Geometric Archipelago:Ignorance on Circle Island/Chapter 09

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Nine: How to Charm a Dino

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

Elysia wipes the slime off. "I hate slime."

<mainstreet> The boat presses on towards Base Number Five.

<Capn_Marcus> "I can take it or leave it." Marcus leans back, scrubbing the goo off his legs as the boat goes saaailing awaaaay...

<Elysia> "There are much better things to be covered in."

<mainstreet> "On your left will be the infamous Base Number Five, guarded by the Arcing Lasers," the tour guide announces.

<Elysia> "Arcing Lasers?"

<mainstreet> "Yeah, they arc from one side on the entryway to the other and burn you alive."

<Capn_Marcus> "Arc? Wouldn't that just be a straight line from one wall to the other?"

<mainstreet> "No, it arcs usually. Not everyone's the same height."

<Elysia> "Heh!"

<Sanni> "Do the lasers burn the entire body at once?"

<mainstreet> "Uh, uh, too many questions. Moving on! We should be coming up on the light at the end of the tunnel soon."

<mainstreet> Sure enough, here comes The Light.

Elysia closes her eyes and burrows into Marcus

<mainstreet> And soon... you're out! You find yourselves on the eastern end of Mount Cylinder, having just exited the tunnel. "Last stop, everyone out!" the tour guide announced as the boat came to a stop next to a not-very-muddy bank.

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus looks at Elysia cuddled up to him. "Aww, do we have to?"

<Elysia> "Weren't we paying for another tour?"

<Brellius> "A chance to stretch our legs wouldn't be so bad."

<mainstreet> "Other tours will be discussed at the tour office," the tour guide commented, getting out of the boat and briskly walking in the tour office's general direction.

Elysia follows the guy, sighing.

Kanzel follows as well

Brellius hops off the boat and tags along

Sanni walks into the tour office looking around

<mainstreet> Sanni: You find the tour guide sitting at his desk again. "Hello! Here for the tour?"

<Sanni> "Yes Sir we are."

<mainstreet> "3 gold per person, please," the guide comments.

Elysia forks over her gold

Kanzel does as well

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus pays out. "Whoa, deja vu."

Sanni pulls 3 gold from her pocket and hands it to the guide

<mainstreet> "Dude?" the guide asks, pointing at Brellius. "Tour, or no?"

Brellius hands over 3 gold

<mainstreet> "Okay, is that everyone?"

<Brellius> "I hope it's as cool as the first time around."

Elysia whispers breathily into Brellius' ear: "Was that sarcasm?"

<Brellius> "...I'm not sure, actually," he whispers back

Elysia laughs

<mainstreet> "Alright, wonderful paying customers, follow me!" the tour guide says happily, walking out. Outside, you all find a boat identical to the first. "All aboard!"

Kanzel hesitates, then follows

Sanni steps inside the boat.

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus climbs in.

Elysia goes inside the boat and plops into Marcus' lap again

<Capn_Marcus> "Welcome back!" *grins*

<mainstreet> "Let's do this!"

Kanzel gets in the boat

<mainstreet> You guys enter the cavern, get the speal about base number one, yadda yadda...

<mainstreet> SPLOOOSH!

<mainstreet> You all go down the waterfall, and with the exception of Elysia, manage to hold on to the boat

<mainstreet> Elysia ends up in the water.

Elysia surfaces, spits out water and glares at Marcus

<Capn_Marcus> "Hey, don't look at me! I was grabbing you as hard as I could!"


<Elysia> "Obviously you need to hold me harder, old man."

Elysia clambers into the boat, dripping

<mainstreet> "Ladies and gentlemen, Tyrannosaurus Rex, once again."

<Brellius> "Does it do that every time someone comes by?"

<mainstreet> "Basically, yeah. Fortunately the base is soundproof."

<mainstreet> "So, uh, should I move on, or..."

<Kanzel> "We'd like to take a look around, if that's okay."

<mainstreet> "Um... Sure, of course you can take a look around! Let's park the boat..." the boat drifts to the side, where you can get out.

Kanzel gets out and stares at the giant dinosaur.

