Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 08

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Eight: A Night of Transition

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> So, the building's safe, more or less, and now you're on the streets. Wandering around aimlessly. I think.

Ascii is *not* wandering aimlessly! He's heading back to the bar to regroup. Over ale.

Brellius tags along aimlessly

Kanzel is following

<mainstreet> Ah, the good ol' Worldwake Bar. Kayla's still there, as is that creepy Joe guy, and everything else is normal service. She nods at you as you make it in.

Ashling is also following

<Ascii> "Stop walking aimlessly, Brell. You're making us look unprofessional."

<Brellius> "Since when were we professional?"

<Ascii> "Since we started getting paid for this."

<Brellius> "That's hardly an excuse."

Ascii hops up onto a barstool and waves to order a drink.

Ashling orders her usual.

Kanzel just sits.

<mainstreet> "Same as last time?" Kayla asks.

<Ascii> "Eh, I don't think I cared for the last one. What else have you got?"

<Brellius> "Tea for me, same as last time."

<mainstreet> "I have more or less everything right now."

<mainstreet> "Yeah, tea's on the stove, it'll be a few."

<Ascii> "Can I just get some plain ol' human ale?"

<mainstreet> "Yeah, sure," Kayla quickly sets that up and flips it towards Ascii, also grabbing the usual drink for Ashling. She then walks over and finishes handling the tea, setting one down for Brellius.

<mainstreet> "Water for you again, hun?" Kayla asks Kanzel.

Kanzel shakes her head and goes back to looking at random people.

<Ashling> "Not very socialable."

<mainstreet> Kayla shrugs and moves down the line to handle customers already present.

<Ascii> "So." Ascii speaks between heavy gulps. "Who's next on the list?"

<Brellius> "Technically, we haven't gotten around to the first guy on the list."

<Ascii> "Hmm. Well, I suppose we have to start somewhere..."

<Ascii> "And one guy seems as good as the next. Any objections to investigating the Professor?"

Kanzel shrugs

<Ashling> "What professor?"

<Ascii> "Is that an objection or not?"

<Ascii> "Uh." Ascii double-checks the list. "Professor Nathan Gozano."

Ashling nods. "I know him. He teaches Enchantment. he helped me with a spell I was stuck on once. Interesting person."

<Ascii> "Interesting? In a 'well spoken' sort of way, or more of a 'mad scientist' sort of way?"

<Ashling> "Both"

<Ascii> "Wonderful. Where do we find him?"

<Ashling> "Probably on campus. Professors live on the campus."

<Ascii> "So we're going to college? Ugh."

<Ascii> "Well, may as well get started." He finishes his ale, and slams the mug down on the counter. "Ready to roll, guys?"

Brellius gulps down the rest of his tea. "As long as we don't get homework."

<Ashling> "I doubt there will be many classes open at night."

<mainstreet> "Pay up," Kayla interjects. "That's a silver piece, Ascii. 5 copper, Brellius, Ashling."

Ashling hands it over.

Ascii coughs up the cashola.

Brellius pays up.

<mainstreet> Kayla drops the money in the register-like thing and smiles at you. "Do come again!"

<mainstreet> Joe the Schmo, notorious magical fence, continues watching your group from his spot in the corner.

<Ascii> "Alright then, guys...let's roll!" Ascii stands up and points dramatically!

<Ascii> ...then, somewhere nearby, a clock tower rings out the time. "...oh. Or, you know, we get some sleep."

<Ashling> "I have guest rooms if you don't want to stay in an inn."

<Ascii> "Did I just hear you say 'free room and board'? We're in."

Ashling laughs. "Yeah, that's what I said." she heads for an exit before turning back and waving to Kayla.

Kanzel gets up and follows.

Ascii allows Ash to lead the way...this time.

Brellius tags along.

Ashling heads into a nearby alley.

<Ascii> "You live in an alley?"

<Ashling> "No, I just wanted to get somewhere out of the way."

Ashling grabs Ascii's shoulder. "Everyone touch each other."

Kanzel grabs his other shoulder.

Brellius grabs one of Ascii's arms.

Ascii is grabbed.

<Ashling> As Brellius grabs Ascii, everyone vanishes and finds themselves in a decent-sized foyer.

Ashling lets go and opens the main door, revealing a living room with books lining the walls. "ignore the dust. I haven't had a chance to clean up properly."

