Geometric Archipelago:The Crystal Cliffs of Hexagon Island/Chapter 04

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #4: Here kitty kitty!

[20:52] <@mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

[20:53] <@mainstreet> You all find yourselves in a small, cramped PI office, staring down this magical trap.

[20:53] <@Shoe> "Oh, hi guys. Don't touch the drawer."

[20:58] <+Bort> "A trap?"

�10[20:59] <�14FluffyRaven�> "Merow"

�14[20:59] * +Elasi scratches Fluffy's ears and waits patiently, being unable to do anything about traps of any kind

[20:59] <+Tuwyn> "Think it'd go off if we just broke it?"

[21:00] <+Elasi> "If you try to break it, let me step out of the room first please."

[21:00] <@Shoe> "Most definitely."

[21:01] <+Bort> "I, too, would want to step out."

[21:01] <@Shoe> "And since you're not going to pry a locked drawer out instantly, it'll *keep* going off over and over and over again. No, we're not getting in unless I disarm it or someone has a dispell spell handy.

[21:02] <@Shoe> "So the question is...*does* anyone have a dispell spell handy?"

[21:02] <+Bort> "So if we could channel the energy somehow, could that power a perpetual motion machine?"

[21:03] <+Bort> "Sorry, just thinking out loud."

[21:03] <@Shoe> "Theoretically. But then, you could always just cast magic on the thing directly to make it move forever. Because MAGIC."

[21:04] <+Bort> "It's a wonder we even have to work in order to earn a comfortable life."

[21:06] <@Shoe> "Because mages are snobs."

�14[21:06] * @Shoe looks around at the lack of affirmative answers. "I'm going to have to disarm this thing myself, aren't I?" He sighs.

[21:06] <@Shoe> "Does anyone at least have a spell to shield me from lightning?"

[21:07] <+Bort> "I can call lightning today but that's pretty much the opposite of what you want."

�14[21:10] * FluffyRaven seems to mearly yawn, such a helpful cat.

[21:10] <+Bort> "So... besides this... did you find anything?"

[21:12] <@Shoe> "What? Oh, yeah, a buncha stuff."

[21:12] <@Shoe> He motions at the secret closet full of pretty dresses.

[21:13] <@Shoe> "Oh, and these." He produces the notes he found.

�14[21:13] * +Bort whistles

[21:13] <+Bort> "How did she afford all of this?"

[21:14] <@Shoe> "I'm not sure she did. They might be stolen."

[21:14] <+Tuwyn> "Meh, I always preferred more practical wear."

[21:17] <+Bort> "Stolen from whom?"

[21:17] <@Shoe> "I dunno. But the tags are all ripped off."

[21:17] <+Bort> "Perhaps it's inheritance..."

�14[21:20] * FluffyRaven begins looking through the dresses, he's a fine wild cat, he won't shed on them!... Hopefully not much.

�14[21:21] * @Shoe stands up from where he's been studying the drawer, and sighs. "Sorry, guys, but I'm not going to risk getting zapped again on this thing. We've got the case files, let's go."

[21:22] <+Tuwyn> "Fair enough."

[21:24] <+Bort> "All right. The contents may not even be related to the case."

[21:25] <+Bort> "Just her stash of blood money, probably."

[21:25] <@Shoe> "Nggh."

[21:26] <@Shoe> Shoe looks visibly ill at the thought of potentially leaving treasure behind.

[21:27] <+Bort> "So how about we look through these files?"

[21:29] <@Shoe> "I already did. Nothing we don't already have, although she does point towards a Mr. Hernandez as a possible lead."

�14[21:29] * @Shoe looks up Lovelace's home address.

�14[21:29] * +Vaughn finally meanders around behind the building and looks in the back window, munching on a candy bar. "Mr. Hernandez? He's dead."

[21:29] <+Bort> "Just our luck."

�14[21:30] * FluffyRaven earperks at hearing the lead is dead, and jumps out on the window, looking for guards now.

[21:30] <@Shoe> "Oh, *that* guy? Well, crud. Looks like we're ransacking his places too."

