Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 15

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Fifteen: A New Morning

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> You find yourselves in the secret room with the secret elemental summoner.

<mainstreet> "Anything else, or should we leave now, before we're missed?" Kelsey asks.

<Ascii> "Actually..."

Ascii summons another earth elemental.

<mainstreet> Another Small Earth Elemental comes out. It looks around and grunts.

<Ascii> "Can you follow the earth elemental we just sent out from here?"

<mainstreet> The earth elemental sniffs around a bit. "Yeah. Why? Isn't one enough?"

<Ascii> "Sort of. We want you to stick with him for now. But if you hear anyone being refered to as "Kilmath", leave the first elemental to stick with his original target, and follow Kilmath instead. Eavesdrop on him and, if possible, track him back to wherever he's staying. Then report back to us."

<mainstreet> "Report with what?"

<Ascii> "The location of where he's staying."

<mainstreet> The Elemental pauses. "As in, where he ends up?"

<Ascii> "Basically, yes."

<mainstreet> The elemental nods. "OK. Anything else?"

<Ascii> "No, that should be it."

<mainstreet> The elemental throws himself into the ground, melting into it.

<mainstreet> Kelsey starts tapping her foot.

Ascii ponders. "I guess that's all I can think of. Unless...hmm."

<Ascii> He leans in and whispers to her. "Something tells me we wouldn't get away with using them to eavesdrop on a certain other someone who shall remain nameless." He traces a letter J in front of himself with his finger.

<mainstreet> Kelsey nods. "Yeah, you'll piss her off tremendously if you try that and get caught. She'll probably turn you into zombies or something."

Ascii gulps. "And I guess it would look bad for you if she found out where they came from."

<mainstreet> "Very."

<Ascii> "Then, let's pretend that idea never happened."

<Ascii> "I guess we're done here, then. Thank you, ma'am."

<mainstreet> Kelsey nods serenely. She opens the door again, and gestures for you to precede her out.

Ascii does so.

Brellius tags along

<mainstreet> Kanzel and Ashling walk out, and Kelsey close the door. You all troop back to her office.

<Ascii> *troop*

<mainstreet> "I advise you get some sleep. It seems like you're going to have a challenging day ahead of you," she comments. "Is there anything we need to take care of before I, myself, retire for the night?"

<Ascii> "I can't think of anything. Thank you for helping us, Your Majesty."

<mainstreet> Kelsey smiles and gives you a brief bow, before wandering off... presumably to her chambers, or something. A guard behinds you clears his throat.

Ascii leads the others out of the chamber. "I guess it's back to the bar for us."

<Ascii> "Or...oh, right. Actually, I guess we should head back to your place, Ash."

Ashling shrugs. "If you're sure you wouldn't rather get plastered first." She holds out her arm.

Kanzel grabs

Ascii also grabs too, as well.

<Ascii> "Nah, I prefer to get drunk in the morning. That way I have all day to sober up."

Brellius grabs on

<Ashling> Suddenly poof!

<mainstreet> You find yourselves in Ashling's house again. Seriously, what were you expecting?

<Ascii> "Alright, everyone turn in. The elementals will probably turn up in the middle of the night. I expect they'll come talking to me first, but in case they don't, write down what they say."

Kanzel nods and wanders off to her room.

Ascii heads off to his designated sleeping cubicle. A few moments later, there's a thunderous CRASH! of falling armor bits, followed by even more thunderous snoring.

Ashling does as well

Brellius goes to his room and proceeds to not snore

<Ascii> Ascii: "SNRRRRRRRK--!"

<mainstreet> A few hours later, the Earth elemental #1 shows up in the house. It says "Sit-rep negative" to nobody in particular then leaves. It repeats this process a few hours later. Hmmm, even professors need to sleep sometimes, it seems.

<mainstreet> One thing, however, is certain. In a few hours, the sun will rise! ...Hey, look, I was right about the sun! Just as the Elemental #1 gives you yet a third "sit-rep negative" the sun peaks up into your windows!

Ascii "mehs" at the useless info, then "mehs" equally hard at the sunlight shining through the window.

<mainstreet> It seems, however, that your luck changes... as you work yourselves into a "waking" state... Elemental #2 shows up. "Yeah, Kilmath was in briefly, all he did was give a note to the Professor, and left. He's staying at the Worldwake Inn, room 313."