<Ascii> "Oooh." Ascii immediately begins going around the room, looking at, poking, and prodding everything in sight like a curious child.

Ashling opens more doors. "Bathroom is through here, on the right, guest rooms are on the left. " She points across the room "My room and my parent's room are through there, but they've been travelling longer than I have."

<Ascii> "Wait, you still live with your parents?"

<Kanzel> "None of us spend much time here, but yeah, you could call it that."

Ascii heads into the guest rooms and makes himself at home.

Brellius heads to another guest room and immediately lazes out on the bed

<Ashling> "Oh." She goes up to a wall and activates an item. Out of nowhere, a dozen ghostly servants appear in various places in the masion going about doing things.

Ashling turns around and notices Kanzel. She points to another door "Kitchen is through there. but you can just talk to a servant and he'll deliver something."

Kanzel nods.

Kanzel goes off to inspect an empty guest room.

Ashling goes off to her room

Ashling takes some time to refresh some spells and crawls into bed.

<Ascii> There's a loud crashing sound as dozens of pieces of plate armor clatter noisily to the floor. This is followed shortly by a loud snoring sound.

Brellius takes off his armor the normal way and goes to bed quietly

Kanzel goes to bed as well


<mainstreet> The sun peaks up into the windows, and you find yourselves slowly beginning to wake up. Ascii's armor is piled neatly to one side of his room.

<Ascii> The loud snoring gives way to a loud snorting. "Buh...huh? Hey, who cleaned up my stuff!?"

Ascii comes shuffling out in his boxers, yawning and lazily scratching himself. He wanders off towards the kitchen in search of coffee.

Brellius takes the time to put his armor back on before emerging

<mainstreet> You see a large device labeled "MR. COFFEE." Next to it is a device labeled "MR. RADAR."

Ashling finishes drawing on Kanzel's arm. "There."

Ascii goes poking and prodding the Mr Coffee until he eventually ends up with a cuppajoe.

<mainstreet> Ascii: Yum, joe!

Ascii wanders into the main room. "Okay, so. How're we doing?"

Kanzel is inspecting a butterfly tatoo on her arm. "Why a butterfly?"

<Ashling> "Because I can. And it's pretty."

Ashling notices Ascii. "I'm fine. Nice to sleep in my own bed for a change."

<Ashling> "How did the two of you sleep?"

<Brellius> "It wasn't as noisy as an inn. Mostly."

<Kanzel> "Still had to deal with snoring."

<Ashling> "Kay. You guys ready?"

<Ascii> "Snoring? I didn't hear anything."

Ascii heads into the other room and retrieves his pack, then returns. "Ready to go."

Brellius retrieves his handy haversack. "Same here."

Kanzel nods.

Kanzel glances at Ascii. "Planning on going out like that?"

Ashling heads to the front door and stops to paint a giant star in blood on the foyer floor, which instantly disappears upon completion.

<Ascii> "Huh?" He blinks. "...oh. Oh, right. Yeah, sorry, still half-asleep."

<Brellius> "Good thing you aren't half-snoring."

Ascii puts his arms up and strikes a pose. "Armor up!"

<Ascii> Suddenly, dozens of pieces of plate mail come flying in from the other room! They slam onto Ascii's body in sequence, building up his full suit of plate mail from the ground up until he's fully armored again.

<Ascii> "I love doing that. Okay, let's roll."

Ashling opens the door and heads down a couple flights of stairs.

Kanzel follows

Ascii does as well. "So, where are we anyway? Inside the city?"

Brellius tags along

<Ashling> "Yeah, the city is fairly large. We're on the E-ring now. the college is this way." She says as she walks in an unspecified direction.

<mainstreet> You cross various roads, alleys, and so forth, and eventually make it down to the B-Ring.

<Ascii> "What sort of college is this, anyway?"

<mainstreet> The Star City Magical Academy is the grandest of structures among the Rings of the city. Taking up the entire B-C block to the right of Avenue 4, it’s also one of the largest. Eight great Towers ring the stone building, one at each corner and at the middle of each side. Entrances are located at the base of each tower, and the building itself looks to be five stories high. You can’t see into the middle, but you have been told that the building does have a courtyard with wonderful gardens. Or rather, the large red sign painted on the side "OUR COURTYARD GARDENS ARE MORE AWESOME THAN ALL OTHER GARDENS" seems to indicate this.

