Geometric Archipelago:Gangs of Octagon Island/Chapter 24

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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter Twenty-Four: OBJECTION!

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

<mainstreet> About half an hour after Ariana's departure, you hear a loud alarm. "Crisis level 4 engaged, emergency call of Great Mistress Council declared," Eralia's magnified voice coolly declares. "Fortunately everyone seems to be present. Report to Council Hall immediately."

Kanzel gets up. "Guess this is it, Ascii, remember to invis me before we really get down to buisness."

<Capn_Ascii> "Sounds like the proverbial...stuff...has hit the fan. Time to go." Ascii re-invises himself.

Kanzel leads the way out of the room.

Brellius tags along silently

<mainstreet> Kanzel: You're in the corridor. Whee! Catalina stands there, along with only two of her contigent. "Do you want us along, Great Mistress?" Catalina asks.

Kanzel nods.

<mainstreet> Catalina smiles and leads the way towards the Council Hall. When you all arrive, the large doors are wide open.

<mainstreet> The Council Hall is a fairly large room. Dominating the room is a smooth semicircular table, the straight end closest to the door. 5 very large throne-like seats ring around the curvature. Half a dozen guards are posted at various corners of the room. Curiously, all of them appear to have armor that is covering their ears. You see Theresa and Veronica sitting in the two thrones that are neither

<mainstreet> end nor the exact center. From Kanzel's discussions with the actual Yolanda, she remembers that she is supposed to take the throne nearest the door on her left.

<mainstreet> Ariana and Eralia have apparently not shown up just yet, however, and you can see the guards stirring a bit. Your own guards join the guards in various corners.

Kanzel sits in the designated throne

<mainstreet> Once you sit in the throne, you have angle to notice that there is another door, smaller than the huge ones you entered through, but still slightly larger than normal, behind the central throne.

<mainstreet> After a minute or so, Ariana appears, smiles and nods at Kanzel, and takes her throne on the far right. As soon as she sits down, the back door opens and Eralia walks through, staring at you... then at Ariana... before sitting down.

Capn_Ascii quietly moves up behind the chairs, trying his best to stay quiet amidst the general din of people talking.

<mainstreet> "Alright, we've got massive Red attacks on this complex, as well as our shop on 40th Street, and the reserveplex," Eralia informs everyone, speaking rapidly. "We're holding ourselves just fine here, but while we're being attacked... well, we can't exactly move forces to assist in either of the other locations. If we don't find a way to turn the momentum, those other places might be lost. I

<mainstreet> don't know how they found the reserveplex, but they did, and... well, that's why they've been so bold. So, I made sure we're all meeting here for maximum chance of success in our discussion of defense. I need options, ladies."

<mainstreet> "I don't see that you have that many, Madame," Theresa comments. "I've got a report here about Yellow forces taking advantage to loot the commoner zones... I recommend we pull back and force yourself to condense territory. If we can't defend the smaller area without our reserves... I recommend Plan Omega."

<mainstreet> "With respect to Mistress Theresa," Ariana points out quickly, "What the **** is Plan Omega?"

<mainstreet> "Something that I'd rather not use if I have other options, Ariana," Eralia replies. "If it comes to it, it comes to it. Any other options?"

<Kanzel> "I think we should find a way to save the reserveplex."

<mainstreet> Ariana jumps on that, "Or at least, abandon it properly... get our people out of there. Surely those clerics of yours have teleportation spells of some kind?"

<mainstreet> "I don't think... I don't think that can be managed, unfortunately... Good idea, Yolanda," Eralia replies sweetly, "but I can't do that unless it would actually... well, work. Develop and get back to me, if you have an option, since a frontal assault on the assault team will likely just fail."

<mainstreet> Veronica stands up. "I can lead street evacuation teams. Just say the word, Madame," she declares.

<mainstreet> "Unless anyone has anything else... I will let you go, Veronica. Yolanda or Ariana, go with her, unless, as I said, you have something to add."

<Kanzel> "As for the reserves.. I think if we can send a team big enough to puncture a hole in Red's forces, our reserves might be able to escape and get back here."

<mainstreet> Eralia sneers. "You do realize that the reserveplex has been caved in, right? The attackers caved in the entrances, and are sticking around to quelch any holes that our reserves are using to try to escape. The only decent way out is teleporation."

<mainstreet> "That it?" Eralia asks, staring at "Yolanda".

Kanzel looks at Ariana "You should go help the civilians. I'd hate to leave our reserves out there in the cold. I'll come up with a decent plan."

<mainstreet> Ariana looks at Kanzel and sees... something... in your face... that makes her realize that you do want her to stay. Veronica frowns at you as well but doesn't otherwise comment.

