Geometric Archipelago:Ignorance on Circle Island/Chapter 02

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter One: We're on a Boat!


<mainstreet> The DM is loose!

<Kanzel> "Hide the children!"

<mainstreet> (No)


<mainstreet> We start today on a boat. That was the first thing one noticed about it. It’s a big boat, even. Made of wood and steel, and shaped like a certain made-up animal from a certain large gaming company.

<mainstreet> Big enough boat to fit the cargo and the passengers, but not big enough to leave one room to take a leak, not unless you clambered onto the railing of the boat and aimed into the sea. (Or you could just do it on the deck, but that would probably piss the crew, and your companions, off.)

<mainstreet> Kanzel, Marcus, and Brellius, currently hired as assistants in Triangle Island’s diplomatic team, for this great Conference (sometimes called a Summit) among all the Islands, are standing towards one side of the Wartortle, waiting for it to dock at Circle Island.

<mainstreet> The boat doesn’t seem to be moving anywhere, however, with a decided lack of wind likely to be the cause of this situation. (A certain Dusty personage can be found below decks, having locked himself in his cabin earlier.)

<mainstreet> Near the middle of the boat’s deck, the head of Triangle’s diplomatic team, an older lady that introduced herself before you all left as Ambassador Carmen Zarn, is apparently sleeping, or at least resting, on a lounge chair.

Kanzel crosses her arms and looks around.

<Kanzel> "what I wouldn't give for some wind. Just a miniature lick..."

<mainstreet> Crew members are all around performing various tasks necessary to the smooth running of the ship. A staircase to below decks is on the opposite side of the boat from you.

<mainstreet> A slight breeze hits Kanzel in the back.

<Kanzel> "Thank you."

<mainstreet> The wind starts picking up rapidly.

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus is looking through a pair of binoculars. "Ah, I love the open sea. The fresh air, the salty sea spray, the view..." Oddly, however, his binoculars aren't pointed over the side of the ship, but towards the female party members. Hmm.

Brellius wraps up in his cloak. "Does there have to be so much wind?"

<mainstreet> As Kanzel looks up, she notices the sky got much darker, indeed, jet black clouds seem to be approaching the ship. (What's a jet?)

Kanzel looks over at Marcus "What?"

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus shrugs. "Uh, nothing. Just trying these babies out." He pretends to look out over the sea, before *actually* looking up at the clouds. "Uh. That doesn't look good."

<Kanzel> "No it does not."

<Brellius> "Aw, it can't be that bad."

<mainstreet> A lightning bolt jets out from one cloud fragment to another.

<Brellius> "Okay, maybe it can."

<Kanzel> "Yeah.."

Kanzel calls out "How much longer until we make land?"

<mainstreet> "Um... at the current speed? Maybe... 15 minutes? We're pretty close. In theory."

<mainstreet> The above comment was answered by the crewman atop the Crow's Nest.

Kanzel looks back up at the sky again. "Okay."

<mainstreet> As soon as the crewman says this, the boat rapidly increases in speed.

Kanzel grabs onto the railing so she doesn't fall over.

<mainstreet> "Um... make that... 5 minutes? If that?"

<Kanzel> "Even better."

<mainstreet> "Capn! We're accelerating fast! We don't wanna crash into the beach!"

<mainstreet> (There is no reply)

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus watches ahead with his binocs. "Wooo! Now we're sailing!"

Kanzel mumbles "Well, this aught to be interesting.."

<mainstreet> As if guided by some awesome force, the Wartortle accelerates even more.

<Brellius> "Maybe we should abandon ship..."

<Kanzel> "Or jump when it comes into contact with something..."

<Capn_Marcus> "Holey smokes!" Marcus raises his arm and points. "DOOOOOOCK!"

<mainstreet> "LAY ANCHOR!" roars the crewman at the front of the boat.

<Capn_Marcus> He assumes crash position, I.E. head between knees, and such.

<mainstreet> The anchor in question is about 3 feet to Brellius's right, and he's definitely the nearest person to it.

Kanzel runs over and tries to wake the diplomatic lady while holding onto the mast.

Brellius grabs onto the anchor and tries to push it into the water

<mainstreet> With a mighty *heave* and a "YAR!" Brellius launches the anchor into the water!

