Geometric Archipelago:Ignorance on Circle Island/Chapter 15

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #15: Who Ya Gonna Call?

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> As our heroes enter the new Base they notice that *someone* isn't too happy that they didn't grab his body ;)

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Dadblastit!" The shimmering, semi-transparent form of Marcus materializes from the aether "What are you guys doing? Get back there and grab my corpse!"

<Brellius> "Let me guess, I'm gonna have to haul it around"

Sanni nuzzles Brellius' side

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Yes That, or else I'll haunt the lot of you for the rest of your miserable lives"

<mainstreet> The audience gasps in horror at this statement

<Brellius> "Hey, we weren't the ones who killed you!"

Brellius goes back through the portal to get the body, grumbling all the while

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Yeah, well, I gotta haunt *somebody* That is, unless you guys can get me ressurected For which we need my body"

<mainstreet> Brellius returns, Body in tow

<Brellius> "Anyone wanna help me carry this?"

<mainstreet> You find yourselves in a corridor It seems to merge with another to form a corridor that's actually normal width and not narrow Looking back, you see another portal in the other corridor -- likely leading to another part of Base Three There's also Straight Ahead, which leads into some room you can barely make out

Sanni noses Brellius, offering to help carry the body but it'd have to be attached some how

<Brellius> "Anyone have rope or something?"

<mainstreet> Brellius At this point, you realize you are the only living humanoid in the vicinity Kanzel has apparently gone AWOL

<Brellius> "Sono one?"

Sanni pushes her wolfish head against Brellius' shoulder

Brellius tries to lay the body over Sanni's back "Think it'll be fine without something to secure it?"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "You could use my robe belt"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "But then you'd have to take off my robe"

<Brellius> "I'm sure it'll be fine"

<mainstreet> Brellius You realize you filched Kanzel's Silk Rope just before she vanished

<Brellius> "Huh, I don't remember taking this Oh well"

Brellius takes a couple minutes to secure the body

Sanni stretches, nodding at Brellius

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Thank goodness" Marcus hovers over his own body as if appraising a dent in his car (What's a car?) "It's not much, but it's all I got"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "So what now?"

<Brellius> "Not much else left to do but make our way through this base, too"

Sanni starts to walk along the corridor

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus hovers along, trying out his new ghosty powers by sticking his head into random walls "Hey, this is kinda neat!"

<mainstreet> Sanni You come to a room that looks a lot like the first room you came to in the Empty Base, but this one is occupied A familiar (but not immediately identifiable) lady is sitting behind a desk Some big dude is standing next to her

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Ooh, let me try"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus turns invisible again, and hovers over to listen in on their conversation

<mainstreet> Marcus Eventually, you get close enough to hear what they're saying "Look, Zach, you gotta stay here I'm not watching the entrance by myself with intruders around I don't get paid enough to defend myself," the lady said

<mainstreet> "But Miss Graham, who's gonna protect Mistress?"

<mainstreet> "That's your problem, quite frankly I'm not letting you wander off and leave me here alone Not after they knocked sis out Besides, this is protecting her -- they'll have to get through you to go anywhere"

<mainstreet> "Letting me? How are you going to stop me?"

<mainstreet> "Oh, let's see, the doors are sealed, and only I can open them"

<mainstreet> "So I'll just wait here"

<mainstreet> "Right"

<mainstreet> At this, Zach walks off, pointedly ignoring Miss Graham And that, means you do recognize her now She bears a striking resemblance to the receptionist you KO'd in the *other* base -- and she claimed to be her sister

<mainstreet> Well, Zach walked off, but not out of the room Just distancing from Miss Graham

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus hovers back over to the others, and relates the gist of what he just heard "It looks like the woman has the doors sealed somehow"

<Brellius> "Well, I don't think I can knock her out with a flail I'm out of psychic energy"

<Brellius> "I still have a horn of fog and some stealth elixirs, though"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Lemme check something" Marcus floats over to examine the door, to see exactly how it's 'sealed' Also poking his head through to see what's on the other side

<mainstreet> There are two doors They're apparently magically sealed you're not exactly sure how The door on the right seems to lead towards a corridor just like the Empty Base The door on the left leads to another room, where a trio of guards are discussing something amongst themselves

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus floats over to eavesdrop on this convo, too

<mainstreet> They're murmuring really low You'd probably have to bump heads with them to see it

<mainstreet> Er, I mean, hear it

Capn_DeadMarcus is invisible and intangible, so does so

<mainstreet> "No way man, Batman is way cooler then Spiderman, all Spiderman can do is shoot spider webs! What fun is that?"

