Geometric Archipelago:The Crystal Cliffs of Hexagon Island/Chapter 03

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #3: Project Zapway

[20:49] <@mainstreet> ---GAME START---

[20:49] <@mainstreet> You find yourselves chowing down on the wonderful meal at The Fat Goose. They even brought out a nice bowl of cat food!

�14[20:50] * +FluffyRaven seems to sniff at the catfood in something suspect of disdain, but proceeds to eat the food for now.

�14[20:51] * +Elasi quietly sneaks Fluffy chunks of rare steak

�14[20:51] * @Shoe chows down on a huge plate of boneless hot wings.

�14[20:52] * +Bort eats a fat goose, which is their speciality

�14[20:52] * +Tuwyn cuts into some chicken while keeping her eyes on the rest of the group. And the cat.

�14[20:55] * @Shoe responds by eyeing Tuwyn warily from across the table. "...what?"

[20:56] <+Tuwyn> "Hm. Just getting used to you people."

�10[20:56] <+FluffyRaven> "Merow?"

�14[20:57] * +FluffyRaven the cat looks up for a momment, before with a purr, accepting and chewing on the steak, lacking cheeks makes the chewing rather obvious though thankfully not to loud.

�14[20:58] * +Bort notices the cat eating steak and stifles a chuckle

[20:59] <+Tuwyn> "Before we were interrupted by our meals, weren't we going to discuss where we'll go first?"

[21:00] <@Shoe> "Alright, so." Shoe lays the documents out on the table. "What's our first move? I can think of a couple, but I want to hear from the rest of you first."

[21:02] <+Bort> "Well, we're already in Gralden. Who do we have to see here?"

[21:06] <@Shoe> "Well, for starters, two of the three missing persons lived here. I want to investigate their homes and offices to see if there any leads."

[21:06] <@Shoe> "Also, it might do for us to check the...ahem, underground rumor mill."

[21:07] <+Vaughn> "We can talk to the list of people the companies gave us... but I don't think that's helpful unless someone's finances got a sudden bump after the incident."

[21:09] <+Tuwyn> "It's something for us to do."

[21:09] <+Elasi> "Shouldn't we go look at the mine? If we do what they were doing, surely we've got to run into whatever they did. Right?"

[21:13] <+Vaughn> "That's assuming we can overcome what took down three experienced investigators."

[21:14] <+Elasi> "Well, there *is* a lot more of us."

[21:15] <+Tuwyn> "And we have a cat."

[21:16] <+Vaughn> "How about we check the homes and businesses of the prior investigators, check with the *ahem* underground rumor mill and then head to the mines?"

�14[21:16] * +FluffyRaven headtilts a bit, then stretches out like a cat is warrent to do, forepaw gracefully pushing over the file of the lawyer herself to make it accidently more visible.

[21:18] <+Bort> "What do you expect to find at the prior investigators' homes?"

[21:18] <+Vaughn> "After all, the underground rumor mill might know about the dead gem purveyor and whether anyone has come into an untraceable supply."

[21:19] <@Shoe> "They might have hidden some of their files or findings before they vanished. We need to find whatever documents they might have left behind."

[21:20] <+Bort> "Perhaps. It can't hurt to look."

[21:22] <+Bort> "Shall we go now?"

[21:23] <+Tuwyn> "Once we're done eating, sure."

[21:26] <@Shoe> "Let's start with Ms. Lovelace's office. She was team leader; if she left any of their files behind, they'd probably be there."

[21:28] <+Bort> "Okay. Hopefully it wasn't cleaned out."

[21:30] <@Shoe> "That's why we need to get there ASAP."

�14[21:34] * +Bort is done eating

�14[21:34] * +Vaughn pops a bite into his mouth and chews industriously. A pause, and he gently reaches for his mouth. When he withdraws his hand, a chicken bone is perched between thumb and forefinger. "So much for boneless. I'm done."

�14[21:35] * @Shoe stands up, hands on the table, looking dramatic. "Then let's go." He's probably be more dramatic if he didn't still have wing sauce around his mouth.

�14[21:35] * +Tuwyn finishes up her chicken, still staring. "Yeah, let's get going."

�14[21:35] * +Elasi looks at Shoe and tries to stifle her sniggers

�14[21:36] * +FluffyRaven steals a remaining piece of chicken from Vaughn's plate and leaps from the table as everyone starts to stand.

�14[21:37] * +Bort stands up, feeling heavy

[21:37] <@mainstreet> A lady comes up to Shoe and hands him the bill.

