Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 17

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Seventeen: It Was Not A Blast

<mainstreet> ----BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> Ashling watches the conversation in progress. Kilmath seems to be demanding reports from the elementals.

<mainstreet> "T'Merin doesn’t really leave the Palace much. Not much you’re going to be able to do to her before the Tournament."

<mainstreet> "Dammit! We need her eliminated!" Kilmath growls, then turns to the next Elemental. "What about that Jack guy?"

<mainstreet> "No idea. He hasn’t been seen in days. Same assessment."

<mainstreet> Kilmath growls louder. "Alright, alright, what have you got on the CIO? Not sure why Gozano wants him removed, he's Region Five anyway, but let's hear it."

<mainstreet> "Well, he’s not going to be easy to remove directly. But I got something you’ll want to hear..."

<mainstreet> "Yes?"

<mainstreet> "Apparently the Queen and her son have engaged a trio of foreign officers as well as some multicaster lady from Region Three to investigate ward releases. I believe they have an earth elemental listening in on this conversation as well."

<mainstreet> "What the... why didn’t you tell me that before?"

<mainstreet> "You didn't ask."

<mainstreet> "Find it and kill it! Then go inform Gozano of your incompetence and tell him to replace you with someone better!"

<mainstreet> The third earth elemental nods slowly, then withdraws into a table… You’re treated to the incredibly odd sight of a long table being broken in half, the halves attempting to beat each other up.

<mainstreet> Ultimately, one half seems to be bigger than the other, and makes short work of it. It morphs into the elemental you saw before. "Well, you lost a table, but I sent the spy back to the Plane of Earth."

<mainstreet> Kilmath sighs. "This is not good. Alright, let's move fast. I'm going to go personally and try to deal with the CIO. Maybe then they'll figure out to keep their nose out of places it doesn't belong. You three, return to your assignments. I'll see you back here late tonight."

<mainstreet> "Well, on second thought, Earth Three go to Gozano and demand replacement, as I said. Tell Gozano that the replacement should be assisting Earth Two in the search for Jack."

<mainstreet> The Earth elementals fade out. Kilmath looks at the guard. "As usual, you heard nothing. I'm heading out."

<mainstreet> Kilmath heads out the door.

<mainstreet> As Kilmath heads out the door, Ascii and Brellius make it to the alley. They spot Kilmath heading their way!

Kanzel slips through the door while it's open.

Kanzel quickly messages Ashling. "Message Ascii. Tell him to ignore Kilmath."

Ashling points at Ascii and does so.

Brellius casually looks away from Kilmath

Ascii realizes who he's looking at, and quickly (but nonchalantly) assumes an idle position outside the alley mouth, reading his newspaper again while waiting for the bus. Or, whatever passes for a bus in this city.

<mainstreet> Kilmath wanders past Ascii and Brellius, heading southeast on the E-Ring.

Kanzel continues following Kilmath while telling Ashling what she heard. "Tell Ascii to get Kelsey on the mirror as soon as Kilmath is far enough away. Tell him to tell her to hide Adrian and someone named T'Merin. He's on his way to wherever Adrian is. I'm going to keep following him if I can."

Ashling nods to herself and sends back "Be careful." She gets up from her hiding place walking toward the end of the alley, mentally repeating what Kanzel had told her to the other two.

Ascii waits for Kilmath and Kanzel to disappear, then hauls out the mirror and activates it.

<mainstreet> Bzzzt.

<mainstreet> "We're sorry, but your call could not be completed as dialed. Please hang up and try again."

<mainstreet> Ashling: You walk into a lamppost. You could've sworn it wasn't there before!

<mainstreet> Brellius: Hmmm, there's a suspicious bird with some sort of ring around its neck hovering overhead. Actually, it's hovering over the casino.

<Ascii> "Dafuq?"

<Brellius> "Let's just go elsewhere."

Ascii grumbles. "Fine. Stupid antimagic devices. How's an honest guy supposed to cheat these days?"

Ascii heads down a street away from Kanzel in hopes of not drawing Kilmath's attention.

<mainstreet> A humming sound... you can tell the call got through, but Kelsey's not in a position to answer you. After a minute or two, you hear a sigh. "For a group of 'amazing adventurers' you seem to need your hand held a lot. What is it this time?"

<Ascii> "We have a big problem. Kilmath is on the move. We eavesdropped on him, and we believe he's going to personally look for Adrian to try, get rid of him."

<mainstreet> "This is... most disturbing. I can't recall him without possibly blowing a cover, so we need to get to Kilmath before he gets to Adrian. I will put half my palace guards in apparently random locations in the city, in an actual attempt to slow traffic and Kilmath up. I’ll provide you with Adrian's general location, where Kilmath will presumably be headed. I and a few friends of mine will meet you there, but we'll be disguised. If I send guards the jig will also be up and we won't get him. Do you copy?"

<Ascii> "Understood. One of ours is following him right now, as well. We'll wait at the location for you to contact us."

<mainstreet> "Go to region 2, B-ring, north of Avenue Two, look for a restaurant called 'Gordon's Eatery'. The passcode to identify me will be... 'Swordfish'."

<mainstreet> The mirror clicks off.

