Geometric Archipelago:Ignorance on Circle Island/Chapter 07

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Seven: Looting and Spelunking

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<Elysia> "Are we going to die?"

<mainstreet> As our heroes stand about the ship with the very dead corpse being very strange. I mean, I don't usually see a dead man with posessions, but to each his own, I guess. Anywho, they're doing... something.

<Kanzel> "Yes, someday"

<Elysia> "...I think I deserved that answer."

Sanni shrugs, "We all die Elysia, not even the next second is guaranteed."

<Kanzel> "So, anyway, Brellius, can you write a letter to Ms Winters?"

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus suddenly realizes that there's an un-looted body nearby. "Hey, anybody want to call dibs on searching the corpse?"

<Elysia> "Me!"

<Brellius> "What should the letter say?"

<Kanzel> "Hope all is well, we are well, off to the next destination."

<Kanzel> "Something along those lines."

Elysia kneels at the corpse

<Capn_Marcus> "These two goons tried to wax us, but we kicked their butts. Sweet, sweet victory. Also I nearly died."

<Capn_Marcus> "Please add 'anti-impalement ointment' to the grocery list for next week. Love, The Party."

<Kanzel> "Shouldn't give too much information. With our luck, -Mister- winter will want to read it, and want to know what's going on."

<mainstreet> Elysia: Well, you found his sword. The sword he tried to kill people with. It's very big.

Elysia looks at the sword. "What the hell do I want with a sword? Oi, Marcus! Get over here and help me!"

<Capn_Marcus> "Help you what?"

Sanni joins Elysia searching the body

Brellius begins writing. "Hope everything is going well for you. We're still alive, and on to the next destination. Two hired thugs attacked us, but we beat them. Marcus nearly died, and requests anti-impalement ointment. Love, The Party."

<Elysia> "...never mind."

Elysia gets up and joins Marcus, holding the sword that she has no idea of what to do with

<mainstreet> Sanni: You notice that the man has (well, HAD) some chainmail. Unfortunately, it's in two pieces and will need repair to be functional again. You also notice that he has an assortment of bolts, along with an accompaning crossbow.

<mainstreet> At least your gentle prodding with one claw didn't break anything.

Kanzel walks over to Sanni and the thus. "What did you find?"

<Brellius> "Who wants to hold onto the letter? With things going the way they are, I might get blood on it."

Sanni points to what she has found.

<Capn_Marcus> "If I hold it, I'll *definitely* get blood on it." He motions to his still-bleedy robes.

<mainstreet> Brellius: You notice that your letter is calligraphed reasonably well.

Kanzel picks up the crossbow "anyone else got a need for this?"

Elysia leans over and takes the letter, folding it into her cleavage

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus watches this with interest.

Elysia smirks

Kanzel shoves the crossbow into her pack and picks up the chainmail. "I think this is a lost cause.."

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus eyes the aforementioned hiding spot, eyebrow raised. "What else do you keep in there?"

Kanzel puts it back where she found it.

<Kanzel> "Okay. Lets go drop the letter off and hit the forest."

<Elysia> "Mmm... money, papers... and boobs."

<Capn_Marcus> "Ah. Yes, very nice...papers."

<Elysia> "What do you want me to do with this sword, anyway?"

<Kanzel> shoves the crossbow and bolts into her pack*

Kanzel pulls the crossbow out and inspects it.

<Capn_Marcus> "You could swallow it. Although I have to say from experience, having a sword in your stomach isn't much fun."

<mainstreet> Kanzel: The crossbow is very "heavy", if you get my drift. It's also apparently made of darkwood. And it looks pretty nice too, this wasn't a first-year student's job or anything.

Elysia inspects her sword

<mainstreet> Elysia: Well, it's a sword. A "great" sword, too. (heheh) It's also made of silver, not steel. You also see that it seems to be quite powerful... you get the sense that the sword is... "PLUS ONE"

<Elysia> "Oooh..."

<Capn_Marcus> "I don't suppose he had anything magically..."

<Kanzel> "Lemme check for you."

Kanzel walks back up the gangplank for the second time and takes a look at the body.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: The cape looks like it was, at one point, magical. But in two pieces, any enchantment it may have had, is rather lost. Too bad.

<Kanzel> "The cloak was, but now it's not."

Kanzel picks up the armor again and inspects it. "How much do you think we can get for this?"

<Elysia> "1 platinum?"

<mainstreet> The armor was also clearly magical at one point. At least, it had enhancements. Though they, are now also, quite gone. The pieces can probably get you about 8 platinum, at this point.

<Kanzel> "Wow, this does look more expensive than I thought it was."

Kanzel shoves it in her bag. "Anything else? Or can we go now?"

