Geometric Archipelago:The Crystal Cliffs of Hexagon Island/Chapter 08

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #8: Sleeping with the fishies

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> Vaughn *FOOP*s back into existence, just outside the store. The Party still has a kobold trapped in the store, and others are fleeing.

  • Capn_Shoe blinks. "Oh, sure, *now* you show up."

<Vaughn> "You should have seen the OTHER guy!"

<Capn_Shoe> "What other guy?" Shoe gets distracted by the sight of the fleeing kobolds. "Oh, right. Feel free to catch 'em if you can reach 'em, I guess."

  • FluffyRaven starts to struggle with the kobold he's "fighting" with, leaping on to hm with a surprising amount of force, as if to pin the poor thing.

<mainstreet> The kobold manages to avoid the pin, and it and its buddy start to flee.

  • FluffyRaven chases after the kobold when it throws him off and tries to get away, making for one last pounce

<mainstreet> Fluffy manages to grapple the kobold briefly, but he proves as good as escaping cat-holds as Harry Houidini!

  • FluffyRaven tussels with the larger kobold before losing his grip. >.<
  • Tuwyn turns to the captured kobold. "Let's focus on this one, then."

<Capn_Shoe> "Alright, so." Shoe crouches down in front of the kobold. "Let's hear it."

<mainstreet> "Hear what?" the kobold murmurs.

<Bort> "Why did you attack us?"

<mainstreet> "Why should I talk?"

  • Bort points at the lion. "I believe he's hungry."

<Tuwyn> "Yeah, and there's no other kobolds around. They're all running...or disintegrated."

<mainstreet> " have a very, very good point. So, we were told to watch the shop, and not let anyone find anything important from it."

<Bort> "important, like what?"

  • FluffyRaven returns from his 'failed' hunt and leaps up on to a table or counter to better watch the intimidation process. "Merow?"

<mainstreet> "Like, any Fire Seeds scrolls. Anyone else finding those would be bad."

<mainstreet> "Or just any reference to the Church at all."

<Capn_Shoe> "Hmm. Told by who?"

<mainstreet> "By... by Brother Gersmakk. This is all his thing."

<Capn_Shoe> "Who's that? From the church?"

<mainstreet> "Yes, of course. He runs the Church in Gralden. Well, him and that human. I forget the human's name."

<Bort> "What does he look like?"

<mainstreet> "He's got nice, good, fancy armor. Not like this useless crap I got."

<Bort> "That's not very precise."

<Capn_Shoe> "Bort, if he's in charge over there, knowing what he looks like isn't that important to finding him."

<Bort> "Who knows."

<mainstreet> "I doubt you mammals know how to tell us apart anyway."

<Bort> "Oh, I was referring to the human."

<Capn_Shoe> "Oh."

<mainstreet> "Eh, I can never really tell humans apart. He also has the nice, fancy armor with the holy symbol painted on it."

<mainstreet> The kobold waves his left claw around.

  • FluffyRaven winces when he notices his critical gut wound and begins cleaning himself, bloody cat.

<Bort> "I assume the Church had Mr. Hernandez killed. Why?"

<mainstreet> "He broke the deal. We were supposed to get the Fire Seeds. You don't break deals with us."

<Bort> "What do you need Fire Seeds for?"

<mainstreet> "For Operation Mineblast."

<Bort> "Oh, that sounds fancy! What's that?"

<mainstreet> "No idea. I'm not on the performance team."

<mainstreet> Tuwyn. FluffyRaven: Because something sooooo important to the Church is seriously not going to be known by people on enforcement teams. Yeah, riiiight.

<mainstreet> Tuwyn. FluffyRaven: He probably doesn't officially, know, mind, but he probably has a good idea.

<Tuwyn> "Doesn't mean you couldn't know anyway."

<Bort> "I can already guess it involves mines and blasts."

<mainstreet> "Well... I do speak common, and I'm sure you do too. Mine. Blast. It sounds pretty self-explanatory. I think the idea is to get the heathen Secant Mining to abandon shop, then we can swoop in and do the mining with the blessing of Kurtulmak himself."

<Bort> "What has Secant Mining done to you?"

<mainstreet> "Engaged in mining operations without the blessing of Lord Kurtulmak, of course."

<Bort> "What about the other mining operations? They operate with his blessing?"

<mainstreet> "Cosine pays the tribute required to get the blessing, yeah."

<Bort> "Are they aware of your operation?"

<mainstreet> "I have no idea."

<mainstreet> Tuwyn: He really does have no idea.

<mainstreet> Tuwyn: On top of that, you're pretty sure that if they *had* made Cosine aware of their operations, this guy *would* know.

<Tuwyn> "I'd think he'd know it if Cosine knew."

<mainstreet> "Well I don't."

<Bort> "That's good to know."

<Bort> "Now... have you caught anyone else snooping around about these matters?"

<mainstreet> "Well there's that elf that went up there a while ago and still hasn't come down."

<Bort> "That's all?"

<mainstreet> Tuwyn: You notice that he hasn't said anything about anyone *else*, and didn't deny anyone else being around either.