<mainstreet> The boat decelerates *rapidly* and creaks a bit, coming to rest almost *perfectly* with the dock. As in, the boat could not have been positioned better.

<mainstreet> "Huh? What's wrong?" Carmen asks wearily as a pink-haired lady shakes her awake.

<Kanzel> "We're here."

<mainstreet> "Oh... so we are... that can't be good. People shouldn't be waiting for us in a storm... and they look pissed at something... is that Mr. Olmedo on the dock... this can't be good."

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus peeks out over the railing like a gopher emergins from its hole. "We didn't die? Whew."

<mainstreet> "Well, we *are* a day late," one of the crewmembers points out.

<mainstreet> "Yes," Carmen mutters, "but that itself shouldn't mean that... We better figure out what's happening."

<mainstreet> A crewman opens the ramp and it connects with the dock. A few men angrily charge up it without waiting for a welcome.

<Capn_Marcus> "Gah!" Marcus cowers behind a nearby vent.

Kanzel stands and looks at the oncoming men.

<Brellius> "What's YOUR hurry?" Brellius glares at the angry men

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN CUTSCENE---

<mainstreet> "Miss Zarn, what the hell are you playing at?" one of the men asks.

<mainstreet> "Um... I don't know? What's going on?"

<mainstreet> "The Hexagon ship was attacked on the way in. Since you weren't here at all... it was fairly easy to connect the dots."

<mainstreet> "I protest! That proves nothing!"

<mainstreet> "Be that as it may... you have a certain person of considerable importance onboard, and we want to hold him until the situation is resolved. This is not negotiable."

<mainstreet> "Um, you can't just..." Carmen weakens as she realizes two of the men had already gone below decks, as a BANG is heard.

<mainstreet> A minute or so later, the two men come out carrying Dusty. "Mr. Bivi will have to be held until further notice... or until your people come to your senses and repent your actions, Miss Zarn," the man said calmly. "We can continue things as normal, but you're on alert that any further misconduct, or attempt to retrieve your Lord Consort, will likely result in his death."

<mainstreet> "That is *bleep*," Carmen protests. Dusty sighs and shakes his head, seemingly resigned. The men simply walk off the boat without another word.

<mainstreet> "Well... this could not have gone worse. I know nothing about what they're talking about," Carmen comments. "Well, I guess it's time for the rest of you to earn your checks. Figure out what the hell happened, and get him back."

<mainstreet> ---END CUTSCENE---

<Kanzel> "Sounds like a plan."

<Kanzel> "Marcus, Brellius, you guys okay?"

<mainstreet> Oddly, the clouds start to break as soon as the men leave. The sun starts pouring in, directly overhead.

<Brellius> "Well, I'm not being detained, so I guess I can pull together."

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus peeks out. "Yeah, but why the hell did they take Dusty?"

<Kanzel> "Good question."

<mainstreet> "To pressure us, plain and simple. We *can't* leave him behind -- Her Majesty would tear us up -- and Olmedo -- the Circle Island diplomat -- thinks that by holding him, we'll agree to any concessions to get him back, which if we can't find the truth... we'll have to."

<Kanzel> "And if we take him back by force, we'll get blamed for it anyway..."

<mainstreet> "If we try to take him by force, that'll confirm their suspicions. Please don't try it."

<Capn_Marcus> "Crap. So much for an easy trip."

<Kanzel> "It was never an easy tyip. This summit was a big enough obsticle. And now this?"

<mainstreet> "Admittedly... you just lost your Cleric... so I'm not sure what you can do... I might make finding a replacement your top priority."

<mainstreet> "If I were you, that is."

<Kanzel> "Yeah, good point. we should at least go look around."

Kanzel heads towards the gangplank.

<mainstreet> "I believe the East Eagle Forest has a relatively easy-access temple. Which god, I am not sure offhand. You may want to try there first."

Kanzel stops and turns. "Okay. Are you going to be okay here?"

<mainstreet> "I'm going to gather my things, then I'll be in our camp on the beach. So when you get back from your Forest excurison, or whenever you next head to the beach, I'll be there."

<Brellius> "The forest? What kind of wildlife is there?"

<mainstreet> "It's a forest, what kind of wildlife do you expect? Sheesh."