<mainstreet> "All I'm saying is, at least it's a legitimate superpower, man Batman is just a rich guy with gadgets Anyone can do that"

<mainstreet> "Pfft, Superman annihilates them both"

<mainstreet> More inane conversation about comic book characters continues

<mainstreet> There is also an open corridor in the back, heading in a rightward direction

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Hmm" Marcus returns to the others "Looks like there are two passages out of here One's got guards behind it"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "I'm not sure how, but the doors are magically sealed I think the woman has some way of opening them"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "I'd check her out, but I don't think I can search her without hands"

<Brellius> "Looks like we might have to resort to violence, unless you want to try to sweet talk her"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Sweet talk her? Dude, I'm *dead* I don't think she's into dead guys"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Plus, I think we knocked out her sister She'd probably know us on sight, and be pretty pissed"

<Brellius> "Can you dispel the magic on the doors?"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "I could try it, but they'll see me"

<Brellius> "Unless we make a distraction"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "How are you going to keep two people from noticing a ghost hovering around casting a very audible and visible spell?"

<Brellius> "I said earlier I have a horn of fog, which is even more audible"

<Brellius> "But now I think it'd be easier to just take the key or whatever is needed by force"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "I'm not sure there is a key Maybe it's voice-activated or something"

<Brellius> "We'll have to fight to capture her, then We probably shouldn't do that with Marcus' corpse hanging around I can go stash it somewhere if you guys want to fight through this

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Hey, what do I have to worry about it getting bruised or something? Although, you guys better not let anyone steal my stuff"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "I wish I could think of a way to weasel more info out of her"

<Brellius> "Wait, can you possess people?"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Uh, I don't think so"

<mainstreet> No

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "I do think I can move stuff, though"

<mainstreet> Yes

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "So, what's the call? Fight, or try to trick them, or what?"

<Brellius> "Unless you can think of a way to trick them, I think it's time for a fight"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "hey, now, I think I might have an idea"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "I could pass through the door, then pretend to be a guard who needs to get out from the other side They'd have to open the door to see who it is"

<Brellius> "Then we could rush through?"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Yeah"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Or at least then we'd know how the door works"

<Brellius> "If you could carry the horn of fog, that could give us cover while we try to get through the door"

<Brellius> "But it's a pretty loud item"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "If possible, I'd like to get in without them knowing we're here"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Let's just get the door open first Then maybe we can sneak in without alerting the rest of the base"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Just pay attention Here I go!"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus hovers over and through the door that doesn't lead into the fanboy guard room

<Capn_DeadMarcus> (And looks around)

<mainstreet> You find a long string of doors as the room curves leftward Hey, this looks just like the barracks area from the Empty Base!

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Perfect" Marcus turns back to face the door, phases himself back into physicallity, knocks purposefully on the door, then vanishes again

<mainstreet> Zach looks at the door "Yeah, what is it?"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Marcus does his best to sound guard-like "Miss Graham, the Mistress wants a word with you"

<mainstreet> Miss Graham sighs and stands up "Authorization code?" she queries

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Code? uh" He sighs "Okay, you got me I'm actually an intruder who somehow managed to slip past you without you noticing I'll just go tell your Mistress about how badly you failed and be on my way Sorry to bother you"

<mainstreet> "Oh, lovely. No idea how that happened, but I'll go ahead and press this alarm button anyway," Miss Graham replies, tapping something on her desk. Immediately a loud BREEEEET! BREEEEEET! sounds throughout the base

<mainstreet> The doors *do* open, however This allows the three guards from the other room to charge in

<Capn_DeadMarcus> A skinny teenager and a dog poke their heads out through a nearby door "Zoiks!"

<mainstreet> Miss Graham points them down the hall They go "Uh, where's the intruder?" "Yeah, where's the intruder, Laura?" "You ain't spoofing us, are you?"

