Geometric Archipelago:The Crystal Cliffs of Hexagon Island/Chapter 07

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #7: Today's death toll: 3 Kobolds, 2 Pigeons

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> Suddenly… *POOF* Vaughn and Elasi vanish in a boom of smoke and sound! The smoke quickly vanishes, and Bort’s standing in the middle, ready for action!

  • Capn_Shoe blinks.
  • Bort smiles broadly and bows to the audience, but his smile vanishes as he sees the Kobolds

<Capn_Shoe> "Yeah, so they're a thing."

<Tuwyn> "For now."

<Capn_Shoe> Shoe carefully backs away from the nearest Kobold's spear and into the shop's doorway, where he nocks an arrow and takes a shot at Kobold #1.

<mainstreet> The arrow flies well over the kobold's head, nailing a pigeon that was just trying to score some quick scraps.

<mainstreet> The kobold grins. "Roast pigeon for dessert."

<mainstreet> The kobold then makes a stab at Bort with his spear!

<mainstreet> The spear taps the ground at Bort's feet.

<mainstreet> The next kobold charges ahead and stabs at Tuwyn!

<mainstreet> That spear ends up a good two feet away from it's target on thrust. The kobold growls.

<mainstreet> The *third* kobolds aims his spear at Bort!

<mainstreet> The spear looks like it's going to hit Bort... until another pigeon comes flying out of nowhere, taking the brunt of the attack and ending up pierced on the spear! The kobold angrily flings the pigeon away, where it lands with its fellow fallen flying fellow.

<Capn_Shoe> "Huh. Lotta pigeons around here."

<Tuwyn> "I'll take any spear fodder we can get."

<FluffyRaven> "Merow!"

  • Bort casts a Flaming Sphere at K1 and bolts for the door, going around Tuwyn and trying to get in through the right side away from K5

<mainstreet> The kobold 1 jumps out of the way to avoid the sphere coming its way.

<mainstreet> The kobold 5 takes a stab at Bort!

<mainstreet> He misses, however, and Bort gets through the door.

  • FluffyRaven looks around the situation in a quick flash of his eyes against the fire, settling on protecting the ranged characters by leaping away from the almost-toasted kobold and instead pouncing for the one that swiped for Bort, Hiss!

<mainstreet> Kobold 4 moves over to strike Tuwyn!

<mainstreet> He misses, however, and hits the ground at Tuwyn's feet.

<mainstreet> Kobold 7 takes a step forward for a similar manuever!

<mainstreet> It pierces in for a slight trickle of blood!

<Tuwyn> "Well, that technically hit me..."

<Tuwyn> "I don't wanna deal with a buncha technicalities, though..." Tuwyn quickly backs off while facing the kobolds, settling close to the doorway with the others

<mainstreet> K2 meanders up to the window menacingly.

<mainstreet> K6 carefully goes through the window and ends up in the store with his enemies.

  • Capn_Shoe brandishes his mighty (wimpy) rapier, and takes a stab at stabbing Kobold #5.

<mainstreet> Kobold 5 takes a slice to the thigh.

<mainstreet> Kobold 1 walks forward and makes a stab at Shoe!

<mainstreet> Stab. Ow.

<mainstreet> Kobold 5 carefully pulls himself over the window and into the store.

  • FluffyRaven quickly manuvers south in a pounce and lets out a YOWL as if to attract the attention of the other kobolds as he aims to utterly masacure this poor example

<mainstreet> The kobold screeches at the cat attack!

<mainstreet> It takes a blow, and then goes for a retaliatory strike at the cat's good buddy Shoe!

<mainstreet> Shoe easily dodges the spearthrust.

<Capn_Shoe> "Hah-HAH!"

  • Bort swings the flaming sphere into K2
  • Bort aims his sling at the Kobold who's in front of him and shoots

<mainstreet> The kobold makes a spearstab in retaliation, but misses.

<mainstreet> The shot, however, hits right in the arm. "Ow!" the kobold yells.

<mainstreet> K4 moves up and takes a stab at Shoe.

<mainstreet> The stab isn't even close.

<Bort> "I'm starting to think these gentlemen are all drunk"

<mainstreet> K7 looks around, realizes he has no angle of attack or accomplishing anything... except maybe, hitting that annoying cat that's slashing his friends up. He slides on over and takes a stab.

<mainstreet> But his stab his no more efficient!

<FluffyRaven> "Hisss!"

<Tuwyn> "Whoa whoa, I need more personal space than this!" Tuwyn says, flicking a bolt of green electricity at the kobold next to her

<mainstreet> The bolt shudders into the kobold, leaving it a pile of smoldering reptilian flesh on the ground, clearly no longer resembling a life form.

<Tuwyn> "Much better."

