Geometric Archipelago:The Crystal Cliffs of Hexagon Island/Chapter 05

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #5: Fat Chance Bro

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

<mainstreet> While Fluffy and Elasi wander off to take care of Important Personal Business(tm), the rest of you head over to 22nd Street, and the “MAGEWARES GALORE” store. It’s been pretty heavily looted by now, both the store itself and the housing unit on top of the store. All the windows are somewhat damaged, and it looks like all the shelves are cleaned out.

<mainstreet> It'll be fairly easy to evade the generic CAUTION tape and head on inside through the gaping hole in the window, if you pleased.

  • Capn_Shoe does so please! He glances around to make sure no one's looking, then slips inside.
  • Bort follows

<Tuwyn> "Should someone stay outside to keep watch?"

<mainstreet> You see quite a bit of damaged product as you walk around. You see the staircase to the housing unit above in one corner. You also notice the counter is actually pretty intact -- apparently no one's interested in a big oak desk.

<Capn_Shoe> "Feel free. I'm looking around in here."

<Bort> "I'm not sure anyone would care, at any rate."

  • Capn_Shoe wonders what sort of product one would find in here. Also begins to search the room.
  • Bort starts searching at the opposite end

<mainstreet> Capn: You approach the counter and notice that there's a pair of locked drawers that you see a lot of scratch marks, but no actual progress made upon them. It looks like inferior thieves have failed to get into either of these drawers.

<mainstreet> Bort: Oooh, a shiny piece of glass! Shiiiiiiny!

  • Bort takes a shiny piece of glass and puts it in his sack in case he needs a shiv

--> CapnAscii (Capn_Ascii@75.108.gtv.xni) has joined #trinsic

<Vaughn> Vaughn stays outside to keep watch.

  • CapnAscii can't help but grin. "Make way for the *real* master of unlocking." He visually scours the desk and drawers for any signs of traps.

<-- Capn_Shoe has quit (Ping timeout: 248 seconds)

<Bort> "Well, I could't find anything but broken glass, and I'm sure even some of it is missing. What about you?"

<mainstreet> Shoe: Yep, there's the trap on drawer number two. Don't touch it now! (Drawer one is trap-free!)

  • Vaughn quietly settles down outside with a Fished Out Stream periodical and relaxes into his watch for people that are excessively interested in their activities.

<mainstreet> Shoe: More specifically, you see... the dreaded Ghoul Touch trap!

  • CapnAscii decides to focus on Drawer #1 for now. He attempts to unlock it.

<mainstreet> The lock is not impressed by your puny unlocking attempts. It persists in its basic function.

<CapnAscii> "Grr."

<mainstreet> The lock struggles with you... and finally *click*s open.

<mainstreet> You open the drawer, and contained inside is a scroll and a pair of professional-looking books.

<CapnAscii> "Hmm." Shoe examines the items in detail.

<mainstreet> You start by examining the scroll. It seems to be a list of procedures for how to work the store.

  • CapnAscii checks the list for anything unusual.

<mainstreet> Shoe: On the bottom you notice an apparent recent addition. "This store no longer sells to anyone affiliated with the Church of Kurtulmak. If I catch any of you selling our goods to them again, you're FIRED!"

<Bort> "Can I look at the books?"

<CapnAscii> "No. Let me check them first. Hmm...Church of Kurtulmak?"

  • CapnAscii examines the books next.

<mainstreet> The first book is an employee payroll record. It looks like he only had 2 employees, and both of them were paid fairly decently. Both of them worked the store; it seems Hernandez himself dealt with supply moreso than actual sales these days.

  • CapnAscii lookie the next bookie.

--- CapnAscii is now known as Capn_Shoe

<mainstreet> The second book is a ledger. This ledger appears to be a list of sales and purchase made by Mr. Hernandez. You flip through the book...

<mainstreet> and a small slip of parchment falls out. You look at it, and see the phrase “Fat chance bro” written on it in his handwriting. You blink, and turn it over. Someone else has written: “Remove all of our Fire Seed Scroll purchases from your record. Burn this.” There’s also a symbol.

<Capn_Shoe> "Fire Seed Scroll?"

  • Capn_Shoe examines the symbol.

<mainstreet> Surprise, it's the Holy Symbol of Kurtulmak!

  • Capn_Shoe then checks the books to see if the scroll purchases are there or not.

<mainstreet> Yeah, they're here. Quite a few of them. It seems to be a regular purchase for both "Brother Gersmakk" and "Brother Walter". In fact, one of them would come to buy it up soon after he replaced the last one they bought, until they stopped about two weeks before the records stop entirely.

<mainstreet> Tuwyn: You realize that the Church of Kurtulmak is the single largest religious entity in Gralden and might well be on all of Hexagon. Moradin and Corellon Larethian compete for the '2nd most ubitiquitous' slot, but whichever it is is definitely a distant 2nd.

<mainstreet> As such, the Church of Kurtulmak tends to wield serious power on Hexagon, even if they're not endorsed or encouraged by the King at all.

  • Tuwyn stands behind Shoe and leans in a little. "Is that the symbol of Kurtulmak? He's a pretty big deal around here."

<Capn_Shoe> "Huh."

<Capn_Shoe> "So we have a pair of holy men buying druid scrolls and then trying to erase their paper trail."

  • Bort looks around, "That's ironic, they managed to erase everything else."

<Capn_Shoe> "Most of this was probably done by random criminals getting in on the looting."