<mainstreet> "You asked if we caught someone else. I told you."

<mainstreet> Tuwyn: Yeah, he's hiding something.

<Tuwyn> "There's also stuff you're not telling us. I bet the elf wasn't the only one."

<mainstreet> "Well... we might have also shown that police guy the price for sticking his nose in where it didn't belong... and being, uh, less heavily, armed."

<Bort> "What was the policeman's name?"

<Bort> "Do you know?"

<mainstreet> "Of course I don't. We didn't ask, and I can't tell one human from another."

  • Vaughn frowns outright at this, but holds his tongue.

<Capn_Shoe> "What did you do with this policeman, exactly?"

<mainstreet> "He's sleeping with the fishies."

  • FluffyRaven earperks at the 'he' but continues grooming off his blood.

<Bort> "And he was alone? No associates?"

<Capn_Shoe> "That's not what I asked. Where is he, *exactly*?"

<mainstreet> "Like I said, sleeping with the fishes. The trout of the Rio Morado." <Bort> "So a river."

<Bort> "Where did you catch him, though? Was it here?"

<mainstreet> "Yes, here."

<mainstreet> Vaughn: The Rio Morado is one of the rivers that service Gralden itself. It's actually only a few blocks away from here, and makes for good fishing, but mostly outside the city. Inside the city people look at you weird when you fish.

  • Capn_Shoe facepalms. "Let me re-phrase this: give us specific directions to *exactly* where you dumped the body."

<mainstreet> "In the Rio Morado. Are you dense?"

<mainstreet> The kobold looks at you strange, not understanding Shoe's problem.

<Vaughn> "Ah... did you dump it off the bridge here in town, or did you dump it in the middle of the prime fishing just outside of town?"

<Vaughn> "...that's where the best trout is, at least."

<mainstreet> "The bridge here of course. Why would we have gone all the way out of town carrying a police officer?"

<Capn_Shoe> "Because you're a moron?

<mainstreet> "What's a moron?"

<Bort> "A species of fish. Very good with butter and some garlic."

  • Tuwyn facepalms

<mainstreet> "I'm kobold. Not fish."

<Vaughn> "Pan fried for 10 minutes in olive oi--- er, never mind."

  • FluffyRaven was enjoying that topic o.o

<Bort> "Where do you get your Fire Seeds now?"

<mainstreet> "We don't. That's the problem. We won't be able to keep this up long. Might be some contingency plans. I wouldn't know them, though."

<Capn_Shoe> "Do you have any idea what happened to the other members of that cop's investigative team?"

<mainstreet> "I have no idea what you're talking about."

<Bort> "Alright, I think that's all we care to know. You've well earned a 30 seconds head start, I think."

  • Bort grins at the lion

<mainstreet> The kobold gulps, look at the window, and dashes for it. He gets outside and starts running.

<Bort> "Well, that was fun!"

  • FalseFoxes rushes to 'chase' and spook the kobold like some bloody demon attack cat. "Hisss!"

<Bort> "We should probably get out of here..."

<Capn_Shoe> "Actually..."

  • Capn_Shoe looks at the stairs. "We might want to ask our upstairs guest to come along."

<Bort> "You trust her?"

  • FalseFoxes shakes his head..
  • FluffyRaven sighs and lets out a /moew/ for attention, making the rather humanoid gester of pointing at his severe gut wound, thankfully he's at least not bleeding anymore.

<Capn_Shoe> "Alright, so. Like like we're going diving."

  • FluffyRaven coughs. "Oh, good, I actually enjoy a swim."

<Bort> "Are we? It's a long shot we'd find him, and he may not have anything interesting on him."

<Bort> "I say tip the police and let them deal with it."

  • Capn_Shoe stifles at the word 'police'. "A long shot, yes, but we should follow up on all leads just the same. It's good detective procedure. And we're not bringing the police in on this."

<Bort> "An anonymous tip, I didn't mean to knock on their door."

<Bort> "Following on leads is good procedure, yes, but this could easily take a whole day."

<Capn_Shoe> "No it won't. He's either below the bridge or not. If the latter, we'll call the cops and let them worry about dredging the river while we move on."

<Bort> "Eh, fair enough, if you insist."

<Bort> "But I'm not touching that filthy water."

<Capn_Shoe> "I'm sure Fluffy won't mind."

<Capn_Shoe> "C'mon, let's go before any more goons show up."

<mainstreet> Shoe: You head on out for the Rio Morado, and specifically the Big Purple Bridge Number Two, just a few blocks away.

<mainstreet> Bort: You spot a disturbance in the water just under the bridge. It looks like there's definitely a body-sized object of some sort down there.

<Bort> "I can see something under the bridge!"

<mainstreet> Unfortunately, it's a good five foot drop from the bridge to the water level, and the river seems to be a good five feet deep itself.

<Bort> "Let me patch you guys up a bit first, though."

  • Bort casts cure light wounds all around
  • Bort walks onto the bridge and points down at the disturbance so that others can see it

<Bort> "Anybody feels like taking a plunge?"

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---