Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 20

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twenty: Ding Dong, The Dragon Is Dead

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

Kanzel runs out of the building, around the random people, while looking for a weak spot and attacking.

Kanzel erases the first one

<mainstreet> The blades slice into Lortath, inflicting serious damage! She roars in pain, glaring at her collective adversaries.

<mainstreet> "Alright, let's see how you handle this..." Officer 2 grunts, and releases a spell...

<mainstreet> Lortath gets a strange look in her eye... she sees an unspeakable horror!

<Ascii> (But Ascii hasn't taken off his armor yet!)

<mainstreet> She screeches in horror, and...

<mainstreet> manages to avoid a fear death, but still shudders a bit, and claws against the ground, taking more damage.

Brellius slashes his giant halberd at the even-more-giant dragon several times!

<mainstreet> Hack! Slash! Hack! Slash! Never hitting!

<Brellius> "Dang it! I should have said a witty one-liner!"

<Ascii> "Or at least aimed!"

<mainstreet> Officer 3 frowns, then starts up a spell. This spell looks like it might take a round, folks!

<mainstreet> The MAW of CHAOS unleashes, devouring Lortath in its oblivion!

<mainstreet> "Well," Kelsey comments. "That's one way to beat a dragon."

<Ascii> "Woooo! YEAH! Eat it, bitch!"

<Brellius> "It's not often I get to fight dragons. I wish that lasted a little longer."

<mainstreet> Kelsey looks at Ascii strangely, then turns to the officers. "Alright, officers, I want that corpse taken down to my dungeons and carved up for parts. Thanks for preserving it."

<mainstreet> The officers nod, and make to Levitate Kilmath's corpse.

<mainstreet> Lortath's corpse is, of course, nowhere to be found, having been swallowed up by the Maw.

Ascii shrugs. "...ahem. Sorry. Got a little excited."

<mainstreet> Kelsey then pulls out some parchment and scribbles something. She hands it to Kanzel, who can see that it's an arrest order. "Miss Seraphim, take your team and arrest Nathan Gozano, on charges of conspiracy to commit treason, supporting black dragons, and being an annoying jerkface. If he resists, you are authorized to use all necessary force to make sure he is no longer a threat to this Island."

<Brellius> "I don't think fighting him would be as exciting as fighting a dragon. Assuming he fights, that is."

Kanzel takes it and nods.

Ascii jogs over, gasping for breath. "It can't be *worse* than this fight. Can it?"

Ascii then plops down onto a nearby bench. "Whew. I'm beat."

Ascii leans back, gasping like a fat guy who just took the stairs rather than the elevator.

<Ascii> After a moment, he climbs back to his feet. "Okay...okay, let's go. The longer we wait, the more likely he'll have nasty surprises waiting for us."

Ascii begins leading the way to the university.

Brellius tags along

Kanzel follows

Ashling does as well

<mainstreet> You make your way to the University and its eight entryways.

<Ascii> "Okay, so. Uh. Which one was he in again?"

Ashling points "Enchantment, but let's go in this one." She points to the Necromancy tower.

<Ascii> "Eh? Why?"

<mainstreet> You use your card, and enter the Necromancy Tower. A large seal, an image of a black skull, is present on the archway facing you (leading into the main part of the Academy). Written around the outside, in scroll motif, is: "Death is but the next great adventure." A spiral staircase leads up the tower. In addition to the exit straight ahead to the core there are two exits that proceed along the side of the complex.

Ascii, having by now recovered from being a wuss, heading for the core area.

<mainstreet> You walk through the core, seeing a few large dueling arenas, and cutting through the corner of the courtyard, making it back into the Enchantment Tower.

<Ascii> "Okay, here we go." He starts climbint the stairs. "Stay frosty, folks."

<mainstreet> You climb up to the 7th floor, completing the long climb... you find Nathan's office. A red dot is present beneath his sign.

Kanzel waits until no one is looking and pops out of sight.

Ashling, seeing that, does the same

<Ascii> "Kanzel, can you pick this door open?"

Kanzel leans over and inspects the lock.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You don't see any obvious locking mechanism. In fact, you're not entirely sure this is even a door. It might just be a piece of wood someone stuck here.

Kanzel whispers "I don't see the lock"

Ashling takes a look

<Ascii> "...what."

<mainstreet> Ashling: Ah, that explains why there isn't an obvious lock. It's not a *lock* lock, it's an... Arcane Lock!

<Ashling> "It's an arcane lock."

<Ashling> "I can get it open, might it might be loud. you ready?"

Kanzel invisibly nods.

Ascii can't see Kanzel nod, but somehow gets the gist of her state of readiness. "Do it."

Ashling points at the door and whispers "Alohamora"

<mainstreet> The lock clicks open. The door doesn't move though, just sitting there, free to move. You notice the dot beneath the sign is now yellow.

<Ascii> "We're goin' in."

<Ascii> "Brell, go for Nathan. Try to grab him so he can't cast."

<Ascii> "I'll cover you."

<Ascii> "You two, stay hidden. Be ready for action."

Ascii gestures with his fingers, then yanks the door open, standing to the side to let Brell through first.

<mainstreet> Brellius looks inside to find... a perfectly empty office. It looks too perfectly empty, in fact... the bookshelves are empty, and the desk is bare.

<mainstreet> Ascii, Kanzel: You spot a single sheet of parchment that seems to be wedged into a desk drawer.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You also spot a small bag in the corner of the room.