<Capn_Marcus> "Lions and tigers and bears. Oh my." Marcus grumpily shuffles down the gangplank. "C'mon, folks, we may as well get this show on the road already."

Kanzel follows Marcus.

Brellius tags along.

<mainstreet> You arrive onto the Beach and see a large beach, and what you would expect to see on a beach... umbrellas, sand castles, above-average-looking humanoids... Also the grassland is there, with various tents set up. It appears there's one for each island in the Archipelago.

<Capn_Marcus> "Oooh." Marcus appreciates the view. Mostly the females-in-bikinis aspects of it.

<mainstreet> The outskirts of a city can be seen to the North, and a Forest begins to grow in the Northeast.

Kanzel chuckles at Marcus's response.

Kanzel heads off in the direction of the forest, calling back "Don't make me drag you Marcus, you know I will."

<mainstreet> You arrive in the forest. The trees are mostly alike.

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus sighs, then follows. "Hey, you can put your hands on me any time you want. Just promise me we can stop and sightsee later, heh heh."

Kanzel starts making her way though the trees "Sure, sure. Assuming we survive."

<Capn_Marcus> "What's there to worry about? It's a forest. Unless the trees start growing hand grenades instead of pine cones, we'll be fine."

Kanzel looks around "Do we just keep going north...?"

<Kanzel> "I think it'd be more afraid of the pinecones. at least trees aren't able to pull the pins out."

Kanzel points at a person chasing a snake. "Person."

Kanzel sneaks closer.

Brellius stays back, being significantly less sneaky

<Sanni> "Come back here Medusa"

Sanni trips, falling into Kanzel

Kanzel falls over as well.

Kanzel rubs her head. "Um.. Hi. are you okay?"

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus grins at the two fallen women. "Hey, impromptu wrestling! Quick, somebody find some mud."

<Sanni> "Um, Hi, sorry about that, I'm a bit of a klutz"

<Kanzel> "No problem."

<Brellius> "...I don't mind."

Kanzel gets up and helps the elf up. "I'm Kanzel. And you are?"

Sanni takes Kanzel's hand, standing and begining to brush her clothes off.

<Sanni> "I'm Sanni, did a snake pass by here?"

<Kanzel> "I saw a snake earlier. I don't know where it went. Was it yours?"

<Sanni> "Yes, she has decided she doesn't like the food I have for her, and wants to go hunt on her own. Spoilt rotten snake I swear."

Kanzel laughs.

<Kanzel> "Well, we'll find it."

Kanzel looks around.

<Sanni> "Where are you lot from anyway? You certainty aren't from here"

<mainstreet> You can't see the snake, but you can see the trail in the ground it has left. It should be easy to follow.

Kanzel points to a trail "I think it went that way. And we're from Triangle Island here for the big conference."

Kanzel starts to follow the trail "And what about you? and you from around here?"

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus frowns. "Alright now, I dunno about this 'snake' business. Just keep it away from Mr. Squeakers." Marcus reaches up and uses his finger to scratch the chin of the rodent (wearing a tiny wizard hat) perched on his shoulder.

Sanni nods, "Yep that's her trail, thanks."

Kanzel does a double take on Marcus. "How long has he been there?"

<Sanni> "Born and raised in this forest, it's home I guess."

Sanni looks over at Mr. Sqeakers, "That rat is even more meger than the snake food I have, doubt she'll want that."

Kanzel keeps following the trail, looking for the snake, "It's a nice climate on this island."

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus shrugs. "The whole time. You just weren't paying attention until I pointed him out."

<Capn_Marcus> Mr Squeakers nods. "Squeak!"

<Kanzel> "Apparently not. And here I thought I was good at spotting things. Guess you proved me wrong."

<mainstreet> As you follow the snake, you notice it has wandered into an enormous tavern-like structure. It seems to have had several extensions built over the years and is generally haphazard. The sign above the door says “Temple of Olidammara – All Welcome”

<Brellius> "Yeah, Mr. Squeakers is one of the team."

Sanni follows along the trail left by Medusa, "It is that, I'd however love to travel. Not had the chance in all my 128 years"

Sanni sighs "There must be some rather large rats in there."

Kanzel walks in and looks around.