<mainstreet> "Of course not," Laura Graham replies, irritated "Zach can vouch There was someone there" Zach nods this confirmation

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Marcus quickly pokes his head into one or two of the barrack rooms to see if anyone's in them

<mainstreet> In one of the two you check, yeah, someone's there The person was clearly sleeping, just now getting up, slooowly putting his gear on

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus floats back to the Fanboy Guards room and looks for some furniture that would make a good place to hide

<mainstreet> You see a few scattered tables and chairs If you crouch down really tiny you might be able to get behind a chair without being spotted

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus floats over into the far corner of the room and speaks up, staying invisible "No, not like that! They'll find us!" He then quickly zips back to the lobby to watch what happens

<mainstreet> "Wait, what?" one of the guards asks He walks back into the other room and frowns "Okay, everyone, spread out Laura, just hide under your desk or something"

<mainstreet> "Right Going," Laura comments, crouching down underneath her desk "Please don't kill me please don't kill me please don't kill me"

<mainstreet> The guard that talked earlier plants himself in the middle of the room, another and Zach stay in the reception room, and the last stays in the corridor They're all looking around uneasily

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus floats over to the empty room in the barracks corridor, and speaks up from in there "Quick, in here!"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> And once again returns to watch the show

<mainstreet> The corridor-guard opens the door and frowns "Ah, crap, I think we got an invisibility problem again!"

<mainstreet> "Aw, man, those invisbility wands are broken, man Someone's really gotta make those things cost more," Zach comments "Go tell Mistress we need an anti-invisibility field Now!"

<mainstreet> "Going," the guard comments, running down the hall At roughly the same time, the other guard finally finishes gearing up and steps outside

<mainstreet> "Uh what's going on?"

<mainstreet> "Someone's invisible around here Just hold position," Zach orders

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Oh, the hell with this" Marcus flies down the hallway and materializes directly in front of the guard going down the hall, and makes the scariest face and pose he can "BOO!"

<mainstreet> "Oh no!" the guard declares! "It's a GHOST!"

<mainstreet> "AHHHHHHHHHH!"

<mainstreet> "Oh, come on, you idiot! So it's a ghost! Big deal," one of the other guards shouts

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "BLEARGH!" Marcus moves forward, trying to herd the frightened guard back to his friends

<mainstreet> "Oh yeah? What's your fancy plan about it?" the scared guard says, rapidly retreating "Who ya gonna call?"

<mainstreet> The other guards all groan at this

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus follows the guard into the room with the others He grins evilly, opens his mouthand the most horrible, god-awful, hideous sound you've ever heard issues forth

<mainstreet> The three guards (the two corridor guards and Zach) are PANICKED! by this moan Laura manages to hold on to what little wits she has not that she's doing anything anyway

<mainstreet> "Someone, Please DO call the ghostbusters!"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Booga booga booga!"

<mainstreet> The guards run away fast, into the other room, then start heading up the back corridor!

<mainstreet> The remaining guard blinks and walks into the main room

<mainstreet> "Uh Laura! Stop hiding and get the Ghostbusters on the crystal!"

<mainstreet> "You go, I'll just get killed, worse then my sister!"

<mainstreet> "But oh, fine, I'll go, without panicing blindly" The last guard storms off

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus swoops down in front of Laura, and dangles the ethereal version of her sister's ID badge in front of her "You know, I didn't knock your sister unconscious - I *ate her soul*!"

<mainstreet> Laura's eyes widen "What do you want? Please don't hurt me! PLEASE!"

<Capn_DeadMarcus> Marcus does his best to look dramatic "I will return her soul to her, if you appease me with an offering! Give me, uh, everything in your pockets!"

<mainstreet> "But I'm not carrying anything in my pockets! Well my ID" Laura hands it out, shaking, to Marcus

<Capn_DeadMarcus> "Well, it'll do!" He takes it "Now, go to your room and lock yourself in for several hours! Do NOT leave it, or I will keep your sister's soul and devour YOURS as well! BLEARGH!"

<mainstreet> "Y-yes sir!" Laura declares, running for the corridor, going down a few doors, opening one, and going inside

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---