Geometric Archipelago:Ignorance on Circle Island/Chapter 12

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twelve: The Knock-Out Stabbing

<mainstreet> ----BEGIN GAME----

<mainstreet> As The Party wanders the corridors of the Base De Luxe...

<mainstreet> *POOF!* goes Elysia!

Kanzel pulls out her wand and points it at herself again. "...Making me do everything.. Gosh.." and walks cautiously down the hallway into the room

Sanni grins, "Of course, why do anything yourself if you can manupliate someone else into it?"

Kanzel looks around in the new room

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You see a lot of tables and chairs, as well as a counter where various foods seem capable of being placed. Your basic cafeteria setup. Someone is cooking in the back, you think, but you can't see for certain behind the frosted glass.

Kanzel sneaks up to the counter and looks behind the counter and frosted glass, for other people.

<mainstreet> Yep, there's an older dude cooking some sort of pasta. He seems to be by himself.

Kanzel looks around for a back door.

<mainstreet> There is a door that permits entry into the kitchen, yes.

<mainstreet> It's on your left.

Kanzel contiunues down the corridor, looking around.

<mainstreet> Eventually, you see a door off to the left. The passage does continue.

Kanzel peeks down the left hallway

<mainstreet> Kanzel: As you walk into the door... it hurts.

Kanzel skips the door and keeps walking down the corridor

<mainstreet> The corridor curves to the right.

Kanzel peeks around the corner

<mainstreet> There's a door that ends the corridor fairly quickly. It has a large sign on it: BARRACKS.

Kanzel turns and walks back to her party.

<Kanzel> "Kay, so there's a kitchen and a few doors up ahead.

<Kanzel> If you keep your heads down, we may be able to sneak past the kitchen without wasting invisible spells."

<Capn_Marcus> "Good, 'cause I don't have any."

<Kanzel> "Okay. Come on, keep your heads down."

<Capn_Marcus> "Alright, let's go." Marcus stoops down and hobbles along, trying his best to stay quiet.

Sanni nods and follows Kanzel, "If you're sure."

Brellius crouches down some and sneaks along with the group

<mainstreet> You all make it across the cafeteria, no questions asked.

<mainstreet> Awwww.

Kanzel gets to the first door.

Kanzel turns back to the others "Everyone, get against the left wall."

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus flattens against the wall like Solid Snake.

Brellius leans against the left wall

Sanni flattens herself against the left wall by Brellius.

Kanzel carefully and slowly opens the door.

<mainstreet> The door *clicks* open with Kanzel's awesome lock-picking skillz!

<mainstreet> Opening the door reveals...a STAIRCASE. (Leading upward)

Kanzel turns back to her party. "Stairs. Come on." and starts up the stairs. "Don't forget to close the door."

<Capn_Marcus> " old nemesis." Using his walking stick, Marcus hobbles up the altitude enhancement apperatus.

Sanni starts up the stairs

Brellius waits for everyone to pass him, and then goes into the stairwell and closes the door behind him

<mainstreet> There is another door at the top of the staircase.

Kanzel tries to open this door.

<mainstreet> It opens easily. You find yourselves in another corridor.

<Capn_Marcus> "Great, *more* hallways."

Kanzel heads down the hall.

<Capn_Marcus> "Argh, my poor old feet."

<mainstreet> Kanzel: It isn't long before gaps start to appear in the wall on the right. You realize that you can see very clearly into a large room where a few wizards are casting spells. A lightning bolt zaps towards you, and you dive to the side just before it would have hit you. It strikes the wall behind you harmlessly.

<mainstreet> "Wow, Mike, your aim sucks."

<mainstreet> "Yeah, yeah, I'm working on it," Mike replied irritably.

<Capn_Marcus> "Guys? I think we may have wandered into a live-fire range."

<mainstreet> "Hey, did you hear something?" Mike asks his companion.

<mainstreet> "Uh, no... I think you're just trying to change the subject, dude."

Kanzel cautiously peeks through one of the holes.

<mainstreet> You see a room with various magical implements ready for use. Two men, Mike and the currently-unnamed-guy, are looking at each other, frustrated. There are a series of targets on the far wall. Of interest in this room is a large mirror similar to the one you saw in the Empty Base.

Kanzel looks into the room looking longingly at the magical implements for a few second before walking back to her party.

<Capn_Marcus> "What did you see?"

Kanzel whispers "Couple of people testing magical items. I think we can avoid them. Come on." and turns back down the hall, ducking below the windows.

Kanzel turns off her invisibility and whispers "Couple of people testing magical items. I don't know if we can sneak past them. They have a scrying mirror in there."

Kanzel erases the first line

<Capn_Marcus> "What are they scrying?"

<Kanzel> "I don't think they are. but the point was they can see us in the reflection."

<Brellius> "Could we find another way around?"

<Kanzel> "I don't think there is one."

<Capn_Marcus> "I think I have a solution." Peeking around the corner to confirm the position of the mirror and the mages, Marcus quietly whips up and fires off a spell.

<Capn_Marcus> Peeking around the corner again and motioning with his hand like Obi-Wan, Marcus nudges the mirror telekinetically - juuust hard enough to make it topple away from the mages and fall over, crashing to the floor.

<mainstreet> (Well, the mirror's in a corner, so it falls forward and over, the only way it can. Fortunately, the wizards are far enough away that it doesn't hurt them. They do notice, however.)