Kanzel sees that Ascii saw the parchment, and heads for the small bag in the corner.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: It's a small rust-colored sack, to be specific.

Ascii points out the parchment. "Ash, can you check and see if this thing is some kind of trap?"

Ashling checks from a good distance away

<mainstreet> Ashling: You look at the parchment and see straight away there's nothing tricky about the parchment.

Ascii goes by Ash's judgement, picking up the parchment and reading it.

<mainstreet> Ascii: It appears to be a message for you. Well, your group at least. "Triangle's Adventurers, Dragon Killers Extraordinare, Individuals I Wouldn't Want to Fight in A Small Office, Find Me At the Summit of Mount Unitaria, If You Dare."

<Brellius> "Few things are more dangerous than a spellcaster with prep time."

Kanzel points at the bag "Could you look at this too?"

Ashling does.

Ascii makes a serious face. "Oh, we dare, Nathan. WE DARE."


<mainstreet> Ashling: You get a hunch, and put your hand inside. You feel a small, fuzzy ball. Hey, you know this thing. It's a Bag of Tricks!

<Ashling> "It's a bag of tricks."

<Kanzel> "You can have it."

Ascii hmms.

<Ascii> "Where the hell is Mt. Unitaria, anyway?"

Ashling pockets it

<mainstreet> Ashling: Mount Unitaria is north of Star City, about two-thirds of the way toward's the port town in the Region One. It's a lonely, desolate mountain with little vegetation.

<Ashling> "Very far north."

<Ascii> "Lovely. I suppose we should contact the queen with this information."

<Ascii> "Is there anything else in here?"

Kanzel shakes her head "I don't think so."

<Ascii> "Then we're gone."

Ascii takes the note with him, and leads the others out the door and out of the university.

Kanzel follows.

Ashling as well

Brellius tags along

Ascii does make a note to pass through a tower they haven't visited on the way out from the core, though. He isn't really sure why.

<mainstreet> You head through the Illusion tower on your way out, where you see the image of a white eye, and the scroll motif: "Always distrust your perceptions"

Ascii decides to distrust the sign, then, and therefore ignores it.

<mainstreet> As Ascii walks out, he hears a voice murmur into his ear "You're learning..."

Ascii decides to ignore the voice too, if only because he doesn't want to be insane.

<mainstreet> "Yes, very good."

<Ascii> "Shut up. I'm ignoring you."

<Brellius> "What?"

<Ascii> "Huh? ...oh, nothing. Nevermind."

Ascii leads everyone outside and away from the building by a good couple of blocks, before ducking into the nearest conveniently-placed alcove.

<mainstreet> You're onto the busy streets, and off them into a shady-looking alley.

Ascii then pulls out the mirror again. "I hope she's not getting mad at me for using this thing."

Ascii makes the call.

<mainstreet> "I do hope you're calling to announce a successful arrest," Kelsey informs Ascii coolly.

<Brellius> "Glad I'm not the one who has to do the talking..." Brellius mutters

<Ascii> "Not quite. Nathan's office is empty; he knew we were coming. He left us a note - said he's waiting for us on top of Mt. Unitaria. I was hoping you could give us what intel you know about the place before we go charging into what's obviously a trap."

<mainstreet> She sighs visibly. "I was afraid of that. Let me update you on the larger situation. Mt. Unitaria is being swarmed with elementals of all kinds. I'm doing my own countering of those things, but the battle's not really going well. I was hoping we'd be able to get something done."

<mainstreet> "If Gozano is on top of that mountain, it's almost certainly him controlling these elementals. And his elementals seem to be winning."

<Ascii> "Yikes. So you're fighting a war over there. Are you there in person?"

<mainstreet> "No, I'm in... the room I showed you once... so I can make more elementals when I lose 'em."

<Ascii> "Oh, I see. Do you have any of your men up there? It looks like we'll be heading in that direction regardless, so we can give them a hand along the way."

<mainstreet> "I'm getting live reports from Elidara T'Merin, who is on the scene, and doing the best she can to help out over there -- she represents that region on the Island Council and is one of our most powerful mages."

Ascii nods. "We'll be there ASAP. Should be able to teleport. With any luck, we can take out Gozano while his minions are distracted and end both problems."

<mainstreet> "Very well. Good luck."

<Ascii> *click*

<Ascii> *beep beep beep*

<Ascii> "Okay, so. Ash, can you TP us to the mountain?"

<Ashling> "Maybe."

<Ascii> "...maybe?"

<Ashling> "I've never been there. but I can try."

<Ascii> "Oh. Well, I'd do it, but I don't even know what the place looks like."

<Brellius> "I'd do it, but I don't think I could teleport that far."

<Ascii> "Well, please do try, Ash. Otherwise we'll gonna have to hike. And I know you're all looking forward to that..."

<Brellius> "I like hiking..."

<Ascii> "I don't."

<Ashling> "Alright, I'll try."

Kanzel grabs

Ascii latches on.

Brellius holds on

Ashling directs the teleportation to the base of the mountain

<mainstreet> You find yourselves on the base of the mountain. You see the issue: A handful of Huge elementals are fighting another handful of Huge elementals. All four elements are present, in multiples, on both sides. You see a elfwoman holding a staff and firing spells into the melee, trying to hit the elementals holding higher ground.

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---