  • Capn_Shoe turns his attention to the second drawer, and attempts to disarm the trap.
  • Bort takes a good few steps back

<mainstreet> Shoe: Your hand slips across the trap as you try to disarm it. It activates!

<mainstreet> Fortunately, you're made of *slightly* sterner stuff than the trap, and it isn't able to paralyze you.

<Capn_Shoe> "Holy crap, I can't believe I dodged that bullet. ...I'm doing it again!"

<mainstreet> Trap? What trap? It looks like a mess of scrap to me! Nice work!

<Capn_Shoe> "Now, for the lock that is so very obviously there and needs dealing with."

<mainstreet> Well, actually, that lock doesn't really stop such a good little master thief like you!

<Capn_Shoe> "What did I tell you? Master of unlocking." He opens the drawer and takes a peek inside.

<Bort> "Well done!"

<mainstreet> Shoe: Hmm, you find... a drawer of Loot!

<mainstreet> More specifically, you see four different rings, three scrolls, and some loose Karathite.

<Bort> "So what's in there?"

  • Capn_Shoe examines his treasures in more detail! The scrolls, specifically.

<mainstreet> Capn_Shoe: You open the scrolls, and... they're definitely magic!

<mainstreet> Tuwyn: Those will require a better look than a typical average glance to decipher.

<Tuwyn> "Hmm...let me take a closer look at those..."

<mainstreet> Tuwyn: One of those scrolls is definitely Eagle's Splendor. Another is a Fire Seeds scroll.

<mainstreet> You have no clue what that third one is though.

<Tuwyn> "Hm, Eagle's Splendor, Fire Seeds, and I'm not sure about the other."

<Capn_Shoe> "Hmm."

<Capn_Shoe> "Anything you can do with the rings?"

<Tuwyn> "I can give 'em a look, too."

<mainstreet> Tuwyn: You examine the four rings carefully... one is magic, you have no clue what it does... the second is a Ring of Feather Falling... the third and fourth are embedded with a Creane stone but you're not even certain they're magic, beyond what the Creane itself does.

<Tuwyn> "Can't identify this ring, one's Feather Falling, and the other two...have Creane stones."

<Capn_Shoe> "That's all?"

  • Capn_Shoe takes the Feather Fall ring and puts it on. "I'll take this one."
  • Capn_Shoe then gathers up the other items and shoves them in his pack. "We'll worry about the rest of these later."
  • Vaughn stashes the Fished Out Stream and stretches. Having seen nobody looking at them even crossways, he headed inside. "So far, so good. Nobody's given us the stink-eye. How's it going? Has anyone checked upstairs yet?"

<Capn_Shoe> "Not yet, we're heading up there." Shoe...uh, heads up there.

<Vaughn> Vaughn nods and tags along this time, having been bored and kicking his heels up for long enough.

<mainstreet> You all tromp up to the flat. It seems to be a basic four-room small flat. You're in the living room, and you can see open doors to the bedroom and bathroom, and the open access to the kitchen area.

  • Vaughn heads for the kitchen to look around.

<mainstreet> The living room has a table and a handful of chairs. A deck of cards is resting on the table along with a bag.

<mainstreet> Vaughn: The kitchen, also containing the pantry, seems to be stripped bare. Looks like looters like useful stuff too, not just valuables.

  • Capn_Shoe looks in the bag.

<mainstreet> Shoe: Success! It's a bag of coinage! Looks to be about 50 gold in here!

<Capn_Shoe> "Hmmm."

<mainstreet> ...come to think of it, how would looters miss this?

  • Capn_Shoe 's thief senses kick in. "Something's not right here." He examines the bag thoroughly for anything amiss.

<mainstreet> Capn: Nothing amiss in the bag, but... you can hear a noise coming from the bathroom!

  • Vaughn goes ahead and searches the kitchen, just in case someone didn't steal all the ham sandwich... er, in case there's a hidden compartment or some other similarly odd item.

<mainstreet> Vaughn: Even if there is something here, your fascination with the hanging plastic fish prevents you from noticing anything.

<mainstreet> Shoe: You're sure the bathroom is not unoccupied, as you hear the unmistakable sound of a flush.

  • Vaughn takes down the hanging plastic fish and puts it in his pocket, delighted to score a fishing-related trinket. He might be able to make a decent lure out of...
  • Capn_Shoe motions to Bort and Tuwyn to back him, up, then moves to stand right outside the bathroom door, waiting for the occupant to emerge.
  • Tuwyn cautiously tags along
  • Bort as well

<mainstreet> An elf pops out of the bathroom... and blinks as she sees you all there. "What in the..." she starts to reach for her sword.

  • Capn_Shoe blocks the doorway, the others behind him, but makes no move to raise his hands or go for a weapon. "Hi there. Can we help you?"

<mainstreet> "I was about to ask you the same thing. What are you doing in a dead man's home?" she challenges, emerald eyes flashing at you.

<Capn_Shoe> "We were about to ask the same thing of you."

<Capn_Shoe> *staaare*

<mainstreet> The elflady flushed. "*I* have authorization from Viralan Council to investigate and prevent magical items from falling into undeserving hands. *This* is a huge disaster from every perspective, and I'm just doing the best I can trying to track this stuff down. I might as well use the place as a base."

<Bort> "It's not a very good base if people can just waltz in."

<mainstreet> "I didn't think anyone had any reason to. Place had already been cleaned out of valuables by the time I got here."

  • Vaughn emerges from the kitchen with a worried look on his face. With the scene as set, his head tilted to one side. "Where'd she come from?"

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---