  • Capn_Shoe grins. "Smoke 'em if you got 'em."

<mainstreet> K2 makes an effort to get inside the store.

<mainstreet> K6 takes a step back and a stab at Bort!

<mainstreet> This stab strikes chest, and penetrates for a good blow!

<Bort> "Ouch! Good grief, that was a new shirt."

<Capn_Shoe> Shoe, irritated by the kobolds and their advanced sharp pointy stick technology, decides he's had enough. He slips in towards Kobold #2 and lunges with his rapier, aiming for the throat!

<mainstreet> The kobold takes it... more in the neck, but it still slices in! Well done!

<mainstreet> K1 makes a move towards the door, to send his spear out at Shoe!

<mainstreet> Shoe takes the shot for a tiny trickle.

<Capn_Shoe> "Ow. That hurt! ...I guess."

  • FluffyRaven firsts, makes a strike for the kobold, leaping surprisingly high in the air with a head-dunk-slam. Yes, he is doing that, yes, he is capable of doing that. Meow.
  • FluffyRaven after practically knocking that poor Kobold over, he then leaps between the two other kobolds for the far-end one, ending on that kobold's space and provoking all their AoO's
  • FluffyRaven is causing quite a bit of frantic chaos.

<mainstreet> All three kobolds take a stab, but none come close.

<mainstreet> The kobold that Fluffy first hit is very much stunned, and just stands there stupidly, spear on the ground.

  • FluffyRaven Yowls!
  • Bort drags the fireball into K4, praying that Fluffy is as quick as he seems. Well, not "drag" so much, as, not move it at all, really, because that would be too much effort. Unfortunately, the wind has other ideas, and slams into the ball, dragging it into the area for K4 and Fluffy to get scorched.

<mainstreet> Fluffy and the kobold both get scorched by the flames.

  • Bort mutters, "God damnit"
  • Bort decides it is time to summon one of nature's most magnificent creatures, the Lion
  • Bort forgets all about casting Quench

<mainstreet> K7 moves over and tries the same stab.

  • FluffyRaven is a graceful cat, even as the scent of his singed fur rings the air

<mainstreet> Neither stab actually connects. Fluffy's just that awesome.

  • FluffyRaven bats away the second pole to destablize the actually well aimed thrust
  • Tuwyn looks over at kobold #2. "Eh, you're probably not worth much effort." Then she flicks a green spark at him.

<mainstreet> Kobold 2 takes the bold and... vanishes. You seem to have broken the kobold into his constituent atoms!

<mainstreet> K6 growls and takes a stab at Bort.

<mainstreet> The stab misses wildly, instead impaling a nearby shelf. The kobold pulls it out.

<Bort> "Friend, you should lay off the liquor, that was horrendous."

<Capn_Shoe> Shoe raises the rapier up in front of his face like a fencer, then dramatically lunge-stabs at Kobold #1. "Hyyaaaaa!"

<mainstreet> The kobold takes a big slash to the legs. "GYAAAAAAA!"

<mainstreet> He takes a step back and attempts to stab Shoe.

<mainstreet> The stab pricks Shoe in the arm. Ouch!

<Capn_Shoe> "Ow! My squeezin' arm!"

  • FluffyRaven sits atop K4 as the sphere moves over them both, back-kicks the kobold in to the spere as it attempts to escape, then leaps over K1 to make a stunning kick at K3, however, K1 makes a 1 in 400 shot right for Fluffy's belly, ripping it open in a shower of catblood, it doesn't stop him from making for his attack though.

<mainstreet> K3 gets scratched up, but doesn't take the stunning part of the blow.

<mainstreet> K3 grabs his weapon and growls menacingly.

  • Bort instructs the newly formed Lion to KO K6

<mainstreet> The Lion ROARS and slashes a claw into the kobold, searing it open a bit, but in very not-vital areas. The other claw attack and the bite both miss.

  • Bort slams the fireball into K1, then casually shoots his sling at K4 through the broken window

<mainstreet> The fireball moves into the new square, and the kobold dodges the flames.

<mainstreet> The sling shoots into the K4, and he falls to the ground, putting him in that precious disabled position.

<mainstreet> The kobolds look around, realize the odds are now even with that lion into the fray, and realize how screwed they are. One of the kobolds barks "Retreat!" in Draconic.

<mainstreet> K4 starts to scamper away... slowly. K7 scampers a bit faster.

  • Tuwyn glances over at the trapped kobold, and then spits a curse word in Dark Speech towards his spear

<mainstreet> The spear shatters, but the kobold doesn't seem to be affected. He glares at you. Then he looks around, realizes the hopelessness of the situation, and raises his hands in surrender.

  • Capn_Shoe grins. "I think we won."

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---