Geometric Archipelago:Ignorance on Circle Island/Chapter 18

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Eighteen: Wrapping, Looting, and Leaving

<mainstreet> ---GEINB MEAG---

<mainstreet> Er...

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN GAME---

<mainstreet> The epic fight between The Party and The Four Guys(tm) continues on!

Brellius stares intensely at Guard 4, and then quickly lunges at him with his greatsword

<mainstreet> The sword lunges well enough, but fails to penetrate the armor.

Kanzel continues casting cure light wounds at herself.

<mainstreet> Kanzel is healthier!

<mainstreet> Guards 3 and 4 slice at Brellius.

<mainstreet> Brellius takes a slash!

<mainstreet> And so does Guard 4, thanks to the horrible aim of Guard 3 on his second slash!

Marcus takes a look at his compatriots, at the unconcious form of Eralia, at the guards gnashing their teeth, and facepalms. "Dammit, this isn't going well. Alright, guys, get behind me!"

<Capn_Marcus> "I've had enough of these guard-dammed morons!" Marcus hovers in front of the others, and raises his arm dramatically. "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!" He cups his hands together, beings them down, and starts charging up a ball of glowing electricity. "KAMEHAME...HAAAAH!" His hands fly outward, as bolts of electricity leap from his fingertips!


<mainstreet> Guard Number Four falls into a heap, a smoldering pile of ash.

<mainstreet> The other guards are severly frazzled. Number One, in particular, seems to be barely awake.

<Capn_Marcus> Number One blinks and shakes his head, trying to recover from Marcus's Electric Hadoken. Suddenly, he feels a pressure on his throat - he looks up and sees what looks like the side of a wolf's head with its jaws latched onto his throat. "Oh, hi there, Mr. Doggie! You're a cute doggie...aren'" He promptly passes out from blood loss. The wolf shakes its head in a "aww, wook at de widdle bwoodthisrty kiwwer!" way and resumes attack positon.

<mainstreet> Number Two looks around, and glances at Number Three. "I think we should get out of here. Better poor then dead."

<mainstreet> "Uh, okay, sure."

<mainstreet> Number Two starts to run away, up the corridor.

<mainstreet> Number Three follows him. Fast.

Kanzel spams the cure wand on herself and Brellius

<Capn_Marcus> "Oh, sure, *you* guys can just wand yourselves better. Feh."

<Brellius> "And you can move through solid objects. I think you have the better end of the deal here."

<Capn_Marcus> "I also can't *eat*. Do you have any idea how much my stomach is growling right now? Not to mention I can't nap anymore either."

<Capn_Marcus> "And I'm *so* sure the ladies are going to want to sleep with a dead guy."

<Brellius> "Look on the bright side...not even death can stop you from complaining."

<Capn_Marcus> "We are *so* getting me revived when we get back to town. Speaking of which." He gestures at Eralia. "Somebody scoop her up and bind her before she wakes up or something. Gag her too."

Kanzel searches theresa and the two guards' bodies for loot.

<mainstreet> On the guards, you find the silver Greatswords they were using. You also note that their chainmail armor is in decent shape.

<Brellius> "Do we have any more rope?"

<mainstreet> Theresa has a well-crafted flute... and a very elaborate golden headband.

<Kanzel> "No. someone stole mine."

Kanzel tosses them into her bag.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: After tossing the headband into the bag, you get the urge to give it a closer look and see if it's *just* a headband, or something more.

Kanzel takes it back out and inspects it.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You realize that the object is in fact magical. It does something. What that something is, you're not entirely sure, but it's not merely decorative.

Kanzel holds it up for Marcus "what is this?"

<mainstreet> Marcus: As you look at it, you get a distinctive feeling come over you. It feels like... SEARING LIGHT! Ahhh... SO MUCH SEARING LIGHT! Wow.

<Capn_Marcus> "Argh! My eyes! The ghost goggles do nothing!" He covers his face. "It fires an energy blast once a day. Now get it away from my precious retinas!"

Kanzel tosses it back in her bag and moves on to the guards,

Kanzel tosses the mail and swords in her bag.

Kanzel slices their clothes up to tie up Eralia

<mainstreet> *Ziiiiiiiip!*

<mainstreet> Eralia is now tied up.

<Capn_Marcus> "Make sure you gag her too. I don't want her mumbling any spells or something."

<Capn_Marcus> "And maybe kick her a little."

<Brellius> "I'm not sure that last step is necessary."

<Capn_Marcus> "No, bt it'll make me feel better."