[21:38] <@mainstreet> The bill totals 2 gold 4 silver.

�14[21:38] * +Vaughn does the following the party dance. Huh, that chicken disappeared.

[21:40] <@Shoe> "Hmm. Now comes the real test." He lays the bill on the table for everyone to see. "How do we split the check?"

[21:43] <+Vaughn> Vaughn glanced down at the check. "Since its our first meal together, I'll pay the bill if someone will leave a decent tip."

[21:43] <+Tuwyn> "I, uh, had to pay traveling expenses recently."

[21:43] <+Elasi> "I'll tip," Elasi says, laying one gold and five silver on the table.

[21:45] <+Vaughn> Vaugn put down the full amount for the bill. "New ventures should have good starts."

[21:48] <@Shoe> "I like you already, Vaughn."

[21:49] <+Bort> "Yes, that was very generous of you."

�14[21:50] * +Vaughn smiles and bows slightly. "Shall we off, then?" He glanced around the room to see if anyone took particular interest in their departure.

[21:55] <+Bort> "Alright!"

[21:56] <@mainstreet> Vaughn: You seem good to go!

�14[22:00] * @Shoe stands up, sweeps his cape behind him, and leads the way out.

�14[22:00] * +Tuwyn tags along

[22:02] <+Bort> "So how do we go about this? We can't just barge in there, there may be surveillance."

[22:03] <@Shoe> "I'll scout the place out first."

�10[22:04] <+FluffyRaven> "Meowro?

[22:05] <@mainstreet> Shoe: After some walking, you talk a look up and down 41st Street. It's a fairly middle-of-the-road part of town, nothing special really. You see a few shops, but it's mostly houses.

[22:07] <@mainstreet> Miss Lovelace has a small office on 41st Street, a barely noticeable hole in the wall kind of joint, sandwiched in between a General Store and a Music Outlets. A small brass plate sign on the wooden door says “BELLA LOVELACE, PRIVATE INVESTIGATOR, MAIN OFFICE.”

[22:07] <@Shoe> "Alright. First, case the joint."

[22:09] <@mainstreet> Shoe: While the stores next to the office have back entries for deliveries, the office in question doesn't seem to have a back entrance.

�14[22:13] * +FluffyRaven looks around, still 'loyaly' following Elasi, and leaping up on to her shoulder and pack, omph, he's not exactly a /small/ cat.

[22:14] <@mainstreet> Shoe: There is a window on one side, and one in front.

[22:15] <@mainstreet> Both are large enough to allow for entry. However, the side window is curtained off, so you can't see through it. Through the front window, you can make out a desk, some chairs, and a cabinet, but the window is fairly dusty and obscuring.

�14[22:15] * +Elasi rocks gently with the added weight to avoid being thrown off-balance

�14[22:15] * @Shoe checks the side window to see if it's locked.

�14[22:17] * +FluffyRaven then proceeds to be distractingly licking at Elasi's hair, oh dear.

[22:19] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Yeah, this window is locked.

�14[22:20] * +Elasi glances up and down the street and murmurs quietly to the others "I think we might be attracting a bit of attention. Spread out a little bit?"

�14[22:21] * +Bort walks down the street a bit to purchase a newspaper

[22:22] <@mainstreet> Bort: You find a newsie. 1 copper, please!

�14[22:23] * +Bort pays for it and goes to find a bench to read and see if there's anything of interest

[22:24] <@mainstreet> Bort: You scan the paper, and the headline du jour is: RAMPAGING TIGERS KILL 14 IN MARDOON

�14[22:25] * +Elasi hangs back from the group a little, keeping an eye on the nearby bystanders

�14[22:27] * @Shoe attempts to pick the lock back here, so he won't have to try the front door in plain view of the street.

�14[22:29] * +Bort reads the paper distractedly and chuckles at the comic on page 10

�14[22:29] * +FluffyRaven keeps as a lookout for everyone.

�14[22:32] * +Vaughn meanders intothe general store and looks at their latest line of healing salves. *Doctor Doc's Seaslug Slime Rub - For vapors, rash, mental anguish, fainting...* He instead looks for an employee to chat with about local news.

[22:36] <@mainstreet> Shoe: That lock isn't budging.

[22:37] <@Shoe> "Grr."

[22:37] <@Shoe> He tries again.

