Geometric Archipelago:The Longest Five-Pointed Night/Chapter 01

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Chapter #1: Prologue: Domestic Intelligent Report #12359



SUBJECT: Evil, nonhumanoid(s) planning to take over FPSI.

CONTENT: Operative Epsilon overheard conversation between Thug John Smith (ref: Thug ID #2541) and unknown entity. Thug Smith reported that “the Ones had given the go-ahead”. Unknown replied that his/her focus was on winning Winter Tournament and challenging Majesty. Unknown informed Smith that “Operation will be trivial once I gain control of wards.” Unknown commented that Majesty was old, and had revealed all strategies, and that he/she had “foolproof victory plan.” Due to the events of report #12324, and the fact that by common knowledge, the only thing the wards control are those preventing the strength of magical nonhumanoids on the island, such as elementals, dragons, and the like, subject line is presumed. Operative Epsilon judged risk to personal safety too extreme to seek definitive confirmation of Unknown’s identity at this time.

The woman stared at the report sitting on her desk, not at all pleased with what she was reading in the candlelight. She carefully avoided showing any overt reaction, not that that was difficult this late, with this limited light, as she addressed the private office’s only other occupant. “While my name’s on all reports submitted, I don’t read them unless you tell me to, Adrian, as most of them are idiotic and a waste of my time. But you handed this to me yourself… you find this very credible, and very worrisome.”

The man, Adrian, bowed his head nervously, “Yes Mom, I… think we should be concerned. This time of all times, I am disturbed. Normally I would simply say let the unknown come to you so you can kick their butt in the dueling circle. But… given the circumstances… which only a handful of people on this island should be even aware of… the timing seems a bit too perfect, Mom.”

Kelsey Ravenwood, Queen of Five-Pointed Star Island, nodded slowly. “Do you think I should use this to delay my plans another six months, Adrian?”

Adrian visibly shrugged. “The final decision has always rested with Your Majesty, including Your prerogative to change your mind at any time before the duel. But I do not believe that things will change. As you are well aware, mages are patient people. We can wait years to achieve our desires. Eventually you’ll have to make the decision… and even if you don’t, someone may get lucky and defeat you in a fair battle, as nearly impossible as that may seem to those of us who have been privileged to see You in action.”

Kelsey smiled at her son. “Always the flatterer. It’s amazing you haven’t gotten yourself married yet,” she held up a hand when seeing her son about to protest. “I know, you’ve dedicated yourself to helping and protecting your mother during her reign, and I’m quite grateful about that. But I am not invincible; I have just been fortunate enough to win my battles. This Unknown may be right, after forty defenses of my throne my bag of tricks may have been about to run dry regardless, though I’d like to think I’m always capable of taking down a presumptuous fool. Or even a respectable adversary.”

Adrian nodded. “But I’m not entirely sure what we can do. Needfest is fast approaching, and the Safe Time is soon… in fact, it’s probably close enough that anything we do openly against any Candidates might be seen as tampering, which could get very nasty, very fast. Even though it won’t affect your future, if you stick to your plan, reputations matter, and the Good could go out of fashion with these actions.”

Kelsey set her jaw. “Indeed. There is nothing we can do ourselves. However, there are other options…” she commented, pulling the royal seal, an inkpen, and a piece of paper out of her desk. “Try to compile a report on who you feel some likely suspects are. I will do the same, and we will compare lists. As for the solution… I believe the Queen of Triangle owes me a favor…”