Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 18

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Eighteen: Round 1: Two Dragons Versus The Army

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> The fight is on!

Kanzel looks over Kilmath for a weak point. Spotting one, she brings down both of her swords multiple times in that spot.

<mainstreet> You slice Kilmath up pretty good, enough to... force him to revert... you notice him growing... he GROWS into a fully-fleged BLACK DRAGON in front of your eyes! He's wounded, and PISSED!

<mainstreet> From the huge GROWTH, you're all blown backward a bit.

<mainstreet> You also realize that Kilmath's body covers the entirety of the floor-to-ceiling

Ascii staggers. "Oh, crap."

<mainstreet> You also hear another ROAR come from the outside.

<mainstreet> You look over, and see another, equally massive black dragon outside, roaring with rage at you all.

<Ascii> "...well, fuck."

<Brellius> "Want me to go handle that one?"

<mainstreet> Random Police Officer #2 moves over to the side a bit, trying to get a clear shot. He then launches... a Cone of Cold!

<mainstreet> Kilmath is caught in the cone, though he manages to steer clear of the brunt of the assault, still taking damage.

<Ascii> "No! We need to take them down one at a time!"

Brellius raises his halberd above his head and shouts unnecessarily dramatically as his hair turns blond and spikey. Then he cautiously approaches Kilmath

<mainstreet> Random Police Officer #3 thinks #2 had a good thing going, and does the exact same thing. Cone... of cold!

<mainstreet> This time, though, the cold does far more damage, as Kilmath isn't able to avoid any of it. Ooof!

Ashling pulls out a staff, quickly casting a spell from it. (Blink) she then points to the two dragons and casts a spell at them. (Legion of Sentinels) before turning and running a distance away.

Ascii tries his best to stay calm, despite the TWO BLACK DRAGONS they now have to deal with. "Crapcrapcrap...!" Thinking quickly, he stalks toward Kilmath while waving his holy symbol around. A wall of whirling blades springs up outside the resturant, following the outer wall, effectively wrapping the building and blicking the doors and windows. With any luck, this will discourage Lortath from trying to edge into the fight indoors for now.

<mainstreet> *whirrrr* *whirrrr*

<Ascii> (Actually, it's more like the sound of silverware being sharpened, combined with the sound of a hundred thousand katatas cutting through the air.)

<Ascii> (All in all, a pretty awesome sound.)

<mainstreet> Lortath roars, and fires a Breath -- line of acid -- through the door, throing itself straight into the wall, heading for Brellius and the two police officers behind him!

<mainstreet> Kelsey narrows her eyes, raises her staff, and mutters something. (Hold Monster) A sharp blue burst is fired at Kilmath.

<mainstreet> Kilmath shakes off the burst, however, and just growls back at her.

<mainstreet> Random Police Officer #1 uses a full move to get in position to launch his own Cone of Cold!

<mainstreet> The cone seeps into Kilmath, sapping him further of life. He roars, and prepares to retaliate harshly!

<mainstreet> Kilmath launches his own breath weapon, firing at Brellius and Ascii!

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---