[22:37] <@mainstreet> Vaughn: You walk up to the register and find a dude standing there bored-looking. His nametag says: "JACK". Underneath it says: "Definitely not a Raptor. Stop asking."

�14[22:39] * +Vaughn squints at the small print, then shrugs. "How's business, Jack?"

[22:41] <@mainstreet> "Business is... business, I guess. I mean, it's a bit hard with all that issue with Hexagon Industries... and the death of Mr. Hernandez, but... we're doing what we can, you know?"

[22:41] <@mainstreet> Shoe: That lock just doesn't like you very much!

[22:42] <@Shoe> "GRRR." One more time...

[22:44] <@mainstreet> Shoe: The lock coldly informs you that it does NOT wish to be picked by you at this time.

�14[22:47] * @Shoe stares hatefully at the lock. "Okay, *fine*. We're doing this the hard way."

�14[22:48] * @Shoe proceeds to spend the next 2 minutes roughly jabbing at the lock until he eventually gets it right.

[22:49] <@mainstreet> Shoe: A lot of hard work and elbow grease and the lock finally breaks down before your... well, determination. Not really skill.

[22:49] <@mainstreet> The window can now be gently pressed open.

�14[22:50] * +FluffyRaven follows quietly behind Shoe, ears, eyes, and nose kept aware.

�14[22:51] * @Shoe quietly slides the window open and takes a peek inside.

[22:52] <@mainstreet> You peek inside the office, pulling aside the curtains, and find a small, but fairly well-maintained office. It’s dominated by the large desk in the center. The desk is very ornate marble, quite a sophisticated item for such a seemingly small office. There is a cabinet in one corner, a very plush chair behind the desk, and a couple of moderately comfortable chairs in front of the desk. The desk has a blank pad of paper, a few writing implements, a small Creane shard, and a small notebook. There are also drawers under the desk.

�14[22:52] * +Vaughn tilts his head. "Sorry, not been here long... Mr. Hernandez?"

[22:53] <@mainstreet> "Yeah, he was this big shot magical items dealer over on 22nd Street. It really screwed things up when he died, and his store was looted. We don't really sell magical items, so it didn't affect us too much, but it's not been pleasant for many."

�14[22:54] * @Shoe clambers through the window.

[22:54] <@mainstreet> You enter the office and get a slightly different angle of perspective, but it still looks much the same.

[22:58] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Hmmm. Something feels off about this room, but you're not sure what it is.

[23:00] <@mainstreet> Shoe: You take a step back outside. Then back in. You scratch your head. The office is bigger on the outside.

[23:01] <@mainstreet> Not by much, certainly not really a full room, but surely the back wall isn't several feet thick?

[23:05] <@mainstreet> FluffyRaven: *meow meow meow*

�14[23:07] * +FluffyRaven is completely unaware of this inconsistancy! He's still being an ineffective if quiet lookout.

[23:09] <@Shoe> "Hmm."

�14[23:10] * @Shoe begins by checking the area for traps - the room itself, the cabinet, and the desk.

[23:11] <@mainstreet> No traps here! No sirree Bob!

�14[23:13] * @Shoe looks in the cabinet.

[23:16] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Hmm, the cabinet's first two drawers are pretty empty. That's interesting, surely she should have some active casework in here? The last drawer has a few things. It looks like she's worked on a few 'lost kitten' types of cases, and also a report on some rich guy's infidelity towards his wife. But overall, it seems that most files you would care about are missing.

[23:18] <@Shoe> "Hmmmm."

[23:18] <@mainstreet> Or were never here. Take your pick.

�14[23:18] * @Shoe then paws through the desk drawers.

[23:18] <@mainstreet> The first drawer has your basic office supplies. Stapler, hole punch, binder clips, that sort of thing.

[23:22] <@mainstreet> The second drawer has a few file folders in them. You take a look through them, and realize... ah-ha! Here's the case notes you were looking for! Unfortunately, she seems to have shared data pretty well with the corps, and there's not much new information here. The only thing of note is a scrawl at the bottom of the last page: "I have no way to prove this, but I suspect that C.J. Hernandez is in this up to his eyeballs. Where did he get all those new stones from? But I can't accuse him, so I didn't write anything about him to the corps, nor have I put any info down on paper. I don't want to approach him, so we'll try the forest angle next."

[23:23] <@mainstreet> There are two more drawers still untouched as you contemplate this information.

[23:24] <@Shoe> "Okay then..."

�14[23:25] * @Shoe jots the info down in his own notebook, then resumes looking through the drawers.