[21:30] <+Vaughn> "He's the seller that turned up dead recently. Looters have apparently already taken the goods. But, we'd be looking for evidence, not treasure."

[21:31] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Wait, what? What home address? I don't see a home address here. It doesn't seem as though she has any address registered whatsoever. There's just a blank here.

[21:33] <@Shoe> "...huh. That's...odd."

[21:36] <@mainstreet> Vaughn: Even after finding the closet, that's *still* not enough space on the inside to accommodate the whole width of the building you can see on the outside.

[21:36] <@mainstreet> Perhaps a search of the closet back wall is in order?

[21:37] <+Vaughn> "You know what's really odd? The building's still bigger than the room I'm seeing, even knowing there's a closet over there." Vaughn slid into the room and headed for the closet.

[21:38] <@mainstreet> Vaughn: Hmmm, you know there's something back here. But you're not finding anything.

[21:38] <@Shoe> "Hmm. Let me try."

�14[21:38] * +Vaughn frowns, then starts taking arms-full of clothing and removing them from the closet. "Someone want to check that back wall in more detail?"

�14[21:38] * @Shoe steps into the closet and pokes around. He was too distracted by all the lovely dresses last time.

[21:38] <+Vaughn> "...Thanks, Shoe."

�14[21:40] * +Elasi wanders over to give a quick check too, careful not to get in anyone else's way

[21:40] <@mainstreet> Shoe: You look and look and... ah-ha! Another little scratch, just like the one you used to open the closet! You press it, and... a part of the wall slides open! It is indeed a bedroom back here, but a very simple one. There's what amounts to a camp bed, an unlit torch, and another door. You open the door and quickly close it: it's a john.

[21:41] <@mainstreet> There's really nothing much back here that you can tell. It's just a bed. But you know she's capable of living here now.

�14[21:41] * +Bort follows Shoe into the room

�14[21:42] * FluffyRaven also starts to search around, not seeing anyone outside for now.

[21:42] <@Shoe> "If you can call this 'living'.

[21:43] <@mainstreet> Bort: You bump into Shoe. Really, the room's only big enough for one person to move around, and barely that.

[21:43] <@Shoe> "Hey, personal space, man."

[21:43] <+Bort> "Sorry, buddy. I thought we were going into a large living room with a pool table and all modern amenities."

[21:45] <@mainstreet> FluffyRaven: Oooh, a small piece of string!

�14[21:45] * FluffyRaven Treasure! It is his treasure, after all, he found it first.

�14[21:46] * @Shoe searches both this small room and the john.

[21:47] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Hmmm, nothing comes of interest until under the bed... you find a book and a bag!

�14[21:47] * @Shoe looks in both the book *and* the bag!

[21:48] <@mainstreet> The book seems to be some sort of trashy romance novel. It's not really even very high quality. The bag... you open it, and... looks like about 100 gold in here.

[21:49] <+Vaughn> < And Shoe is happy! >

�14[21:50] * @Shoe counts the gold. "...meh." He pockets it.

�14[21:55] * +Vaughn wonders aloud, "Think she stays in a nearby inn? If she's an in-demand investigator, she probably lives in inns a lot."

[21:56] <@mainstreet> Vaughn: That's great thought, but you're a noob to this city. You have no idea what or where that might be.

[21:56] <+Vaughn> < With it out there and aloud, someone else can think of it. >

�14[22:05] * FluffyRaven seems to be getting a bit stir crazy, and leaps for the window again, once more taking point-guard.

[22:06] <+Vaughn> "Let's go check out Hernandez' shop. We seem to have everything we can do here."

[22:06] <@mainstreet> FluffyRaven: *swish* You sink the three pointer! ...oh, not *that* kind of point guard. :p

[22:08] <@Shoe> "Sounds like a plan."

�14[22:08] * +Vaughn heads back to the store. "Say, Fred, where's the closest inn? And, after that, the closest decent inn?"

�14[22:09] * @Shoe climbs out through the window, closes it after everyone else is out, then loiters in the alleyway.

