Geometric Archipelago:The Crystal Cliffs of Hexagon Island/Chapter 01

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #1: Prologue: An Unbearable Fishing Trip

<mainstreet> You head on over to one of the streams outside Gralden City. The goal: fishing. Because fishing makes for a remarkably exciting roleplay session!

<mainstreet> As you approach the usual fishing spot, you notice you have some company, in the form of a pair of bears.

<BLusk> Ah, gorgeous day for fishing, no question! The sun was shining, a smattering of marshmallow clouds providing occasional relief, and a slight breeze meant that a man could... A frown creased his face as he noticed the bears poaching on his favorite fishing hole... on this side of Gralden City. His step slowed a bit, and he watched the bears closely to see if he could sneak in and get some premium trout without them noticing.

<mainstreet> The bears don't seem to be looking in your direction right this second.

<mainstreet> While the bears aren't looking at you, they're looking at each other, and... wait a second, one of them is holding an *axe*!

<mainstreet> In fact, it looks like a Greataxe!

<BLusk> Vaughn tilted his head slightly at this distinctly un-bearlike behavior, then made his decision. He swung his quarterstaff/fishing pole over his shoulder and sauntered forward. "If you two bears don't mind, I'm just here to get some fishing in. That okay by you two?"

<mainstreet> The bear with the axe gives a quick look over and nods slowly, but then turns his attention back to the other bear. The other bear growls at you, but doesn't seem to do anything else.

<BLusk> "Thanks!" He headed over to the ideal fishing spot, a nice backwater, and quickly had his pole strung. A careful selection of hook from his hat, a cork floater added to the line, and a proper bait impaled on the business end, and his line plunked into the water. He then settled down in a comfortable seated position and turned a curious ear towards the bears.

<mainstreet> The bear without the axe takes a couple of half-hearted steps towards you, but the axebear growls an objection, and the axeless bear steps back to his original postion.

<mainstreet> A few seconds later, you notice a disturbance... and the bear that had an axe turns into a human. He facepalms with his empty hand. "It doesn't really last long enough to work, does it?"

<mainstreet> You notice the human seems to be a fairly standard adventurer, though one with considerably more swag then you. Except for the whole... was a bear... thing.

<mainstreet> The other bear jerks in surprise, and...

<mainstreet> charges at you, wisely looking to avoid that axe!

<BLusk> "Well, carrying a greataxe around kinda ruins the effect in the first place. Doesn't it clue in the b...whoops?"

<mainstreet> The bear, however, lacks quality eyesight, and instead slashes into the bank next to you.

<BLusk> Vaughn rolled to one side, dropping his fishing pole in the process. Coming to his feet, he quickly cast a spell. < Hold Animal, will negates, DC should be 16, also provokes AoO. >

<mainstreet> The bear's retaliatory claw slashes hard into Vaughn as it ROARs!

<mainstreet> The bear quickly becomes held in place after the slash, however.

<mainstreet> Because of this, it also falls back into the water.

<BLusk> Vaughn backpeddles, trying to staunch the flow of the series of deep gauges in his shoulder.

<mainstreet> The man sighs, and makes his way over. He takes a slash at the bear with his Greataxe.

<BLusk> "...Why were you impersonating a bear, anyway?"

<mainstreet> "Because a bear going into a rage looks less ridiculous than a human going into one."

<mainstreet> The bear is slashed up a bit, and falls deeper into the water, sending it tumbling away.

<mainstreet> "The name's Rodrigo. Rodrigo Del Oso, which as you may or may not know, means 'of the bear'. I can turn into a bear. I can fight better than a bear. But it sometimes also helps to just... be one with the bear inside, I suppose. I try to make sure I spend a little time as a bear each day."

<BLusk> Vaughn grabbed his quarterstaff/fishing pole and tried to bring it up... when he discovered that the bear had caught his line. "...That's my good lure, too!" He tugged hard on the pole, then flipped it end for end and smacked the bear with the unencumbered end. "Give me back my lure, you!" His voice dropped back to conversational, "Nice to meet you, Rodrigo. I'm Vaughn, Vaughn Marks. I can't turn into a bear. How long have you been able to do that? And what kind of rage are you worried about hiding?"

<mainstreet> "The uh, *rage* rage, you know... look, I don't come from around here... I come from Belcadar, and the wild plains therein... I'm sort of... traveling... because, that's the thing to do, you know? Not... get in trouble because despite having rescued your girlfriend, still not getting respected by her parents and getting threatened enough to where... well... I'm here, not there, for a reason."

<mainstreet> "And I learned the Art of the Bear... a few years ago, I suppose. Wanted to branch out a bit. Figured it might get me some more respect."

<mainstreet> Rodrigo takes his axe and slashes it at the Wild Bear again.

<mainstreet> The river begins to run red as the bear's blood seeps through the water.

<BLusk> Vaughn made sympathetic noises as he got the gist of the story, then cut the line with his dagger before going back at the bear with the quarterstaff. "Normally, I wouldn't get this close to a bear. I'd be using a crossbow, but I left that behind. Fishing, you know." He smacked at the bear twice, the second one actually connecting. "I came over here to Hexagon Island on a fishing boat... turned out they were paid to make sure I got off by the High Priest of Phyton... he apparently didn't like losing at cards. They let me off where my toes could still touch bottom, at least."

<mainstreet> Rodrigo mutters "Guess nobody likes anybody," as he slams his axe into the bear, nearly finishing it. "This seems like a good spot for one of those orb things if we had one."

<BLusk> "Orb things? What orb things?" He smacked the bear again with the quarterstaff.

<mainstreet> "Uh... Poke Ball or something like that. I mean, it's almost dead, so... well I guess it is dead now. So there you go."

<mainstreet> "Looks like your fishing should be able to proceed uninterrupted now, and I'll, uh, go see if I can find some artifact or something to take back to Belcadar and impress that... lady... You heard of anything awesome in these parts?"

<BLusk> "Poke Ball? Must be some kind of oddball weapon I've never heard of before." Vaughn straightened, then shook his head. "Thank you, Rodrigo. I didn't figure the bear would attack... then I didn't REALLY expect you to turn back into a person, either."

<BLusk> "That said, no, I haven't heard of anything awesome... not yet. There was this guy at the bar, though... he had a million stories. He might have something?"

<mainstreet> "People at bars always have something. But of course there's so much 'news' going on on this Island... seems like a big crime wave, or something... tigers rampaging through Mardoon, the Princess gone missing, the murdered salesman, all the mining troubles... I heard there's actually a fairly decent bounty on tigers right now, maybe I'll head across the island and help out with that."

<mainstreet> "But none of those sound like they're likely to lead to anything impressive, do they?"

<BLusk> "Well, Princess gone missing sounds impressive, but maybe not to your lady-type who might give you a side-eye. The pelt of the largest tiger might be pretty impressive? But, murdered salesmen... usually that's a cause for celebration. Especially the pushy ones."

<mainstreet> "Belcadar is a much larger kingdom than this island regardless. Axes don't really lend themselves to clean pelts well. And, you might think that about the salesman... but I heard he's one of the major magic item suppliers on the whole Island, and losing him... well, there's a lot of stolen goods now, too. Not good. But I don't know that there's much anyone can do about that. Solving the murder probably won't get the goods back."

<BLusk> "Mm... maybe? If you find the murderer, you could get any magic goods that weren't yet sold, at least. Though, now I'm wondering..."