Ascii whistles. "Wow. Not bad. And I hear their courtyard gardens are awesome."

<Brellius> "Eh, I've seen better."

<mainstreet> Each Tower has an entrance by way of a large wooden door.

Ashling points at the closest tower "That's the Abjuration one there. They're in alphabetical order."

<Ascii> "So which one do we want?"

Ashling points off in the distance "The one back there is the enchantment tower"

<Ascii> "May as well start there, then." He heads on around the building.

Kanzel follows.

Brellius continues tagging along.

Ashling follows as well.

<mainstreet> You find yourselves in the C-Ring, standing in front of the middle of the building on that side.

<mainstreet> The building looks even more impressive from the middle.

Ascii knocks on the Enchantment department door.

<mainstreet> The door seems to be locked.

<mainstreet> Brellius, Kanzel, Ascii: You see a sign that says: "Rub ID on doorknob or press 'Guest'." You look back at the door, and you now notice, very small, the word “Guest” just underneath the doorknob on a slightly raised level.

<mainstreet> Brellius, Ascii: You also spot, out of the corner of your eye, a pair of small crystal spheres that appear to just be lying on the ground. One's a deep red in color, the other's an incandescent blue.

<mainstreet> Ashling: You groan as you remember that you lost your ID back when you were fighting pirates.

<Ascii> "Eh? Hey, what're these things?"

<Brellius> "Well, they're colorful."

Ashling glances over.

<Ascii> "Ash, do you have any idea what those things are?"

<mainstreet> Ashling: You stare at them in wonder. Would anyone really be so silly as to leave... it looks like it. Epic. Looks like you've found a couple of Ioun Stones!

Ashling picks them up "Someone dropped some Ioun stones"

<Ascii> "Some what now?"

<Ashling> "They increase innate stats. This one seems to increase dexterity, and this one increases wisdom. any of you have any use for these?"

<Kanzel> "I could use the wisdom one."

<Ascii> "Heh. Keep it, then. I'm already enough of a wiseass."

<Kanzel> "Yes you are."

<Brellius> "I'm not really the 'flashy crystals' kind of psion."

<Brellius> "Too New Age-y for me."

Ashling nods and gives the blue one to kanzel

Kanzel holds it and lets it go

Ashling does the same with the red one

Ashling walks over and presses Guest

Ascii watches them circle around their respective owners' heads. "...yeah, wouldn't catch me dead wearing one of those."

<mainstreet> You press the button, and... suddenly, right next to you, a portal opens! A tall, blonde, green-eyed elfwoman, dressed in a long, flowing blue robe, steps out onto the ground near you, giving you all a warm smile as the portal fades behind her. "Your first time visiting the Academy? Welcome, guests."

<Ashling> "Actually, I lost my pass somewhere at sea. I forget where to get a replacement."

<mainstreet> "Yes... I remember you... Ashling, right? Yeah... don't lose this one, it's your third ID, we don't give you four. At least, not without a considerable donation," the elfwoman informs Ashling coolly. She hands you a small scrap of parchment. "As usual, lick it and your name and an ID number will appear. Be more careful with it in the future."

Ashling nods. "thank you." and licks the pass

<mainstreet> She hands the rest of the party a similar piece of parchment each. "Give it a good lick, and it should imprint onto you, recording your name and a unique ID number automatically. A warning: don’t let anyone else use your ID, the doors will recognize that and the user will be Teleported to our dungeon."

<Ascii> "Uh, kay."

Brellius licks the pass. "Eugh."

Ascii eyes the paper warily, but then gives it a friendly, platonic lick.

Kanzel waits to see the other two lick theirs before she licks her own.

<mainstreet> Random ID numbers appear on each of your parchments, as well as your names.

<mainstreet> "I'm Valamir Rilnaur, Coordinator of the Star City Magical Academy. I, along with the other handful or so of coordinators, assess the potential of prospective students and professors, and organize events. We also guide people through the Academy that are new to it. It’s very easy to get lost, and we do feel a need to know everyone that’s in our Academy at all times, hence the guest button system," the elfwoman introduces herself. "Since this is the first time for most of you, I feel it wise to help you get where you need to go, so I will be accompanying you. For a little while, at least."

Ascii nods. "Thank you, miss."

<mainstreet> The elfwoman opens the door with her own ID and heads inside, gesturing for you to follow.

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---