<mainstreet> You see several clerics walking around, seemingly bored. One walks up to you. "Hello I'm Brother Rodney, can I help you, travelers?"

<Kanzel> "Yeah, we're looking for a snake."

<mainstreet> "What do you need with a snake?"

<Sanni> "It's brown, about so long" Sanni holds her arms apart, "And my familiar. Answers to Medusa"

<mainstreet> "Oh, I see... um... I think I remember seeing a snake go upstairs," Brother Rodney points at a creaky staircase. "Try up there."

Sanni nods "Thanks Brother Rodney, getting her down and out of your hair shouldn't take too long."

<mainstreet> "Um, it's in my hair?" Rodney asks, terrified, running off.

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus glances around for a better look of the place while what's-her-name chases her errant familiar.

Kanzel heads up the stairs.

Sanni giggles softly at the cleric, and starts up the mentioned stairs murrmering to herself "I swear, some people just don't understand normal sayings"

Kanzel gets to the top of the stairs and looks around.

<mainstreet> As Sanni reaches the top of the staircase (creak creak), she finds a narrow corridor. Her snake is just exiting a room, crossing to the opposite room. (Both doors are open)

Brellius joins Marcus in looking around downstairs

Sanni runs to the open door "Medusa heel"

<mainstreet> There's not a whole lot to see downstairs... just a bunch of clerics attempting to tell remarkably bad jokes to each other.

Kanzel follows Sanni.

<mainstreet> A small woman is cowering in a corner, idly staring at the snake.

<mainstreet> Downstairs, you're standing in a general anteroom. Off to two different sides appear to be two different bars, and nondescript rooms seem to be straight ahead.

Elysia stares at the snake, not paying attention to much else before shrugging and sitting down

<Sanni> Medusa perks up slightly, turning to first look at Sanni, and then slithers over to Sanni's side

<Elysia> "Oh, it's your snake? Good thing I couldn't be bothered to kill it."

<Sanni> "Yes she happens to be my snake. you must have some rats around here you can't be bothered to kill either."

<Elysia> "Not my job to kill the rats."

<Kanzel> "Well, what is your job?"

Elysia looks thoughtful. "I do what I see needs doing. If I judge it worth doing."

<Elysia> "But of course, sometimes not even then."

<Kanzel> "Uh.. Well.. I'm Kanzel. and this is Sanni."

Sanni raises an eyebrow "Not predictable at all then I take it?"

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus pokes his head in through the door. "Hey, hurry it up! Didja find the little bugger or what?"

<Kanzel> "And that's Marcus."

Elysia shrugs. "Call it that if you will. I just don't do what I can't undo, until I've considered what I can't do once I've done it."

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus winks and does that "Eyyy." finger-point thing.

<Kanzel> "What is your name?"

Elysia stands up, stretching. "My name is Elysia, whether you know it or not."

<Kanzel> "Huh? Whether I know it or not?"

Kanzel shakes her head. "well, anyway, it's nice to meet you."

<Elysia> "And now, having met me, would you leave?"

<Kanzel> "One more question. We're looking for a Cleric to join us on a bit of a journey. Do you know of anyone in this cloister that would be willing to help us with that?"

<Elysia> "Yes."

Elysia points towards the door. "Now leave, if you would be so kind."

<Sanni> "Elysia could you possibly give them a name or two? Before kicking us all out that would be"

Elysia sighs, rubbing her temples. "You ask for one more question. I answer it and you are not satisfied. Clearly, your group is ill equipped to survive. I only have one choice, therefore."

Elysia picks up her haversack, already prepared. "Where are we going, on this journey?"

Kanzel blinks.

<Kanzel> "Uhh.. We're going to rescue a friend from an unjust arrest. they think we did something we didn't, and are holding our friend."

Kanzel looks at Sanni "would you like to come too?"

<Elysia> "Oooh! Do we get to have happy boom times?"

<Capn_Marcus> "When do we ever *not*?"

<Elysia> "Sweet."

<Capn_Marcus> "Alright, fresh meat. Heh heh."

<Capn_Marcus> "Alright, so are we going or not?"

<Kanzel> "Yeah. Let's go."

