Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 22

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twenty-Two: Revenge of the Great Kerlix!

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

Ascii takes action!

<Ascii> He jogs beneath the energy beams, armor clanking all the while, and raises a hand at 'Jimmy', hoping to stop him from fleeing. He casts a spell...a terrible, horrible spell. A spell which projects a frightening, sickening image into the mind of the recipient, one so horrible as to leave them stricken with blindness! looks an awful lot like Ascii in just his boxer shorts... ((Blindness/Deafness))

<mainstreet> Jimmy falls to the ground in despair, realizing he's blinded. "NOOOO, I'M BLIND!"

<mainstreet> "So, let's see here," Nathan begins speaking. "You killed Kenny, you bastards, then you blind Jimmy... and I'm almost gone..." He fires a spell down towards the ground, aiming at Brellius and Ascii!

<Ascii> "Gah!"

<mainstreet> Ashling: Your Ring of Spell-Battle triggers, recognizing the dangerous spell as... CLOUDKILL!

Ashling holds up a hand, cancelling the spell in midair. "Focus."

<mainstreet> "Nooooooooooo! Damn you meddling kids!" Nathan yells.

<mainstreet> Jimmy breaks out into a full Run, trying to leave the scene!

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, he has to stand up, and doesn't thus get very far, especially as he has to be careful not to fall over.

Ashling breathes and fire off a succession of spells on herself. ((Celerity, True Strike)) She then looks at Gozano. "In case you get any ideas." Before pointing at him and shooting a green light at him. ((Dimensional Anchor))

<mainstreet> Gozano blinks. "I'm not sure why you think I'd flee this combat. The backlash from the elemental controlling devices would surely kill me anyway."

Kanzel attacks from the ethereal realm.

<mainstreet> Kanzel's right blade slashes into Gozano, carving him up like roast wherry! His offhand blade, however, stumbles out of her hand and off the spire... where it neatly cleaves the Stone of Commanding Earth Elementals in two...


<mainstreet> the Stone of Commanding Earth Elementals EXPLODES!

<Kanzel> "No! I paid well for that sword!"

<mainstreet> You hear two loud screaming voices... then they are suddenly silent, as the beams attached fade to nothing.

Kanzel pulls another sword out of her bag. "At least it went towards a good cause."

<mainstreet> Jimmy is also somewhat affected by the blast, taking damage.

Kanzel takes a step off the top of the spire and starts sliding to the bottom.

<Ascii> "Hey!"

<Ascii> "Bring that dead so-and-so down here while you're at it!"

Ashling searches Gozano

<mainstreet> Ashling: You've shredded his Robe beyond repair, and it looks like his wands are just kindling now. You notice that a necklace of some sort and a pair of rings seem to be intact, but that's about it.

Ashling takes them and pockets them for later inspection. She then pushes his body off the spire to slide down it, before following it herself.

<Ashling> Before sliding down herself*

Kanzel reaches the bottom and looks for her sword, finding only the hilt. "You served me well."

<mainstreet> Suddenly...

<mainstreet> hear a shatteringly loud voice, surrounding you on all sides! It's incoherent, but it's SO LOUD the sonic vibrations force Jimmy and Kanzel to the ground as they wince in pain at the sound!

<mainstreet> Eventually, the voice lowers enough to actually be heard.


<Ascii> "....."

<Ascii> " have *got* to be kidding me."

Kanzel gets up "show of hands. Who's surprised."

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You look back at the spire... and see Nathan getting back up, fully apparently healed. But you look closer... no, this isn't Nathan, at least, not completely. His eyes are pale yellow, and his body seems to be as much smoke as flesh. He's glaring down at you all with sheer malevolence.

<Brellius> "Eh, I've been adventuring for a few years. You learn to not get surprised."

<Ashling> "If I had a nickle for every deity I've annoyed..."

<Kanzel> "What's a nickle?"

<Ashling> "I have no idea."

<mainstreet> Ascii: Your mirror is trying to activate.

Ascii pulls it out and answers, bracing himself for the inevitable yelling.

<mainstreet> "Congratulations on defeating the Earth elementals. I hear we no longer have any on the opposing side, and the numbers are much more even now. Also the elementals that are remaining seem highly disorganized. Well done... now, what the **** is going on with this 'Great Kerlix'? The whole Island, if not the whole Archipelago, heard that voice, and I quickly pinpointed the location of it."

<Brellius> "Hey, Kerlix...wasn't he an ancient deity guy?"

<Ascii> "Ehhh." He grins sheepishly. "Funny story. Remember those raptors and their time portal we blew up? Apparantly their god has lain dormant ever since we shafted his plans to take over the future, just so he could catch up to us the slow way and get revenge."

<Ashling> "I wondered why he didn't just make another portal...."

<Ascii> "He just possessed Gozano's corpse..."

<mainstreet> Kelsey blinks. "Well then. That was clearly not your fault. I recommend you call for divine support of your own, Cleric... it seems to be our only hope."

<mainstreet> A storm starts to brew.... clouds rapidly start to cover the skies

<Ascii> "Crap."

<Brellius> "I hope it's just the one ancient guy...I think there were others."

<Ascii> "I don't think I know the spells to do that..."

Kanzel backs up a few steps "you mean it's not just a lot of praying?"

Ashling edges around to the opposite side of the spire.

<Ascii> "Your Majesty, is there anything you or your people can do that might, you know. Help us deal with an angry god?"

<mainstreet> "Hmmm... did you just say he possessed Gozano's corpse?"

<Ashling> "Yes."

<mainstreet> "I suspect you might get... interesting results... with a Resurrection. Or, in my case... I can Wish for it..."

<mainstreet> "I'll be right over."

<mainstreet> The mirror buzzes off.

<mainstreet> The storm has fully set in, and the winds are picking up. Kerlix is just standing there, feeling free to conjure this storm.

<mainstreet> Ascii: You feel a soft tap on your shoulder. You look but don't see anyone.

<mainstreet> Nonetheless, Kelsey murmurs softly at you: "I've got Wish ready. Got a plan?"

Ascii whispers back. "If I can kick him out of our dimension, can you Wish it so he can't come back? Like, ever?"

<mainstreet> Kelsey thinks about it. "I can attempt it. I'm sure you're aware that's highly dangerous, though."

<Ascii> "Just be ready. Let me see what I can do here."

<Ascii> Taking advantage of Kerlix's sedateness, Ascii stalks toward him while casting one of the most powerful spells he knows.

<mainstreet> Kerlix was, of course, waiting for just such a move. He retaliates with a readied spellstrike of his own!

Ashling spies around the corner to see which spells they're casting.

Ascii finishes his spell. There's...not really much of a visible effect. Heck, if anything the air around him (and Kerlix) actually seems *less* magical than before. ((Antimagic Field))

<mainstreet> Kerlix sent out a Maximized Meteor Swarm, but... it fizzled out in the antimagic field.

<mainstreet> Kerlix growls. "So you prefer the death of my aura, then..." He walks slowly towards Ascii.

<Ascii> "I don't think millions of years' worth of BO counts as an aura."

Kanzel takes a breath and runs around the spire, skidding next to Kerlix and driving her sword into him. "This is a familiar feeling."

<mainstreet> Kerlix looks at the slash, amused. Smoke emits from the cut. "How quaint. An artificial claw."

<Brellius> "So we're fighting a god? That's...actually new for me." Brellius pulls out his shiny halberd and hustles over to the action

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---