<Ascii> "Ash, relay that message to Kanzel before she gets out range."

Ashling tries.

<mainstreet> Ashling: You get the message off for the most part, but fade out of range just before 'Swordfish' is mentioned."

Kanzel backs up a step, keeping an eye on Kilmath. "I didn't get the end of the message"

Ashling repeats the end.

Kanzel nods "Okay." and keeps following Kilmath.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You briefly lose Kilmath, but knowing his destination means you can head in the right direction... and you find him again in short order.

<Ascii> "Okay, now that that's dealt with. Ash, we need to get there ASAP. Can you teleport us there?"

<Ashling> "Yeah, I've been there before." She grabs them invisibly and teleports them outside said eating establishment.

<mainstreet> You see the big yellow sign out front of what looks like your classical diner. "GORDON'S. BURGERS. FISH. CHICKEN."

Ascii heads inside.

<mainstreet> The host is standing at the register. "How many in your Party, sir?" he asks casually.

<Ascii> "Three."

<mainstreet> "Table for three... right this way, sir," the host leads you to a table in the corner.

Ashling leads the way.

Brellius tags along.

<mainstreet> You hang out in the corner table, looking at the menu idly. A few minutes later, an old, wrinkled guy joins your table. "I recommend the swordfish. Of course, they're probably out. This place is always out."

<Ascii> "Ah." Ascii nods. "Yes, I hear...interesting things regarding the swordfish." He leans forward. "What can you tell us?"

<mainstreet> The man(?) jerks his thumb at a table near you. "We've got the place covered. Adrian's on the other side dealing with a contact, but I don't want to spook the contact until Kilmath tries to cause trouble. We've got our eyes out. Keeps yours out. If Kilmath makes a move, we'll engage him together."

<Ascii> "Understood."

<mainstreet> You notice Adrian talking with another dude on the other side, and you notice the indicated table with four different serious-looking wizards, all vaguely disguised.

<mainstreet> It only takes a few more minutes for Kilmath to show up, walking through the door.

Kanzel slips in behind him, keeping close.

<mainstreet> Kilmath requests a table for one, and gets a table near Adrian. He sits down and flips through the menu.

Ascii whispers to the old guy sitting with them. "That's him..."

<mainstreet> Kanzel: Hmmm, some sort of small black orb seems to have slipped out of Kilmath's sleeve. Or rather, it was removed and carefully placed on the table.

<mainstreet> The guy nods. "Alright, I'll go 'chat him up'."

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You recognize the orb as being based on the Smoke Grenade from Triangle Industries, but you can tell it's been modified to produce far far more than just smoke. This thing has enough explosive power to level this establishment if it's allowed to go off!

Kanzel whispers to Ashling "Kilmath placed a bomb on the table."

<mainstreet> Kilmath stands up. "Meh, I want a steak. This place doesn't have any. I'll go somewhere else," he comments loudly. He starts to get up to head out of the establishment.

<mainstreet> The "man" frowns. "Why wouldn't he stick around?"

Ashling invisibly points "That's a bomb he left behind on the table. Should I have it follow him out?

<Ascii> Ascii blinks. "...a bomb. F*ck."

<Brellius> "Huh. I didn't expect something so...collateral-y."

Ascii leans over and hisses to the old man. "He's left a magic-type bomb on his table. He's trying to blow up the building!"

<Ascii> "We need to stop it, and stop him before he vanishes again."

<mainstreet> His eyes widen. He quickly dashes to the other table. One of the other wizards gets up and quickly heads over to the other side towards the now-deserted table. Kilmath realizes the commotion and growls. He looks back. "What are you doing over there?" he booms out, challenging the wizard approaching the table.

Kanzel stands near Kilmath, ready.

<mainstreet> The man you've been talking to gestures at you all to follow him, as he confronts him directly. "FPSI Police. We know you've got a bomb over there. You're under arrest for terrorism."

Ashling slips out from the booth and stands in a deserted corner across the room.

Brellius stands up and walks over in as cool and authoritative manner as possible

Ascii, seeing his cue, stands up to stand all guard-like next to the man.

<mainstreet> Kilmath laughs. "Don't be ridiculous. If I wanted to kill you, you'd be dead already, wizard. But... monkey king. Monkey king! What the hell..."

<mainstreet> "I've disarmed your bomb," comes the voice of the wizard now at Kilmath's original table. "You're out of luck, Kilmath!"

<mainstreet> With that, Kilmath gets a frown. "So you know who I am... I guess that means... None may survive this day," he grimaces, extending claws.

Kanzel strikes!

Kanzel quickly poofs back out of existance.

<mainstreet> "If that is how we are going to play, then, Kilmath... let us play. I, who haven't been defeated in twenty years, will utterly destroy you for attempting to infiltrate my island." the man waves a hand, dropping a glamer, revealing Kelsey. She pulls out a staff. "I have no sympathy for evil dragons such as yourself. It is time for your existence to end."

<Brellius> As soon as the violence starts, Brellius summons his halberd to his hands, this time wiith a decidedly non-pillow like head.

Ascii blinks. "Oh. Uh...Your Majesty."

Ashling points at Kilmath who lights up like the noonday sun.

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---