Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 19

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Nineteen: Rounds 2 and 3: Sliced in Two, An Exchange of Spells

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

Kanzel runs around behind Kilmath, looking for a weak point. Spotting one, she drives her swords into it.

<mainstreet> One more weak spot is enough... Kanzel drives her blades in... and straight through, cleaving Kilmath clean in two! Yeargh, that looks disgusting! The blood and ichor starts to ooze out and onto the tile.

<Brellius> "...I gotta admit, I'm feeling a little redundant right now."

Kanzel pops back into being.

<mainstreet> Officer #2 does something a bit strange... he heads over to the corpse, and hits it with a Gentle Repose.

Ascii grins at Kanzel. "That...was officially awesome."

Kanzel nods at Ascii. "Thank you."

Ascii pulls out what looks like a copy of his resume. "Accomplishments: Dragonslayer. I like the sound of that."

<Brellius> "I guess I'll go start on that other dragon, then." Brellius walks outside to get within hand-to-claw range with Lortath

<mainstreet> Officer #3 looks around. "Hey, would it help any of you guys to get bigger?"

<Brellius> "I can do it to myself, but it'd save me some time."

<mainstreet> The officer nods and hits Brellius with an Enlarge Person!

Ashling points at Lortath, as she prepares to cast her own spell, her familiars all cast Faerie Fire. Ashling then yawns, looking at a spot behind Lortath. (Maw of Chaos)

Ascii glares at Ash. "I'm sorry, is the giant climactic battle with a pair of dragons *boring* you, Ash?"

Ashling steps to the side. "Maybe a bit."

Ashling watches Lortath glow like the noonday sun

Ascii also totally dropped the blade barrier once Kilmath was dead and people started heading outside.

<Ascii> *foop*

<Ascii> With the others distracting the non-gutted dragon, Ascii begins making his way out through the door. "Okay, let's hope this works..."

Ascii raises his holy symbol and points it at the dragon, chanting one of the most powerful spells he knows.(Destruction)

<mainstreet> The spell crashes into Lortath, but she manages to stay intact. The spell eats into her a bit and she takes some damage, but not enough to cause her to be truly destroyed.

<mainstreet> She screams in rage! RAWWWWWWWWWWR!

Ascii sighs.

<Brellius> "Don't tell me you're getting bored with this fight, too."

<Ascii> "No, just frustrated with myself."

<mainstreet> Lortath contemplates for a split second, then, realizing she can't use acid again, switches to a much... colder option. She waves a hand, drops some things, and... hailstones begin flying in front of her, hitting Ascii, Brellius, Kelsey, and officers 2 and 3! ICE... STORM!

Ascii grimaces as a chunk of ice ricochets off the forehead of his helmet. "Ow."

<Brellius> "This might get annoying after a few minutes..."

<mainstreet> Kelsey pulls out her staff, and points it at a spot behind Lortath. She calmly murmurs, "Fireball."

<mainstreet> Lortath manages to dodge and avoid getting the full brunt of the fireball that explodes into being behind her, but still gets scorched a bit.

<mainstreet> Officer #1 is busy trying to keep the civilian patrons clear of the battle. He can't help you any more.

Kanzel turns invisible again and runs towards the door.

<mainstreet> Officer #2 gets in a position to launch an attack... and fires... Lightning Bolt!

<mainstreet> The lightning scorches Lortath a bit, but she avoids the brunt of the assault.

Brellius shows off his leet skillz by spinning his giant halberd around and then cuts into the dragon thrice

<mainstreet> Two of the slashes go in, and Lortath roars in pain!

<mainstreet> Officer #3 gets in a position to launch an attack... and fires... Chain Lightning!

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, it fizziles against Lortath's Spell Resistance, and does nothing.

Ashling finishes her spell, yawns, and a fissure appears in the sky where she's been looking.

<mainstreet> Lortath roars at the damage from the Maw behind her.

Ashling, visible again, ducks behind a nearby wall

Ascii, unwilling to approach the dragon, decides to try blasting it with fire! Because dragons are totally vulnerable to fire, right?

Ascii raises up his symbol and spreads his arms - a 20-foot-wide circle of fire appears over the dragon's head and erupts downward, showering it in flames!

Ascii may or may not be making 'fwoosh!' noises under his breath.

<mainstreet> Lortath looks around, and points a finger straight at Ascii. She fires... Ray of Exhaustion!

<mainstreet> Ascii becomes Exhausted... he yawns again. Wow, he's tired.

Ascii sighs. Tiredly, this time.

<mainstreet> Kelsey decides what's she did last time works just fine. "Fireball."

<mainstreet> Lortath takes the full brunt of the Fireball attack, roaring in pain.

<mainstreet> ---END GAME---