Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 05

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Five: Something Will Survive?

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> Our heroes remain in Kito's Room, having a strange conversation with a velociraptor.

<mainstreet> Kito nods solemnly. "Good luck."

Ascii nods back. "Thanks for your help. And...uh, we'll get out of your house now."

Ascii motions for the others to follow him out.

Kanzel sneaks out.

Brellius tags along

Ashling sneaks out as well

<mainstreet> You return to the mesa, well aware of the situation you find yourselves in. Two vicious predatorial species of dinosaur territory, and you're in the middle.

<Ascii> "Sounds like the makings of one of those direct-to-network horror movies..."

<Ascii> "Okay, guys." Ascii points out across the jungle. "The tracks lead off that way, and I think Jack awaits us there. Let's get moving, and be ready to deal with him when the time comes."

Ascii begins leading the way back down the cliff face and then follows the tracks from before.

Brellius keeps tagging along

<mainstreet> You make your way through the jungle, deep into Velociraptor territory...

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You hear some rustling of leaves to your left... and to your right.

<mainstreet> Ascii: You are DEAF.

Kanzel pulls out her swords "Company."

Brellius prepares to summon his weapon

Ascii glances around. "Huh? Where?"

<mainstreet> A Velociraptor leaps out from your left and strikes at Ascii!

<Ascii> "GAHFUCK!"

<mainstreet> The raptor slashes into Ascii, causing some minor bleeding on the left leg.

Ascii blinks...calms down, then gives the raptor a mildly annoyed look. "Are you *quite* done?"

<mainstreet> The velociraptor stares. "ABORT! ABORT!"

<mainstreet> You hear two rustlings to the right... begin to get quieter.

<mainstreet> "He said you were easy meat..." the Velociraptor mutters to herself. She quickly backs away and makes a move toward the interior of the jungle.

Ashling blinks. "He?"

Ascii motion toward the two rustlings. "Brellius, please find our guests and drag them out into the open, will you?"

<mainstreet> Brellius: You see the raptors heading back... you might be able to grab one if you're fast. But you'll probably have a fight.

<Brellius> "Looks like they're all already leaving."

<Ascii> "See if you can grab one of them. I want to beat some answers out of them."

<Brellius> "They have claws, and I don't."

<Ascii> "Like this." Ascii reaches out to snag the fleeing raptor by the tail.

<mainstreet> Ascii: You grab the raptor by the tail! "AAAAAAAAAAAA!" the raptor curses.

Ascii yawns. "Brellius? The others?"

<Brellius> "Do we need more than one?"

<Ascii> "Brellius, are you honestly telling me you don't *want* to fight a pair of dinosaurs?"

<Brellius> "Fine, if you put it that way." Brellius tries to grab another one of the raptors

<mainstreet> Brellius: You grab the raptor, and momentarily get a hold... but he easily leaps free, swatting your hand away with his tail.

<mainstreet> The raptor tries furiously to break her tail-prison, lashing out, but Ascii's hands hold fast.

<Ascii> Hand. Ascii is currently scratching himself idly with the other.

Ascii then finishes, and attempts to force the raptor to the ground.

<mainstreet> The raptor finds herself hard on the ground. Her words hurt your ears, and are not fit to print.

Ascii waits out the verbal barrage. "Okay, so...why are you attacking us, again?"

<mainstreet> "Chief said 'mammals, on path, easy kill for meat'."

<Ascii> "Who's Chief?"

<mainstreet> "Why do you care, meat?"

<Ascii> "Why do you care why I care?" He looks thoughtful. "Jack, perhaps?"

<mainstreet> "Never heard of him."

<mainstreet> "Sounds like a meat name, though."

<Ascii> "Feh." He looks up. "She's useless. Help me beat her unconcious, guys."

<mainstreet> "In this jungle, that's a death sentence. Be reasonable and just kill me if you're gonna kill me."

<mainstreet> Ashling: She's right about unconscious = soon dead in this jungle. You think she's lying about having not heard of 'Jack', though.

Ashling casts message and whispers this into ascii's ear.

Ashling looks somewhere behind her, and points at her mouth then kanzel, brellius and herself.

<Ascii> "Hmm."

<Ascii> "Well, it's either leave you for dead, or else you tell us what you know about Jack."

Kanzel feels a spell being cast on her and can suddenly understand Ascii. And realizes he's not crazy.

Brellius still isn't convinced craziness is unlikely.

<mainstreet> The raptor looks around. "Alright... Jack's the alias that Chief Goral's using," she takes a look up. "Look, you see that thing up there, right?"