[22:10] <@mainstreet> "I'd say the Darksteel Inn is a pretty decent one, and it's just two blocks that away," Fred points behind him, presumably to 39th Street, "and about three blocks that away," he points to the side now, continuing along your current direction of travel.

[22:11] <+Vaughn> "Oh, thanks!" Vaughn returns and conveys this information and the directions to the Inn to the group.

�14[22:18] * +Vaughn heads towards the inn, which happens to be on the way to Hernandez' shop.

�14[22:21] * FluffyRaven can't really do much, is a cat!

�14[22:24] * +Elasi gives the cat much pettings to comfort him in his impotence

[22:29] <@mainstreet> You arrive at the Darksteel Inn, a sleek grey building with a very professional looking front. "DARKSTEEL INN: GRALDEN'S SECOND INN" is proudly displayed on a large sign over the top. It looks like a fairly middle-of-the-road hotel.

�14[22:31] * @Shoe heads inside. "You realize that the clerk likely won't just tell us whether any given person has been staying here right?"

[22:32] <+Vaughn> "That's why I'm relying on your natural charm."

[22:36] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Inside the Darksteel Inn, you see your typical lobby. The desk clerk, an old man with glasses, is reading a magazine, since it's the middle of the day and no one is checking in or out. You see a few people hanging out at the attached bar, and the entrances to the main part of the hotel where the rooms are.

[22:39] <@Shoe> "Hello there, sir." Shoe saunters up to the counter. "I'm looking for a Ms. Lovelace. I've got something important of hers and I'm trying to return it. I've heard she might be staying here?"

[22:44] <@mainstreet> The man nods sagely. "Lovelace... Lovelace... you know, I don't think we have a Lovelace here. Or ever had. And I remember every name that signs in the register, and yes, I look to see who I've missed when I'm out. Unless she used another name, I'm afraid I don't think I can help you today."

[22:55] <@Shoe> "Hmm." He shows him the picture. "This woman?"

[22:57] <@mainstreet> The man looks at the picture and frowns. "I can't help you. I definitely cannot. I want no part of this trouble. You can leave now."

�14[22:59] * @Shoe picks up on that immediately. "What trouble?"

[23:02] <@mainstreet> The man shakes his head at you. "Please leave before I call security."

�14[23:08] * +Vaughn steps in at this point. "Whoa, whoa... sorry, sounds like it's getting to be a bit of a disturbance. My apologies, sir, we're just trying to prevent some of that trouble."

[23:09] <@mainstreet> The man stares at Vaughn. "The only people causing trouble here are you. SECURITY!"

[23:11] <@mainstreet> A trio of orcs and a human wander over to the desk. "What's the prob here?" the human asks.

[23:11] <+Elasi> Elasi walks in and starts to usher the two out, looking a bit alarmed. "Stop talking and get your butts out of here *now*," she hisses.

[23:12] <@mainstreet> "These gentlemen are not renting a room, and are thus *leaving*," the clerk notes pointedly. "Please assist them if necessary."

�14[23:13] * @Shoe was already on the way out the door around the time the orcs showed up.

�14[23:14] * +Vaughn is likewise under his own power and exiting with a shake of his head.

[23:15] <@mainstreet> Having seen you all leave the establishment, the orcs and human wander back into the back.

�14[23:33] * +Elasi grabs Fluffy and cuddles him to her chest. "I, uh... I'm gonna take a walk around the block, guys. I'll be back soon."

[23:36] <+Elasi> Once out of earshot, she murmurs quietly to the cat, appearing to passersby to just be cooing generically at him. "We're really stuck here, Raven. I don't think any of us are good enough to get info out of that guy, and he was getting pretty worked up. I know you don't want to break your cover, but... you're just so much better than us. You're our only hope," she says, laying the flattery on thick.

�14[23:39] * FluffyRaven sighs and speaks up when no other folk are around. "Fine, though we'll need to figure out clearly what we want to know before we rush in there blindly now, yes? Let us find a quiet place with the others."