<Elysia> "No, let's hang around here until we die."

<Brellius> "Sounds like it'd take too long."

Kanzel heads down the gangplank a third time. "Com'on, we got a mountain to inspect."

<Kanzel> Forth*

Elysia follows agreeably enough

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus follows, eyeing Elysia agreeably.

Sanni follows the rest, trying to not smoosh anyone

Sanni hits the gangplank as she goes past, trying to break it

Kanzel heads towards the Hex tents before stopping and looking at Sanni. "Maybe we should wait here. Elysia, Brellius, can you deliver the letter?"

<Elysia> "Certainly I can."

<mainstreet> The bridge *creeeeeeeeeaks* under the weight of the bear, smashing just as Sanni exits the gangplank, *bear*ly avoiding falling in the water.

<Brellius> "No problem."

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus eyes the broken plank. "Wow, that could have been downright em-bear-assing."

<mainstreet> The guards are nowhere in sight, evidently they were dispatched by Jim and Ricky.

Sanni growls softly at Marcus.

<Capn_Marcus> "What? The pun needed to be made. We all know it."

<Brellius> "He's right, you know."

Kanzel rolls her eyes slightly. "Go on, we'll wait here."

Elysia wanders off to the tent then

Brellius tags along

Elysia arrives at the tent and wonders how you knock at a tent door

Marcus produces a folding chair from somewhere, and kicks back.

<mainstreet> The guards stare at Elysia.

<Elysia> "I'm here to give Mrs Winters a message."

Elysia smiles charmingly

<mainstreet> "She's not here. Didn't she leave with you?"

Kanzel randomly tries to hold a conversation with a giant bear.

<Elysia> "She may have done, but she certainly didn't stay with me."

<mainstreet> "Well, she's not here. You can leave the message with us, but as to when she'll get it..."

<mainstreet> The guard shrugs./

Elysia looks at Brellius

<Brellius> "I might be paranoid, but I think we should probably hang onto the letter a bit more."

Elysia nods and leaves then, dragging Brellius with her

Marcus waves to Elysia as she and Brellius return. "There's my girl! And, you too, Brellius."

<Elysia> "I'm your girl now?"

Kanzel walks towards the forest, trying to avoid too many people "Com'on, we're wasting daylight. What happened?"

<Capn_Marcus> "Well, you *did* save me from certain death. I'd like to think that makes you a friend, at least."

<mainstreet> People avoided, they enter the East Eagle Forest.

Elysia smirks and walks away, a sashay in her hips for Marcus to enjoy

<Kanzel> "So where are we going?"

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus grins, and doesn't complain.

<Brellius> "Mrs. Winters wasn't in, and the guards didn't know where she was. We decided to hold onto the letter."

<Kanzel> "Huh. I would have liked to know she was okay."

<Elysia> "We're going to the mountain, Kanzel."

<Kanzel> "Yes, Elysia. And you're apparently the only one among us that knows where it is. could you point us in the direction? Or lead the way?"

Elysia bows to Kanzel, gets her bearings and walks off in what she hopes comes across as an unerring manner

Kanzel nods. "Thank you." and follows Elysia, looking around.

<mainstreet> It isn't long before you all leave the vicinity of the forest and spot a huge, roughly cylindrical slab of granite, very wide around, and about 200 feet tall. It is clear why you didn't spot this thing from the beach, the trees were just as tall.

Sanni ambles along through the forest.

Kanzel stares at the slab, looking for a way around.

<Capn_Marcus> "Neat."

Elysia leans against the slab, yawning. "Well, this is it."

<Brellius> "Eh, I've seen bigger slabs."

<mainstreet> Kanzel: Yep, you go all around this thing, and spot all three entrances to the interior! You also spot a small building. "MOUNT CYLINDER TOURIST INFO"

<Elysia> "That's what she said."

<Capn_Marcus> "Heh heh."

<mainstreet> Sanni: You notice straight off that the slab most definitely is not a natural formation.

Kanzel stares at the tourist info building.

Kanzel goes up to the building

<mainstreet> It's a small wooden building. There's a door in the front. The aforementioned name is printed on a large sign mounted atop the building.

Elysia yawns, bored of this place already

Kanzel goes intot he building and looks around

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus does too.

Brellius tags along

<mainstreet> It's a typical tourist shack. There's a bored-looking man at the counter reading a magazine. Various brochures are slotted against the wall. A sign says "NEXT TOUR GROUP LEAVES AT: Sunset". Another sign says "FOR BASE RENTALS, talk to man at counter."

Kanzel walks up to the counter "Hi, I was thinking of renting a base."