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You see an odd white streak in the sky.

Kanzel walks over, grabs brellius's arm and makes it point in the direction of the thing.

<mainstreet> Brellius: With your arm pointing in the correct direction, you now see the white streak.

<Brellius> "Huh. What's that?"

<Ascii> "Eh? What's what?"

<mainstreet> Ascii: Oh, there it is. Yup, a white streak.

<Ascii> "Huh. Hey, what *is* that?"

<mainstreet> "*That* is... the Utter End of Everything!"

<mainstreet> "It's slow moving, but it's coming... one, maybe two years, at most."

<Ascii> "Oh. Ooooooooh."

Ascii has a good idea of what that thing is. "Uh...yeah, whata bout it?"

<mainstreet> "It's going to hit, from what I hear. Then we're all dead. Now, there are, in general, four different solutions being attempted. The one favored by my Chief, apparently, is backfiring on us, since you came back through it... look, I'll talk in more detail, but can you ease up a bit?"

<Ascii> "How do I know you won't try to run away again?"

<mainstreet> She glares at Ascii. "To what end? We didn't get a kill, you'll just meet me back in the City when you head there, unless a later attempt succeeds."

<Ascii> "...huh. Actually, that makes sense. Okay, fine, but don't try anything." He eases up a bit.

<mainstreet> "Thank you. It seems two-legs have better manners than most Raptors. I must bear that in mind... in any case... yes, the general populations of the World are attempting four different paths to avoid this. One is to attempt to divert that thing somehow and make it miss the World. Another is to try to make vast vacu-vessels to leave the World, find another World somewhere. A third is to find some other uninhabited plane and transport. My Chief... sees that the most effective way would be to travel to the deep future, to a time when other intelligence species already have the infrastructure we need to thrive. We are not a species of builders. We are a species of killers and dominators. No point in pretending anything else."

<Ascii> "So...your chief plans to invade the future and destroy all humans."

<mainstreet> "Probably not all, assuming 'humans' refers to a species that is planet-wide? Just in an area. A part of a continent, an island chain... something like that. I'm just a guardhunter, I'm not part of the team that gets to travel to the future, nor is that even my desire. Sounds like a dangerous place. I prefer the easy life."

Ascii blinks. "...wait? What's a vacu-vessel? And how are dinosaurs supposed to divert an incoming meteor?"

<mainstreet> "On the first, I have no idea. This is just what I've heard. I think a group of Trikes out in the Far South are calling their... thing... 'Spelljammer' [same exact word in Draconic], and calling it one of these. I know little about it. As for the diversion... wish spells, from what I understand."

<Ascii> "Huh. That last one might actually work..."

Ascii then recalls history. "Oh, right."

<Ascii> "So. In theory...would you have an ideological problem with us beating up your boss and/or putting a stop to his plans?"

<mainstreet> "Of course I would! Survival is paramount, and we do what we must. But I understand very well that you're going to anyway. Such is nature; the fight is inevitable. Heh... maybe you'll kill some of his Egglayers, and I'll get one of those positions... not likely, you'll probably have to raze the whole village before they even come out..."

<Kanzel> "So you have a problem with us stopping him even if you're not going with him?" says a disembodied voice.

<mainstreet> "Oh, we're all going eventually. Once he's got a place, the whole City's just going to move."

<mainstreet> "Hey, who said that?"

<Ascii> "Uh...he did." Ascii points at Brellius. "So if you're not so keen on the future, why are you helping?"

<mainstreet> "I'm not. I didn't realize you had anything to do with this until I failed to get an easy kill. I'm a member of the City, I follow the Chief's direction. Besides, it's probably far too late to try anything else at this point."

<Ascii> "Well, then...I guess all that leaves is the question of what to do with you..."

<mainstreet> "Obviously I don't get a say. If anyone else had caught me like this I'd be dead by now."

<Ascii> "Well, you *have* been rather helpful. Tell you what - we won't bludgeon you unconscious and leave you for dead. I don't suppose you'd be willing to lead us to your chief? We'd like to... parlay."

<mainstreet> The raptor laughs at you. "You do know you're dealing with Velociraptors, right? I don't know what that last word even was, but I think it meant something like a peace discussion... you're going to be attacked on sight. As I will be, if I'm seen as an enemy. To make it clear to you: I know Trikes have these things called 'jails', where you sit and rot if you get caught doing something bigger people don't like, and I'm told two-legs have something similar. We raptors don't. Disobedience, disorder, is death, simply put. No second chance. No quarter. It's a vicious World."

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---