<mainstreet> "Theresa might be a better choice than me..." Ariana comments, but is cut off by Eralia. "No. She stays. I'm not sending sisters on the same mission. No offense, Theresa."

<mainstreet> "I just think I'm better at the command post here, with all due respect to Yolanda... and she is, too... no offense, Madame, but... well, we're not half-elves like you, or young like the sisters here... we don't have the long-term mobility we used to. Veronica can recruit a few squadrons to go with her, if it must be."

<mainstreet> Eralia glares at this, and opens her mouth... but deflates and sighs. "Very well. Veronica, take some squadrons and go alone. Good luck."

<mainstreet> "With pleasure, Madame," Veronica gives a quick bow to Eralia before leaving, taking a couple of guards with her, and walking out.

<mainstreet> "Now..." Eralia pauses. "In a couple of hours, we shall know if our strategy has worked... so unless anyone has any business to bring up, I believe I shall wait for news, since there's little I can do here. I have faith in you to carry out the plan."

Kanzel nods.

Capn_Ascii, out of curiosity, takes a look at the smaller door in the back of the room.

<mainstreet> Eralia opens the door to walk out, giving Ascii a peek at the room behind. It seems to be a small corridor of some sorts. "While I'm gone, Theresa is in overall command," Eralia informs the rest of the assembled Mistresses, then walks back. As she leaves, her three guards leave in the opposite direction, out the main door.

<mainstreet> Ascii: You notice that the door doesn't appear to lock at all... once it closes, you do get a sense that... hmm, trying to open the door may not be such a good idea, despite the lack of a lock.

<mainstreet> After a few minutes, Ariana walks over to the doors and touches the wall near the doors. You hear a slight grinding... hmm, the ear covers on the guards have come off. "I feel that everyone has a right to know what's going on," Ariana comments, daring Theresa to challenge her. Theresa sighs but doesn't say anything else.

<mainstreet> Over the next couple of hours, many ladies barge in and report problems and failings... Theresa, Ariana, and "Yolanda" occasionally give tips on how to defend... but it's pretty obvious, it's proving futile...

<mainstreet> After two hours, Eralia returns to the chamber. You notice her guards are returning through the other door. "Report!" she commands loudly.

<Kanzel> "It seems things aren't going well here. Or anywhere for that matter."

<mainstreet> "Elaborate, Yolanda," Eralia commands, glaring at her.

<Kanzel> "Over the last couple of hours we're heard nothing but how we're failing. Across the board."

<mainstreet> "What happened? Our the troops this incompetent that they can't execute a *retreat*?" Eralia practically yelled, pulling her sword partway out for emphasis.

<Kanzel> "No, I think it was the plan. either that, or their leader was too incompitent to -give- them the retreat commands."

<mainstreet> "That's dangerously close to treason, old woman," Eralia hisses at "Yolanda". "I'd watch my words at this point, 'Mistress'." she declares, the last said with a sneer.

<mainstreet> Ariana slowly gets up, unnoticed by Eralia but noticed by everyone else, her body tense and waiting for something more to happen.

Kanzel scoffs. "Treason? I have no alligence to you. and nor, I think, should anyone here. You've been nothing but a burden to our whole organization since you got here. And now we've been failing across the board. Anyone here can attest to this! Except maybe your little pets." she gestures at Theresa. "I think it's time someone put you in your place." She slowly stands as she says this last line---

Kanzel (Cut) . and then she dramatically points at Eralia. "I challenge your leadership."

<mainstreet> Eralia laughs at this. "Then you will die, old woman. Right here, right now," she declares, pulling out both her swords. Every guard in the room quickly pulls out their sword as well... and in many cases, at each other.

<mainstreet> "I support your challenge, Mistress Yolanda," Ariana announces as she pulls out some sort of wand, rather than a blade.

Kanzel pulls out her swords and mutters something, activating a wand wtihin.

<mainstreet> Ariana mutters something, waving her wand.

<Capn_Ascii> Immediately afterword, Ascii (crouched off in the back) points his similarly-invisible wand at Kanzel and waves it. *pop!* She's invis-abled.

<mainstreet> Eralia opens her eyes wide. "Theresa, get out of here and launch plan Omega! Now!"

<Brellius> Then Brellius pulls out yet another wand and points it at Eralia, shooting an ominous green ray at her

<mainstreet> The green ray swings wide of Eralia and hits the door behind her.

Capn_Ascii facepalms. (Fortunately, it's a quiet facepalm.) Realizing they may not get another chance, he decides it's time to call upon divine intervention.

<mainstreet> The green beam mysteriously redirects back out... time itself seems to flow backwards... and this time... the green beam strikes Eralia in the chest!

<mainstreet> ---END SESSION---