<mainstreet> The man sighs and puts down his magazine, grabbing at something under his counter. "Base... base... hmm... Yeah, I got one open. How long do you want it for?"

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus idly picks up and reads through a brochure.

<Kanzel> "I don't know, I was hoping we could see it first. How much is it per incriment?"

<mainstreet> The man reveals a thick packet of papers and a pen.

<mainstreet> "We rent bases out on a weekly basis, typically speaking. Going rate is 200 platnium a week for the basic base, 350 platinum for the deluxe, but I'm out of deluxes. Well, we only have one deluxe base anyways, and it's sold out."

<mainstreet> Marcus: The brochure seems to, funnily enough, be from Triangle Industries. It's advertising their great new product -- the Ultimate SmokeBomb! For just 15 gold, you can pour out massive amounts of smoke, anywhere you want!

<Kanzel> "Hmm.. I don't know if I can spend that much on it for just a week... Can we see it first before we decide?"

Elysia looks around, looking for trouble

<Capn_Marcus> "Huh." Marcus puts it back, then takes a look at another pamphlet.

<mainstreet> "Uh... I guess you can get a tour. Since this isn't an official group time, a tour is 3 gold per person."

<mainstreet> Elysia: Everything seems fine. Sheesh, don't be so jumpy.

<mainstreet> Marcus: This pamphlet seems very old. It seems to be this guy writing something about how islands should rule over continents, and how independence is great for this thing called "America", whatever that is. Flipping to the front, you see: "Common Sense" written on it.

Kanzel hands over six gold. "There's a bear outside that wants to come with us."

<Capn_Marcus> "Pfft." *grabs another leaflet*

<mainstreet> "Uh... I don't think a bear will fit on the boat."

<Kanzel> "..Boat?"

<mainstreet> "Well, yeah, the caverns are connected by an artificial waterway. The tour is in part by boat."

<Kanzel> "Ah. That sounds very secure."

<mainstreet> "It makes it so that unless you have a base rented, the only way you can get into the caverns at all is with an authorized tour group."

<mainstreet> "Or, tour."

<mainstreet> Marcus: This leaflet's an ad for a nearby pizza parlor.

<Capn_Marcus> "Ooh." Marcus pockets that one, then grabs for another tract.

<mainstreet> Marcus: This tract is all about the proper safe usage of various farm tools.

<Kanzel> "Okay, well, she's not a bear all the time. Just on special occations. Can we take the tour now?

<mainstreet> "Sure, but no bear. The boat can't handle it."

<Brellius> "Well, if everyone else is going..." Brellius retrieves three gold and relinquishes it

<Capn_Marcus> "Yeah, may as well." Marcus coughs up the gold. Not literally, of course.

<mainstreet> "Alright, just you three? Fine, let's go." The man pulls out a CLOSED sign, walks over to the door, hangs it out front, and gestures for you all to follow him.

Kanzel follows

Brellius tags along

Sanni desolves into an elf again. "Where are y'all going now?"

<mainstreet> "Oh, you're the bear? Well, they paid for your tour, so, we're going on a tour of the mountain."

<Kanzel> "You owe me three gold later."

<Sanni> "Sure, sure"

<Kanzel> "Elysiua, it's three gold to come. Pay the man."

<Elysia> "Why?"

<Kanzel> "you want to wait here?"

<Capn_Marcus> "Come on, you can ride the boat with us. I'll put my arm around you and everything." Marcus grins his best 'charming' grin.

<Elysia> "Well, no, but why are we all going on a tour that two people could go on and then tell the rest of us about?"

<Brellius> "What would everyone else do? And what happens if we run into trouble?"

Elysia reaches into her cleavage and pulls out three gold. "You smack the tour guide up?"

Elysia pays the man, and wanders over to Marcus

<mainstreet> "Thanks."

<mainstreet> Soon, they reach one entrance to the Cylinder. There's a small stream and a long, narrow boat waiting for passengers. The man gets in the front seat and gestures at the rest of you to get in. "No need to row, the boat's powered with a spell."

Kanzel gets in

<Kanzel> "And if we take the base, we'd be able to use this free of charge?"

Sanni climbs into the boat and sits next to Kanzel.

<mainstreet> "The boat? No, you'd use the direct access path to the base. Much more security. The DA's aren't obvious, and we move them from time to time between uses. The only three obvious ways in and out of these caverns are all tour path."

Marcus climbs into the back seat area of da boat.

Elysia joins Marcus, waiting

<mainstreet> As everyone gets in, the man taps the front of the boat with some sort of card, and it starts moving... into the DARK... dun dun dun.

Marcus, as, promised, tries to put his arm around Elisia's shoulders.