<mainstreet> The T-Rex stares back.

Elysia gets out, looking around

Sanni gets out looking around. "Where's the door?"

Brellius hops out and joins Kanzel in staring at the T. rex

<Capn_Marcus> "Is that a real T-Rex, or some sort of construct?"

<mainstreet> "It's very real."

<mainstreet> Sanni: You see the door. It looks *small*, about 7 Rex-lengths behind the Rex.

<Capn_Marcus> "So, what, it's trained to roar at boats that pass by?"

<mainstreet> "No, if you try to get in the base without authorization, it's trained to kill you."

Kanzel turns her attention to the area around or behind the t-rex. "Are there any other security defenses?"

<mainstreet> "Um... well, the door has a delayed open. It takes about two minutes to open the door. So you can't just run past the Rex and get in behind it."

<Kanzel> "That's smart."

Sanni nods, "That makes a little bit of sense"

<Capn_Marcus> "What about defenses against magical intrusion?"

<mainstreet> "Walls are all antimagic. That's all our bases. Though special instruction can leave a small bit permeable to set up your own gateways, I'm not privy to where those might be here and now."

<mainstreet> The rex still stares at you all.

<Capn_Marcus> "What about the door?"

<mainstreet> "Door is a wall with a opening."

<Capn_Marcus> "I mean, is the door blocked against magic?"

<mainstreet> "Yeah, it should be."

  • Elysia mutters, "'Should be' is not equivalent to 'is'."

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus mumbles under his breath.

Sanni takes out her charm animal wand, pointing it at the T-Rex

<mainstreet> The T-Rex growls and roars at you, taking a few steps towards you all.

<Capn_Marcus> "Uh."

<Capn_Marcus> "Is the T-Rex magically shielded?"

<mainstreet> "No, it's just a fairly strong dino. I doubt your wimpy wand can do much."

<Capn_Marcus> "Try it again. If it attacks us...well, you guys can take it, right?"

Sanni sighs

Elysia sighs, preparing for healing

<Sanni> "If you're sure Marcus" She points the wand at the T-rex again."

<mainstreet> The T-Rex blinks and grins.

<Elysia> "...did it just grin?"

<mainstreet> The T-Rex wags its tail like a puppy.

<Kanzel> "...I want to pet it"

Kanzel walks over and pets it's foot.

<Sanni> "I don't think it'll let you pet it Kanzel."

<Brellius> "Can we keep it?"

<mainstreet> The T-Rex ignores Kanzel.

Kanzel passes the Trex and heads for the door.

<Capn_Marcus> "Dude. Dibs on riding it when we get back to town."

<Elysia> "Wouldn't you rather ride me?"

Sanni starts to follow Kanzel looking at the guide.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: The door is locked.

Kanzel takes a look at the lock and tries to pick it

<Capn_Marcus> "I can try a Knock spell, although if the door's shielded against magic..."

<mainstreet> Kanzel: Yeah... you don't even make that lock sweat.

Kanzel does sweat a little as she keeps trying.

<mainstreet> THIS time, you hear a *snick* as the lock springs open.

Kanzel opens the door slightly, trying to hear any activity behind the door.

<mainstreet> The door doesn't open. You see the number "120" appear on the doorframe, then start to count downward.

<Capn_Marcus> "That would be the timer, I guess."

<Capn_Marcus> "We'd better set up a defense here. The people inside may know we're trying to get in, and might be waiting for us when the door opens."

<mainstreet> The count reaches "90" and continues dropping.

<Capn_Marcus> "Someone get the T-Rex to stand over here. Have him ready to attack if need be."

<Capn_Marcus> "We can take cover behind his legs."

Elysia exhales, gripping her wand cautiously

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus hovers behind Elysia, magic hands at the ready.

Brellius waits until about 16 seconds are left, and then focuses on reinforcing his body and stands near Rex

Kanzel stands next the wall next to the wall, near the hinge part.

Elysia watches the door, tense

<mainstreet> The door hits "0" and starts to open...

Brellius holds out his hands and folds them around an imaginary weapon

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus strikes a fearsome spell-casting pose, ala Charlie's Angels.