Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 23

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twenty-Three: God is Dead

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

Ashling stares at Kerlix, ready to stop him if she needs to.

<Brellius> "You know, I'd do something really shiny and fancy, but anti-magic fields stop psionics, too. Oh well," Brellius shrugs and swings at Kerlix in a viciously non-fancy manner

<Ascii> "Well, ex-cuuuuuse me, princess."

<mainstreet> Kerlix takes a slice.

<Ascii> "Kelsey, move! I need to back up!" Ascii steps backward, carefully calculating the spaces involved in his head. Keep the edge of the field ready to cover Kerlix again, while hopefully giving his comrades a better opportunity to attack.

<mainstreet> Kelsey carefully takes a step back, ready to fling herself out of the field to fire off her own spell.

<mainstreet> Kelsey chants her Wish spell, calling on the awesome forces of the cosmos to help banish Kerlix!

<mainstreet> Kerlix gets a strange green glow around him, but there's no other visible effect. Yet.

<mainstreet> Kerlix roars, and a line of acid fires from his mouth straight at Kanzel!

<mainstreet> Kanzel tries to squirm out of the way, but not far enough and it hits Kanzel in the ribs, eating into her body a bit.

Kanzel turns invisble, slides around kerlix, and attacks

<mainstreet> Hack! Slash! Grar! The blades go all over Kerlix, sliciing him up. A cloud of smoke starts to pour out of his heavily depleted body.

<Brellius> "Show-off..." Brellius follows up with another handful of slashes at Kerlix

<mainstreet> The smoke is seriously starting to emit now, as Brellius slashes make the body barely recognizable.

Ascii ...just kind of stands there. Whistles idly.

<mainstreet> Kelsey pulls out her staff. "Lightning Bolt," she commands.

<mainstreet> The Lightning Bolt hammers through the smoke, and the defeated body of Kerlix collapses hard. "I shall... return."

<mainstreet> "No. No you won't. I made sure of that," Kelsey replies coldly.

<mainstreet> Kerlix fades into oblivion, finally defeated at last!

<mainstreet> You hear the sounds of elementals continuing to battle. Hmm, perhaps you should deal with those elemental generators.

<Ascii> "Oh, yeah."

Kanzel leans down and beheads the corpse of Gozano.

<Ascii> "Okay, then." Ascii drops his antimagic field now that the threat has passed. "Everyone, break those summoning artifacts. Using distance attacks, preferably. Remember, the last one exploded violently."

Ashling walks over near the water basin and directs an unseen servant to push it off it's pedastal.

<mainstreet> The servant makes a try to push the basin over, and barely gets the tip... you see the energy beams react violently, and BOOM! the basin explodes... you hear a pair of screams...

<mainstreet> and then nothing.

Ashling, not seeing anyone else moving, directs her servant to do the same with the fire one.

Kanzel backs away so she doesn't get caught in any explosions

<mainstreet> The brazier, being much heavier, doesn't make it off the podium

Ashling fires a magic missle at the brazier and goes over to the air one "Everyone, move, so I can try destroying this one.

<mainstreet> The magic missile barrels into the brazier.. BOOM! Two more screams.

Ascii shuffles out of the way.

Ashling waits until everyone else moves before directing her servant to try pushing the thing representing air over.

<mainstreet> The censer crashes into the ground. BOOOOM! You hear two more screams.

<Kanzel> "Well that was interesting."

<mainstreet> You walk through this crater, amazed at the devastation you have wrought. Jimmy is sitting some distance away, murmuring to himself.

<mainstreet> "Alright," Kelsey informs you a short time later. "Elidara has told me that the elementals have stopped respawning, and I just finished destroying Gozano's body, so we've won this one. I'll have a team come clean this up... Let's get back to the Palace."

Ashling nods

Ascii points to the people along the walls. "Who were these guys, anyway?"

<mainstreet> Kelsey looks and sighs. "Looks like they're students from the Academy. I don't know what Gozano said to con them up into fueling this monstrosity. But that's what they were doing here. They died when we broke the connections from this end. It's possible we could have saved them from the other end, but it would've been a risky business."

<Ascii> "Sorry."

<mainstreet> "I'll see if there's funds for some raise deads. Wasn't their fault, really."

<mainstreet> You all slowly head back to the Palace, where Kelsey thanks you for your services. It's all on the down low, and though a lot of people have heard about the Dragon Incident and the Elemental Incident, the rumours are rife in the streets and the facts are rare. Only about a dozen living individuals remain truly aware of the full accounts of these stories.

<mainstreet> You stick around for the tournament itself, at Kelsey's request, and even take a few judging slots, and things go quite smoothly on the whole. The new Queen, Elidara T'Merin, is able to capably handle the reins, and sees to your reward: the summative loot you collected on your adventure, a healthy sum of gold, and a curious wooden box, about two feet per side, intended for your Island's own Queen.

<mainstreet> The box won't open for you, so you remain perplexed, as you set off for home, or wherever you might prefer to go. What awaits in the future? Well, for that... you must go to the future.

Ascii points dramatically. "To the future!"

<Ashling> "So you said there's a dungeon at the bottom of the lake there?"

<Ashling> "That sounds interesting."

<Brellius> "It's been a while since I've had an underwater adventure!"

<Kanzel> "Could be fun. It feels like forever since we've been down there."

<mainstreet> ---FIN---