<mainstreet> The unnamed wizard gapes... "Holy ****! The mirror isn't supposed to break like that!"

<mainstreet> "So, uh, what do we do?"

Kanzel quickly sneaks past the openings

<mainstreet> "YOU go tell Mistress what happened, NOW. I'm going to stop the intruders that just broke the mirror."

Kanzel presses up against the wall

<mainstreet> Both wizards quickly run out into the corridor, Mike turning up the corridor away from the group, running as fast as he can. The other wizard stands in the corridor, a rod in his hand, standing clearly in the way of anyone that may charge. Fortunately, the non-invisible members of the Party are hidden in a shadow and are not spotted by this wizard immediately.

Kanzel quickly steps in front of Mike and attacks before he can make it much further.

<mainstreet> With a rapid step and swing, Mike goes DOWN to Kanzel's sheer awesomeness!

<mainstreet> The Wiz turns around and stares.

Kanzel runs at the wizard and attacks.

<mainstreet> The wizard "YELP"s as Kanzel's blade slice him a bit.

Brellius pulls out his rarely-used flail, hustles forward and takes a swing

<mainstreet> The flail grinds into the wizard, causing him to grunt again.

<mainstreet> The wizard responds by leaping into the room, chanting a spell as he does so. He grabs ahold of a small item on a table in the same hand as the rod, shooting a fog-like substance at his enemies just before doing so. As he touches this item, he vanishes.

<mainstreet> Kanzel, Brellius, and Sanni quickly fall victim to the poisonous fog. They sag.

<mainstreet> Marcus, fortunately, stays perfectly upright.

Brellius quickly heads for the edge of the cloud

<Capn_Marcus> "Uh...guys?"

Kanzel follows.

<mainstreet> (Sanni follows too)

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus edges away from the toxic vapors, looking confused. "What, did somebody fart?"

<mainstreet> You all barely manage to outrun the oncoming fog as you go, preventing you from feeling worse.

<mainstreet> You go around the bend in the corridor and notice it's soon going to do the right-wall-turns-into-room thing again.

Kanzel coughs "Can we just burn this place to the ground?"

<Capn_Marcus> "I don't think caves burn. Where do you suppose that guy went?"

<Kanzel> "I assume to tell the 'mistress'."

<Capn_Marcus> "Wonderful. We'd better hurry."

<Brellius> "We won't know if it's flammable unless we try..."

<Kanzel> "I'm almost positive poison gas is flammable."

Kanzel sighs, coughing again. She pulls out her invisiblity wand again pointing it at herself.

Kanzel peeks in the next room

<mainstreet> You see a large hall. Some guards are playing a game at a table. Other then that, it looks largely empty. The room seems to be a meeting room of some sort, but there's not really any meeting going on.

<mainstreet> (Four guards, specifically.)

Kanzel looks for a back door.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: Just like the other rooms of this type, the corridor continues on.

<Capn_Marcus> "Why the hell is every room in this place *part* of the corridor? Couldn't they have doors leading off the hallway like a *normal* house? This place is a pain in the ass to sneak through..."

Kanzel walks back to the party. "Damned if I know.."

<Kanzel> "four gaurds playing cards in there. Two options. We turn invisible and jump them, or we turn invisible and sneak past them."

<Brellius> "We should probably try to be sneaky."

<Capn_Marcus> "Both requiring us to move silently. Hookay, if you think we can manage it."

<Brellius> "I can't fight every time we find some guards. It takes a lot of mental energy to use my powers."

<Kanzel> "I don't see us having anything resembling a choice. We have to find who we're here to find, hopefully -before- they set up their defenses against us."

<Kanzel> "I'm for sneaking by too. What about you, Marcus?"

<Capn_Marcus> "Hey, I'm up for anything that involves not getting my ass kicked."

Kanzel pulls out her wand, pointing it at each person individually. "Okay, lets all meet just past the wall. Since we can't see each other, we'll go one at a time. Wait five seconds, then Bre, follow me. then Marcus, then Sanni."

Kanzel turns "here we go." she walks across the span.

Brellius waits for the five seconds, then begins sneaking

<mainstreet> Kanzel and Brellius pass without incident. Marcus, though, stumbles and grunts as he falls down. The guards look up.

<mainstreet> "What was that?" one guard asks

<mainstreet> "That, my boy, was the sound of me drawing a flush, and taking yer money," another guard comments, collecting his winnings.

<mainstreet> "I still think that that could've been an intruder. I'm gonna go look. Deal the next hand without me," the first guard comments.

Kanzel whispers "getupgetupgetup."

<mainstreet> The guard walks up and looks around. "I don't see anything... still, better report to Mistress, just to be safe. Don't want to get creamed for negligance." The guard walks in the direction the Party is headed.

<mainstreet> (Sanni then walks across without much trouble, by chance avoiding Marcus.)

<mainstreet> Marcus finishes his walk across.

<mainstreet> The Party is reunited on the other side of the room.

<mainstreet> The guard disappears behind the rightward bend in the corridor.

Kanzel quickly but quietly follows.

<Capn_Marcus> Feeling somewhat sheepish, Marcus follows, trying his best not to be such a clutz this time...

Brellius tails the guard as quietly as he can manage

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---