. When do you set sail again, Captain?"

<mainstreet> "Early morning, just before sunrise. Gotta sell this fish this evening."

<mainstreet> You notice that the sun is beginning to set.

<Dusty> "All right, let's go see if we can talk to the people that run the AgriBusiness section and get our widget. Maybe we can be back by morning and finish out the trip."

<mainstreet> "Alright, crew! Let's unload this fish and get it sold!"

Kanzel jumps down to the deck.

Marcus looks out over the sea of tents. "Oh, great. Hippieville."

Marcus hobbles down the gangplank.

<Dusty> "Captain, mind if I continue my original task? I think your existing crew will unload my fish without issue." He grins mirthfully.

<mainstreet> "Right, fine. As long as you work another run one of these days. Everyone else paid for 2 runs."

<Dusty> "Hopefully be here in the morning, Cap." Dusty heads off the ship.

Brellius climbs down to the dock and begins looking at the various tents

<mainstreet> The various tents appear to be selling various foods. "CORN -- 2 COPPER" "LETTUCE -- 4 COPPER" "HAY -- 1 COPPER" "BEEF -- 3 GOLD" "APPLES -- 2 SILVER" "BANANAS -- 6 SILVER"

<mainstreet> Etc. Etc. Etc.

Dusty stops and asks some vendor about who is in charge of the Agricultural sector.

<mainstreet> "Eh? What's that? Do I charge? Of course I charge! Can't you read? It says 2 Copper per ear!" replies the old man running the Corn stand.

Dusty blinks. "No, who is IN CHARGE of the Agriculture sector here?"

<mainstreet> "Yes, I'm in charge of this stand! Do you wanna buy or not, boy? If not, move along! I got paying customers to tend to!"

Dusty shrugs and moves along to someone less deaf.

<mainstreet> "Oh, uh, in charge?" the lady at the lettuce stand muses. "Uh... well, Tanar's the price-checker and banker, I guess he'd be considered 'in charge', if anyone."

Marcus grins. "I like these folks. They're delightfully thick-headed."

<Dusty> "Thanks, ma'am. I guess we'll ask that guy about it."

Kanzel mumbles something quietly "You just like them because they're older than you."

Dusty heads for the location of the price-checker/banker.

<mainstreet> Dusty only makes three or four wrong turns before finally finding a main road and a long, thin stone building with "FIRST TRIANGLE BANK" crudely carved in the side.

<Dusty> "You know, I'm just wild guessing here, guys."

<Marcus> "Wow. And I thought the docks were crummy."

Dusty heads into the bank with a glance at the rest of the crew (presumably)

Kanzel follows.

Brellius tags along

Marcus prods the side of the building, as if testing to see if it'll collapse, before stepping inside.

<mainstreet> The bank looks just as dreary on the inside as it does from the outside. Rows of metal cabinets seem to go all the way to the back of the bank. A weary-looking old man is sitting at the front desk. "State your business," he orders.

<Dusty> "We're here on behalf of Princess Ashely and Princess Lilly, who have put us on a mission to the Pyramid of Triangle Island. Who would we speak to about such matters?"

<Marcus> "I'm partial to auto detailing."

<mainstreet> "Uh... not me."

<mainstreet> "I'm just the night teller."

<Dusty> "Is Tanar here, then?"

<mainstreet> "No. He shows up when he feels like it. Less now, with all the vermin. He spends most of his time hunting vermin among the farms."

<Kanzel> "Vermin?"

<Dusty> "Do you know where we might find him now? Or in the next few minutes?"

<mainstreet> "Yeah. Vermin. You know, rats, mice, voles, that sort of thing. They eat crops. And there are rumors that the wolves have gotten bolder too."

<mainstreet> "No."

<mainstreet> "Your best bet would be to start hunting vermin yourself -- you might run into him."

<Dusty> "Just what I always wanted to hunt... rats!" Dusty's voice is a picture of pure excitement, although his face delivers the line straight.

<mainstreet> "I'd be more worried about the wolves, if I were you."

<Brellius> "Just normal vermin? And wolves?"

<mainstreet> "Maybe. Maybe not. What do I look like, some government information official? I dunno."

<Marcus> "I think he means me."

<Dusty> "Well, where's the government information official?"

<mainstreet> "There isn't one. Not here. Government docks there's one. Up north there's a couple. Nothing down here, though."

<Dusty> "Got it. Well, let's go hunt some vermin and see if we find this Tanar. Can't spend too long on it, if I'm going to work the next leg on the boat."

<mainstreet> "It'll be nightfall soon. I don't envy you."

<Marcus> "What's so bad about a bunch of wolves?"

<Dusty> "They eat like you."

<Kanzel> "Well, let's go then."

<Marcus> "Feh."

<Brellius> "Just vermin and wolves? That's not much of a challenge."

Dusty heads out the door and goes looking for vermin to hunt, and thus Tanar.

Kanzel follows.

Brellius grumbles and tags along

<mainstreet> You got farms in all directions except lakeward ;)

Marcus he does, he seems to whisper something into the collar of his robe for just a moment.

Dusty picks a direction and goes.

Kanzel follows.

Dusty heads west by southwest.

Marcus goes that-a-way.

<mainstreet> And we're walkin'! ...and we're walkin'!

Marcus walkin's, tapping his stick against the ground. "So what exactly is the plan here? Go out looking for rodents and/or wolves,h ope we get lucky enough to actually find one out in the open, then hope we get even luckier and have this Tanar fellow just happening to be killing said critter?"

<Dusty> "At this point, yeah, although I'm about to stop at a stand and ask if they've seen Tanar today." Dusty pauses at a stand which has a purveyor that DOESN'T look a thousand years old. "Have you seen Tanar today?"

<mainstreet> "No"

<Kanzel> "Where does he live?"

<Marcus> "Have you: *not* seen Tanar today?"

<mainstreet> "He lives in one of those fancy mansions up North. I think. And yes, I have not seen him today."

<Kanzel> "Since it's getting dark, should we wait for him at his house, you think?"

<Dusty> "See? We can circle around the bank and ask people if they've seen Tanar today. The direction we find a yes in, we go."

<Brellius> "Still not much of a challenge."

<Kanzel> "Okay, where's his local residence?"

Dusty puts his simple plan into action, circling around and asking merchants if they've seen Tanar.

Dusty will wait, though.

<mainstreet> Nobody has seen him today.

<mainstreet> ---END GAME---