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Note: This log is still in IRC format, and may be awkward to read as a result.

Chapter #21: Resolutions

The following was played on November 24, 2017

<mainstreet> ---BEGIN SESSION---

  • Nenni goes and asks Lauren and Fluffy if there are any openings in GATO for a telepathological cat.

<mainstreet> Lauren nods happily. "Probably. Talk to Captain Kerth about that. He'll sign you up. Not sure where he is right now, though. Somewhere in town."

<mainstreet> The President sighs and writes off a quick note, handing it to Hans. "Take them to the jail yourself, if you insist. But please don't blame us if there's an escape. We've already warned you against this course of action, especially with this very dangerous gang leader. But so be it." You look at the paper and see it's an arrest warrant for each toad, as well as a brief description of their original identities and crimes.

<Nenni> ("After such a showy entrance, I'm surprised he hasn't been more visible since. I'll track him down and ask him. Thanks.")

  • Vivi_ confiscates the toads from Hans and delivers the non-Leo one to the jail, along with its appropriate letter.
  • Vivi_ puts Leo-toad on the floor and prepares to crush him under her heel.

<Ascii> "Are we really going to just leave her toaded?"

<Ascii> "Whoa! What the hell, Vivi!?"

<Vivi_> "He's evil, and we don't want him to come back and kill us later. What's the problem exactly?"

<Ascii> Ascii snatches up Leo. "The problem is that you're about to murder a guy who can't defend himself. That's low, even for me."

<Hildyr> "I certainly see no problem in killing someone that vile."

  • Nenni interposes himself between Leo and whatever threatens him, if at all possible. Even vulnerable criminals deserve to live happily ever after as a harmless amphibian.

<Vivi_> "He's Going TO KILL US," Vivi repeats. "He almost killed Hildyr in one blow. You're that 16yo girl in the horror play that lets loose the chainsaw murderer in Act 2 so he can come back and kill her in Act 4."

<mainstreet> Heather simply watches the debate, carefully listening.

<Nenni> "If he'd been slain in Mortal Combat, that's one thing. But crippling him and then executing him is close to barbaric. Even if that's what HE would have done, that's what separates US from people like HIM."

<Ascii> "Look, I agree we can't just turn him loose, but we can't just kill the guy either. There has to be a better solution. I'd persoinally vote prison, but the prez doesn't seem to be willing to take the chance."

<Nenni> "I would think we could incarcerate him in prison in his toad form - he isn't going to be able to save himself."

<Ascii> "Yeah, well, yo be honest, letting him stay a toad and lose his mind is still dangerously close to murder in my book."

<Vivi_> "Any random Dispel Magic spell could set him loose again, no matter where we put him. We can't contain him, they can't contain him...who exactly do you think is going to hold him prisoner?"

<Hildyr> "There comes a point when someone is too dangerous to let live. I believe Leo has crossed the line, there. He caused great suffering and will do so again if given the chance. We should not let him have that chance."

<Vivi_> "Yeah, what she said."

<Nenni> "If we were to cast Baleful Polymorph on him three times a day for a week, he isn't going to keep his inhumanity. I dunno many rescuers would try Dispell Magic 21 times to get him back, either. Because once cast, your curse is Permanent and needs to be dispelled to be lifted, each time requiring the dispeller to beat the original caster's curse."

<Vivi_> "We're out of options here. Just because you want there to be another solution doesn't mean there is one."

<Vivi_> "But the dispel could happen at ANY time in the future."

<Hildyr> "All we have to do to stop a lot of potential suffering is snuff out one life who has shown he doesn't respect other lives."

<Hildyr> "Not just suffering, but potentially more death."

<mainstreet> "Ribbit ribbit ribbit!"

<Nenni> "We all cause suffering to a greater or lesser extent. All we have to do to prevent a lot of potential suffering in the future is to kill everyone. That's not the solution."

<Ascii> Ascii looks like he's about to say something, but then gets an idea. He uses Aeth to talk to Leo. "Okay, how about this - what do *you* think?"

  • Vivi_ allows Aeth to listen to Leo's ribbitting, in case Leo has something helpful to say in his defense, rather than just words unfit to print.

<Vivi_> "The rest of us usually bring about happy good things that make the suffering we cause worthwhile," Vivi points out to Nenni in the meantime. "Leo seems to only be on the pain-causing side of things."

<mainstreet> ("You know, I'd really like to know what your problem is here. She BETRAYED me, okay? Why am I not allowed to deal with that? Every power EVER has had zero tolerance for treason!")

<Ascii> ("That's kinda how treason works, dude. You let people get away with it with just a slap on the wrist, and next thing you know you're dealing with a coup.")

<mainstreet> ("Exactly!")

<Vivi_> "The image of a woman you are supposedly fond of flying across the room in front of me comes to mind," Vivi says drily.

<Ascii> ("Plus you're a wanted criminal already, given the whole 'gang leader' thing.")

<Ascii> ("Any reasonable government would improsino you fairly, but apparantly the Prez here thinks you're too dangerous and he doesn't want to have to deal with you. Which is bullshit in my opinion, but if he won't take you, that leaves us to decide."

<mainstreet> ("What do you think a government is? It's just a gang on a large scale. Organizations like ours step in when governments can't or won't. Ask Kelda, they'll tell you the same damn thing. And the President is afraid of me. As he should be.")

<Nenni> ("Agreed! Government is just the gang that looks presentable.")

<Vivi_> "You treat your own people horribly. Kelda doesn't do that, and the President...well, probably isn't as bad as you in that regard, either. You mistreated your female followers and led all the gang members to their death."

<Ascii> ("I'm not going to argue political philosophy with you, Leo. Make your choice. Death? Life as possibly a mindless toad?")

<mainstreet> ("I could give you my word that I'm not going to do anything to escape before the trial, but it feels like you've already made up your mind not to believe what I say. You don't approve of anything I do or say anyway. And don't give me that crap about those two options not being the same thing.")

<Nenni> ("Hey!") says Nenni, ("I jumped to your defence. I'm open to hearing your justification. Even if the president doesn't want to deal with you.")

<Nenni> ("It seems to me maybe the people who know you best would be your entourage we met earlier in your private chambers. I wonder what their decision would be regarding your immediate fate?")

The following was played on December 1, 2017

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