<Elysia> Elysia*

Elysia smiles, nestles closer and closes her eyes

<mainstreet> "Uh... the tunnel lights aren't on right now, for some reason... if someone could produce light, so we don't crash, that'd be nice."

Kanzel pulls out her light wand and points it at the bow of the boat.

<mainstreet> The bow lights up a bit. "Ah, thanks. Okay, we're coming up on the great Stalactite Formations on your left right now. They're controllable, deadly if you wish, that's the entrance to Base Number One. There are five bases, numbered one to five. Three's the deluxe, which as I said is bought, as are one, two, and five, so, unfortunately, I can't let you off to take a closer look at One here."

<Kanzel> "Okay."

<Capn_Marcus> "Ooh. What, do they slowly descend from the ceiling in a meanacing manner?"

<mainstreet> "Pretty much. And they can kill eventually. Two and Three were actually bought by the same buyer, and joined together, so the entrance to 2 is completely blocked currently, you won't even see it. But 3 should be coming up shortly, and it's the deluxe, so you'll get to see the nice, awesome electrical traps."

<Elysia> "When you say see, you just mean see, right? Not experience?"

<mainstreet> "Um, whatever."

<mainstreet> The boat continues on.

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You hear the rushing of waves, the creak of the mountain itself, the crickets chirping, the bard five miles away singing... it's bad singing too... not to mention the fact that you seem to be headed for a waterfall...

<mainstreet> Brellius: You're DEAF!

<Kanzel> "Uhh.. Why do I hear a waterfall?"

<mainstreet> "Yeah, it's the Great Cylinder Falls! Base 3 is huge, see... gotta go down a waterfall to get to it!"

<mainstreet> "Everyone hold on!"

<mainstreet> Sanni: You also hear the waterfall's ROAR.

<Capn_Marcus> "Whoa!" Marcus grabs hold of the boat rail with one hand, and Elysia's waist with the other.

Sanni grabs the side of the boat and Kanzel's hand

Kanzel grabs on to Sanni and the boat as well

<mainstreet> "AAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!" The man shouts, barely managing to hold on. *SPLOOSH*

Elysia opens her eyes in time to see everything in her world go wrong way up and screams over the waterfall's roar: "I KNEW I DIDN'T WANT TO GO ON THIS TOUR!"

<mainstreet> The boat rights itself, the man, Sanni, and Kanzel happily present on board.

<mainstreet> The rest of you, are dunked in the water, having been unable to hold on firmly enough.

Brellius holds his head above the water. "Whoa! Did I miss something?"

Elysia is soaking wet, though she doesn't feel wet and is also breathing in water as you do when you've just fallen into water unexpectedly...

Marcus struggles desperately to keep his head above water. "Gah! *blurble*"

Kanzel reaches over and tries to help people back onto the boat.

<mainstreet> "Ah, weaklings, come on people, get on board, hurry up, before the boat moves on!" the man taunts.

Elysia gasps for air, getting more water for her efforts and looks around, trying to figure out where the surface is

Sanni reaches into the water hoping to find either Elysia or Marcus

<mainstreet> Sanni: It takes a little while, but you *do* eventually run your hand over an old wizard's hair.

Brellius tries to swim his way back to the boat

Kanzel keeps her arm off the boat, tring to catch someone.

<mainstreet> Brellius: The water isn't very deep, you easily make it back, touching the bottom with the tip of your boot once.

Brellius carefully climbs back into the boat

<Capn_Marcus> "Ow! My precious hair!"

Kanzel uses her arm to play with the water

<mainstreet> You quickly splash into your resident Cleric.

Kanzel grabs Elysia and drags her back on the boat.

Elysia promptly throws up over Kanzel and passes out

Marcus slowly, with much difficulty, crawls up and into the boat, gasping for breath.

<Kanzel> "Oh, eww.."

<Capn_Marcus> "Bleargh! Worst...ride...ever."

Kanzel jumps off the boat and holds on to the edge, washing the throw up off herself before climbing back on the boat.

<mainstreet> "Alrighty. All aboard?"

Kanzel shakes her hair out on Elysia. "Can we continue? before someone else decides to throw up?"

Elysia chokes, beginning to cough up water

Marcus moves to kneel next to Elysia. "Are you okay?"

Elysia coughs up more water, still passed out, a gurgling in her throat from the water she's coughing up

Sanni rolls Elysia onto her side

Elysia coughs water all over Sanni

Sanni slaps Elysia

<mainstreet> "Okay, we look good. Let's keep going," the tour guide sends the boat on its way again. "Welcome to the lower area of the Mount Cylinder caverns. On your left you'll see the fabulous image of the Tyrannosaurus Rex, one of our most powerful guardians..."

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---