Kanzel also gags Eralia

Kanzel also searches Eralia

Brellius lends a hand in the searching

<mainstreet> The two of you find quite a bit. First, her two Swords 'o Flame, a Longsword and a Shortsword. Also, a Longbow 'o Flame, a very well improved Chainmail, a nice hemp rope, some parchment, some arrows, a Ring of Mind Shielding... and the ever-fabled Necklace of Fireballs, which does appear to be missing a few spheres.

<Brellius> "Interesting...could you take a look at this chainmail, Marcus?"

Kanzel grabs the ring.

Kanzel puts it on.

Kanzel shoves everything else in her bag except the rope, which she uses to tie Eralia up even more.

<mainstreet> Eralia is *very* tied up.

<Capn_Marcus> "It's...uh...chainmail?" He shrugs.

<mainstreet> Marcus: You can tell the chainmail is made of mithral, and you know it's enhanced. What enhancements... you have no idea.

Brellius stuffs the chainmail into his haversack. "We can get a better look at it later. For now, let's take a look at Eralia's room."

<Capn_Marcus> "Yeah, I want a better look at it.

<Capn_Marcus> "See if the door's unlocked."

Kanzel leans over to check the door.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: It's locked, yeah. But since when has that ever stopped you?

Kanzel tries to pick it

<mainstreet> Kanzel plays with the lock, messes with it, coerces it... and it FINALLY opens.

Kanzel nudges the door open

<Capn_Marcus> "Alright!"

<mainstreet> You find Eralia's room, much as Marcus saw it earlier.

Marcus experimentally sticks his hand in through the open doorway.

<mainstreet> Marcus: Your hand is sticking through a doorway. Man do you look silly.

<Kanzel> "You look silly."

Kanzel wanders in, looking around.

<Brellius> "Indeed."

<Capn_Marcus> "Well, the last time I tried to enter this place I almost got stuck. I guess the field doesn't cover the open doorway." He hovers inside.

<mainstreet> Well, Kanzel, you notice the pillowcase stones... yes, they definitely serve a purpose. You also notice a cool looking box.

Kanzel checks out the box

<mainstreet> Kanzel: It's pretty cool. It has her apparent house symbol, as well as a design of a fierce-looking dragon on it.

<mainstreet> You open the box, and find... gemstones galore! Diamonds, emeralds, and rubies mostly, but all very present.

<Capn_Marcus> "Ooooh."

<Capn_Marcus> "Sparkly."

<Capn_Marcus> "What about that pillow thing?"

<mainstreet> Marcus: Yes. Very sparkly. And shiny. :)

<mainstreet> Brellius: Yep, shiny. You like shiny.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: Sparkle sparkle sparkle. Shiiiiiinyyyyyy.

Kanzel closes the box and shoves it in her bag

Kanzel also takes off the pillow cases (which totally serve a purpose) and shoves those in her bag

Kanzel pulls out back out (on a hunch, naturally) and show it to marcus. "What is this?"

<Kanzel> whows*

<mainstreet> shows**

<mainstreet> Marcus: Ahm, ahm... you don't like that. That thing doesn't like you either. Or, rather, magic. It's the dreaded... Pillowcase of Antimagic Field. Dun dun dun!

<mainstreet> Anyone sleeping on the pillow with this pillowcase can't be affected by magic much at all.

<Capn_Marcus> "Ah-hah!"

<Capn_Marcus> "It's an antimagic device. She was using it to shield herself from magic while she slept."

Kanzel tosses it back into her bag. "Cool."

<Capn_Marcus> "Is that all? Is there anything else in here? Like, proof Eralia's an evil bitch, or something?"

Kanzel keeps looking

<mainstreet> Underneath the bed, you find a sack.

Kanzel opens the sack and peers inside

<mainstreet> You open the sack, and find... lots and lots of gold. In fact... about 5300 gold. Wow.

<Kanzel> "Wow."

Kanzel tosses -that- in her bag too. "I guess that's it."

Kanzel stands up. "Oh, didn't she have an office here?"

<Kanzel> "Now that I think of it, we didn't check either office, did we?"

<Capn_Marcus> "Yeah, she and her friends were holed up in the other room. We should search there too." Marcus leads the way back to the command post, where the stinky fumes of stinkiness are finally starting to dissipate."

Kanzel follows

Brellius tags along

<mainstreet> You find the office. It looks a lot like it did when Marcus spied on it, except devoid of humanoid life.

Kanzel looks around

<mainstreet> The room actually doesn't have much. Just a large desk, The Screen, a potted tall plant, and a few chairs.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: The first thing you notice is the book laying on top of the desk.