Kanzel heads downstairs

<mainstreet> ---SCREEEEEEEEEEE------WIIIIIIIIII---

<Capn_Marcus> "Waaaaaaaaah!" *holds on for dear life*

<mainstreet> You all find yourselves outside a large green tent-like structure. On either side of the opening is a yellow triangle symbol.

Kanzel walks in and looks around.

<Brellius> "Just how many more new people are we going to recruit?"

Elysia follows Kanzel, looking around disinterestedly

<mainstreet> Inside, it looks like... an office. A gnome is sitting at a desk immediately in front of you, reading a magazine. A few large cabinets are behind him.

<mainstreet> You quickly realize that this section of the tent is a very small section, there are two flaps also present.

<mainstreet> (Not counting the one you just came in)

Kanzel walks up to the Gnome at the desk. "Hi, have you seen Carmen lately?"

<mainstreet> "Erm... who are you?" the gnome asks suspiciously without looking up from his magazine.

<Kanzel> "I'm Kanzel. This is Brellius and Marcus, the three of us came on a boat from Triangle Island. And this is Sanni and Elysia. who we met are going to help us."

<mainstreet> "Hmm?" the gnome looks up, "Oh, right, you people. Right flap, straight ahead 2 more flaps."

<Kanzel> "Thank you."

Kanzel goes into the indicated flap.

Elysia folllows, bending over to look at something before walking on

<mainstreet> The first flap seems to be a large cafeteria. A few people in the back are selling food, and there are many tables set up.

<mainstreet> Through the*

Kanzel goes straight ahead into the next room

Elysia yawns and follows Kanzel

<Capn_Marcus> "Mmm, food." *follow*

<mainstreet> The next flap seems to yield a rather small and blank room, a guard is standing in each corner, clearly protecting against unauthorized entrance into the next flap.

Brellius tags along. "Are you sure we can't stop by the cafeteria for a while?"

<Kanzel> "Maybe after we're done here."

Kanzel walks up to the guard "Kanzel, Marcus, and Brellius with Sanni and Elysia to see Carmen."

<mainstreet> "Right, right, go in," one of the guard mentioned, waving you through. "You're expected."

<Kanzel> "Thank you."

Kanzel enters the last flap.

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus makes like a flapper and flip flops through the flap.

<mainstreet> Carmen is sitting at a rather large office desk. Various bits of paper seem to be on two sides (in front of you, and to the left) of the U-shaped desk. The side behind you all contains a large crystal ball. "So, did you find what you needed?" Carmen asks.

Brellius goes through the flap in a calm and reasonable manner

<Kanzel> "Yes, we found a Cleric that can help us. We also found an elf who seems like they might want to help."

Sanni follows along, "She Kanzel, I'm a she"

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus eyes her. "You certainly are."

<mainstreet> Carmen raises an eyebrow at this. "An Elf... very well." She hands Kanzel a piece of paper. "This paper is an authorization for me to investigate what happened. I can't promise it'll be any good, but it's better then nothing. I recommend you check the Hexagon's ship itself as a starting spot, if you can. It's supposedly at the dock just west of ours."

<Kanzel> "Are we allowed to do that?"

<Elysia> "Meaning it won't be there anymore."

<mainstreet> "Don't be such a pessimist, it has no reason to leave, and probably not by itself. You'll have to be... creative, if you get my meaning."

<Capn_Marcus> "Be sneaky bastards. Got it."

<Kanzel> "that makes sense, I guess."

<mainstreet> "Do NOT get caught sneaking. There are ways to get entry that don't require sneaking. Not that you can't, but if you get caught we're all dead."

<Elysia> "It's not illegal until you get caught."

<Kanzel> "I never get caught."

<Brellius> "I'm guessing asking nicely won't cut it?"

<Sanni> "Like we would get caught dead getting caught"

<mainstreet> "It might, actually, Brellius... if you're *very* nice... if you get my drift."

<mainstreet> "This is Circle Island... very little can't be solved with the right selection of niceness."

Kanzel whispers "You think we can bribe our way on board?"

<mainstreet> "I didn't *say* that. But I don't need to *say* things for you to comprehend them."

<Kanzel> "Okay.."

<Kanzel> "Thanks for your advice. We'll figure something out."