[23:27] <@mainstreet> The third drawer has a small Karathite sample, and some sort of ring you can't immediately identify.

[23:27] <@mainstreet> The last drawer is locked.

[23:28] <@mainstreet> Vaughn: After a brief purchase of snacks, you find yourself on the front step of the General Store.

�14[23:29] * @Shoe snags the ring and sample, and also the Creane shard on the desk, and puts them away for now. He then attempts to pick the lock on the drawer.

[23:30] <@mainstreet> You go to open the lock, and......


[23:31] <@mainstreet> The Lightning Bolt trap that you totally missed when you searched the room gives you a HUGE SHOCK! You manage to dive out of the way of the brunt of it, but... YOWCH!

[23:33] <@mainstreet> You don't take damage from the shock, since you're awesome like that, but you definitely feel the zazz!

[23:35] <@Shoe> "Gah!" Shoe leaps backward out of sheer reflexive cowardice as the lightning blasts out at him - he assumes a bizzare contorted pose in the process. By the time the trap stops, he's left standing there with a Shoe-shaped outline of scorches on the wall behind him.

[23:35] <@Shoe> "Meep!"

[23:36] <@Shoe> He gradually calms down, waiting for his heart to start beating again. "Okay. Whew. now we're getting somewhere."

�14[23:44] * @Shoe pokes his head out the window. "Hey! Any of you guys know how to...huh?"

[23:44] <@Shoe> "Hey, where the hell is everybody?"

�14[23:47] * +FluffyRaven earperks, oooh-crap.

[23:50] <@Shoe> "Ugh, fine." He turns his attention back to the drawer, tries to steady his hands, and then attempts ti disarm the trap.

[23:57] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Well, you didn't get zapped, but it's still there, taunting you.

[23:58] <@Shoe> "I hate you."

[23:58] <@Shoe> If at first you don't succeed, try, try again. "Hey, kitty, you seem smart. Go find the others, will you?"

�14[23:59] * +FluffyRaven headtilts, but at least gives the impression of understanding as he leaps up on to the window and tries to sneak out carefully.

[00:01] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Your second attempt is no better!

[00:02] <@Shoe> "Okay...okay. Let's come back to you in a bit."

[00:02] <@Shoe> Deciding to take a break, he instead turns his attention to the rear wall. "You're definitely hiding something." He searches it thoroughly for traps and/or secret triggers, doors, or the like.

[00:03] <@mainstreet> FluffyRaven: You head out back onto the street, cool, as a cucumber.

�14[00:04] * +FluffyRaven begins to try to search for the others, then, looking along the streets first, keeping to the grass.

[00:04] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Well, well, what's this? The grain of the wood doesn't quiiiiite match here. Yeah, there's definitely a secret door here. And... ah-ha! There's the indentation to trigger it! It doesn't look to be trapped either!

[00:07] <@Shoe> "Finally, some good luck." He opens the door.

[00:09] <@mainstreet> The door opens, and... it's a closet! Hmm, actually, it's quite a luxury closet. Lots of fancy dresses and other outfits here. Miss Lovelace dresses very well, it looks like.

[00:11] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Hmmm, a few of these dresses are even jewel-embedded! That's... insanely expensive. Wow.

[00:13] <@mainstreet> The shoes are tending towards luxury as well. You don't really even notice any sort of rougher wear, although to be fair, if she had a set, she probably was wearing it into the forest.

�14[00:14] * +Bort yawns after having inexplicably taken the time to solve the newspaper's daily crossword puzzle, folds the paper, and looks around.

�14[00:14] * @Shoe whistles softly to himself. "Someone's clearly rolling in it. Either she's rich and doing this PI stuff for kicks and giggles, or..." He thinks to himself.

�14[00:18] * @Shoe digs through the clothes, looking for something that might positively identify them as Lovelace's or not.

[00:20] <@mainstreet> Shoe: Hmm, you see a few places where their might once have been identifying marks, but someone's been very careful to remove all trace of such things from these outfits. You can see splotched out symbols on a couple of collars and belts.

[00:21] <@mainstreet> Add to that a few missing patches and such, and you have a very carefully edited wardrobe here!

[00:22] <@Shoe> "Vedy interestink."

�14[00:30] * +FluffyRaven finds a few of the crew, however figures Elasi he could at least give a quick talk to on the way to getting back to Shoe, nuzzling her leg.

[00:30] <@mainstreet> ---END SESSION---