Geometric Archipelago:Gangs of Octagon Island/Chapter 01

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Chapter #1: Prologue: Prison Break

“So, we were told there were supposed to be two more bodies, but… they’re missing. We were wondering if you know anything about it, ma’am,” the detective asked.

“Which bodies?” the prisoner queried.

“A pair of sisters… a…”

“Oh, I know who you mean. And maybe I do know what’s happening, but I’m not going to talk about it. I’m sure some wizard genius you have can help you figure it out.”

“Right, okay,” the detective replied neutrally. He was greatly disturbed, however, by how much… happier, the prisoner seemed to be, after hearing the news of the missing bodies.

“Ah, yes,” the wizard informed the detective. “The Servant’s Eternal Bond, most likely. I had heard that such a ceremony was performed for the prisoner you mention.”

“What… exactly…”

“A person swears their life to a Master, or Mistress… and a certain spell can be cast, and twisted… binding their lives together. As long as the Master lives, any ‘death’ the servant may experience… unless it is one of aging, is unlikely to be permanent. The servant rises, you see, because the Master still requires his or her services, and that is, with this spell, more compelling than death itself.”

“Seems like something everyone would do… to cheat death. There must be more.”

“There is… a price. You see… that dedication… is everything. If the Master were to die… the servant would die, permanently, almost immediately. The spell is particularly useful for bodyguards, as you can imagine, though it’s rarely done because those people aren’t important enough for the costs… but if you need a servant who can be a bodyguard as well as provide intelligence, or other help… that is when it is done.”

“And the cost…”

“The materials for casting the spell cost about eight thousand gold.”

“I see.”

“Oh, a warning, Lieutenant… you cannot force this spell on anyone. It is the servant who declares the oath, which is what the spell generates. And the spell is smart, an oath made under duress… is no oath at all. And also, the spell is unbreakable to my knowledge – once cast, it will be applied always, and therefore as well, you can only serve one in this way, though one can accept the service of as many as are willing. Though, I suppose, you could break it with a betrayal, given its nature, but I am very uncertain as to the consequences of such an act.”

“Yeah, here you go, Miss Gabriels. One grenade. Careful with it.”


“Three counts, of course. The number thou shall count shall be three. Two is not enough, and four is…”

“I get the picture. You’re sure this will work?”

“Absolutely. It can break through anything.”

“Thank you. I’ll be on my way.”

CRASH! “What the… Security Breach in section 4! Security Breach in section 4! Seal off the prison, full force engage…” *BOOM*

The prison’s walls shattered as a grenade went off inside the walls.

“I’m impressed, Theresa. That was well done.”

“Thank you, Mistress. We are, as always, here to serve.”

“Did you have a plan for actually getting off the island, now that there’s a full-blown manhunt for me? And you as well, I might add.”

“They have no idea it was me. I was disguised as someone completely different. They think they’re looking for a Continental terrorist, and that your escape was a… fortuitous chance for you, Mistress.”

“Yes, well, that’s irrelevant, really, if they find me, they’ll find you. Do you have a plan or don’t you?”

“Well, um, you didn’t give us anything specific before I… died. I just tried my best to get you free. And Veronica has been helping me, of course. If I may ask a question, Mistress…”

“You may.”

“Where’s your husband?”

“I left him there. He would have slowed me up. Besides, the estate’s been completely disgraced, and out of our hands, because he failed me. I have no use for him whatsoever anymore. Any more questions, Theresa?”

“Not currently, Mistress,” Theresa replied slowly, her head bowed. “However, I look forward to your brilliant leadership and guidance from here once more.”

“That’s flattery, and… as painful as it is to admit, not entirely true, perhaps. I mean, my ‘brilliant’ scheme was stopped by a few insignificant adventurers.”

“Then your next scheme… should include revenge, perhaps?”

“I think I have the beginning of an idea… Come, my dearest Theresa, get your sister and let us make for Octagon Island. Book passage discreetly, and we shall pretend I am your older sister. I’ll see what I can do about my ears.”

“Yes, Mistress.”

“And in this… only one thing is certain…”