<mainstreet> "Anything else I can help you with, let me know. I'll either be here, or in the conference hall. If I'm in the conference hall don't interrupt me unless you have a significant answer, but I'll probably be here and available. And one more thing... You should also consider discussing things with some of the other islands... see where people stand. Especially with our friends... and not-friends."

Elysia looks up

<Sanni> "You mean find out who's on what side Ma'am?"

<Kanzel> "and who would be willing to stand by our version of things?"

<Elysia> "Discussion? As in they ask a question and we answer the exact question?"

<mainstreet> "There aren't 'sides'. Yet."

<mainstreet> "If you need introductions, let me know."

Sanni rolls eyes "There are always sides, even if no one is aware of them."

<mainstreet> "That may be, but to acknowledge it is to acknowledge conflict, and that is something *nobody* can afford now."

<Capn_Marcus> "She's right. We don't want to provoke anyone at this delicate juncture."

<Kanzel> "Okay, we'll go ask and look around."

<mainstreet> Carmen nods but doesn't say anything more, and simply waves at the flap behind you, indicating you should probably leave.

Kanzel nods and turns to exit out the flap.

Elysia follows Kanzel

Brellius tags along

Sanni slips out of the flap indicated

<Capn_Marcus> Marcus ambles on out.

Elysia looks thoughtful, wondering what's going to happen next

Kanzel walks out of the tent and onto the beach.

Kanzel turns to her comrades "So, should we check out the boat first?"

<Capn_Marcus> "Well, it's really the only lead we have. We need to find evidence of who really attacked it."

Sanni shrugs "Sounds as good as anything else, and we should do that before they have time to move things."

Elysia shrugs. "You go do that then."

<Kanzel> "Alright. Let's go."

Kanzel heads off towards the docks.

<Capn_Marcus> "Sheesh." Marcus turns to Elysia. "What *is* your problem? Are you one of those whiny little emo kids or what?"

Elysia tilts her head. "I have no problem. You, however, seem discomforted by the very simple fact that I do not care."

Kanzel looks at the Hexagon ship.

<Elysia> "If we're going to go storm that boat, we might as well hurry," Elysia says, heading off to join Kanzel

<mainstreet> It's a fairly normal ship. It looks awfully similar to yours... except it doesn't look like an anime mutant animal. Just a ship.

<mainstreet> There's a single guard at the gangplank.

<Capn_Marcus> "Oh, whatever." Marcus follows along, disgruntled by the state of today's youth.

Kanzel walks up to the guard. "Hello. We're inspectors from the Triangle Island Junior Detective League. We were told to come here and inspect the boat for evidence of the attack."

Elysia tries to look very young and innocent

<mainstreet> "Um. No."

Kanzel shows him the letter Carmen gave her. "This is a letter saying we have authorization to look at the damage caused to the ship."

<mainstreet> "Let's see that looks... well, not entirely in order, but close... I'd say, maybe... a platinum and a couple of gold out of order."

<mainstreet> "Sorry, kid."

Elysia sighs, pulling out one platinum and five gold. "Here."

<mainstreet> The guard nods. "Erm, my mistake," he says, grabbing the coins. "That's very much in order, feel free to go on up. If anyone onboard questions you, tell them Ken sent you."

Kanzel nods, smiling. "thank you so much."

Elysia mutters under her breath. "Oh, don't worry, I'll charge you for it."

Kanzel starts up the gangplank.

Kanzel gets tot he top of the gangplank and looks around.

<mainstreet> The deck of the boat (boat of the deck?) looks like it's been through an attack. Chairs are broken, the deck itself is splintered in several splaces, and there are what looks to be fireball marks in the deckwood.

<Elysia> "Oooh. Nasty."

<Capn_Marcus> "Yowsa. Looks like one heck of an attack."

Elysia pauses, pointing to a badly scorched corner of the deck. "A young child," Elysia says dispassionately.

<Capn_Marcus> "What?" Marcus comes over for a better look.

Brellius goes to take a look

Kanzel does too.

<mainstreet> Apparently, a young Elven boy is crying in the corner. It's obvious he's still shaken from the attacks.

<mainstreet> He appears to be somewhat burned but not wounded.

<Kanzel> "Are you okay?"

<mainstreet> ----END SESSION----