Kanzel reads the title

<mainstreet> There isn't a title. You notice the same crest that was on the box you found earlier is alone on the cover.

Kanzel opens to a random page in the book.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You find what appears to be an "operative pay scale".

<Capn_Marcus> "Hang on, what's that?" Marcus hovers over to look at the book over Kanzel's shoulder.

Kanzel turns the page

<mainstreet> You find a "MISSION REPORT" ...wait, Jim and Ricky were sent... and the mission was never completed? This mission sounds familiar...

<Capn_Marcus> "Holy crap, this is it! This is the record of her criminal activities!"

Kanzel skips to the next page.

<mainstreet> This is an expression of concern that the aforementioned mission was never completed. "TOP PRIORITY: Eliminate 'those meddling Partiers'."

Kanzel goes back to the beginning of the book.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: In the beginning of the book is arguably the most incriminating stuff at all... it expressly mentions the mission here: to destabilize relations and grant advantages to Septagon Island in the process, and if war triggers, so be it.

<Capn_Marcus> "Booyah." Marcus cracks his intangible knuckles.

<mainstreet> Brellius: You find nothing.

<Kanzel> "Hm. This is useful."

Kanzel stores it in her bag.

Kanzel looks around the room again

<mainstreet> Kanzel: Your eyes stray under the desk... jackpot!

<mainstreet> 3 wands!

Kanzel grabs them and holds them out at Marcus. "Help?"

<Capn_Marcus> "Okay, fine."

<mainstreet> Marcus: Suggestion. Unholy Blight (8th). True Seeing.

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus ticks off on his fingers. "Suggestion. Unholy Blight. True Seeing."

Kanzel shoves them in her belt pockets.

<Capn_Marcus> "Make sure you grab that book!"

Kanzel pats it in her bag "I got it"

Kanzel wanders into the hall "Brellius, can you grab her?"

<Brellius> "No problem." Brellius walks over to secure their guest

<Kanzel> "So, we teleporting out, or walking?"

<Capn_Marcus> "Hmm...good question."

<Brellius> "There's probably more security systems in place that we haven't tackled. Teleporting would be safer...unless there's also something to disrupt that..."

<Capn_Marcus> "I don't think I can TP us all. We're just going to have to hoof it."

<Capn_Marcus> "But, yeah, be on guard, guys. There's still at least a few guards running around this place..."

<Brellius> "We should be able to handle them."

Kanzel walks towards base 3

<mainstreet> You all walk through base 2 warily... perhaps unnecessarily so. You quickly realize that the guards are in no desire to fight you. Any guard that sees you simply stares and falls down onto the floor in seeming awe.

<mainstreet> As you transport into base 3, then enter the office... Veronica has woken up again, but she behaves similarly. She also makes a point of it to make an attempt to crawl away.

<mainstreet> This does, of course, leave Deldrok's body wide open to looting, at which Kanzel excels, finding his rod of thunder and lightning, medallion of thoughts, and rust bag of tricks.

Kanzel pockets the items and walks on.

<mainstreet> You continue on and see similar expressions of awe all the way through Base Three. Eventually, you leave it, and find yourselves back in a cave with Rexie.

Kanzel pats rexie's foot as she passes.

<mainstreet> The T-Rex gives you all a goofy grin. Especially Kanzel.

<Capn_Marcus> "Wow. I guess they follow the 'beat my boss and you're the new boss' school of minion-ship."

<mainstreet> The Tour Guide is still there, with the boat.

<Capn_Marcus> "Heya, guy! Anything happen while we were gone?"

<mainstreet> "No."

<mainstreet> "...hey, wait a minute, is that a PAYING CUSTOMER you have on your back, dude?!" The Tour Guide yells at Brellius.

<Kanzel> "No, no, it's an imposter we were sent to arrest."

<mainstreet> "...oh, okay then."

<mainstreet> "All aboard?"

Kanzel gets in

Brellius hops aboard

<mainstreet> "Alrighty! Let's roll!" the guide declares, tapping the boat to send it in motion.

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus hovers over the boat.

<mainstreet> It goes UP!

<mainstreet> ...and you go past bases four and five without incident, ending up just east of Mount Cylinder. You notice it is night outside.

<Capn_Marcus> "Man, it's been a long day. Let's get back before things get any worse."

Kanzel yawns

<Capn_Marcus> "Wake up! Nobody sleeps until I get my body back."

<Brellius> "But I'm tired!"

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---

<Capn_Marcus> "Don't make me haunt you."