�14[23:39] * +Elasi nods and starts circling back around the block. "Will you tell them, or me?"

�14[23:40] * FluffyRaven grins a little. "Do /you/ want to tell them first?" He's purring, oh dear.

�14[23:41] * +Elasi smiles a little back "Honestly, I'm content to watch the look of surprise on their faces when you do. I'll do it if you need me to, though."

�14[23:52] * FluffyRaven waits for Elasi to bring him back to the party, waiting for about 10 seconds of awkward silence, then coughing a moment.

�10[23:52] <�14FluffyRaven�> "So. I hear my presense and voice is requested." How does a cat sound so /swauve/?

�14[23:53] * @Shoe blinks.

�14[23:53] * FluffyRaven flicks his tail a momment, ears perk, and begins washing his face.

[23:54] <@Shoe> ".....huh."

�14[23:54] * @Shoe leans in and pokes at Fluffy's face with his finger.

�14[23:55] * FluffyRaven opens one eye and leans back, claws getting in to Elasi's clothing or armor. "Not now, petting is for later. Now what information do we want? Time is something not to waste but to use with feline precision~" Haaam.

�14[23:56] * +Tuwyn shrugs. "This actually ranks pretty low on the list of weird things I've seen."

[23:57] <+Vaughn> *thud* Standing at the back, as he was, it was easy for him to not be noticed in the early stages of passing out. However, now he's on the ground and it's much harder to hide.

[23:58] <+Tuwyn> "I, uh, guess it ranks pretty high for him."

�14[23:58] * FluffyRaven looks down with a seemingly bored face, he's been through this a few times. "Someone might wish to tend to him before we draw unneeded attention."

�14[23:58] * +Elasi watches Vaughn, wide-eyed with concern, but stays where she is serving as Fluffy's podium

[23:58] <@Shoe> "Oh great, you killed Vaughn." He eyerolls. "I suppose there's probably a heck of a backstory to be heard here..."

[23:58] <Bort> "Eh, it's not that weird. I'd like to reward Edward with sentience too at some point."

[00:02] <+Tuwyn> "Someone help me hold up Vaughn. I guess we can just pretend he's drunk."

�10[00:04] <�14FluffyRaven�> "While you do that." he's done cleaning his muzzle. "Is this worth blowing /my/ cover for, if someone is.. watching our group."

�14[00:06] * +Elasi glances around. "That alleyway looks pretty deserted." She indicates it with a nod and starts to wander over, trying to look casual about it.

�14[00:06] * +Vaughn opens his eyes. "I'm... okay... had the weirdest dream... cat talked... Reminded me of my pet as a kid."

[00:07] <+Tuwyn> "Ah, there we go! Vaughn can help us drag his body over there."

�14[00:07] * FluffyRaven gives a kinda devilish smirk. "Can he help us clean his pockets too?"

[00:08] <+Vaughn> "Gah! LIKE THAT!"

[00:08] <+Vaughn> Vaughn shot to his feet.

[00:10] <+Elasi> "Like what?" Elasi quips, giving Vaughn an innocent look.

�14[00:11] * @Shoe smirks.

�14[00:11] * +Vaughn turns red, but follows along. "All right, whatever, let's go..."

�14[00:13] * FluffyRaven yawns a little but sits up, attempting to give himself a tiny bit more presense. "Now, we have two options.. get more information from him, or pass off as incompintent enough to lead someone on to some of /us/. One of these gives us more options then the other." Talkative cat when you get him started.

[00:15] <+Elasi> "Could we do both? I think we've got a good start on the incompetent... anyone inclined to go after us would probably overlook you."

[00:19] <+Vaughn> "At this point, we need to let this kettle cool before we can handle it again. Even with a suave cat. We could go on to Hernandez and see what hasn't been looted for now."

�10[00:24] <�14FluffyRaven�> "I could continue to stay under cover.. and perhaps.. give Shoe here a few pointers." He purrs a momment.. "I like him." He looks to Shoe. "You've got natural talent in there somewhere."

[00:30] <@mainstreet> ---END SESSION---