<Ascii> "Perfect!" Ascii pokes his head out the door. "Everyone, dressed, now! We've got a lead."

Ashling looks up from drawing on the floor. "Oh?"

Kanzel doesn't respond, sleepily munching on some toast.

<Brellius> "I have to wear pants already? Man..."

Ascii says his code word, and his armor flies onto him like a cybernetically-suited, uniwheeled waterfowl. "Believe it or not, he's at the inn above the bar. Are you guys ready yet?" He grabs some...whatever is on tap for breakfast.

Brellius gets his pants and armor on. "As ready as I can be."

<Ascii> "Then let's go. And be careful - if this really is a dragon we're talking about, we could be in for some serious trouble."

Kanzel gets another piece of toast and munches on it on her way towards the door.

Brellius tags along, but without munching on anything

Ascii gets four pieces of toast, and some bacon, and sausage, and an egg biscuit, and munches on all of them on his way towards the door.

Ascii then leads the way back to the bar.

Ascii grabs Ash first, though. In a purely businesslike manner, of course.

Brellius follows suit in a similarly professional manner



Brellius rubs his ears a bit. "Is it just me, or was someone shouting just now?"


<Ascii> "AH, HERE WE ARE." He steps inside, and approaches the bar.

<mainstreet> Kayla grins at you. "Hey there again."

Ashling follows, covering her ears

<Ascii> "Yep, it's us. Listen..." He leans in, and whispers. "What do you know about the guest in Room 313?"

<mainstreet> "What am I, the innkeeper? I run the bar. I don't know anything about the inn. Try concierge."

<Ascii> "...oh. Heh. Sorry."

<Ascii> "Where's that?"

<mainstreet> Kayla sighs, and points out the interior door of the bar, to the inn's lobby. That's how you came in the first time, though you've used the direct door the other times.

<Ascii> "...oh. Heh. We'll just...go now."

Ascii somewhat sheepishly leads the way.

Brellius shamelessly tags along

<mainstreet> You find yourselves at the desk you came to a long time ago. That elf's still at her desk. She looks up as you approach. "May I help you?"

<Ascii> "...uh. Give us just a moment."

Ascii even more sheepishly heads back to talk to Kayla again.

<mainstreet> She blinks. "Okay." No one else wants her attention at the moment, so she seems to be free. For now.

<mainstreet> Kayla, on the other hand, is somewhat irritated at you. "Now what?"

Ascii whispers again. "Yeah, sorry. It occurs to me that random strangers asking about guests at the inn probably won't get much in the way of results. Do you have any sort of influence over there that might help?"

<mainstreet> Kayla sighs. "Just be honest about your mission. She'll probably cooperate with national agents."

<Ascii> "If you say so."

<Ascii> "Thanks. We'll try not to bother you again."

Ascii once more returns to the innkeep.

<mainstreet> "Yes?"

<Ascii> "Miss, we're duely deputized agents of the royalty looking into a matter of national security. Will you assist us in our investigation?"

<mainstreet> The elf lady looks up and sighs. "What do you need?"

<Ascii> "What can you tell us about the individual staying in Room 313?"

<mainstreet> The lady pulls out a logbook. "Name is Kilmath... paid up through Needfest 4... I got nothing else, really. It's not like everyone actually talks to me about anything. He just got his room, went up... he goes in and out a bit."

<Ashling> "Can you describe him?"

<mainstreet> "Uh, tall, black hair and eyes, medium build, tends to dress mostly in black, normal clothes I guess. Uh... not much else really."

<Ascii> "Is he in his room now?"

<mainstreet> "Probably. I think I saw him go up a while back."

<Ascii> "Are there any external exits from the rooms here? Any way he could leave other than the front door?"

<mainstreet> "Back window, I guess, if he's willing to try jumping 3 floors."

<Ascii> "He might be."

<Ascii> "What times of day is he usually gone?"

<mainstreet> The lady thinks for a moment. "Irregular, sorry."

<Ascii> "S'ok. Thanks for your help."

<mainstreet> The lady goes back to filing her nails, or some other such unimportant (to you) task.

Ascii takes the others aside. "Okay, guys, I have an idea. We'll stake out the entrance to the inn, and wait for Kilmath to leave. Once he's gone, we go search his room. Or maybe follow him. Actually, I'd like to do both at once."

<Kanzel> "Ashling and I should have no problem following him, if you think you can go through his room without getting caught or messing it up."

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---